tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 07

Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 07


Ana liked being engaged to Peter and Felicia and Mary Jane, off shooting her movie in England, but many parts of it were new and confusing to her. They all lived together, that made sense. Even Mary Jane had a room set aside for when she came back. But that was the thing—although the rooms and beds were all big enough for all of them, there were many times when Peter and Felicia slept apart.

Or, sometimes, Peter couldn't sleep and would go out to be Spider-Man, or Felicia would not sleep and go out to steal something (which she would then put back). Sometimes they went to bed in their own rooms, but then one would get up in the middle of the night and go to the other's bed, sometimes for sex, sometimes just to sleep under the same sheets. Many times one didn't even wake the other up.

It was all very confusing to Ana. She knew how her parents had lived together. Every night, Sasha had slept with Sergei, sating his male needs as was proper. She did not understand how Peter and Felicia could be together, but need this space between them, but also sometimes not need it. She though it must be a ritual to account for the Spider's strength.

She knew she made them uncomfortable sometimes, the way she was in love with them before they were in love with her. It would be unwise to try to sleep with them now. Like approaching a deer while it might still spook. She slept outside their rooms, waking before they did, leaving before they realized she was at their door, hearing them sleep, hearing them fornicate. One night, she went to Felicia's room. She heard the steady, slightly pitched rate of breath inside and knew Felicia was awake, sedately reading a book. She knocked at the door.

"Come in, Ana."

Ana poked her head in. "You knew was me?"

"Peter wouldn't knock." Felicia set her book aside. "What's up?"

"I want to sleep in your bed. I'm not used to sleeping alone. Mother used to share my bed..."

"Parental trauma. Knew we had something in common besides great boobs." Felicia drew the sheets aside, patted the mattress. Ana undressed, down to the underwear she thought was appropriate for this stage in their relationship, and joined Felicia in her bed.

"It will be... like sleepover, yes?"

"Yeah. Wanna watch some TV?" Felicia reached for the remote on the nightstand, showing off her taped ribs. She and Peter had fought a malfunctioning Sentinel that day. Ana had been forbidden to help. Too dangerous. Alone in the apartment, she had gone into the shower and screamed.

"No," Ana said. "Too... loud. Busy, you understand?"

"Even PBS?"

Ana shrugged.

"I'm too wiped out to do anything but lay here, and too wired to sleep," Felicia explained. "Sucks."

Ana nodded. She knew the feeling. Like the first night on a hunt that might last weeks. You wanted to work through the night, end it fast, not rely on patience.

"Hey, raised-by-wolves-girl. You know how to cuddle, right?"

Ana nodded.

"Show me."

Ana put herself against Felicia, letting the other woman embrace her, hold her tightly. The 'littler spoon,' she had heard it called. It befitted Peter's senior bride to be the 'bigger spoon'.

Felicia massaged her gently. Ana felt her body start to relax. Her mind start to loosen, feeling Felicia's acceptance being rubbed into her body. "So, Ana, you ever hunt lions, tigers, panthers, cats?"

"You think I hunt people if not hunt everything else?"

Felicia hummed; 'fair enough'. "So you've killed them?"

"Yes, but—not endangered. Not honorable hunt."

"And when you kill them, you do it quick, right? Like nature intends. You don't let them suffer or anything?"

"No." Ana shook her head. "No honor in... bad kill. Clean. Honorable. Knife. Arrow. Only steel, no poison. Bare hands, sometimes. You must respect the animal with your fight."

"That's okay, I guess." Felicia tightened her embrace of Ana. "I ask because, if you ever hurt Peter, betray him in any way, do anything to harm him or MJ or that sweet old lady that raised him to be the man I love—that's not how I'm going to kill you. I'm going to break every bone in your body, then I'm going to sell you to some very bad people I know, and they're going to run experiments on you that insects are too good for. So let's not go that way, 'kay?"

Ana smiled. "You defend him with honor. I'll enjoy learning from you to be in good standing among his harem."

Felicia shuffled to get comfortable. "Stop calling it a harem, too. Or at least start calling it my harem. My apartment, my harem..."


Peter was defensive of all his broodmares, but most especially of Mary Jane. Ana understood. She could not defend herself. She must make up for it by being able to bear strong children while Felicia kept up the hunt. So Peter was at first reluctant to allow Ana to speak to her sister in harem, but Felicia took her side after making her threat clear. And so Ana was allowed to Skype with Mary Jane.

She stared. Ana had studied her prey, back before she'd realized Peter was her soulmate, her one true master. Although others had attempted to capture his heart, Mary Jane had been the first to truly succeed. Peter had taken her to his marriage bed. Felicia may have been his first, but Mary Jane had very nearly tamed him. It was easy to see why. She was beautiful. The majesty of an animal even Ana would not hunt. Some creatures were so awe-inspiring, they had to be allowed to run free.

After about sixty seconds, Mary Jane got the idea that Ana wasn't going to stop staring. "So... guess that 'group marriage' slippery slope got slippery pretty fast, huh?"

Ana closed her eyes. Mary Jane's voice... a song! "Peter, of course, loves you very much."

"Yes. He does."

"This is a natural reaction. I look forward to learning from you. When you are too old to bear children, my fertile loins will provide you with many heirs to the Spider. I weep, thinking of them growing up alongside your beauty."


"Am I being inappropriate? Peter warned me about this..."

"I'd just stay away from the subject of reproduction all together."

"Yes! Of course!" Ana nodded, eager to please. "I look forward to when you return, and we can service Peter together, sexually, for pleasure and not reproduction."


Peter was off with the Avengers. Felicia watched TV, flicking between channels. There were news stories about the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, but no updates on the Avengers. She slammed her thumb down on the remote, shrinking the sixty-inch image to a white dot that then wiped itself out of existence. Threw the remote to the other end of the couch. Ana didn't know which she was more upset about: worrying about Peter or being worried about Peter.

Felicia lifted up one of the couch cushions, unzipped it, reached inside, and came up with a bland prescription bottle. "You need help sleeping?" she asked Ana, noticing the huntress watching.

Ana nodded.

Felicia took out two lime-green pills, threw one to Ana. She clenched the other in her teeth as she sealed up the bottle, pushed it back inside the cushion, and restored the couch to its original appearance. Then she dry-swallowed.

"C'mon," Felicia said, "let's go to bed."


Sasha Kravinoff pulled hard against the webbing that held her hands and feet to the bed. She could see Mary Jane in the doorway, and would dearly love to break the little ginger's leg and stake her out to lure the Spider. Her rival wore a ragged pair of jeans and a holey white T-shirt. Cheap, shabby clothes, but Sasha would've paid dearly for them. After he'd webbed her down, the Spider had ripped away her clothing. She was bare as an animal.

"Drink?" Mary Jane asked, coming closer, a glass of ice water in her hand. Sasha snarled at her. Mary Jane set it down on the nightstand, just in case she changed her mind. "Don't think Peter and the others aren't interested in you. They are, a lot. But we decided, as a team, that I should go first. Find out what you taste like without... everything else."

She reached down and cupped the mound of Sasha's pussy.

"Whore! Slut!" Sasha screamed.

Mary Jane flicked her in the nose like she was a misbehaving dog. "Shh. I'm trying to make this feel good for you. If Peter heard you talking like that, he'd web your mouth shut. And Felicia has plans for that..." She worked a finger into Sasha's slit, watching the older woman squirm. "Not shaved, hmm? That's fine, just a little odd. Your daughter does. She's learned how important it is for a woman to do sweet little things like that for her man."

"My daughter will rip your throat out with your teeth!"

"No," Mary Jane smirked. "But she did almost rip my clit off with them. Though I came like crazy, so I can't complain." Her finger sunk deeper into Sasha, discovering the hidden wetness inside. "Wow, your cunt is just seething. Even Ana's didn't get so hot. Must be because Peter's fucking her so often, but you, you haven't had anyone since Kraven the Cosplayer rimmed a shotgun. How about I just lick and suck that pussy for you?"

"Don't you dare!" Sasha shouted. "I won't have your whore lips on me!"

"Objection noted," MJ said smugly. She took her finger out, dripping wet. "But I think it's been overruled." She sucked the last joint of her finger like she was snitching frosting off a birthday cake. "Mmm... Definitely overruled." She bent over Sasha, her famous lips now curled in a grin far too wolfish to sell lingerie.

"Ooooh!" Sasha couldn't help but respond, feeling Mary Jane's heated tongue burn into her cunt, plunging deep inside, then curling back to lick what had at first escaped. "You bitch! You're—you're making me do this!"

"Damn right I am," Mary Jane shot back, putting a hand on Sasha's ass. "Nice A, by the way. Inspiring to see in an older woman." She gave it another squeeze as her tongue whipped and licked back into Sasha's pussy.

Sasha screamed. "You're making me—making me!" She bucked her hips off the bed, into Mary Jane's burrowing head.

"Come!" Mary Jane ordered with lips glossed by Sasha's juices. "Come for me, bitch. You're the whore now!"

"No, no!"

Deep inside her, a process had begun of grinding, writhing, contracting and expanding. Sasha had never felt anything like it, even with Sergei. But she knew the weakness of giving into such a trap. She knew it was nothing like the pain that came with strength. And she knew why her daughter had fallen for it.

"I can't help it," she muttered as she delivered her taste to Mary Jane Watson, the beloved of her arch-nemesis. "Forgive me, Sergei..."


Ana woke abruptly from her dream, burning up. It'd been so vivid—so arousing. Everything in it was forbidden, a frenetic betrayal of her family, her legacy... but oh, God, if she could've just seen a little more...!

"Well, someone had a nice nap," Felicia yawned, stretching out to strain her nightie with her impressive bust. "Little green helpers do hit the spot, don't they? Not that I blame you for soaking through the mattress—did you see that fight Spider had with Deadpool? I love it when they wrestle around..."

"I... I..." Ana was short of breath. "I didn't know I could feel this way, without being touched. It was so real-!"

"I know, sweetie. Look but don't touch can be so hard. Do you want a cold shower or..." Felicia made a vague sort of touch at Ana's knee. "Do you want to need a shower?"

"I... think I should wait for Peter. To initiate me." Ana nodded to herself. "He will soon, yes?"

"Oh yeah..." Felicia looked over Ana. Approving of her 'naturalistic' choice of sleepwear. But then, if Peter had tried to resist two women having sex with him, he could probably hold out against three.

Poor bitch. If she'd fallen for Cyclops or someone, he'd probably just have fucked her brains out by now. But no, she had to have a crush on Peter, the guy who made Captain America look like a fratboy. Felicia would have to look out for her.

"How about," Felicia suggested, "you take a cold shower... with me?"

Ana looked over Felicia's body, blushing. "Would Peter approve?"

"I think it's safe to say yes."


The shower took longer than usual; obviously. By the time they were done, Peter was back, sitting on the couch, sewing up his costume again. It was cut from sternum to belly, but he'd been just fast enough that the slash had only left a few scabbing lines. Mostly, the sight of him topless was an extremely welcome one.

Felicia held up an arm to stop Ana from leaving the bathroom. "Would you like to watch us?"

It took a moment for Ana to realize what she meant. "You would show me how to please him?"

"Well... the thing about Peter is, what makes him happy is us being happy. So he's going to show you how to please me, which is also pretty important. It's my apartment, after all."

"But his harem!" Ana protested.

Felicia rolled her eyes. "My massaging showerhead." That ended the argument. She skirted her towel down to a level that it could not stay at. "Watch closely," she told Ana. Hips swaying, she left the bathroom, heedlessly passing by Peter as her towel came loose.

"Oops," she said. Then kicked Peter's sewing away from him. "Oops," she repeated, taking him by the air, ushering him to the wetness Ana had started.

Ana touched herself, but it wasn't them exactly that she was thinking of.


Felicia had come into the room wearing a tightly closed trenchcoat, much as she might wear to cover her catsuit and wear it as street clothes. When she took it off, however, she wasn't wearing her normal costume, but a low-cut bodysuit of black leather, leaving her long legs exposed as well as most of her breasts. Her nipples would be visible if it weren't for her trademark white fur trim. Spiked heels made her seem even taller and more imposing.

"Look at me," she ordered Sasha. "What do you see, you piece of shit?"

Sasha snarled right back, tearing at the webbing holding her down. "A whore for Spider-Man! A cock-sucking, cum-drinking whore!"

Felicia smiled suddenly, putting the lie to her dominatrix act. Some people really thought she went in for that sort of thing, like that bint from Gotham. She wasn't the one who used a whip. "Good. We match."

She reached down to the zipper hidden at her crotch. A little pull and both her pussy and asshole were exposed. The fur on her crotch matched that of her neckline.

"You really thought you were high-class, didn't you?" Felicia spoke almost sadly. "Some master villain like the Green Goblin or Doc Ock, just because you let some OG bad guy spurt in you? Lady, you're not even a Hobgoblin. You're a pesty little annoyance that's irritated the man I love, so even though you're ridiculously unimportant, I'm gonna kick your ass just for being such a goddamn bother. And then, once I've punished you for all the shit you've pulled, you're going to get more fucking than most women get in their entire lives. Because I'm nice like that."

Sasha rubbed her thighs together, hating the feel of her sex sparking in excitement. She could still feel Mary Jane's tongue fouling her body. But something about the harsh way Felicia spoke was exciting her more than ever, shamelessly exciting her. She felt more degraded than ever and she liked it. There was nothing she could do to halt the rising passion she felt.

Smiling sadistically, Felicia threw herself onto the bound woman, straddling her, then coming down with vicious slaps on Sasha's face, whipping it from side to side with the force of her blows. Sasha refused to cry out, but she couldn't help but feel her cunt growing slicker and wetter from the rough treatment. Then Felicia punched her in the face, leaving her eyes watering, and slid down Sasha's body, slapping her full breasts, her downy stomach, her taut ass.

Sasha rolled to and fro, trying to squirm away from the hands that came whistling down on her body like bombs, but there was no escape. Then Felicia knelt between Sasha's thrashing legs, forcing them apart with her knees, and slapped Sasha right in the cunt.

"Sergei!" Sasha cried with the terrible, beautiful agony that iced its way up her battered body. "Help me, Sergei, don't let her-!"

Felicia slapped her pussy again and again, only stopping to roll Sasha over as far as the webbing would allow, dig her fingernails into Sasha's full ass, and rake scarlet lines, hot as coals, down Sasha's buttocks. Through the slit in her bodysuit, Sasha could see she was dripping wet.

"Stoooop!" Sasha cried at last. "Please stop, I'll do anything, I'll do anything you want!"

Felicia grabbed Sasha by the hair, wrenching it nearly off her scalp. "You're goddamn right you will, you little cunt. I haven't even started to make you pay for all the shit you've pulled, on my family, on my city! Fucking piece of shit—I should just kill you right now and save Peter the time he'd waste sticking his magnificent cock in your worthless cooz."

"No, no!" Sasha begged. "Please, I'm sorry!" She thrashed helplessly, tears rolling down her cheek like Felicia was still beating her. "I'll do anything, I promise, just please stop!"

Felicia jerked Sasha's head up. "You're lucky, bitch. You're talking to a veteran of the penal system. I guess it'd be hypocritical of me of me not to let you off on good behavior. If you get me off with good behavior."

Sasha was half-conscious, the burning of her adrenaline beginning to fade, replaced with the riptide of aches and pains from her bruising. And yet her whole body felt alive, she felt energized. The hunt had gone all wrong, she was out of ammo, weaponless, the predator had become the prey and she was being stalked now, but that was the risk that came of hunting, that was the point of the hunt, the gamble, and she felt her body exult in it every bit as much as she would at victory. God, she was so aroused, burning in the silky hollow of her stomach.

"I'll eat your pussy," Sasha moaned, staring up at Felicia with adoring, pleading eyes. "I'll... I'll show you what I learned from Mary Jane. If you let me suck your pussy—it's such a pretty pussy—I'll make you feel so good. Just tell me what to do! Please tell me what to do!"

Felicia stared down at the reddening body of her prey, proud eyes now wet with pain and lust and submission. With a cry of lustful triumph, Felicia straddled Sasha's face.

"You belong to me!" Felicia shouted, silencing Sasha's pitiful begging with her wet cunt. "Me and Peter own you! Your tits, your gash, your useless mouth, they're mine now! That's my tongue in your mouth now, and I want it licking my cunt!"

While adept at inflicting pain, Sasha was more a believer in 'dishing it out' than 'taking it'. So though Felicia had hurt her comparatively little, especially in comparison to what Sasha had done to her enemies, Sasha was suffering so much that she nearly came just at the knowledge that Felicia wouldn't hurt her any more. Aroused and fearful in equal measure, she opened her mouth under the leaking lips of Felicia's sex and tasted a woman's juices for the first time.

"Yeah," Felicia moaned. "Make me come. Make me come real good. Usually, it'd be Peter's job, but tonight, he's gonna be too busy fucking you..."

Sasha trembled in fear, was degraded by what she was being forced to do, but however much her body ached, it was nothing compared to the fires lighting up in her swollen pussy. She slithered her tongue into Felicia's clutching sex, felt the taste bloom in her mouth, and Felicia responded powerfully. Bucked against Sasha's face, driving it into the bed's headboard like she was dribbling a basketball.

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