tagRomanceGwen's Journey Ch. 03

Gwen's Journey Ch. 03


Gwen awoke with a start and looked around the room groggily. Finding herself on her shabby little brown couch for the second morning in a row, Gwen decided that needed to figure out a solution for her little "Neighbor Problem". She reflected on the previous evening, from throwing out Steve just because he had wanted her (even though she had wanted him too), to putting on another show, this one more wanton than the last, for Green Eyes.

She didn't bother to dress, stumbling into the kitchen and pouring a big glass of orange juice. She emptied the glass in one long gulp, set the glass in the sink and went straight into the bathroom to take a long hot shower. Feeling very refreshed, Gwen toweled off and searched her room for clean clothes, not finding many.

She dressed in a white t-shirt that was so large on her that the neck almost exposed a shoulder. It was dingy white, with cartoon hand prints on the chest (which hung near her waist) and a large brown stain across the front. The bottom of the shirt hung down to mid-thigh, hiding the little black shorts that were so ridiculously tight that they made a distinct camel-toe, and the cheeks of her bottom hung out scandalously.

Putting her shining auburn hair into a ponytail and slipping into ratty sandals, Gwen proceeded to gather all of her dirty clothes, towels, and bedding. She had four full bags of laundry to do, and she began the process of taking them out to her car.

She had the first large bag halfway to her car when she saw Steve. He was dressed in shorts and running shoes, with white socks that clung to his enormous calves. Although it was already hot out at ten in the morning, he wore a baggy green sweatshirt. Steve had the hood of Gwen's car open, and he was bent over her engine, making adjustments.

Gwen's eyes crawled up the back of Steve's muscular and thickly haired legs up to his ass, which was admirably displayed by his shorts as he bent over his work. She felt a thrill as she looked at him, and she found herself transfixed. She couldn't imagine why he would still be helping her out after she'd been so abrupt with him the night before. Her eyes crawled slowly along the fine curve of his ass. His shorts would normally have been loose, but bent as he was they hugged him tightly, and Gwen liked the view.

"Um," she heard, and Gwen shook herself and saw that Steve was looking back over his shoulder at her, "Hi?" he said. I'd give a million dollars to, just once, not get caught being horny by a guy I like, Gwen thought as she flushed pink.

"Hi," Gwen said, shifting her weight from foot to foot and setting the laundry bag on the ground. "I didn't think you'd still-" she began, and then said, "I was really rude and mean to you last night and I'm sorry. You don't have to be nice to me and fix my car, you know."

Steve stood up and turned to face her, wiping his hands on a rag. He looked at her for a moment and then smiled. "I didn't kiss you because I expected anything for fixing your car. I'm fixing your car because I can help, and because I want to. I kissed you because you're a sweet lady who is very cute and I like you."

"That's sweet," Gwen said, running her finger over her lip. "Could I ask you one more favor though?" Gwen asked for a ride to the laundromat, and Steve immediately volunteered to drive her in his car. The bags of laundry were quickly loaded into his trunk, and Gwen directed him to the neighborhood's coin-op launderer.

Steve helped Gwen carry the big bags into the crowded establishment, his size causing others to move aside and give Gwen room. Steve agreed to pick her up when she was finished, and they exchanged cell numbers.

Gwen hated the laundromat. It was always hot, even on a cool day, and the crowds of sweating people, screaming children who ran rampant, and the creepy men who checked her out in her "Laundry Day" clothes all combined to make her upset and irritable. She sat sweating atop one of the Formica covered counter tops, waiting for the cycles to end so she could swap her dirty clothes for wet and move wet clothes to the driers.

She reflected on Steve again, wondering what her problem was. He was just the kind of big manly guy that she was attracted to, and he had that weird kind-hearted little puppy-dog/big dangerous bear thing going. She might be completely wrong about him, she knew, but she had the sense that Steve was the kind of guy who'd try to talk two guys out of fighting but could take them both down by himself if they didn't behave.

To say that thoughts of Steve pounding on a couple of bruisers made Gwen's heart race would be an understatement. The fact was, Steve excited the hell out of Gwen, and she liked him as a friend too. In her experience, that was pretty rare.

But then her thoughts strayed to Green Eyes, and she felt her pussy get wet. What is it about that guy that gets to me? Gwen asked herself, shifting her bottom on the counter top. His short black hair, hard, handsome face, and his lean, well-cut muscled body just made her insides go creamy. She felt completely helpless when he was watching her, as if he was sending commands into her brain, controlling her actions and forcing her to masturbate for him.

Wouldn't it be great, Gwen thought, if she could just blame all of her problems on someone else? Yeah, she thought, I'm not a slut, he made me dance around naked and play with myself with his mind powers! Wouldn't that be a great cop out?

When she was almost done folding the last of her laundry, Gwen called Steve and let him know she'd be ready soon, and like the dependable man he seemed to be, he arrived almost immediately. He helped her bring the laundry into her apartment and went back to working on her car while she put things away.

It was hot and humid out, and Gwen gathered up her giant t-shirt and tied it off just below her bust before making her bed. Once done, she went into the kitchen and made sandwiches, setting them out on her dining table with two icy beers before calling to Steve. He came in, clearly expecting her to have another favor to ask, and he was visibly pleased when she invited him to sit down for lunch.

"I'm really sorry about last night," Gwen said, getting up and going to the refrigerator to get the jar of pickle spears. When Gwen opened the refrigerator and bent at the waist to rummage through the items on a lower shelf, Steve sighed, his erection rising quickly and straining at his shorts. Her too-tight black shorts rode up high on her ass to expose a broad expanse of soft, pale skin

Gwen had trouble finding the jar apparently, and she shifted her weight from one foot to the other slowly, her ass undulating enticingly as her knees bent and straightened in turn. She let out an exclamation of delight and pulled the jar out. She was halfway back to him when she saw Steve's eyes were intense, and he couldn't keep them from her bare midriff and shorts small and tight enough to be mistaken for boyshort briefs. Gwen was blushing when she put the jar down on the table and sat.

"I'm not a cock tease," Gwen began, reaching to touch Steve's hand. "I really, really like you. I know it wasn't nice to invite you in and then parade around like I am, but it was an accident."

Steve laughed. "Hey, no problem! I like looking at you, Gwen. You're a beautiful girl. You just can't get mad at me for feeling the way I feel when you're near me."

"I'm not mad at you!" Gwen said, a little too loudly. "Are you kidding? I'd love to jump all over you!" Her eyes widened and she put her fingers to her open mouth.

"Glad to hear it," Steve said, smiling more broadly. "I'll tell you, Gwen, I haven't been able to think clearly since yesterday, and it seems like every time I start to get over it you're there again and I'm lost all over again."

"I didn't mean to make you think we could-" Gwen began, and then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She began again. "I can't have a relationship with you right now Steve. My life is kind of screwed up and I need to take things slowly."

"What you're saying is that you want me, so you're going to be sending me all kinds of signals and getting me worked up, but you don't want to do anything about it, or for me to do anything about it," he said, looking exasperated.

Gwen nodded, saying, "That's pretty much it, Steve. I don't want you to go away, because things might change and I'll want you to be around then."

Steve finished his sandwich and looked at Gwen as he chewed. Swallowing, he rose to his feet and Gwen noticed how perfectly her dining chair lined her mouth up with his crotch. Steve's finger touched under Gwen's chin and he turned her face upward and he leaned down. His lips touched hers and she immediately reciprocated, kissing him.

Their tongues danced passionately together as they kissed, and Gwen felt warmth flowing through her body and an ache beginning deep inside her loins. Her whole body seemed relaxed save for her legs, which drew up under her chair while her thighs shook. When Steve broke off their kiss Gwen almost stood up to follow his mouth away from her, a small sound of disappointment escaping her lips.

Pleased with himself, Steve went back out to work on Gwen's car, leaving her to stew in her desire. She sat, smiling, and rubbed her lips softly. Oh yeah, Gwen thought, he's a keeper. Now if she could just figure out a way to string him along for a little while, just until she figured out what was going on with Green Eyes.

* * * * *

A little car pulled up to the curb and Steve glanced over to see a drop-dead gorgeous blonde climb out. Perfect hair, perfect body, absolutely perfect breasts, she was obviously mostly store bought. Watching her approach, he saw the look that many over-confident women her size wore. She was wondering how big his dick was. Stealing a glance, Steve mused that she'd walk funny for a week if he ever cut loose on her.

"Hi there," the woman said, clearly thinking she was pretty hot stuff. Steve stood up, careful to keep his shoulders slightly hunched forward, and he saw the woman's lips part.

"Hello," Steve said, his voice deeper than it would normally be.

"I'm Ronnie," the woman said, her eyes running over his body in the mistaken belief that he couldn't tell through her sunglasses. "I'm glad somebody's finally helping Gwen out with her car."

"My name's Steve," he said, taking her hand and squeezing it slightly while he shook it. "I just moved in across the street and thought Gwen needed a hand."

"She certainly does," Ronnie said, smiling at her own double entendre, "and you look like just the guy to help her out."

"Nice meeting you," Steve said, returning to his work. He saw that Ronnie checked him out again before walking up to the house. So far, Steve wasn't impressed by Gwen's choice of friends.

Entering the house without knocking, Ronnie saw Gwen in the dining room. "How was he?" Ronnie asked as she took off her sunglasses.

"What?" Gwen asked, turning to see Ronnie, but the meaning dawned on her right away and she said, "No! We didn't do anything together. He's a friend, I mean, no. We didn't do anything."

"Why in Hell not?" Ronnie asked loudly. "For god sake Gwen, you need to get laid, and there's some prime beef working on your car right now!" She cocked her head slightly and her brow furrowed slightly. "Is he gay?"

"No!" Gwen shouted before bursting into laughter. "No, he's not. He wants me too and we've kissed (which was very nice) but I can't have a relationship right now, Ronnie."

Ronnie looked confused. "So don't have a relationship, then. Just fuck him. Screw your little brains out for a day or two and see if your problems don't go away."

"Jeez, Ronnie," Gwen sighed. "If I fuck him it will be a relationship. I'm not good at opening my legs for strangers, you know."

"Like me?" Ronnie asked.

"No!" Gwen said, and then held up her hands. "Look Ronnie, I'm not judging you, but I'm not you. I can't sleep with just anybody. I need it to be special, meaningful."

"Then why are you dressed like that?" Ronnie asked, sitting on the edge of the little sofa. "You look like you either just got fucked, or you plan to soon."

"It was laundry day, Ronnie!" Gwen said, suddenly very conscious of her appearance. "Did you want something, or did you just come over to make me feel bad?"

Ronnie jumped up and rushed to Gwen, wrapping her arms around her and hugging her tightly. "I'm sorry Sweety! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"I'm sorry too," Gwen said. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings with anything I said either."

"Make it up to me." Ronnie had a slightly wicked look in her eyes, and Gwen felt a dread begin to form in the pit of her stomach. "Get dressed and go to The Grotto with me. I'm meeting Frank there tonight, and, you know Frank. He was the guy with the tattoos that you watched me with on the patio."

Gwen flashed back to the night she'd watched Ronnie being fucked by the Latino guy who had been covered with tattoos. She felt warmth creep into her face at the memory. "If you're meeting him, why do you want me along?"

Ronnie looked down for a moment before meeting Gwen's eyes and answering. "I told you how hot it made me to have you there, right?" When Gwen nodded, Ronnie continued, "I told Frank and he thought it was hot too. We hoped you might come home with us tonight."

"Whoa," Gwen breathed, the thought of being in a real, live threesome taking her by surprise. More surprisingly, the thought excited her. Maybe she could try being with another woman if there was a guy involved.

"You don't have to do a thing, though you're welcome to," Ronnie said quickly. "The important thing to us is that you're there...watching." Gwen looked thoughtful, but she wasn't leaping at the opportunity. "Come on, Gwenny," Ronnie whispered, "I'll owe you big."

"It's almost five now," Gwen said. "If you come over at seven I'll either be ready to go, or I won't be. Leave me alone for a while so I can think it over, okay?" Ronnie kissed Gwen and hurried from the house.

"What am I going to do?" Gwen asked the empty room.

* * * * *

Gwen laid back in the tub, hot water covered by a thick layer of tiny bubbles. She sighed, stretching her body out as far as she could and then relaxing every muscle from her toes to her forehead. In Gwen's opinion, there was nothing that was more relaxing and better for considering problems than a good bubble bath.

Reflecting on her issues, the one that popped up first and foremost was Green Eyes. She knew she had to either meet the man and see if there was real chemistry, or she had to let him go. Realizing that the thought of him had caused her to lightly stroke her finger over her pussy, Gwen drew her hand away quickly.

The next big issue was Steve. Big, harmless, helpful, wonderful Steve. Well, not so harmless she thought, remembering his parting kiss after lunch. If he had meant to show her what she'd be missing, he'd succeeded. Rolling her eyes and sighing, Gwen again drew her hand away from her pussy.

She couldn't make any kind of decision about Steve until she was clear about Green Eyes. It wasn't fair to him, she knew, but she refused to let herself go with Steve if there was any chance that she could have a future with Green Eyes. Gwen certainly wasn't the kind of girl who'd use a man for a while and then throw him away when something better came along.

Taking the can of shaving cream in hand, Gwen shook it briskly while reaching for her razor. No matter what she decided to do that night, she wanted to be ready.

* * * * *

An hour and a half later, Gwen skipped down the steps of her porch. Steve stood next to her car, wiping his hands on a grimy rag, turning when he heard her heels. Gwen's heart leaped at his expression, seeing it change from pride and happiness to pleased appreciation.

She wore a dark green vee neck cami dress, the ruffled hem catching her at mid-thigh, black stockings, and black suede pumps with a four inch stacked heel. "You look beautiful," Steve said, and Gwen's leaping heart burst with happiness. "Are you going out tonight?" Steve asked, and then after a pause added, "Because if you aren't, would you like to?"

Gwen was smiling broadly and she spun around to give Steve a good long look at her, enjoying his attention. "Ronnie's picking me up in a little bit," she said, her girlish voice tinkling with pleasure, "but thank you. Can I take a rain check?"

"Sure," Steve said, and tore his eyes away from Gwen to look at her car. "I'm all finished here. Want to try her out?"

Giggling, Gwen ran around to the driver's side and opened the door. It moved easily and without a sound. Gwen clapped happily and sat down, starting the engine. She squealed with joy when it caught and started on the first attempt. Steve climbed into her passenger seat, and Gwen pulled her door shut, listening to the engine purr.

Overjoyed, Gwen leaned over and kissed Steve, her lips meeting his and melding there, feeling his arms surround her in their muscular glory and pull her to him. She felt his tongue on her lips and she parted them to allow him inside her mouth, where her own tongue waited to begin the dance.

Her fingers pushed through his thinning brown hair, and Gwen found herself on her knees, straddling Steve's lap. His hands moved across her back, sliding over the smooth fabric of her dress before moving down and firmly but gently cupping her ass.

She broke off their kiss and put her lips to his neck, tasting the sweat of his day's labors, and she breathed hard, her body shaking. His hands moved on her bottom, and Gwen knew that if he pushed her, even a little, she would not resist him. She raised her head and kissed his lips again, marveling that such a big, hard man could have such soft lips.

The day's heat had left the car's interior warm, and Gwen felt the cold trickle of a single bead of perspiration move from under her arm to disappear into the fabric of her dress. That little shock was enough to make her break off their kissing again, and she put her forehead to his and felt the slickness of him.

"We have to stop," Gwen moaned softly, her girlish voice making the statement sound more erotic than intended.

"Why?" Steve gasped, and she realized she could feel his heart pounding against her belly.

"Because," Gwen said, pausing to place another light kiss on his lips, "if we don't I'm going to go to bed with you, and I'm not ready for that yet."

"You want to?" Steve asked, leaning to kiss her but missing when she moved her head back.

"More than anything," Gwen said seriously, "I ache to be with you."

"At least we're even," Steve said, and Gwen felt his hands release their grip on her ass and slide up to her waist. "Would you hate me if I took you inside and made love to you?" Steve asked, his voice deep and rich, but somehow tiny at the same time.

"No," Gwen said softly, "but I'd hate myself. I won't promise that I'll sleep with you someday, Steve, but if everything works out I'd really like to, hell, I don't know. Be patient with me, but if you're just looking for a girl to fuck then I'm not that girl. If that's what you want then just walk away don't let me feel like we have a real future."

"Wow," Steve breathed. "I hadn't even thought about any of that. You kind of blinded me, Gwen." Steve opened the passenger door and Gwen scrambled into the driver's seat and turned off the engine. Steve leaned back down to meet her eyes and said, "Gwen, you're a strange girl." He closed the door and she watched in the rear-view mirror as he crossed the street and went inside his house.

She had locked her car door and was about to go back into her apartment when Ronnie's car pulled up. She saw Ronnie's face as she looked out at her through the windshield. Oh, what the hell, Gwen thought, and she walked over and got into Ronnie's car.

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