tagErotic CouplingsGynecologist at Play Ch. 02

Gynecologist at Play Ch. 02

byDr. Clam©

I am happy to share my erotic experiences on this forum because I have come to appreciate and respect it as a place where the freedoms of thought and expression nurture the exchange of sexually thrilling encounters. These are my stories.

It was late in the afternoon and I was as horny as I was tired. It had been a very unusual day in that I had the pleasure of seeing four patients who surely spin the heads of numerous admiring men every day. Their lust-inspiring beauty made my cock strain against my slacks, and my thoughts of them kept me rock hard while I admired and explored their bodies with my hands. As I recalled the delicious mental images that were so recently etched in that part of my mind where sexual realities and fantasies reside, I smiled. It again occurred to me that I have the greatest job on the planet, seeing women who lie down and voluntarily bare their breasts and spread their legs for me, presenting their most intimate and private parts with complete consent for my viewing, touching and fondling. My carnal thoughts were then interrupted when my nurse Beth said that my 4:00 PM appointment was in Exam Room #3. I would never have guessed that my biggest thrill of the day was yet to come.

I took the chart from the holder on the door and looked at it briefly before going into the room. She was a new patient, and I was not very keen on having to take her history in addition to completing the usual examination. I opened the door and was very pleasantly surprised.

Her name was Karen (not really) and she was especially cute, with mesmerizing green eyes that captured my attention and quickened my pulse. She was 31, about 5'4" and 122 lbs., with very light brown hair. Her face was angelic, with skin as smooth and flawless as porcelain. I could not see the finer points of her body, thanks to the burlap bag-like fashion statement that her examination gown imposed upon her. The fatigue with which I entered the room had disappeared, and I could not wait to proceed with our becoming much better acquainted.

I rolled my chair closer to the table on which she was seated, and I immediately took notice and delight in how her gown did not fall below her knees. I made a mental note to peek between her legs if I could ever divert my gaze from her beautiful eyes. In an instant I realized how quickly she had stoked the lustful fire in me, because I could not wait to see and fondle her female jewels.

As a new patient, I asked her how she came to decide to make an appointment with me. She replied that a close friend, a patient of mine, told her that I am a very good doctor with a gentle touch, who is also caring and compassionate. I easily recognized her friend's name because we had shared a few highly sexual moments during her prior two office visits. I wondered if Karen knew about them and, if so, might I have the same opportunity with her? Fortunately, my lab coat hid my rising erection.

Throughout our becoming acquainted as doctor and patient, Karen quickly captivated me with her eyes, facial expressions, and subtle body movements. She smiled so sweetly, tossed her head to move her hair from her face, and crossed and uncrossed her shapely legs knowing, I am certain, that I was checking out her creamy, inviting thighs each time. When she leaned back to laugh and her breasts pressed against the front of her gown, it was evident that her nipples were large and presented for my viewing pleasure. Her enticing flirtation fed my growing desire for her, and I made up my mind that she was clearly a great and wonderful treasure that I would enjoy sexually if given the opportunity.

During the usual questioning about her medical history, she told me that she was experiencing pain during intercourse. My stiff cock twitched as I mentally retrieved the observation that she had not listed a spouse on the new patient information form. I immediately imagined watching her fuck, knowing she just had to be every straight man's fantasy fuck toy. Composing myself, I told her that such pain could indicate several different conditions, and that I would be very thorough during the exam. Momentarily, I feared that my use of the term "very thorough" might be discomforting to her, but she made direct eye contact with me, smiled, and said, "Thanks, that is what I want."

Finally, the time came when I asked her to remove her gown and lay down so I could begin her examination. She slipped it off with remarkable grace and put it on the chair beside the examination table. She was as lovely naked as I had imagined in the numerous mental un-dressings that had filled my head during the past twenty minutes. I guessed her breasts were about a 34 B-cup, and her stomach, hips, thighs, and legs were toned and very well proportioned. My eyes quickly focused on her bush, which was neatly trimmed to resemble a landing strip. When she was laying flat on her back, I noticed that her pussy had been freshly shaved from the top of her large lips on down. It definitely had a "come fuck me" look that spoke clearly to me about her sexuality.

I asked Karen when she last had her breasts examined. She grinned widely at me and replied, "By a doctor?" I laughed and said with a smile, "Yes, you naughty girl." She said it had been over a year, and would I please do it for her. I smiled at her and fell deeper into the emerald pools of her eyes, hoping more than ever before that she would give her body to me. I put my hands on her beautiful tits and began to massage them.

She was not at all shy in expressing the pleasure she felt as my hands kneaded her mounds. She uttered soft noises and sucked in her stomach to raise her chest against my hands. She turned her precious face to one side on the pillow so she could easily make eye contact with me. I looked down at her and she smiled while I manipulated her nipples with my fingers and felt them become hard. I leaned over her as if I was observing in a clinical way my fondling of her chest. She again raised her torso and I took her offer, easily capturing a nipple with my mouth. She let out a short gasp of pleasure and then put her hands around my face, pulling me tightly against her while I began to lick and suck her nipple and areole. She really enjoyed having her tits sucked; her breathing quickly deepened and her eyes told me she wanted much more.

I squeezed the base of the tit so I could take more of it into my mouth. As I bathed her breast with my warm, wet tongue, she closed her eyes and put her head back. I tweaked her stiff nipple with my teeth and her body shuddered with pleasure. I slowly glided my hand down her chest and across her stomach to her furry pubic mound. I began to trace my fingers around the edge of her cunt and she moaned, and then said softly, "Yes, please touch me."

I circled her fully blooming and soaking lips with my middle finger, and then pressed it into her tender, pink, wet sex. I pushed it in to the hilt and used my palm to massage her clit as it peaked outside of its hood. I began to explore her cunt, stroking the sides and searching its depth. Still sucking her tit, I moved my hand with the now pronounced, rhythmic motion of her hips. She began taking short breaths, each with an audible expression of lust-induced abandon.

She grasped my head and brought my face to hers, pressing her mouth onto mine. I knew she was close to cumming. She kissed me hard, thrusting her tongue into my mouth with no pretense of romance. I quickened the pace of my finger-fucking her, and increased the stimulation of her clit. Her hips started to buck strongly against my hand. She broke our kiss and hugged my neck tightly as she said, "Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

She pulled her knees up to her chest and gripped my hand tightly with her thighs while she rolled her hips from side-to-side, reveling in the pure sexual bliss of her orgasm. I put two more fingers into her steaming cave and her inner muscles drew me tightly and deeply into her womb. Her pussy, thighs and hips convulsed for long moments before she relaxed, gazed sweetly into my eyes, and said, "Thank you. You are so sweet, and your touch is so sensual. It was wonderful."

Overcoming my being on the brink of orgasm myself, I said, "We really need to finish your exam." She nodded her agreement and I placed her heels into the stirrups.

Now, with my eyes literally on top of her pussy, I marveled at its purely sexual presentation. With her labia swollen open and her juices flowing copiously, I knew I had better finish the exam before I lost my composure and fucked her right there.

During the probing and manipulating that went with her pelvic exam, she often moved as though she thoroughly enjoyed my fondling of her inner sex. I doubt that she liked it nearly as much as I did. I was able to assure her that I found no concerns or abnormalities, and I suggested she use some lubrication internally prior to her partner's penetration as a means of reducing or eliminating painful intercourse.

We had finished, but I still had a raging hard-on, which was obvious even underneath my lab coat. She really surprised me when she said, "Please show me your cock." I just looked at her and she told me, "I don't want to leave you unsatisfied." Looking into her lovely green eyes and angelic face, I said nothing as I unzipped my slacks and pulled out my throbbing, steel-hard dick. She touched it gently and stroked it a few times, seeming to delight in the free-flow of pre-cum she had drawn out of it. She stood and moved behind me, slipping one arm under mine and closing her fingers on my nipple. She then reached around me with her other arm to take my rod in her hand.

She stood on her toes, kissed my neck, and rubbed my chest as she started jacking me off. In only moments I was close to delivering my load. I whispered, "Oh babe, jack me off.....faster." I barely got the tissue out of my coat pocket before I came as hard as I ever had. When she felt my cock begin to spasm, she moved to my side so she could stroke me harder and watch the result. My body went rigid and I leaned forward against the examining table, painfully withholding my cries of pleasure, as thick, hot streams of my seed began spewing from my cock. She encouraged me using guttural language that was inconsistent with her sweet appearance, which drove my excitement even higher. "Fuck, yes. Cum for me." She said, "Your cock feels so hot and big." She masterfully accelerated her stroke as I approached the peak of my deliciously painful orgasm, and then slowed her hand as I finished draining my load. When I had emptied my balls, she toweled my cock clean with great care while I put both of my arms around her, hugged her close to me, and inhaled her sweet scent.

While she was still naked in my arms, I kissed her and said, "You are a great and wonderful prize, Karen." I quickly realized that my cock, although quite limp, was pressing against her warm belly. She, too, noticed it and moved closer against me, saying, "I want to be with you again. I want to feel your cock inside me." I wanted that very much, and I did not anticipate that it would happen as soon as it did.

We kissed again and I released her from my arms so she could get dressed. If only each day in the office could end that way.

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