Gym Ratz, Round 03


In fact I feel like something precious in his hands, and I almost wish he would try a little harder! But I know this is the right way, the best way in the end, and although I can't consciously let myself think it, I know he's already got home base if he wants it. And I hope to god he does!

The ride isn't too long, not long enough, and when we reach the hotel Jim parks and gets the bags while Fran goes to the desk. Ginny and I are alone for a moment, and she looks at me with a big grin and says, "Well?" I can't even say a word, I don't know how to say it. But the look in my eyes tells her what she wants to know and with a grin she says, "Good, honey." Then a porter takes the bags and we are on an elevator in no time.

Once in the door Fran asks if anyone would like something from room service, but he has to speak to Ginny and Jim's backs because they are already heading to the side room. Which leaves us alone. And I'm shaking again, harder than before. But Fran comes over to me and gently takes my hand.

"Belle Carli, I'm sorry but somehow I feel this is very rude. I don't think you expected to be here, and I want you to know, if you want I'll take you home. You have no obligation to stay here."

And the look on his face almost breaks my heart. For him! It's obvious he means it and he doesn't want to say it, but he has to.

I take the step that's left between us, my body brushing against his, look up and gently touch his cheek with my fingertips as I say with just a little smile, "That's so sweet. What would you like, Fran?"

He looks down at me with an expression almost like he's scared and whispers, his words barely able to leave his throat, "I would like it very much if you would stay with me."

"Oh god! Yes!"

And his hands and arms slide slowly around me as he bends his head to me until our lips are gently joined, and we sway back and forth as if the music were still playing as we kiss and kiss and kiss. And I'm not afraid to whimper now, loudly and often, and I couldn't control it if I wanted.

His hands are sliding slowly over me again, but now, for the first time, they slide down over my ass, cupping my cheeks. And he pulls me gently against him, until I can feel his hardness. And I shudder, and moan, pressing against him, my legs now shaking so hard I can barely stand up. He feels it and gently lifts me, then sets me on the edge of the bed. And when I lie back and smile up at him, my eyes wet with emotion, he sits too, then leans over me.

And he kisses, first my lips, then my nose, my cheeks, my forehead, finally sliding his lips down next to my ear and nuzzling gently, his tongue gently laving my face. I feel one shock after another, and I just can't help squirming on the bed, my hanging legs kicking.

And one of his hands is in my hair, but, of course, the other is moving over my body. But he takes his time. My arm, my side, my hip, my belly, over and over, never violating my dress. And one of my hands is on him, but it's more like clutching now, holding on for dear life.

And when his hand comes close to my breast I squeal, and jump, anticipating, hoping! But instead, he lifts his lips from my neck, smiles and whispers, "My wonderful Carli!" and gives me a long hard kiss, his tongue gently sliding into my mouth.

I give up and just start moaning at every kiss and every touch. My senses are so overloaded I barely know what's happening to me! And then he does it! His hand slides over my breast and slowly closes, squeezing gently. Almost as a reflex my back arches hard and I lift and grind against his hand, and I gasp, "Ohhhhhhhh godddddddddd!"

I know he can feel the hard nipple and he moves his hand round and round, slowly rolling it, through the cloth. And he kisses his way down from my neck to the vee of my breasts, as far as the dress will let him. But when I feel his fingertips gently catch my hard bud and squeeze, my entire body convulses and I almost shout, "Fran, yes! Please, oh please!"

He understands and pulls away from me, slipping off the bed, and when he starts to slide the hem of my dress slowly up I help, lifting just enough that he can finally slip it off me as I raise my arms. And nothing happens, it's dead still. Until I open my eyes and realize he's staring down at me, taking in every inch of my body. And he's biting his lip!

And he whispers something in French, but it's so quiet that I have no idea what he says. I put my arms out to him, begging him to come back, to take possession of me! But first he slips off his shirt and tee, then his pants, and I get to stare at his beautiful body, tall and slim with a light coat of fuzz on his chest, black against his skin. And a gigantic bulge in his briefs! And then he claims his prize, in his way, slowly, gently.

As he starts to climb back on the bed I pull myself up a little more, so my legs are on the mattress. And he crawls to me, bends to kiss me lightly on the lips, then slowly wraps his arms around me as he lowers his weight at my side. And he pulls me to him, till skin touches skin, everywhere save the little patches of fabric remaining. And now as we kiss and touch our bodies move in unison, undulating, practicing what we both want most to do.

But the serenity doesn't last long. I feel his hands loosen my bra, and when he pulls it away he lifts his head and stares for a moment, smiling. But suddenly he plunges his lips over one of the tender tips, and sucks, hard, as he pulls back. The sensation is so strong I roar at him, "Ohhhh! Yessssssss!" and grab his head by the hair with both hands, forcing his mouth down on me as I arch my back! He fills his mouth with me and his tongue grinds and circles hard, as his hand finds the other nipple and begins to squeeze and twist. I'm on the edge of pain, but it's so good I try to arch my back more and more, and my feet are pedaling on the bed, pulling up and pushing out again, my legs spreading wider and wider!

He lets go of my nipple and I feel his hand slide down my tummy till it covers the gauzy panties. They are already soaking wet and slippery, and his fingers make a juicy little sound as the rub back and forth up and down. Now I am truly frantic, and growl at him, "Take the fucking things off! Now!"

He lifts his head from my breast and chuckles, "My beautiful Carli gets so hot! I love it!" I just moan and kick my feet.

He quickly pushes up, grabs the panties and yanks them down over my hips and past my knees, and I instantly kick them off. But the break has broken the spell of lust I was in and I realize there is something else I want too. I sit up next to him, look him in the eye and command, "Lie down! And take them off!"

This time he laughs, slams his head back on the bed and pushes and kicks until his briefs are off. And that huge bulge I saw has transformed into an amazing cock! I know just what I want to do, but I'm still so hot that I can't bear not having his hands and mouth on me, so there's only one option. I push up on my knees and scramble over the top of him till I'm in position, and grab that rod, which is sticking straight up, with one hand. At the same time I feel him grab my hips and yank my pussy down to his mouth and he gives a little snarl of lust as he buries his face between my legs!

I squeal, and for a moment I'm paralyzed with the pleasure of his mouth ravaging my lips, but when I force my eyes open that cock is right in front of my face! Damn he's big! And pre-cum is already running down the sides. With a whimper I engulf the tip and swirl my tongue around, savoring his taste. He jumps, but that tongue he's probing me with never stops, and somehow we both manage to moan and suck and lick, all at the same time.

I push down hard, stretching my mouth to take him deeper, but he doesn't play fair. I can hear him slurping up my juices which I can imagine are running out of me, but suddenly he rams his tongue deep into my hole. And I feel his fingers dig into my hips as he pulls me down hard, probing as far as he can and then swirling around and around. He wins, and I have to lift my head as I sob, "Oh god, Fran, oh fuck!"

I shock myself because I almost never swear out loud, but considering the moment I don't guess it matters much. All that does is spur him on and what the hell; I grind my pussy into his face! I'm just giving him what he wants! But I know what he wants more, and I force myself to concentrate on that cock I've got in my hand and with a test of my willpower I force my lips over him again and push until my lips press against my fingers. Oh god, there's a whole handful left and he's hitting the back of my throat hard enough to make me gag!

But I stand it as long as I can, bobbing up and down with my lips tight around him. And just as I finally have to lift my head he suddenly gasps out, "Pour l'amour de dieu, pitie'!" I have no idea what that is, but I hope it means he likes it! A flood of drool pours out of my mouth and down his shaft, so I use it as lube to jack him hard for a moment, my hand flying up and down that pole! He grunts and I feel his hips lift under me, thrusting up into my hand. I slip my lips over the tip and continue to stroke as I suck and lick, and now his hips pick up my rhythm, lifting to meet my fist.

But finally he remembers his job, and I feel his fingers tighten on my hips as his tongue rams between my lips again and his mouth slides up and down, making wet, slurping sounds. I moan and press my lips down his shaft again, but I'm so distracted I hardly know what I'm doing. So I just suck hard and let my tongue swirl round and round him as I concentrate on that tongue!

My hips are already rocking when suddenly, he finds it! And my head jerks up and I howl when he sucks my little clit between his lips. Instantly I'm panting, my hips bucking wildly, and I begin moaning, "Oh no, no, no, no, no!" even though I mean yes yes yes! But it doesn't deter him and he swirls lightly with his tongue, grinds hard and then sucks again.

It's over now and I hope he's happy! His teeth graze the tender bud, and I explode, squealing and bucking and jerking, my hips ramming my pussy down against his face. When the waves finally stop rolling back and forth inside me I lie panting on top of him tears streaming down my face. Oh my god, that was soooooooo good! And suddenly I realize he's giving me soft little kisses, all around my pussy.

I moan and carefully roll off of him, now wanting the comfort of his arms, and as I crawl up on his chest, that's what I get. I kiss his messy face and giggle as I taste myself. He grins up at me and with one hand musses my hair a little, then pets it smooth again. But his kisses are getting more urgent, and I realize he's still very much in need, and now it's my mission to take care of that problem! And remembering a French phrase I learned in college I whisper to him, "S'il vous plait Francois, baise-moi, maintenant!"

His eyes pop open and he smiles broadly, "Ahhhh, ma belle Carli, j'aimerais!" And when he sees my blank stare he whispers, "I would love to!"

Holding me in his arms he rolls over until I'm on my back and kisses me again. But then his lips make a trail down my chin and over my chest until he reaches my left breast. And he kisses and licks a little circle around it as I gasp and sigh. Then he moves a hand to the other one and rubs it softly. Already I'm in heaven again, and I've never wanted anything more in my life than what I know is coming now.

I shiver as his lips finally find my nipple again and he sucks it in, making it wet and warm, then swirls his tongue slowly around it. And his hand slides down to my now-naked pussy again, teasing my lips with his fingertips. Now he knows me down there, knows how much I love his touch, and I moan and rock my hips gently as he strokes me.

And the moment he lifts his head from my breast I pull my knees up and spread them wide, a very open invitation to him! We smile at each other and he accepts, kneeling between my thighs, then running his hands up and down them. I shudder as he touches the soft and tender inner flesh, feeling little shocks running through me. But I look down between my legs and see that beautiful cock, standing straight and proud and pointing at me, and I don't want to wait any longer!

I whimper and roll my hips and stare him in the face, silently begging. And of course, he answers! He runs his cock slowly up and down my lips, now wet with my flowing juices again, and then pulls back a bit and presses. Oh god! My breath stops! I raise my hips to him and he pushes into my tightness with maddening slowness. He's so big and it's been so long for me he barely fits, but I'm soaking wet and suddenly he breaks into a big smile. But my body shudders and I see him bite his lip, feeling it too.

And now the tight stretching sensation is replaced with pure pleasure. I'd almost forgotten how good it could be! I begin to pump my hips begging him to give me more, all! And he begins to thrust slowly, deeper each time until I feel like I'm about to burst! And still he goes deeper, where I've never felt this before! But now it feels soooooooo good!

He's still for a moment and I know it has an effect on him too. But then his hands go to my hips and he leans forward a little and begins to thrust with long, measured strokes. I'm in heaven! I can't help the little whimpers and sighs, and I know he likes it, because he smiles at me again. I want to shut my eyes and lie back and just feel him, but somehow I have to lift my head and watch that massive rod sliding in and out of me, now shiny from my creamy juices.

But finally I do give in and lie back, and find my breasts with my hands, squeezing gently in time with his strokes. But he sucks in his breath and I open my eyes again, to see that he's watching me. I giggle and find my nipples, pulling and twisting, making myself moan with pleasure and giving him a show!

And it works! He begins thrusting harder, giving me all he has, stuffing me with that magic rod! And when my body begins to bounce on the bed with every stroke I lift my hips and thrust back. And now our bodies begin to slap together, echoing in the big room. My breath is coming in deep gasps, but Fran is panting, and beads of sweat form on his brow. And I swear he's pumping that rock hard cock into me deeper and deeper, making me moan each time he fills me!

My body is twitching, and I'm having a hard time meeting his thrusts now, and he's going faster and faster, pounding me so hard it's making me squeal and moan and I have to hold on to the sheet. But he's grunting with effort now, his face contorted, and I feel a shower of wetness flying from his face with every thrust. I know he has to be close and I want nothing more than to get there with him! I slide a hand down and find my clit, squeezing and stoking it, while the other hand pinches and pulls at a nipple. Oh god, I'm so close!

And he groans and gasps out, "Oh! Ma chere!" And he buries himself to the hilt, then grinds hard against me! When I see the expression on his face I know, and it's all I need. I pump my hips up against him and feel an earthquake deep inside! It's small at first, but it builds and builds and suddenly I scream as the full blast hits me! And now I can't stop, thrashing on the bed and moaning, held in place by that massive rod pinning me to the sheet .And I'm only dimly aware that his hips are thrusting against me time after time, always accompanied by a grunt or snarl.

But I know when he falls moaning and gasping beside me, and I grab him desperately, needing to feel the warmth of his arms. And he wraps me up, arms and legs around me, and we lie together, slowly rocking in each other's arms, our bodies slippery from the sweat flowing from both of us. I don't know why this feels so good; I just know it can't ever end.

It's late now, we've been drinking a little, and the physical and emotional highs have been extreme, and in no time we fall fast asleep.

But hours later I awake, feeling groggy but wonderful, and instantly become aware of noises coming from somewhere. At first I can't imagine, but I'm sidetracked when Fran suddenly gives me a kiss! And I love it when his arms tighten around me. Mmmmmmmmmm.

But I startle again when I hear a little scream, and suddenly I realize, it's Ginny! They disappeared when we got here and I was way too occupied to care. Fran whispers, "Your friend? Is she all right?"

I giggle. "Uhhuh, I think so, it's just how she likes it. And I guess it's ok with your brother too. She was beaming after the first time they were together. And she can take care of herself!"

Fran groans and releases his hold on me. We've been wrapped up together for hours, and both of us are stiff and cramped. We lie back on the bed and stretch, listening to Jim and Ginny carrying on, and laughing at some of the strange little sounds. But something's wrong. He's not touching me and I just can't stand it! I roll on my side and wiggle back against him, and when he realizes he sighs, "Oh yes!" and slides his arms around me, spooning me! Ummmmmmmmmm! It feels so delicious I shudder with delight!

His hands go just where they belong, one cupping a breast gently, the other over my tummy, pulling me back against him, and I press my legs back against his. We are touching from toes to shoulders, and the warmth of his body is just making me melt with pleasure. And I can feel his hot breath on my shoulder, but it suddenly gets much better when he kisses the back of my neck. I moan and arch back against his lips, in the process pressing my breast into his hand.

And his fingers tighten and knead, very slowly, as his lips and tongue slowly move across my skin. And I'm so aware of his palm pressing against my suddenly very hard nipple. I moan and squirm, unable to lie still, and I can hear soft little sighs and whimpers coming from him. And when the hand on my tummy begins to move I lift one leg and drape it over his, leaving myself open. But he teases me, running his hand from hip to hip, even playing with my little furry thatch, but he never quite reaches ... there!

Suddenly I'm breathing deeply, almost gasping for breath, even though I've hardly moved, and my body is tingling, shuddering with every touch of his fingertips. And I can feel it! His wonderful cock has swollen, trapped between us! And he begins to roll his hips, very slowly, stroking it against my back. "Mon dieu, Francois!" I whimper, almost crying, the emotion, the need so strong I can barely stand it!

Against my neck he whispers, "Je sais, Carli!" And I silently give thanks as his hand moves between my legs and his fingers slide lightly down my already moist and swollen lips. My hips roll and I push against his hand, wanting more and more and more of his touch. And when his finger slips in it is bathed in moisture, my juices now running freely, making me slippery wet.

He's wiggling behind me, moving down a bit, and then I feel his swollen cock slip between my legs, my soft thighs making a velvet tunnel for him. And as his fingers stroke me inside and out he rolls his hips slowly, sliding back and forth. Now he's kissing, nipping, everywhere on my shoulder and neck and both of us are whimpering and moaning continuously. And neither of us pay any attention at all to the sounds of a spanking coming from the other room.

I can't wait any longer, I need him now, and I whimper, "Please, oh god Francois!" Suddenly I love his name; it rolls so easily off my tongue!

"Oui, ma petite chaton," he whispers, then reaches down and pulls my leg back farther, at the same time curving his body around my ass. And suddenly, his cock is pressed against my pussy, sliding slowly as he rocks his hips. I reach down and cover it with my fingers, lightly stroking him, and he moans with pleasure at my touch. And he whispers, almost crying, "Me mettre, Carli, put me in!"

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