tagGay MaleGym Rat Ch. 03

Gym Rat Ch. 03


I sat at the bench in front of my locker and peeled my clothes off. My weekend had been a blur as I wished the moments away until Monday. I had fucked my wife three times but my mind was elsewhere. I wanted his cock again. I had imagined him standing over me as I thrust my cock into my wife. I had imagined sucking his dick as I fucked my wife. Each time I came I slid down between her legs and licked my cum from her well fucked pussy as she climaxed over and over unaware that I was imagining licking his cum from her shaved pussy.

I was still sitting on the bench naked when he walked in. I started to get up and head to the shower but he stopped me and told me to wait.

I sat and watched as he pulled his sweaty clothes off. His body glistened with sweat as he approached and my mouth watered in anticipation. He moved in front of me and took my head in his hands. There was something deliciously wicked about his sweat soaked body. I reached up and ran my hands over his wet torso as he pulled my face toward his flaccid cock. My lips parted wide and I took his spongy soft cock into my mouth. It was salty yet appealing and I moaned as it grew hard in my mouth.

I sucked his cock and ran my hands over his body as I sat on the bench. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth long and hard as my hands kneaded his tight muscled ass until he came in my mouth.

I swallowed his hot cream and watched as he walked off toward the shower. I followed him in a lust induced trance and took the spot beside him as he lathered his hair.

He handed me the soap and asked, or more specifically told, me to wash his body. I still hadn't cum and I was consumed with raw carnal lust. I lathered my hands and washed his body soaping him from head to toe as my cock throbbed with a powerful need to release the cum that boiled within my loins.

His cock grew hard a second time as I lathered his body. I pressed my body against him from behind as I rubbed soap over his chest and down to his hard throbbing meat. He turned around, took the soap from me and pushed me against the cold tiled wall face first. His thick hands had never touched my body and I moaned like a wanton slut as he soaped my ass. He pushed a finger and then two into my asshole as I moaned like a bitch in heat. His fingers pumped into my asshole and he expertly massaged my prostate bringing me to a hard powerful climax as he thrust three thick fingers into my ass.

I turned around and slid to the floor as he moved in front of me and stroked his hard meat. His hand was a blur on his dick and he came quickly pumping hot cum all over my face as he grunted and groaned loudly with no fear of being caught.

I licked my lips and watched as he walked from the room. His cum rolled down my cheeks and I rubbed it into my skin as I replayed the vision of his cum leaving his cock.

"Same time tomorrow," he said as he left. I had blown him for three straight nights. He had fingered my ass until I had an incredibly powerful climax and yet I still didn't know his name. I felt like a slut, and I was. I was a dirty whore and I was obsessed with the feel of his cock.

We repeated our last performance each night until Friday. I learned his name was Kevin and he was divorced and lived alone.

Friday as I knelt at his feet in the shower staring at his hard cock I told him my wife was out of town for the weekend and asked if he wanted to come by when we were through.

"Why wait, let's go now," he said as he pulled me to my feet. We quickly dressed and he followed me to my house. I parked in the garage and had him to do the same.

"Nice place," he said as he waited for me to lead the way. I made my way upstairs to the bedroom and closed the door behind us. I was tense and nervous. Somehow being at my house was different.

"Undress me," he said confidently. He wasn't nervous, he was in charge. I quickly complied and pulled his shirt off exposing his broad muscular chest before sinking to my knees in front of him. I looped my fingers into his shorts and pulled them down freeing his hard cock from their confines. He didn't have to speak and once my lips touched his hard throbbing cock my nervousness disappeared.

I sucked and slurped loudly on his big hard dick. It was liberating not to have to be quiet out if fear of being caught. I slid my hands up his body and kneaded his ass as I sucked his cock.

"Take your clothes off," he directed and I quickly shed my clothes leaving them in a pile on the floor.

"Get on the bed," he said as he pointed to the big king sized bed in the middle of the room. "We both know what you want."

I climbed onto the bed and watched as Kevin reached into his shorts and pulled out a condom and a small tube of lube. I shuddered with a combination of fear and excitement. I had never had anything larger than a few fingers in my ass but if the pleasure I had felt when he fingered my ass was any indication of what was to come I was ready and willing.

He climbed behind me and positioned me on all fours. I felt the cool liquid drizzle down my ass and then groaned with pleasure as he slid two thick fingers inside me. He pumped them in deep and the pleasure and pressure on my prostate had me moaning and pushing back to meet his thrusts. He eased a third finger inside me and I groaned loudly.

My cock was on fire. My body was on fire. I needed to feel him inside me. "Please," I moaned as I looked back at him over my shoulder. "Please fuck me."

My cock twitched as the words hit my ears. They were my words but my voice sounded different. It was distant yet thick with raw desire.

He rolled a condom onto his cock and pressed. The head against my asshole.

"Oh god," I groaned as his cock head started to penetrate me. It was big and it felt huge. I closed my eyes and held my breath as he pushed harder. My sphincter relaxed and his cock popped inside. It hurt like hell at first but as he slowly fucked my virgin ass the pain was replaced with pressure, tremendous pleasure.

He grabbed my hips and fucked with long slow strokes. His cock created a pressure inside me that sent waves of pleasure through my body and made my dick tingle. He thrust harder into me and I could feel the waves of pleasure building to a crescendo when he suddenly stopped and pulled his cock from my gaping ass.

"Don't stop," I panted with uncontrollable need. "Please."

He turned me over onto my back and smiled. "Don't worry," he laughed as he pushed my legs back to my ears poured more lube on my asshole and all over my cock. He eased his cock back inside me and put my hand on my cock.

I slowly stroked my cock in time with his thrusts. Long slow strokes that got faster and harder. He was grunting and sweat dripped from his body onto mine as he relentlessly fucked my ass.

Hard and fast, he trust his big dick into my ass. My body started to shake and my climax started somewhere deep inside me. It spiraled outward from deep in my belly and then cum flew from my cock as he fucked me hard. I rode my climax like a bull as his cock pistoned into me.

My climax subsided and he pulled his cock from my ass and tore off the condom. He moved up my body and stroked his shaft until he came all over my face.

His cum was everywhere. It was in my hair and in my eyes. It covered my lips and cheeks.

I licked my lips and swallowed. I scooped it from my eyes and cheeks sucked it from my fingers as I came down from the euphoria and an incredible sexual high.

Kevin threw me a towel from the bathroom to clean my face and then climbed into bed with me. He pulled up the covers and we both drifted off to sleep.

I awoke hard and ready. My arm was draped around Kevin's torso and my hand snaked down to touch his dick. It was hard and I needed to taste it. I moved under the covers and wrapped my lips around his hard dick. I moaned around his cock as I forced my mouth down until my nose pressed firmly against his pelvis. I sucked his cock and stroked his shaft until he came down my throat as I jerked my own dick until I came. I climbed out of bed to shower and when I got out he was dressed and ready to leave.

"I've got a ton of shit to do today," he said as he started to leave. "I'll see you Monday."

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