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Gym Meeting


Six months ago, I joined a health club to work on general fitness and the never ending weight gain problem for men my age. After signing the contract, I was told to check in with the fitness instructor on my first visit. I arrived at the club, dressed out and in minutes was talking to the instructor. She was a few years younger, in splendid shape, and muscular for a female. Her shoulders were very developed and well defined. Her breasts were small as was her waist and her legs were well toned and tanned. She was, to me, very attractive, but more masculine than feminine. Her lips were full and her eyes bright, very entertaining and friendly. Immediately it seemed we were close friends.

She led me to her office and while I filled out the usual questionnaires, including my e-mail address, she closed the office door. Measurements to gauge progress were needed, so she started measuring my biceps, waist, and thighs. Before I knew it, she used both hands to pull my shirt up and over my head! In a very soothing voice and with a gentle smile gracing her full lips, she told me lots of men hate to have their shirt off in front of others, especially women. Since she needed this measurement, she simply acted quickly.

She then stepped back and looked at me, making notes in her log of my physique. My initial shock turned to embarrassment... and then as she stared at my chest my feelings turned more to humiliation. I think humiliation because she had a wicked smile on her face. I usually avoid being shirtless for I am one of those that feel there is too much of me at chest level. I have heard all the jokes and comments about a male bra. She took my measurements, rearranging the tape and smoothing it as she changed its position for what seemed an eternity. Her warm hands were all over me as she pulled and patted, almost to the point of fondling my breasts.

Then the most unexpected comment as she asked if I were taking any type of hormone therapy? Of course the answer was no, but I asked why she wanted to know? Her reply was that in some relationships one partner sometimes wanted to feminize the other. This should have crushed my psyche, but another, stronger reaction began to build in side of me. It must have kick started some distant thought process for me as my nipples immediately stood out like darts and my face began to feel like it was on fire. My humiliation now turned to only what I can describe as arousal. I know she noticed. Red faced and shaking, I stood there speechless and helpless for I felt as if I could not control any part of what was happening. I began to feel the building of an erection that was out of control. I could not understand what my feelings were... nor why?

She had dropped the tape to record the number and commented that I was not even an A cup but some women, and a few men, would certainly appreciate what I had and I should not be embarrassed at all. I think my embarrassment was eased by her matter of fact comments. She seemed to be perfectly at ease with me and acted pleased that our conversation had taken this turn. I think she perfectly understood my reactions. I put the workout shirt back on and went into the gym, hoping to cool my stiffened cock. We finished the introduction with me saying how much I wanted to make progress. She laughed as she told me that if I did not progress a spanking would prove to be a prime motivator. We both laughed. Later my thoughts returned to that comment and I found myself more sexually excited than I had been in years.

I arranged my visits when the club was not busy, but there were always a few men and women present that were close to my age group. I got to know two of them in addition to the instructor who was there frequently. Kay had been at the club for months and her efforts reflected it. Tim was more like me and we both gave each other support. Rarely were we all present at the same time but we exchanged regular progress reports on each other.

I found it interesting that when we were all at the gym together or the instructor was present Kay usually was very reserved and did not enter into any of the chats that Tim and I were involved in. In fact she almost avoided us to be with the instructor. When Tim and the instructor were not present she was very friendly and always wanted to visit. In fact, we became very close friends and both felt very comfortable with the other. She was a leader and she seemed to have some uncanny sense of what my moods were or where my desires had been. Once she even mentioned a few of the chat rooms that I had been in the night before. Looking back, there was always the feeling that she was able to track my every internet move.

Two months ago, Kay and I were at the gym at the same time and she asked if I could drop her at her apartment when we finished. Naturally I agreed. On the way out of the parking lot she asked if I had seen Tim? When I told her I had not seen him in weeks, she appeared to be confused and stared at me with a curious grin on her face. Of course this fueled my imagination, and only after my pleading would she tell me that Tim was gay—she had known that for some time and that she had wondered about me. She then teased me about having a lover's quarrel.

Arriving at her apartment, she asked me in and as she closed her door she asked again about my being straight. She suggested I might even be bi. I know my nervous nature about this was obvious. Again I told her I was straight. Suddenly she stepped right in front of me, leaned forward, and placed her right hand behind my head and pulled our faces together. Her other hand slammed into my crotch clutching my balls that were only protected by my shorts. She began gently squeezing. Her lips were inches from my face as she told me she wanted the truth. I know I stammered and then the pain hit. It almost made me sick as I half stumbled into her. My legs were rubber. She relaxed her grip and just smiled. I knew then I had to be open and frank with her.

My voice a whisper, I told her I suspected Tim was gay and that yes - I had bi feelings but my strongest of urges were to be with women. There was silence then she asked what my feelings were towards her as she reaffirmed her grip on me. I told her I felt like she was in total control and I was at her mercy. She pushed me for more. She wanted to know if I were angry or pleased. Again I almost stammered but then just blurted out I was pleased and that I could be very submissive. She looked at me and told me honesty fits me better. She then told me she knew all of the chat rooms I normally went into on line and that I might as well be honest and up front with her. In fact she and my instructor both knew every room I visited. The dominant women and bisexual theme of most of the rooms had told my story—I was embarrassed at what she knew. Her warm whispers of those feelings being what some desired and that knowing this about me excited her soothed my feelings. It comforted and excited me that that my desires were accepted. She was just what I needed and I knew I could open myself to her.

Her arms went around my shoulders as she pushed her lips against mine. Her tongue went wild—probing and darting deep into my mouth. She grabbed my shirt and with one swift motion it was over my head and on the floor. Her hands started rubbing my nipples, pulling and squeezing my male breasts. She was feeling me as some drunken sailor might feel a red light harlot. When my arms strayed to her body she quickly pushed them back to my side. To me there was little doubt that she was in full control of what would happen next. I was just the warm body that she was using---and I loved it. I had never been this excited and wanted it to never end. She then jerked down my exercise shorts as my raging hard cock bobbled up and down. Her hands grabbed my butt cheeks squeezing and rubbing as she pulled me to her.

I stood motionless as she unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop. He mouth once again began sucking on my tongue as I was gently pushed to my knees. I knew what this meant. Her clean shaven sex glistened as I was pulled towards her. Her hands moved to my ears and with her hips thrust forward, she pulled me into her. I nursed at the heart of her feminine soul. My tongue giving her the pleasure she was demanding. Her guttural order to push my fingers inside her cunt while my tongue worked its magic only made me more eager to please her. Grinding her pussy into my face as she moaned and told me I was the perfect pet led her to the brink of orgasm. My face was covered with her honey as she stepped back and looked down at me. Our eyes met and I knew I would be forever spellbound by her charms.

She told me to lie down on the floor with my arms beside me. She stood over my face and slowly lowered her body to my waiting lips. She positioned her dripping womanhood just inches above my eager tongue as her womanly excitement dripped on my face. Gently she positioned herself for full penetration of my tongue. The grinding began as I began bringing her to climax. She leaned forward and stroked my cock as she pinched my nipples. Her moans and contorted facial expression told me she was at her orgasm point as I began to squirt. We tensed and were spellbound as our bodies reached the zenith of sexual release. I emptied all over her breasts and my stomach and chest as she emptied into my waiting mouth. Collapsing on top of me, we both were motionless as our bodies recovered.

She lay beside me with her arms cradling my body. Role reversal was totally new to me. I didn't know how to act, or what to say, but I did know that I should let her lead and I would follow. She moved to take my semi erect cock into her mouth, using her tongue to clean my seed from its shaft. She then moved to my lips as I tasted my own cum. As she broke our kiss she looked at me as her fingers scooped up my cum, first going to her mouth and then to mine. She consumed and fed me all of the cum I had squirted for her.

She then stood and retreated to her recliner telling me to sit at her feet. Looking directly into my eyes she asked if I knew what had just happened. I did—she had used me for her own pleasure, leading me in every move, and controlling everything that happened. I was told that this was her first attempt at being dominant and that she loved it. She asked what my feelings were, smiling as she already knew. I told her I had never been more sexually charged and fulfilled in my life and that I craved more. Her response was that she was normally submissive and served our instructor but had been urged to find a submissive male to develop her dominant feelings. I was perfect as she and our instructor had known from the first day at the gym. I was to be Kay's pet when we were alone and if the three of us were together - I along with Kay - would serve the instructor. She told me I could expect play like what we just did, periods of not being allowed to cum, spankings, whippings, and at times to serve others—both male and female. I was elated!

As I returned to my car I knew we would be together again and soon.

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