tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGymnasts in Heat Ch. 01

Gymnasts in Heat Ch. 01


Jen had been on the university gymnastics team for two years when Sara arrived from another school. The first time they spoke Jen found out how dedicated she was to her sport. Sara had already competed in the state finals and she had plans to win the collegiate all-around that year. Jen watched her on the bars and balance beam each day and she showed no fear. She decided she liked her that day when Sara fell off the beam and yelled out,


Jen just loved to watch Sara exercise and stayed late for that purpose. Sara's body was powerful and she was capable of amazing feats of agility. She could do a split on the beam and then easily raise herself from there to a handstand. She was five foot five, somewhat tall for a gymnast, but her size (130 pounds plus) had no effect on her mobility. She even scoffed at the skinny, little dwarfs that ended up representing the U.S. in the Olympics.

"They'd never win state!" she told everyone.

Jen and Sara ended up talking after practice one day about her former school and all the weird stuff that went on there.

"I walked in on one of the male coaches having sex with one of the girls on the team once. They were humping like bunnies! All I saw were their asses stacked up, his on top of hers. They never even heard me- or if they did- they sure didn't want to stop!"

"Oh my god!" Jen replied, "Did you report it?"

"No, that would've only complicated my life, besides, some of those girls were horny after workouts."

"So you stayed there and watched?

"For awhile."

"Wow! That's crazy!"

"No, It's just the stuff that goes on. They seemed to be having a good time and it did get me a bit turned on. She kept saying "Oh god! It's so big!" Sara reported, impersonating the young woman's nasal voice.

From conversations like these Jen came to see that Sara had a liberal attitude towards sex. Jen wasn't sure she agreed with her, but somehow she wanted to be sympathetic to her. Sara didn't seem to be shocked by anything. The world was the way it was and somehow she was going to find a way to win in spite of it.

But Sara's description of that sex act in the locker room stayed with Jen. It made her think about the other girls on the team and the kinds of things they might be doing in secret. She watched them all more closely after that in the gym, wondering how many were just pretending to be virgins! She started to think about how tempting their bodies must be to men that saw them. After all, they were exposing themselves practically nude in skin-tight leotards that were up their butts for most of their exercises. Even Jen had many "cheeky" moments when her leotard got eaten up by her strong butt muscles during her floor routine. It made her feel paranoid the more she thought about it.

A few days later Jen was in the locker room showering after practice when Sara sneaked in and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Oh my god!" Jen cried out, "You scared me!"

This was the first time she had seen Sara in the nude and she was unable to disguise her uneasy fascination. Sara was clean shaven between her legs and her butt cheeks were so tight and developed they had indentations in them. Sara soaped up her hands and started washing her breasts and armpits.

"Sorry." she replied as she busily worked the lather up to her neck.

Jen just kept rinsing her hair and taking surreptitious looks at her. Then she said something that she immediately thought better of.

"You never had sex with that coach, did you?"

Sara didn't even seem phased by the question.

"Me? No."

Sara soaped up her crotch and butt next. Jen just continued to spy on her and gawk at her "etched in granite" physique.

"How do you know that girl wasn't being raped?" Jen added as an afterthought.

Sara moved into the water and let it take the soap from her face before she answered.

"One knows the sounds of love, Jen."

Jen was bothered by her use of the word "love".

"You mean "fucking"?" she clarified.


Jen dumped conditioner into her palm and rubbed it into her hair.

"I would have turned him in." she told her.

"Well, I guess it's a value judgment."

They were silent for awhile.

"Here, let me get your back." Sara proposed.

"Oh... okay." Jen answred tensely.

Sara moved in and rubbed soap over her. Then she gripped Jen's shoulders, squeezing at her trapezius muscle and sending floods of relief down her spine. Jen tried not to register the pleasure, but as Sara worked her thumbs into her back, her head tilted to one side and her eyes closed.

"How's that feel?" Sara asked.

"Nice." Jen replied softly.

Then Sara probed around her shoulder blades and found two points of tension.

"So why do you keep thinking about that coach?" she asked.

Jen was pensive for a moment.

"I just... thought it was wrong."

Sara smiled.

"Well, the body sometimes needs a release." she explained as she twisted her thumbs into the newfound tension spots on Jen's inner lats.

Jen felt like Sara had just found the two buttons that unwound every nerve in her body.

"Ah yeah... I guess." she replied with weakening resolve.

Sara moved further down her back after that until she got to her waist where she pushed her thumbs up along the muscles of her lower spine. Then she re-soaped her hands and worked her way back down to the crack of Jen's butt and did circles on the sides of her glutes. Jen's eyes re-opened as she started to feel self aware again.

"Sometimes a person has to forget about the rules and go with their instincts." Sara told her as she moved both her hands to the peaks of Jen's butt cheeks and kneaded them.

Jen began to feel conflicting emotions now. She wanted to have a close relationship with Sara, but she wasn't sure she wanted it to be this close. She tried to think of a reply but her mind couldn't focus.

"Women are really no different than men." Sara continued as she stepped in and pushed her body against Jen's back while her hands moved to her front.

As Sara's hands slid across Jen's stomach an impulse of ticklish pleasure shot through her. Then as they wound their way up to her breasts, Jen felt a surge of fire burn up into her face. Before she knew it Sara had both of her tits in her soapy grip. Jen wanted to protest but the words wouldn't come. She reached out for the shower knob as if Sara was something she could turn off like the water, but soon she found she was folding her arms back behind her head to give Sara unimpeded access to her pert little melons. It wasn't until Sara's hand plowed down into her butt crack and her fingers rolled over her anus that Jen was able to marshal some form of resistance.

"Wait! Stop!" she blurted before pulling away and covering herself with her arms.

She walked out of the shower quickly after that. Sara followed and approached her as she stood at her locker drying herself.

"Jen, people have desires! It's okay!"

"No! There are rules to follow!

"Jen, haven't you ever been wet between your legs after a workout?"


"Really? I wonder... are you wet now?"


"Well, I guess we can just leave it there for today." Sara told her before walking away nonchalantly.

The next week at practice Jen tried to ignore Sara completely, but when Sara got on the balance beam and did her opening split to a handstand, Jen was transfixed. She understood why she routinely shaved her pussy clean at that moment since only a narrow strip of material covered her genitalia in that position. She thought back to what Sara had said about getting wet during practice and she tried to look for any evidence of it between her legs then, but nothing appeared out of order. Jen suddenly felt gullible.

But later in the locker room Sara called her over. She seemed to be in an aroused state when Jen approached her. She was sitting there with one leg pulled up on the bench and she was rocking herself. She seemed tense and distracted.

"I need your help." she told Jen.

"Sure, what do you need?"

Sara only looked up at her and searched her face.

"Do you have any ice?" she asked.

"For what?"

Sara gave her another long look.

"I need to ice down my pussy." she admitted.

"Ha ha!" Jen cracked.

"I'm serious!"

"There's no ice here!" Jen informed her.

Sara nodded slowly.

"Okay then, I need your fingers."


"I need your fingers!"


"Look. I know you're a virgin. Don't worry. You're safe. Just help me with your fingers, please!"

"Like how?"

"Okay, come with me to the storage room, please." Sara requested.

They both moved to the small room and closed the door. Then Sara removed her leotard and sat down naked on a weight bench. She put her hand down between her legs and started probing into her pussy. She had a frustrated look on her face. Jen became uncomfortable.

"So... what are we doing here?"

Sara continued to finger herself.

"Don't you hear that?" she said.

Jen could make out the sound of fingers moving against vaginal secretions.

"Yes, so?"

"I just need you to stick two fingers inside and fuck me with them."

Jen shifted around nervously.

"But what brought this on?" she asked her.

Sara frowned with impatience.

"Do you know the split I do on the balance beam?"


"Well, I actually push my 'woo woo' into the beam when I do it."

"Your 'woo woo'?"

"My pussy, Jen!"

"Oh, okay."

"And I imagine everyone in the gym watching it as I put it up for them."

"And that makes you horny?"

"Yes! Now would you come here, please!"

Jen stepped forward as Sara laid back on the bench. Sara's body was still sweaty, but she smelled vaguely like musk and strawberries. She pulled her legs up to expose her sex parts and reinserted a finger into her hole. Jen knelt down at the end of the bench and observed her cautiously.

"Okay so you just need to put your two fingers in and rub against the top of my... pussy." Sara instructed.

Jen moved her index finger and middle finger towards her slowly. Sara's vaginal opening was quite large, though her labia were narrow. Her clitoris stuck out at the top as a shiny pink bump. Sara spread her labia open to give full access to Jen's fingers and they slid into her easily. Sara's eyes rolled back as she was penetrated.

"Yeah, that's it. Go in deep!"

Jen grimaced as her fingers quickly disappeared into Sara's hole. When she had inserted them inside her to the knuckle she withdrew them again.

"Yeah! Now keep doing that!"

Jen repeated the penetration.

"Yes, now turn your fingers flat. Do you feel those ridges on top deep inside?"

Jen delved into her cunt with her fingers turned up and felt the ridges at the very end of her reach.


"Okay, just move up against them as you fuck me."

Jen pushed her fingers into her again at the same angle and Sara's face took on an odd expression.

"Faster!" she ordered.

Jen began to thrust into her like she was trying to clear a drain.

"Yeah! Fuck me hard!" Sara pleaded as she moved a hand to her tit and squeezed.

Jen suddenly realized this whole thing might be a mistake. If someone walked in on them now they would both be expelled. But against her better judgment she kept pushing into her.

Sara licked her fingers and started rubbing her clitoris then and a new tension became visible in her body. She flicked her fingers wildly over her cunt as Jen plowed into it from beneath.

"Oh Jen! You're fucking my woo woo so gooood!" she called out to Jen's dismay.

Jen watched her nervously and tried to keep a steady rhythm.

"Do it harder!" Sara called out in an aggitated tone.

Sara was flushed and sweating now, fitfully lifting her head off the bench to watch and then letting it fall back down again. Jen went at her with more force.

"Yeah! Like that!" Sara goaded.

Jen could smell the effect of her friction into Sara's wetness now and Sara's body was starting to tremble. She seemed to be stuck however at this plateau, unable to move up to the climax phase. Sara continued to rub at herself desperately for a few more minutes until she realized she needed a different kind of stimulation.

"Jen," she pleaded as she stopped her rubbing, "I need your help again!"


"Can you just suck me."

"Suck you?"

"Yes! Please!"


"My clit! Suck my clit! Please! Now!"


"Just put your lips on it!"

Jen was filled with apprehension, but she leaned in and let her lips land on Sara's salty meat anyway. She wasn't sure if this made her officially a lesbian, but she let her tongue fall down around Sara's clit and then drew it up into her mouth.

"Now suck it!" Sara called out as she gripped Jen's head with both hands.

Jen sucked and finger fucked her while she watched Sara's contorting face with worried eyes.

"Now lick it!"

Jen followed the instructions to a tee.

"Yeah! Right there! Keep doing that!" Sara breathlessly directed.

Jen licked away at Sara's wet and bloated clitoris in little concentrated up strokes and felt the gland start to pulsate against her tongue.

"Now suck on it again!" Sara managed to say.

Sara's fingers clutched at Jen's head harder at this point as Jen drew her clit up into her mouth again. She sucked and licked in combination until a quaking started in Sara's body that quickly rose to seismic proportions .

"Oh jeez! Oh jeez! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

Jen worked Sara's pussy methodically with her fingers and mouth and watched in fright as her orgasm came to fruition. Sara's back arched spastically and salty ejaculations sprayed out onto Jen's chin and fingers.

"Ew! Wew! Wew! Ohh! Ohh!" Sara cried out without a thought to who could hear.

Jen stayed in position and continued her oral and digital stimulation as Sara's cunt violently convulsed around and beneath her, shooting out jets and then dribbles of fluid.

"Oh my god! Oh jesus!" Sara exclaimed as her climax continued to roll on and shake her with electrified waves. Slowly it subsided and she was able to regain command of her body again.

Jen moved her lips off of her but kept her fingers inside as she watched Sara return to earth. Sara continued to hold onto Jen's hair as she rolled her head from side to side in euphoric abandon.

"Oh god, Jen!" she said with her eyes still closed, "I think I love you!"

Jen wasn't sure what to make of that last statement, but she had learned that people like Sara were different from her, that not everyone had the same sexual setting. Maybe that gymnast had wanted to have sex with that coach. Maybe she had even initiated the sex or was seduced fair and square. Who could know for sure?

Jen leaned back and slowly pulled her fingers out of Sara then. She wiped her chin with her dry hand as Sara let her legs and arms collapse and hang limply from the sides of the bench. Jen stood up and surveyed the wasted body of her teammate and the puddle of cum on the bench between her legs.

"Do you need help getting to your feet?" she asked.

"No, just give me a minute." Sara assured her.

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