tagLesbian SexGym Friends - The Vacation Pt. 03

Gym Friends - The Vacation Pt. 03


Sorry that I haven't written in a while, almost a year. As I started to write the next chapter in my vacation with Sara story, she objected to having our fun shared with the world. I tried to convince her that there were enough details changed to cover ourselves but she worried that there was still enough truth to the story that we could be discovered by others in our lives if they were to read the story. So, I decided that continuing real life fun was more important than sharing stories with this fun community.

As time has passed, so has my relationship with Sara. It was great enjoyment while it lasted but over time, she found that having a lover on the side was detracting from her marriage. So, we faded into memory as a couple but have remained friends at the gym.

Now, it is time to finish the story of our vacation, and the additional friend who joined us. If you don't remember, or never read the first installments of our story, you may want to return to those old stories.


We awoke to a new day of our vacation as the sunshine streamed into the condo window. Our bodies were naked and intertwined, still in the position we had been in when we had finished our encounter the previous night. In our exhaustion, we had both fallen asleep as our climaxes subsided. Too tired to move, we had spent the night wrapped in each other's arms and legs. As we both awoke, we lie there cuddling and holding each other. As I considered whether or not I had the energy to restart our activity, Sara rolled onto her back, "oh wow, I don't think I'm going to be able to move today. What were we doing last night? Didn't we realize that morning would eventually come?"

I stroked her hair, "I wasn't thinking about morning, just thinking about you cumming."

"and cumming...and cumming...and cumming," she replied.

As I sat up, I asked her if she would mind if we waited a while before resuming our activities. With a smile, she wondered if I had worn her out and thought that a bit of breakfast would be a good start to the day and that she looked forward to having the strength to go another round or two later in the day.

We got dressed for a trip down the street for breakfast and went down to the car. We climbed in the car and I pressed the start button. At first nothing happened but then there was a grinding start followed by the engine catching, but not sounding like it was running well. I looked at the dashboard and saw the "service now" light was on along with a few other warning lights. I quickly called the rental agency and they asked that we head over to the airport to switch to a new car. They said it would be hours before someone could deliver a new car so we thought the best alternative would be a quick switch so that we could do what we wanted and not have to interrupt any later fun with the delivery of the new car.

The drive to the airport was uneventful. I watched the warning lights and dashboard as much as I watched the road. We pulled into the rental car lot and proceeded to the counter. The agent was quick apologetic and helpful as we quickly switched to a new car. The agent provided us with a choice of upgraded cars for our trouble and we gleefully selected the convertible from her list of alternatives. It may have been hot enough for air conditioning but a drive along the beach while topless sounded great and provided more than a few smirks among us as we talked about the advantages of being topless around the beach. I wondered if the desk agent was going to offer to join us for some topless time.

As we left the rental counter, I heard a loud discussion off to the side by the luggage pickup area. There was a man and woman talking loudly and I could hear the woman asking "What am I supposed to do now if you don't want me to come with you?" It sounded like some kind of arranged visit going very badly when I looked again at the woman. I recognized Sheri, a woman who used to work with my husband at a former job. She was clearly agitated and on the verge of crying when the man stormed off, leaving her standing there along.

I told Sara that I knew her from John's work and Sara told me that we had to help her so we walked over to her. I tapped her on the shoulder, "Sheri, it's Donna, do you need help?"

Sheri turned to look at me and began stammering, "What? Who are you? Oh Donna. I'm so stupid. What was I thinking? Oh, please just leave me alone, no one wants to talk to me." She continued her babbling as I grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face me.

"Sheri, its OK. Just relax. You need to catch your breath. Let's sit down over here so that you can compose yourself," I told her to get her to calm down.

We walked her over to the seats and sat her down. I introduced her to Sara as she continued breathing deeply, lost in what to say to us. I asked if she needed me to call someone while she waited for her luggage. We offered her a ride to where she was staying, if she had someplace to go. It was then that she started sobbing and talking uncontrollably, "I don't have anyplace to go. They don't want me. I'm so stupid. What was I thinking?"

Sara looked at her, ,"Sheri, you don't have anyplace to go?"

Sheri tried to control her crying as she began to tell us her story. Interspersed with saying how stupid she was for doing this, she told us how her husband had gotten into trouble yet again and run up lawyer bills while trying to avoid jail, an effort that had been a failure. That had been the last straw for her so she decided to divorce him and let him sit in jail alone, she was tired of giving him one last chance. While doing that had solved one problem, it had caused even worse financial problems for her. Sheri then told us that a co-worker's husband was a policeman who knew someone in Florida who could help her with money.

I suspected that I knew the answer but asked anyway, "What kind of help did they try to arrange?"

Sheri went on with her story, "There is a place somewhere near here called the Red Dress Inn."

I looked at her and suddenly it was all clear to me. "That explains the dress that you're wearing. Were you going to work there?"

Sheri started crying again, "You know about that place? You know what I thought I would do this weekend?" Between her tears, she continued her story. She had agreed to be a working lady for the weekend. She told me how she had spoken to them and they had assured her that there were many "customers" who would enjoy spending time with a lady like her and that it would help with her money problems. Then, when she had arrived and the owner met her at the airport, he told her that while she was pretty enough, she was too old to be included in his group of "hostesses" for the weekend and he had left her at the airport with no place to go and no one to help her.

Sara looked at me as I looked back at her with a "what do we do now?" look on my face.

Sara spoke up first, "we're staying at Donna's condo down her for the weekend. You're most welcome to come stay with us. There is always room for another."

Sheri objected saying that she didn't want to be a bother. Both Sara and I insisted that she stay with us rather than compounding her problems by having to pay for a place to stay. Sheri agreed that staying with us may be her only choice but that she didn't have the right clothes, that her "stupid" plan didn't include the right clothes and then her stammering continued.

I told her not to worry. We were going to the local Target to get some things for the condo and we could most certainly find some inexpensive clothes for her for the next couple of days. Sheri started to object that she had no money but I told her not to worry, that the clothes and the weekend would be my treat since she needed someone to help her out for a few days.

As we walked to the car, Sara whispered to me, "Sheri is pretty good looking. I'm sure that she would have had some opportunities to hostess over the weekend."

I whispered back, "Oh, and now you're looking at other women?"

With a smile, Sara nodded her head, letting me know that her mind was now racing with ideas of how the rest of the weekend would be enjoyed.

With that, we hopped in our new rental car, telling Sheri our story of the broken car and the upgrade as we opened the roof on the convertible, ready to enjoy a Florida ride. We cruised out of the airport drive and decided that a drive along the shore would be enjoyable. We were three smiling ladies as we went along the beach road, enjoying the sun and the breeze in our hair. After enjoying that drive, we cruised over to the Target parking lot to begin our shopping. As we entered the store, I sent Sara and Sheri over to the clothing department to begin to shop for Sheri's new clothes while I went over to the kitchen supply area to make quick decisions about those items. I would have put more thought into those purchases but decided that being with Sheri and Sara as they tried on clothes would be more exciting.

I found them in the ladies section with Sara encouraging Sheri to pick out halters, sleeveless shirts and other items that were more on the sexy side. Sheri was surprised and didn't know what to make of our attention to making her look pretty. I looked at Sheri, "hey, no matter what that idiot from the Red Dress Inn said, we think you're a good looking lady and we want to show you off at all the beach hangouts."

We continued our shopping for clothes when Sheri said that she hadn't brought a bra that would go with all her new clothes. "they told me that I'd only be wearing the red dress or hanging out by the pool in a swimsuit, so that is all I brought. I guess I can put that on the stupid thoughts list."

I looked at her and told her that it sounded great to me. If she didn't have a bra to wear while we were on our girls weekend, then Sara and I wouldn't wear one either. Sara smiled and quickly repeated the offer, telling Sheri that it was about to be a bra-less weekend at the condo. All of this banter had loosened up Sheri and she said, "wow, you two are a couple of wild ladies. I'm not sure I should even mention that I don't have any pajamas for our sleepovers."

Sara looked at her, "pajamas? No need to wear anything to bed this weekend."

With that, we headed to the checkout and completed our purchases. As we walked to the car, Sheri again told me that she didn't know how she would repay me for all that I'd bought her. I assured her that she shouldn't worry, that there was no way I could have left her alone at the airport without anyplace to stay for her time in Florida.

We drove to the condo and carried out bags up to our unit. As we walked in, Sheri looked around and complimented me on the condo and how good it looked. We showed her to the guest room to set her bags down. As she looked around, she asked, "it doesn't look like anyone has used this room, are there three bedrooms?" I asked her what she meant. "well, you have your bedroom, Sara has a room and now this one is for me to use."

I looked at her, "ummm...Sara and I are sharing the master bedroom. This is the second bedroom."

Sheri suddenly realized what I had said, "oh, wow... I hadn't thought about that... you two are sleeping together... are you... I mean... I shouldn't ask..."

I interrupted her as she stammered, "yes, we're in the same bed for this trip. and yes, we're doing more than sleeping."

Sheri didn't know what to say as she realized what Sara and I had been doing on our vacation. She wasn't sure what to say so I took the opportunity to talk to her. "I have an idea, which I think Sara will agree with. I know that you planned to come to Florida to make money to pay off your debts. Perhaps I could hire you for this weekend and you could provide services to Sara and me."

Sheri said, "I've never done anything like that with a woman...I'm not sure what I should do."

Sara looked at her, "well, you were planning on allowing men to enjoy you. Donna is offering you the same weekend, except it will be women enjoying you...and you enjoying them." I continued to question her, asking what would she have done if a woman had come to the Red Dress Inn looking for a good time and asked for her.

Sheri turned to me with an interested look on her face. She was definitely quite ready to proceed with this new plan as I continued to explain our offer. "you thought you would make a few thousand at that place, I'm offering you the same amount of money to enjoy yourself at this place. You'll be the three in our threesome."

I was surprised at how well Sara was proceeding with this plan even though we hadn't discussed it. She had never expressed a desire for a threesome although she had been quite aroused when I told her of the time that I'd had threesome with my former lover and sister. It was clear that Sara was highly aroused and ready to start the fun with Sheri as soon as possible.

As I rubbed Sheri's arms and asked if she was willing to participate in this adventure, Sara slipped behind her and pulled the zipper on her dress down. At first, Sheri was hesitent. She looked over her shoulder at Sara as she felt her zipper lowered. Sheri started to object again, "I've never done this with a woman... I don't know if I can... For money? I don't know." Sheri was back to her nervous rambling.

I looked her in the eyes, "Sheri, you were going to do strange men for money. Instead, we're suggesting that you do us for money. You're welcome to leave, Sara will pull your zipper back up and you don't have to do this. But we want to help you with your problem. And we want you to help us. But mostly, we want you. We want to enjoy your body." Upon hearing that, she didn't resist as I took her face in my hands and leaned forward to kiss her. Our mouths met and tongues began to swirl against each other. Sara soon had the zipper fully down and was sliding Sheri's dress off of her shoulders, pushing it to floor. Sheri stood there in my arms, our mouths locking in a kiss as Sara continued to strip Sheri, exposing her body to us. Sara slipped her hands over Sheri's breasts and began to massage them, pulling on her now aroused nipples. As I kissed her, Sheri's moans filled the room.

I moved next to Sheri and closer to Sara. I leaned to Sara, pulling her head toward me and kissed her deeply. Sheri watched as we kissed. I pushed my hands under Sara's shirt, pushing it over her head. As it dropped to the floor, Sara reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor also. I stepped back from them, pushing my shorts down my legs and pulling my t-shirt off, then dropping my bra to the floor so that I stood there in only my panties, my pussy aching for the attention that it would soon receive.

Sara and I pulled Sheri to our bedroom and we fell onto the bed, continuing to kiss each other and beginning to massage the exposed breasts of our friends.

Sheri moaned to us, "I don't know what do do, what should I do next?"

I pushed her panties down her legs, exposing her pussy to us. Sara pulled at my panties, exposing my aroused womanhood to them. I looked at Sheri, "pull down Sara's panties and pleasure her. Make her scream with delight." Sheri pulled off her panties and dropped between her legs. As she moaned that she had never done this to a woman, Sara pushed her head between her thighs, moaning that it was time for her to taste an aroused pussy...moaning that she needed her pussy sucked until she screamed. Sheri began to kiss and suck Sara's pussy as I massaged Sheri's dripping cunt. I felt hands and mouths on my pussy as I continued to massage Sheri, watching her suck harder and harder on Sara. As Sheri's excitement grew, she kissed and sucked harder on Sara, pleasuring her with her tongue and lips. Sara's moans filled that room as Sheri pleasured her, bringing her closer and closer to coating Sheri's face in orgasmic cum juice.

Sara moaned to Sheri, "suck me...suck my clit hard...suck it...make me cum." Sheri continued her sucking and licking as she savored the taste of Sara's aroused pussy. Then, as Sheri's sucking intensified, I watched as Sara's back arched upward and her moans turned to screams, of orgasmic delight as she came all over Sheri's face. Sara bucked and stretching, moaning and screaming as pleasure filled her body until she fell back, "let me catch my breath...oh...that was fantastic."

With that, I pushed Sheri onto her back and spread her legs. My mouth moved on top of her pussy and I began to suck her as hard as she had been sucking Sara. I licked her pussy deeply, enjoying and savoring her arousal. I licked up and down her pussy, pulling her swollen clit into my mouth whenever I could. I sucked her, licked her, pleasured her until she began to moan as she had mad Sara moan. Her hips squirmed as she tried to press her aroused pussy against my face and I tasted her aroused pussy. As I sucked her swollen clit, I slipped my fingers into her pussy and began to swirl them within her aroused pussy. I pushed my fingers in and out as I sucked and licked her, making her moan louder and louder until her moans turned into a scream of pleasure as the waves of orgasm filled her body. Sara and I continued to pleasure her as she screamed that she was cumming. She bounced on the bed in pleasure until she could take no more and begged us to stop, letting her rest.

As Sheri caught her breath, I reached for Sara and pulled her toward me. As we began to kiss deeply, I felt her hand moving between my legs to pleasure me. I felt her fingers slide inside of me, causing me to squirm as she licked up and down my pussy, pleasuring my aroused cunt. As Sheri continued to treat my pussy to her pleasures, Sara rolled on top of me and kissed me deeply. We traded the tastes of the pussy juice covering our faces. As Sara kissed me and pulled at my breasts, Sheri continued to lick me, sucking my aroused clit into her mouth in a frantic effort to create orgasmic delight. She sucked and licked as Sara kissed me. I could feel lips and tongue on my clit and fingers probing the horny depths of my squirming pussy. My climax was building within me as the two ladies pleasured me. As they continued to caress me, my body burst over the edge of delight and I moaned over and over as the pleasure filled my body with orgasmic delight.

All three of us fell backward onto the bed to catch our breath. The moans that had filled the room were replaced with loud deep breathing.

Finally, I turned to Sheri and told her, "For someone who didn't know what to do, you sure did it well. I'm sure that Sara is going to enjoy the next couple of days continuing to give you practice on what to do with a woman."

Sara added, "and I intend to demonstrate everything that I want so that you'll enjoy the lessons."

Sheri smiled back at us as she replied, "I think I got very lucky being rejected by the Red Dress Inn."

And with that, our very pleasurable vacation was expanded to everyone's enjoyment.

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