Gym Ratz, Round 03


Oh yes! Grasping him, I slide him quickly between my lips, and when he rolls his hips we're joined again! And both of us moan over and over as he rocks gently, sliding deeper and deeper into my wetness. And I can look down and watch in the dim light as his cock, shining with my juices, slides in and out, leaving a trail of sweet fire inside of me. I roll my body just enough that I can kiss him, and he grasps my breast again, squeezing and pressing against the rock hard nipple, and making me moan into his mouth!

I can already feel the inferno raging and I know this just can't last very long even though I want it to go on forever! But he picks up the pace, driving his iron rod deeper and harder into me, and I have to roll my hips, gasping and crying as he impales me again and again! And suddenly I grab the sheet with one hand and his arm with the other and roar between my clenched teeth as my orgasm slams through me, and he has to hold me against him as I buck and writhe on his cock.

And when it's over I am shuddering, shaking, and I can still feel his wonderful hard cock moving slowly, deep inside me. And he whispers, "Merci, Carli," against my skin. My god, I should be thanking him!

But I know there is only one thanks he wants, he needs! When I pull away he looks at me questioningly, but I give him a big smile and quickly get on my knees, head down on a pillow, looking back at him. "Oh yes!" he whispers with a big grin, and almost instantly he's behind me, running his hands over my ass. He moves closer and I can feel his cock pressing against my pussy, stroking me as he rolls his hips. And he pulls back a bit and thrusts, and buries himself in my wide open, dripping cunt!

He begins to move with long strokes, slowly at first but quickly faster and faster, his hips slapping against my ass! And I begin to rock, slamming my ass back against him and spreading my legs wider, wanting him buried inside me! His hands grip my hips, and he begins to pound me! I can feel his big balls slapping against my pussy as they swing wildly with every stroke, and my head is being driven into the pillow!

When he begins to grunt and snarl I know he's close and I yell out to him, "Oh yes, Francois, fuck me, fuck me harder, please!" I want him to have it all, to explode inside me, but I can feel my cunt clenching around him and I know that if he hurries we will detonate together, and somehow it's desperately important!

And in another moment he snarls, "Ahhhhhhhhh OUI!" and slams into me once more then grinds against my ass, his fingers digging deep into my flesh.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," high pitched and strangling, is all that will come out of my mouth, and when my cunt clamps tight on his shaft I see stars as we go into orbit together! He growls and I whimper, and at that moment, he OWNS me! And later, when I proudly look at the faint little bruises on my hips, I will realize just what it is that Ginny gets off on.

My body starts to shake and I collapse onto the bed, and he falls next to me and wraps me tightly in his arms again. And I can hear him softly whisper, his lips on the back of my neck, "Oui, oui, oui," over and over.

When I wake up again there is light coming through the windows and I realize we have spent the night together. And suddenly I'm terribly sad, because I realize it's over. Somehow I was hoping it would go on forever. And now, I have no idea what will happen, whether I'll ever see him again, how we'll even say goodbye. But he stirs behind me and totally distracts me when he whispers, "Bon matin, chere," and kisses my neck again.

He runs his hand down my arm and side, all the way to my hip and back, slowly, again and again, and it just feels soooooooo good! I stretch, then push back against him, finding comfort in the warmth of his body, and he moves until we are pressed tightly together again. Mmmmmmm, I don't want to move, ever! But he gives me a playful little swat on my ass and says, "Viens avec moi, douceur." And he slides off the bed, then offers me a hand as I get up too. And he puts his arm around me as we walk to the bathroom in the corner. I have no idea what a lot of his French means, but I shiver every time I hear it in that deep soft voice.

"I need to freshen up, will you join me?" he says with a big grin on his face. And he reaches in and starts the shower. Oh god, I shudder at the thought of it!

And when we climb in to the steamy hot water coming from both ends of the enclosure, it's even better than I imagined as he wraps me in his arms again. We stand pressed together, my cheek against his shoulder, and our hands just run over each other, everywhere. I feel like I'm being petted, and the heat from his hands and his body and the water goes right to my head, just like a strong drink, and I can feel the flush on my face. And when I look up and he looks down he whispers, simply, "Chere," and for some reason my legs start to shake. Something is happening to me.

Of course, some of the heat I feel is desire, and I know he feels it too, because his cock swells, but not rock hard. I can't resist taking it in my hand and stroking him gently and he moans and leans down to kiss me. But somehow, sex is a part of us, but not so important just now, and after the most wonderful half hour of my life he whispers to me, "Let's see if we can get some breakfast and find out if my brother and your friend are still alive!" We towel each other off, then, thankfully, find bathrobes of several different sizes in the closet.

When he knocks softly on the door to the other room there is a muffled squeal, from Ginny, and it takes a minute or two before Jim's voice says, "Come on in!"

When we do we find the two of them covered by the sheet, up to their chins, and they are still grinning and giggling. And something is going on under there, because there is a lot of movement! Fran says, "Oh my god!" with a chuckle. "We just wanted to ask you if you want to join us for some breakfast. I'll call room service."

They look at each other, and finally, Jim says, "Go ahead and order; we'll be out in a few minutes."

With a smile, Fran laughs and says, "No need to hurry, frère, we'll keep it warm for you." And we beat a hasty retreat to our room. But he whispers to me, "Looks like they're keeping it pretty warm on their own."

"Knowing Ginny, I'm sure of it!" I reply, with a giggle.

In about 20 minutes breakfast arrives, on a large cart with warming trays and covered silver bowls, and I'm just now beginning to realize, this is really quite a swanky place! Last night I was far to pre-occupied to know or care. Fran yells through the door, "Breakfast is here," but neither of us thinks it will matter and we sit down to enjoy ours together. But then the door opens and out they come, in robes, and Ginny has a towel around her hair. They sit down with us, and of course, Ginny's robe is half open in front, and I suddenly giggle as I notice her neck and chest are covered with little red marks. "Oh my god!" I gasp, laughing, and put my hand over my mouth to stifle myself.

Ginny giggles and says, "Guess I'll have to wear a turtleneck to the gym. Or maybe not!" And we all laugh at the thought.

The meal is delicious, and way more than we can eat, though we try our best. Even though there are butterflies in my stomach I'm ravenously hungry, and certainly do my part. But once we're done, Jim asks Fran, "Would you like me to take you for a tour of the city today? Ginny might go with us, and I could take Carli back to her car."

Suddenly I'm fighting to keep from crying, but Fran whispers to me, "Please, non, chere," and looking at Jim he says, "I was hoping that Carli might do me the honor of giving me the tour today, that is, if she is free and wouldn't mind."

Mind? Suddenly my head almost explodes at the thought! He wants me to stay with him! And there is no way I can keep my face from lighting up in a giant grin. "You know I'd love to! It will be fun!"

Jim and Ginny instantly get the message; they're no longer needed! Fran has a rental available in the parking lot, so we can get around just fine. The two of them get dressed and are ready to head out quickly, but Ginny comes over to me and gives me a little kiss, then whispers, "I'll see you in the locker room. I can't wait to compare notes!" Then with a giggle she grabs Jim and they head out the door.

And we're alone. And we just look at each other for a moment with little smiles. I have the strangest thoughts racing through my mind. I'm here alone in a hotel room, with a man I really hardly know. And yet I have the strangest feeling that I belong here! And the only way I can leave him is if he sends me away! What the hell?

Quietly, he says, "Thank you."

I look at him, questions in my eyes, but he takes my hand and says, "For staying, for being with me, and for being so beautiful. And for being you!" Those words are really rather trite, they don't have very much meaning. No real statement of intent. And yet, with them, at this moment, he has taken possession of me! Somehow I just know it!

I feel light-headed, afraid I might pass out, but the next thing I know I'm in his arms and he's holding me. Just holding me. Until he carries me back to our bed and we crawl in together, shedding our robes. And I can hardly stand it as he makes love to my entire body! From my toes to the hair on my head and everywhere in between.

I am suddenly aware of places I barely knew I had! My breasts have never been so important before. Or so well cared for and loved. My thighs are on fire as his fingers gently brush them again and again. But as he crawls back and forth I capture his cock in my hand and refuse to let go, so it's like a tether, and he has to circle round me. I stroke him slowly, gently, never squeezing hard but never letting him slip away.

And when he leans over me and gently kisses my pussy I'm on the edge of insanity. And as his tongue and lips massage and rub and lick and nibble I lay on the bed, my legs spread wide and my head just rolls back and forth as I thrash on the sheet, moaning and whimpering and gasping all at the same time. And my hand is gripping his wonderful cock so tightly I'd worry I was hurting him if I could think.

From the sounds he's making he must think I am the most delicious thing in the world as he laps up the juices that are just flowing out of me. His tongue goes in and out and up and down and back and forth and my hips are rolling so hard that I'm pumping myself against his face.

Until his lips find my clit. And I know what will happen. First I feel his warm breath, blowing gently over it. And then a touch with the tip of his tongue. And his lips close over it so slowly, so gently I hardly realize it until he sucks gently. And when his tongue touches again my back arches so violently that my entire body lifts from the bed and I try so hard to scream but nothing will come out!

And only then he crawls between my wide open legs, staring down with that wonderful smile as he enters me, and I have been so ready for so long that he slides in easily, buried in my core. And we rock together, slowly, gently, not making a sound except for the pleasure we can't contain. But almost at once I feel it coming again; it's way too fast but I can't hold it back! And I cum, squealing and crying to him. But I'm disappointed in myself; I've failed him, not giving him the pleasure he deserves.

And as soon as I can move again I slip away from him, pushing him back and grasping him, smiling as I stroke him, long and slow. Soon he's gasping, squirming on the bed, and I lower my lips over him, tasting myself as I suck him in. And as my lips slide slowly up and down our eyes are locked on each other.

But now I know what I have to do. Somehow. And after I play with him a bit I begin moving faster, and trying to take more of him with every stroke. And when I feel him at the back of my mouth I push even harder, closed eyes pouring tears as I gag on him. But it goes. Into my throat! And I won't stop until I can feel his balls pressed against my chin.

And then I have to quickly pull back, still gagging and choking, drool pouring from my mouth and gasping for breath. I glance up to see his face. But he's not smiling, he's concerned about me! Never mind, honey, this is gonna work! And I know you'll find a way to make us even. Hell, I'm already way ahead!

Knowing now what it takes, I ram my lips down over him again and keep pushing till I've swallowed him whole. And this time I can stay down, even bob a little before I have to come up.

And when I do I realize he's gasping too, staring wide-eyed at me! And he barely croaks out, "Oh damn, Carli!" I manage to give him a big smile before I go down again, and this time I force myself to give him a series of long slow strokes, nestling my nose into his hair each time. And I hear him begin to moan, almost howl, and I feel his hands on my hair, not pushing, not pulling me back. Just, somehow, telling me how much he likes it! But the best thing is, it's getting easier!

And I don't stop, I won't! And soon his hips are bucking under me and he has hold of the sheet with both hands, no longer able to sit up or watch. I know he is very close, wanting only his release now, any way he can get it. And I'd love nothing better than to taste him, feel his cum blast down my throat into my stomach. And next time I will! But not now. When I'm sure he can't take any more I slowly draw my lips up over him, and when I look up at him his eyes are clenched tight, waiting for the coup de gras.

But I quickly push up and straddle him, grabbing his cock almost before he's realized what's happening. And I rub against him just enough to slip him in and slowly slide down onto him. He's shuddering and I don't want it to happen yet, so I just sit and smile at him as he finally opens his eyes and looks at me. And when his breathing calms a bit I lean forward, putting my hands on his chest, and slowly begin to rock. But his hips begin to rock with me, and I increase the pace, until my ass is slapping down on him.

And it's my turn to moan when he reaches up runs his hands over my breasts, then grabs my nipples in his fingertips, stretching and twisting gently. And he pulls his legs up behind me and begins to roll his hips hard, slamming his cock into me, harder with each stroke. I continue to rock back onto him, matching his pace, but now I'm whimpering and gasping again, and sweat is dripping from my face. I'm just afraid I won't be able to hold out for him again!

But suddenly he grabs my wrists with his hands and begins pounding into me, so hard that the giant bed begins to rock and creak. And when he yells, "Ahhhhhhh, Carli, oui!" I'm right with him. I push up straight and ram myself down on him so hard he straightens his legs out flat, and I let out a series of squeals as I sit on him, impaled, and shudder and grind against him. But he grabs me and pulls me down again, flat on his chest, and I can feel his cock pulse as he empties into me. And when I lay my head on his chest I can hear his heart pounding as he gasps for breath.

This feels so good, his soft cock still inside me and his arms tight around me, and I really don't want to move. But when he kisses my forehead I lift my head and lock my lips on his, savoring a long kiss. And finally I roll off him, and we lay side by side, holding hands and staring at the ceiling.

I'm so scared! My thoughts go round and round and I keep trying to block them out, ignore them, make them go away. But in the first unguarded moment they come rushing back. I hardly know this man, and I know nothing about him. I don't know what he does or why he's here. I don't even know his brother except through Ginny and she doesn't care. She's already getting what she wants. Or so she thinks. Am I just a toy, a convenience while he's visiting? After all, that's what I thought when Ginny asked if I wanted a date. And I said yes because I was so desperate and needy. And he's given me more than I dreamed of already. He doesn't owe me a thing.

And yet, he acts like he really cares about me. Oh my god. He's ... loving! No one has ever been sweeter to me. If he was the guy next door ... oooooooooo, I've got to stop doing this! But I can't. I've never had better sex in my life. With anyone. We haven't done anything special, just what everyone does. But somehow, it's different, it's more fun, it feels better, it... has meaning. No that's crazy. He has a wonderful cock and knows how to use it. That must be why it's so special for me. And he seems to like my body and the way we go together in bed. I appeal to him. But he has no other reason to care about me!

Still, it's not just those things. He's kind and gentle, almost too gentle at times. He treats me like I might break. And he always makes sure I'm thoroughly satisfied, even if he has to give up his own pleasure. But of course, I never let that stand. Maybe that's it, he likes the way I take care of his needs. But what he doesn't know is I love it! For some reason his pleasure is more important to me than mine. I'd do anything to please him! Even learn to deep throat that monster cock! And I'm not sure why.

"Carli?" He saves me from my thoughts, and I see he's rolled up onto his side, looking at me. Oh god, could he tell what I was thinking? Of course not, that's dumb!

"Would you really like to show me your town?" Oh my, I'd almost forgotten about that! And I'm about to say yes when I realize, I have no clothes! My panties are a stinky mess and I have only my bra and dress and heels!

"Francois, I'd love to, but I just realized I have nothing to wear! Unless you'd like to take me to my place so I can change.

He laughs, and I suspect he hadn't thought of that either. "Of course we could do that, but I think I have a better idea. If you don't mind. Put on your dress and we'll go downstairs. This hotel has lots of shops. Let's go shopping!"

I bite my lip, thinking, I have no money with me, no credit card and anyway, these little boutique stores usually cost a fortune. And now I know, he can read my mind! "Don't worry, I have a credit card that needs some exercise. It will be fun, you'll see!"

There is no way I can say no. And it does sound like fun. With him. I can find out what he likes, just in case it matters. And off we go! The first stop is a surprise, there are a lot more stores here than I realized. A little mall. And one of them is Victoria's! He offers to stay outside until I pick something out, but I drag him in. I want to know what really turns him on. And oh my god, I end up with a bagful! Three sets! I can't decide and he likes them all! And I love his taste. He doesn't want me to look like a whore, just sexy and cute. I love this! And after he pays I go back and put one set on.

And it's off to the shop next door, for a blouse and a skirt for our excursion when we're through here. I'm ready to pick out basic black and white, but he's found a rack of blouses in bright colors and wants me to try one on, hot pink. When I do he loves it, but he's found a bright blue one, so it's off to the dressing room again. And he likes that one too and decides we should get both. Along with the yellow one, just for variety.

And they have some cute black skirts, some plain, some pleated, and we can't decide, even after I try those on too. But when I come back I find out he's already got a bag, and he ends up handing everything we've looked at to the clerk. And later I find out, his bag contains the plain white blouse I started out with. Just in case, he says. But I wear the hot pink and black pleats, and leave an extra button undone, just for him.

And the last stop is for shoes, I really can't wear heels all day. And this store is to die for. But oh my god, the prices! They have a whole section of Manolo! He sees me looking and wants me to get a pair, but what I really need is flats, for the day, and I won't let him spend that kind of money, especially for casual shoes! That's nuts! But I try on several pairs of other brands and finally find one we both like. Even those are pretty pricey.

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