tagRomanceGwen's Journey Ch. 04

Gwen's Journey Ch. 04


Striking her most alluring pose, Gwen threw open the door, standing completely naked in the doorway to her apartment. Whether Steve or Green Eyes, he just became a very lucky, and very happy man.

"Hi, would you like to buy a-Holy crap!" the teen in a Boy Scouts uniform shouted, his eyes bugging out.

"Aw shit!" Gwen hissed and slammed the door. Just once, she thought. Just once...

Gwen paced her living room, rubbing her finger over her lip frenetically. Every second or third pace she'd stop and look through the peep hole to make certain the boy hadn't returned with police or his angry parents. Every other time she looked through the peep hole she would jab it with her finger and growl, "See how easy? Couldn't do that before you opened the door?" and then return to pacing.

After nearly an hour of pacing, Gwen's nerves had settled a little bit and she thought briefly about taking a shower before it occurred to her that she had been ignoring her plans to start running every other day. She picked out a cute pair of red shorts and a white tank top with the number "16" on the chest in red block numerals. Putting her auburn hair in a ponytail, Gwen left her apartment and started for the street.

Standing on the lawn in front of his duplex was Steve, dressed in forest green shorts and a big t-shirt with a colorful logo. He was wearing running shoes and white socks, and he was stretching. Gwen stood and watched him, liking what she saw as the thickly built and heavily muscled man slowly stretched out his legs. His thinning brown hair was cut short and emphasized his not un-handsome baby face, and his bare arms and legs were covered with thick but soft brown hair.

Gwen felt a longing deep inside, and clasped her hands together at her chest and sat down on the grass. She wasn't horny, Gwen realized. She had masturbated herself silly, been eaten by Ronnie to her heart's content, and even though the result wasn't great, she'd had a rocking good time under Frank, all just a few hours before. Gwen didn't want to fuck Steve, at least not at that moment.

Gwen couldn't deny the longing she felt for him. She wanted to be near him, to hear his voice, to touch his hand. Crossing her legs under her, Gwen put her elbows on her knees and rested her chin on her hands, staring across the street. Shocked and amazed, Gwen came to recognize her true feelings for Steve. Yup, she thought, Gwen's got a boyfriend. Now all she needed was for him to want her for a girlfriend.

Spotting her sitting cross-legged on her lawn, Steve stood and stretched his back, his smile visible from across the street. He walked over slowly, and he stood a few feet in front of her, smiling down.

"Good morning," Steve said quietly. "You look like you're about to go for a run. You want some company?"

Gazing up at him, her smile as big as his, Gwen tried hard to ignore the fact that she could see right up the legs of his shorts. She saw the bundle held by white cotton, and she noticed it moving. She thought about Frank, and the way his cock and balls had moved when he was getting excited, and she wondered if she was having that effect on Steve.

"I've only run once before," she said, straining to speak above a whisper, her girlish voice quiet, almost shy. "I'd just slow you down."

Steve reached down with a massive hand and helped Gwen to her feet. "Let's take it slow and see how far we can go." Gwen shivered, wondering if he was only talking about jogging.

They started slowly, just faster than a fast walk, and before she knew it they had reached the park where she had collapsed before. She was tired, and her legs ached, but she wasn't ready to quit.

"Let's stop here to catch our breath." Gwen sat on the grass and watched Steve sit down in front of her. He was being kind, she thought as she panted, conscious of the sweat that soaked her tank. He wasn't out of breath, and he hadn't even broken a sweat.

"Did you have fun last night?" Steve asked, and Gwen found herself blushing. Sure, she thought. I did a threesome for the first time, made out for real with a girl, and let her eat my pussy. I fucked a stranger and he came inside me.

"No, it was pretty boring."

"You know, if you're really interested in getting in shape, I could help you out at the gym." He was acting innocent, but Gwen didn't miss the appreciative and appraising way his eyes passed over her body.

"I'm afraid you'd just wear me out." After a second Gwen put her fingers to her lips and she stifled a giggle. "That's not what I meant."

Steve laughed and said, "You know, given any opportunity, I'd be happy to try." After a few moments of silence, as they gazed into each other's eyes, Steve cleared his throat.

"What you said to me last night, well, it really got to me. I don't know how long I'll be here, since I'll probably be transferred back to L.A. when my job is through. I thought about how you said it would be unfair to string me along, to start a relationship that's doomed to failure, and how we'd both get hurt by that."

"I can't promise you a real relationship Gwen, but I can tell you that right now, and ever since I met you, I've wanted nothing more than to hold you and make love with you. I have real feelings for you, but I can't make promises."

Gwen felt her heart crushed in her chest and she lost her smile. Without noticing it, she'd begin to chew on the inside of her lower lip. "I appreciate your honesty." When he started to speak she waved him silent.

"I have feelings for you too, Steve. I've wanted you too, to hold me, to make love to me, but I can't live with the feeling that you'd become that important to me and then go away." Gwen saw the pain on his face, the sadness in his soft brown eyes.

"Come on, let's finish the run. If you're a good boy I'll let you buy me lunch. I'm starving!"

They stood up and brushed the detritus of the lawn from themselves, and set out to continue their run without speaking. They ran together, side by side, and while her nearness to him, their newfound shared intimacy that had nothing to do with physicality, made her happy, the thought that she had hurt him burrowed painfully into Gwen's heart.

They reached one of the small clusters of local businesses and slowed to a walk just as Gwen felt a stitch begin to form in her side. Gwen, out of breath, pointed at the colorfully painted picture window of one of the shops, and the two entered Sonny's.

Sonny's was a typical storefront diner. Booths ran down one wall and sat beneath the front window, while the other wall was taken up by a long counter with stools for seating. The ghosts of breakfasts past haunted the room, and Steve wondered if he would taste those meals if he licked the wall.

They sat in one of the booths, laughing when Gwen's bare thighs stuck fast to the vinyl seat. Gwen felt affection fill her when Steve set aside the plastic covered single sheet that was the menu and declared he would order the "Lumberjack". What a stupid thing to get all swoony about, she chided herself.

The waitress came and Gwen was about to send her away, when Steve interrupted her. "I'll have the 'Lumberjack' with sunny side up, white toast, and tomato juice. The lady will have the two-egg omelet, Swiss cheese, and what?"

Staring at him wide-eyed, Gwen said, "Orange juice."

"And orange juice," Steve finished. "Do you have avocado?" When the waitress looked at him like he had four heads, Steve waved her away.

"What do you think you're doing?" Gwen asked him, remaining calm though bristling.

"I ordered. Don't get mad, Gwen. I don't want to sit in here all day, and you had no idea what to order, so I took the initiative." Steve watched her, and he saw her anger fade.

"Still," Gwen said, stuffing her menu into the holder on the wall, "it was rude."

"Would you like me to call her back?" Steve offered. "You can still change the order."

Gwen stared hard into Steve's big, soft, brown eyes, and then looked downward. "No," she said quietly, "What you ordered sounds really good." After a few moments of silence she added, "Thank you."

They chatted amiably as they ate, and Steve went over some ideas for workouts he would teach her when they started going to the gym together. Gwen's mind wandered, imagining Steve standing over her, positioning her limbs on the different equipment, standing so close to her, touching her body. Gwen, distracting herself from thoughts quickly growing erotic, started talking without thinking.

"I'm not good at relationships. I never have been. My first boyfriend was a guy that I liked as a friend, and he turned into a complete turd when we became boyfriend/girlfriend. I didn't date anyone else for years until I met Herb, and we were together for almost three years."

"About a year ago I found out that Herb was not only using me for a place to sleep and a personal bank account, but was also nailing everything he could on the side. It was a bad breakup, and I haven't seen anyone since." Gwen set her hands flat on the table and took several deep breaths. "That was a year ago and I'm just starting to feel ready to try again, but I'm not going to go looking to have my heart broken."

Steve sat up and back against the vinyl seat, his shoulders back and head held high. Gwen shivered, seeing his transformation to a baby-faced Adonis. Steve closed his eyes and he spoke quietly.

"I was a typical guy. I screwed around and had fun, and I enjoyed myself a lot." He paused and took a deep breath, shuddering when he let it out. "About three years ago I met a girl at work, and I fell head over heels in love with her. We had a whirlwind romance, and we got married after dating for six months. God! We were happy."

Steve's head fell forward and his shoulders bent, as though an enormous weight was rested on them. "I don't want to talk about the details, I can't, but two years ago she died, and it was my fault. I wasn't there for her when it counted and she died because of it."

Gwen reached across the table and took his big, rough hands in hers. She squeezed his hands as the tears began to run down her cheeks.

"I haven't even thought about another woman since then, Gwen. Not once, even when I knew it would have been a good thing." He looked up and met her eyes, and after a moment he said, "And then I met you."

"Oh, Steve!" Gwen whispered, unable to think of a thing to say. Affection for him swelled within her. "I'm so sorry."

They sat in silence until the bill arrived, and Steve took it to the register and paid. When he returned, Gwen stood up to leave and discovered that her legs were completely numb, and if Steve hadn't caught her she would have fallen to the floor.

Laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, Gwen leaned into Steve's side and they left, walking around the block twice before Gwen felt confident enough to walk on her own.

"Why don't I go back in and have a Coke while you go get a car?"

"No, ma'am," Steve said, taking her hand and beginning to move faster, "you're going to run home with me."

"Bastard!" Gwen laughed, and she fell into a slow pace next to him and hoped he wouldn't let go of her hand. It took them over an hour to reach their homes, and they held hands the entire way.

* * *

Gwen stumbled from her bedroom, freshly showered and still wrapped in her towel. She limped tenderly to her sofa and lay down, beginning to flip through channels on the beaten up old TV. She felt strangely good after the run, but she was physically wasted. It was still mid-afternoon, and Gwen hoped she'd recover enough to make Steve a nice dinner. A nice, home cooked dinner, and then? Gwen smiled as her eyes drifted closed. And then, indeed.

* * * * *

Gabrielle wore only a poofy jade crop top with cap sleeves and a short denim skirt with leather flip flops. She was leaning back in her chair, her feet up on the table, and the giant headphones connected to the computer equipment in front of her. She glanced over at the stairs and saw Steve standing there, watching her, wearing only a towel around his waist, another draped over his shoulders.

She felt a gush of feeling for him, as she always had, even before he'd met Amelia. But the sight of him standing there, nearly naked and so vulnerable, sent a shiver of desire through her. He came over to her and leaned down to look at the monitors, his hand carelessly resting on her thigh and sending pulsating electricity though her body.

Gabby put her hand on Steve's, and when he looked down at her she squeezed it and pressed it harder against her leg. Gabby smiled softly then, and she asked, "Can you take over for a minute?"

Steve nodded, and Gabby stood, handing Steve the headphones. He put them of and sat on the little chair, his attention on the monitors.

Now or never, Baby, Gabby thought, and she got to her knees next to the chair, on the cement floor of the basement. She turned the swivel chair so that Steve faced her, and as he looked down at her quizzically, Gabby released the knot on his towel and it dropped from his lap.

Breathing deeply and slowly, Gabby ran her fingertips up through the thick hair on Steve's thighs, from his knees up to the dark nest of even thicker hair between his legs. Her eyes were on his dick, resting comfortably on the throne of his full scrotum and reclining on his thigh. Quickly, before she could lose her nerve, Gabby's head darted forward and she took the head of Steve's dick in her mouth and sucked softly on it, running her tongue around it lovingly.

"Gabby!" Steve thundered, and he stood up quickly, sending the chair spinning. Grasping his hard ass with both hands, Gabrielle pushed up, taking more of Steve into her mouth and continuing to make love to him. She felt his big hand on her hair and felt joy burst out from her heart, almost making her laugh with happiness, but then the hand pushed her, and Gabby found herself sprawled across the cement floor.

Steve stood over her, his cock long, thick, and standing out straight. His face was deep purple, a mask of fury. He snapped the headphones from his ears and threw them down on her belly, then turned and retrieved the fallen towel. He stared down at her, his body shaking with fury, and growled, "How could you do that?" before stomping away, up the stairs.

Gabrielle put the headphones over her ears and sat down in front of her monitors. After a moment, she crossed her arms on the table top and laid her face on them. A single hard sob wracked her body, and then she began to cry uncontrollably.

* * * * *

It was dark when Gwen opened her eyes, finding herself naked on her sofa again. Sitting up, she put her feet on the floor and whined at their discomfort. The run came flooding back to her, and she got up and stumbled to her bedroom to look at the glowing alarm clock display.

Seeing it said "4:12", Gwen sighed and headed for the bathroom to begin her day. "Well Gwen," she said aloud to herself, "no special dinner for Steve and no nookie for Gwen."

On her way home from work that afternoon, Gwen stopped at her doctor's office and plead "broken condom" to get her prescription for Plan B, and then spent a long wait at the pharmacy. She wandered the aisles in boredom and grabbed a box of cake mix from the shelf on impulse. It was after six when she arrived home.

She ran to the kitchen to begin preparations before showering and changing, and had a roast underway by seven thirty, when she called Steve's cell.

"Gwen?" she heard him answer, and she smiled in spite of herself.

"Hi Steve," she began, finding her finger at her lip. "I wanted to see how your day was, and to ask if you wanted to come over for dinner."

She heard Steve laugh, and he said, "My day was pretty crummy until you called. As for dinner-" Gwen's doorbell rang, and she pulled the door open to see Steve, standing with his cell phone to his ear. "I'd love to," he said, clicking his phone shut.

After devouring the roast, Gwen excused herself to the kitchen and returned with dessert. She set the cake on the table and her heart sunk when she saw Steve's face. He actually looked ill as he surveyed the cake's thick purple icing covered with shaved coconut.

"Oh Gwen," he said sadly, "thank you for being so thoughtful, but I'm allergic to coconut."

Brightly, Gwen said, "It's no problem." She carried the cake into the kitchen and dumped it into the garbage, wiping at her tears.

After dinner they sat close and watched network sitcoms on the TV in her living room. It was nearly eleven when Steve said he needed to get to bed, and Gwen showed him to the door.

"Are we still going running tomorrow night?" Gwen asked, shifting her weight nervously.

"Yeah," Steve answered, smiling at Gwen, "I'm really looking forward to it."

Gwen rose up on her toes, and Steve smiled and leaned to her. They kissed, arms hanging at their sides, their lips sliding softly together. At the touch of Steve's tongue, Gwen brought her arms up around his neck, and felt his big hands on her waist. When the kiss ended, both were out of breath and flushed. They mumbled goodbyes and Gwen shut the door.

* * * * *

Steve entered the basement and asked for a status update. Gabrielle was precise and succinct as she reported that absolutely nothing useful had been gathered. When he turned to leave, Gabrielle called out, "Steve! Wait!"

Steve paused and turned before going up the stairs. Gabrielle searched her mind for anything to say, and blurted, "How was your date?" Steve considered his old friend for a long moment before smiling.

"It was nice," Steve said, and he related much of the evening. Gabrielle was smiling again, nodding as she listened, and Steve felt his heart twist.

Finally he leaned back against the table and asked, "Gabby, how long have you been interested?"

Gabrielle turned her eyes from Steve and answered quietly. "Steve, I met you and I absolutely hated you. We worked together on two operations, and by the end of the second operation I knew that you were the man I wanted."

"Then Amelia joined the team, and I lost you. I got over that. I loved Amelia too, Steve. We all loved Amelia." Gabrielle's eyes filled with tears, and she saw Steve was fighting back his own emotions.

"After what happened, well, I didn't try to want you. But we worked together a lot, and, shit Steve! I can't help that I fell in love with you!" Gabby wiped her eyes violently, and Steve put a big hand on her soft shoulder.

"And now we got this assignment, a cushy job where we get to spend all of our time together, alone, just the two of us, and what do you do?" Gabrielle stared at him with an amazed expression. "You find some little townie to fall for! How fair is that?"

"You don't need me, Gabby," Steve tried to soothe her, "You can have any man you want. Nobody can resist you."

The look in Gabby's eyes was venomous when she answered, "That's obviously not true."

Steve decided to leave well enough alone, and he patted his friend's shoulder before turning to leave. He decided it wasn't the right time to chide her for the mess on the table, which was covered by the wrappers of the snack cakes she loved. The snack cakes he brought her back anytime he went to the store. Coconut covered snack cakes.

"Oh shit."

* * * * *

Gwen was in a foul mood when she got home from work on Tuesday, and she wasn't happy to forgo her shower. She changed into her cute little red running shorts and put on the tight white cotton cami she'd bought just for the purpose. Putting her ponytail out the back of her red baseball cap, she walked briskly to Steve's door and rang the bell.

Steve looked shocked when he opened the door, and Gwen smiled brightly, bouncing with excitement, and straining to see past him into his apartment. "Aren't you going to ask me in?" Gwen asked brightly, pushing past him into the living room.

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