tagSci-Fi & FantasyGypsy and Raven: It's in the Cards

Gypsy and Raven: It's in the Cards


It had been a year since Raul had met the fiery goddess Leandra. He never forgot how perfectly he had filled her. He remembered how insatiable she was, her sharp claws scratching down his back and the pointed ears that wiggled when she laughed, her teeth sinking into his shoulder as she screamed out his mortal name. Since that time much had changed in his life. In the beginning he had devoted most of his life to sculpting and recreating the temptress. He went around to faires and conventions selling his art. He had begun painting again; a talent that seemed wasted and had died with his dreams of art school. In bitterness and out of a job and no money for classes, he thought that perhaps those artists, who did go to art school, weren't artists at all, for after all, are they starving? There had been women in his life, but they had breezed in and out of his life. No mortal woman could compete with a goddess, he'd even confided with one such woman about his encounter and wild tryst with the halfling. Her name was Leona.

Leona was as dark as Leandra was fair. She long black hair, which hung loose and swayed when she walked, almond shaped deep brown eyes, and mocha-latte skin. She was an artist too. She had met Raul at a ren. Faire five months ago. Leona didn't seek to replace the fire in Raul's heart, but wanted to be part of the magic too. Ever since her childhood she'd had dreams of encounters with magic and mythical beings. She was a painter and she painted winged beings. She wouldn't categorize them as angels, or faeries, or devas, or animals; they simply were. Raul was out at the truck loading up his sculptures and paintings. She put on a flowing skirt and a peasant shirt to match. She slipped on her leather thongs and completed her ensemble with tear-drop turquoise earings, a matching gold torque, and gold arm band. She looked every bit as much as the gypsy that ran through her blood. She ran outside with her paintings and drawings under her arm and nearly crashed into her boyfriend Raul. "CAW" screeched a black shape soaring over her head. She looked up and saw the Raven land on a telephone wire. Its head tilted, watching her intently.

"Are we ready Leo?" Raul asked, reaching for her art to load up. Leona pointed up and Raul looked and saw the Raven. There was a knot in the pit of his stomach as he said, "Stupid crow."

"Ready as ever. Maybe today will be a lucky day for us."

"Everyday is lucky with you in my life." Gushed Raul. At first Leona had thought that Raul's charm and chivalry was ruse of seduction, but had learned after five blissful months that Raul was the real thing. He was the closest a guy ever came to being perfect, a true ren. Man. She wondered how she had gotten so lucky, but thanked the universe instead. Leona swung her backpack up into the truck and followed it. She felt something big would happen today, for both of them. They pulled up to the faire and parked in the spot designated for vendors. Raul began unloading the truck and setting up their booth and Leona picked up her backpack and jumped down. As she jumped down her tarot cards spilled all over the wet ground. She bent to pick them up and the Devil card was face up staring at her.

Arden had been watching the girl from an oak branch a few feet away. She intrigued him and he desired her for his own. She was a strong sorceress, although she was only beginning to learn her powers. He thought he might be able to help her hone her skills. He had timed things perfectly. Her tarot cards fell out of the bag, just as he made his way toward the exotic bloom. He towered over her. A shadow fell over Leona, blocking the sun. She looked up, clutching the Devil card in her hand. She gasped seeing the man before her. He had cropped black hair and intense turquoise eyes, or were they simply reflecting her jewelry? She searched around for Raul, trying to mentally grab his attention, but he was nowhere to be seen. The man bent down and helped her pick up the cards. He handed them to her and as his hands touched hers the hair on her skin prickled up. She leaped away from him.

"Thank you." She said, but he grabbed her hand before she could stand up. She felt dizzy with the touch and sat down where she was. Still, his hands held hers. He looked over their hands and spotted the Devil card.

"What does that card mean?" His voice was smooth and had a deep timbre to it. It was like music to her ears. "The Devil. Am I?" He mused, asking her playfully.

"It means ambition, wild abandon, and excess." She answered.

"Temptation, seduction, danger, control." The man finished.

"Reversed it means confronting fears, overcoming." Leona continued, trying to concentrate on the meaning of the card.

"Control." He said, running his fingers up her dark arm. She took a deep breath.

"No, freedom from bondage, releasing of the chains that bind." She finished.

"I see, and was the card right side up or reversed?" He inquired. His eyes penetrating her shield.

"It landed sideways." She said weakly.

"If you had to pick?" She felt a tingling at the back her head which always served as a warning for her. She grabbed the card and stood up, moving away from him.

"It is a warning of danger."

"Ah. You see me as dangerous, don't you little lion?"

"Don't call me that!"

"Isn't it your name?" She stared at him hard.

"How do you know my name? Raul, Raul." She raised her voice, frantic. The man reached for her again. She went into self-defense mode and knocked him off balance. "I'll call the police."

"I don't intend to hurt you." The expression on his face, wounded. In the scuffle she dropped her tarot cards again and the Lovers card sat face up. She reached down to pick it up but his foot stood on it.

"What have we here, ah yes the Lovers card." He considered. "Where is yours, kitten? You do realize you can't compete with a goddess don't you? She will always be in his mind, in his heart, in his soul." His words froze her to her place. How did he know?

"Who the fuck are you?" She demanded. "If this is a sick joke it really isn't funny." She couldn't help gazing into his eyes and couldn't help feeling he was trying to entrance her. She knew men like this, her father had told her of men from the old days, of dark magic. Not the divination and healing that her family did. He was dressed like a highwayman and the costume suited him; a puffy crimson shirt with gold ribbing, a sword at his side, black breaches, and some type of amulet hung from his neck.

"Although I'm not in the habit of granting wishes, I can make him forget her, if you wish it of me. Only a small price would need to be paid. And relax; it's not your soul I am after."

"What's your name?" Realizing she was not going to be winning this argument, she figured she'd learn more about him while she waited for Raul to come. She knew he wouldn't harm her, she felt it within.

"Arden and you've seen me before today, haven't you? I am one of your delightful wing-ed ones."

"The raven." Understanding dawned on her. "You are exactly as I envisioned you, but I haven't been able to perfect the painting." Artistic interest took precedence over her pride.

"Yes, I am your muse." He answered in her head. "I am not mortal, but you know that as well. You know a lot about me, don't you? More than you should, I would say. So, angel the Lovers, a card about choice." He paused, for affect. "Raul, your mortal lover, who doesn't love you. Or your muse, who worships the ground you walk upon and will adore you forever. Tough decision, my sweet. I will give you time to think on it. Until then." He kissed her hand and walked away.

"Leave her alone, Arden. You've caused enough problems." Leandra whispered in his ear, nibbling on it. He had returned to their sanctuary in the woods.

"But love, she's so delectable. You are the one that caused the problems, not I. Don't forget that." Leandra sighed, bored of the subject. She stood up.

"Do you intend on going to Raul? If you do, Leona will be mine, I'm warning you." He decided to play fair for once.

"What does it matter, if I said yes, or if I said no? You do what you want anyway. I am tired of this game we play Arden."

"You are right."

"Unless..." She let the word hang in the air, a smirk on her face, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Unless what? Leandra." Her intention could be read on her face. He kissed her luscious lips. "You wouldn't, would you?" His hardness rising at the thought.

"She is beautiful. I think I should like to play with her, instead of you. I always get my own way too." She grabbed his cock and rubbed it slowly up and down.

"Point taken. We could share her, Lea."

"I don't like to share my conquests." She growled out as Arden sucked on her earlobe.

"Mmm I do so wish to see you and her together. If not share, will you let me watch then?" His fingers slipped beneath her shirt and he pinched her left nipple and chewed on her lower lip. Leandra thought about the game they were playing. Arden had no shame and no remorse, but she did. She thought on the matter, the pounced onto her immortal lover and seized his erection in her hand, circling over the very sensitive tip, causing the muscles in his stomach lurch.

"I suppose it would be only fair to let you play with her a bit before she met the true Devil, the She variety." She would wait and bide her time. She didn't want to harm the couple, simply toy with them. She was afraid for the girl, as Arden had a way with words and magic. Her presence had brought good things into Raul's life. She didn't know what Arden's presence would bring to the girl. At least this way, if Arden became obsessed with seduction, he wouldn't harm his prey. It would keep him busy, until she devised a plan.

"You may have a taste of her first, my love. But save some for me, she has soft looking lips." She announced, sliding off of him and sauntering out of the room.

Leona was standing by the truck when Raul had come back from setting up. She hugged him tightly. "God I'm glad to see you."

"What was that for baby? I'm glad to see you too."

"A really freaky guy came up to me just a few minutes ago. He was dressed as a highwayman, tall, dark."

"Handsome?" He kissed her passionately.

"Stop that. Yes handsome, OK? But creepy, he gave me the chills. I'm surprised you didn't see him, considering there aren't that many of us on grounds yet." She peered around him. "The thing is, the Devil Card came up and there he was."

"The tarot Devil? But you said that's not..." He started.

"Yes the Devil card and you know what? He knew what the Devil card meant and he mixed my words up."

"You got tongue-tied over a highwayman

"You got tongue-tied over a highwayman." He arched his eyebrow. "Was he hot?" She swatted his shoulder. "Well, was he?"

"In a horror-flick sorta way, yah I guess." Raul hadn't seen Leona shaken up over anything, ever, so he knew she must really have been creeped out by the guy. "We can go report him if you want to. I have to go pay the rent for our booth. Do you want to ride along and then we'll report him?" Leona was ticked off at herself for feeling so vulnerable about Arden.

"Nope, I'll be fine. Besides, I want to stay here and start displaying these masterpieces." She indicated, sweeping her arm across the artwork. Raul hesitated.

"I'd feel better if you went with me. But I know that the more I push for you to come with me, the more you will go feminist on me and tell me you're a strong woman." He kissed her cheek.

"You've got my card, don't you?" She laughed. Well, will this reassure you?" She grinned, bending over and showing Raul her cleavage. Nestled between her breasts there was a flash from her dagger. Raul knew she was an experienced fencer and was trained in martial arts as well. She was more than capable of handling herself in a dangerous situation.

"One of these days you will have to teach me how to use one of those." Raul sighed, hugging her and climbing into the truck.

"How about tonight, under the full moon?" She suggested, seriously.

"Naked?" He laughed at her.

"If you want me to be." She winked as he drove off down the path. Leona set about displaying her paintings and his sculptures. She made sure the sunlight and moonlight would hit each piece perfectly, enhancing the affect, casting a glow of mystery. She didn't hear the footsteps, nor did she see the shadow the shape cast, but she did feel the warning tingle at the back of her neck. She swung around full force, with her fist raised prepared to slam down and connect with her assailant's balls. But she was too late. An arm went around her waist.

"I told you I wouldn't hurt you." The deep male voice whispered into her ear. She grabbed for her dagger. "Ah yes, I know how adept you are at fighting. But I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover." He took a deep breath savoring the smell of her long dark hair. "If you promise not to reach for that pretty piece of metal between your luscious breasts, I will release you."

"Bastard! What the fuck do you want?" She lifted her foot up and slammed it down on his foot, like a little child having a tantrum. He laughed at her. "My boyfriend will be back any minute now." She threatened. Arden let her continue to fight, blocking each move she made. He admired her gusto and her technique.

"I don't believe he will be back for another, oh I'd say, fifteen minutes." He predicted.

"He's a better fighter than me and strong, really strong, has a six-pack." He chuckled at her.

"And rippling muscles I suppose." He finished, watching her nod her head in the affirmative. "I've seen your Raul, Leona. The only thing Raul does with those weak muscles of his is catch some waves." Leona stared at him, wondering in her head how he seemed to know so much about them.

"It's my job to know." He answered in his head. She rolled her eyes. "See, you aren't the only one that can use mental prowess and telepathy. You are a great sorceress, little Lion. You have great abilities, if you would just learn to use them. I could teach you how to do things. Not reading tarot cards and telling fortunes. I could teach you great things." He promised her. His gaze was locked on hers and she felt herself losing control, she wanted to swim in his aqua eyes. Leona could feel her shield being permeated and breached.

"I only use my abilities for good." She said coldly, ripping her gaze from his, remembering all her father had taught her about men like him. Arden wasn't one to turn down a good challenge and that is just what she presented to him. He was pleased to realize she knew her strength and her capacity for power, it suited her. His body was warm and he smelled of earth. Her head was spinning and she was losing her edge. She tried hard to focus but the dizziness came, as it always did.

"I have to sit down, now." She demanded.

"Very well." Arden replied.

"I don't need help, I'm not a child." She stated flatly. Arden let go of her.

"You certainly aren't." Arden said under his breath. "Are you OK?" He asked, the concern she heard in his voice, seemingly genuine.

"Just a bit dizzy. I just need food and a drink." She took a few steadying breaths, as he guided her to the chair and sat her down. "My food is in the truck." She said weakly.

"Not to worry." Arden produced a golden apple and a water bottle from thin air. She took the apple, opened her mouth to bite it and stopped. "It's not poisonous Leona, take a bite." Knowing if she didn't get her blood sugar back up she'd be flat on the floor anyway, she bit into the apple. It was juicy, sweet, and crisp. She ate the apple, staring out at the horizon, willing Raul to come back now.

"You have a strong will." Arden observed. He squatted in front of her, placing his hands on her knees.

"My father used to tell me that." Arden saw the play of emotions on her face. He reached out and stroked her cheek gently.

"Feeling better?" She hated to admit it, but she did feel better and she was actually grateful Arden had been there with food. She nodded her thanks. Arden tilted his head like a bird, considering her. "You fascinate me. How is it that you can penetrate my shields and ignore my glances? You are one strong woman. The only woman," he began to say, but saw the look of disapproval on her face, "scratch that, the only person that has ever been able to see through me and outwit me, is my mate. She's a lioness as well." This irked Arden, but he had to admire her for it. As he stroked her cheek again she leaned against his hand, betraying her response to a male's touch.

"You are a beautiful woman. Does he ever tell you that? No, I didn't think so. At least, not since the goddess." He surmised.

"How do you know so much about us?" Leona asked. "Who are you?"

"It is my job to know. I am a thorough researcher. I know much about you Leona and I wish to learn more. I know of your Raul because it is my mate who entranced him." The words brought stinging tears to her eyes. She bit her lip, thinking about it. Arden touched her lips, tracing them. "Be careful, you'll break the skin. Such soft lips." Arden said, kissing her lips. Leona sighed. His lover, the reason Raul hadn't touched her for months, she wanted to forget that. She didn't back away from him, which encouraged Arden to deepen the kiss.

"You should stop." Leona whispered, her stomach aflutter.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked. She didn't answer, her mind went cloudy again. She didn't want to think. She closed her eyes and let herself feel.

"What are you doing to me?" She asked, as he touched her.

"I would call this seduction. Is it working?"

"I have a boyfriend, I can't be doing this."

"Yes you do, and I have a mate. It wouldn't surprise me if they weren't together now." Arden tested the waters, entangling his fingers in her hair, his tongue tracing her lips.

"Don't." She pushed him away from her.

"Don't stop? I don't intend on stopping." Arden kissed her neck.

"Yes. No, no, don't talk about them, please." She saw no point in arguing and stopping him when it felt so good. She returned the kiss. "You should go. I can't do this." She started to push him away. She immediately felt the cold space the absence of his body left.

"You don't have to do anything then. You can't be at fault if you don't return my affections. Just sit there and feel. When's the last time he touched you" He put his hand on her heart, "here?" She could hear her heartbeat, it was racing. "Or here?" Arden moved his hand to her left breast and cupped it. He pushed her hair behind her ear and sucked on her earlobe. "Or here?" His hot breath whispered in her ear.

"Too long." She replied, opening her eyes. A tear slid down her cheek. Arden leaned over her and licked the tear drop dry, savoring the salty flavor. She told herself to stop crying, to stop being weak. Her dagger was still in her bra and she could very quickly have it in her hand and slash it across his face. But did she really want to mar such dark perfection? Did she want him to stop? Truly, she knew inside, she didn't want it to stop. She didn't want to think about her relationship with Raul, or Raul's trysts with Leandra, she just wanted to feel satisfied. She knew that this raven man could satiate her longings. But at what cost? She asked herself.

"Raul will be coming soon." She stated matter of factly.

"Yes, when is the last time he made you come?" The question threw her off guard and she got defensive, jumping up off the chair and putting the chair between herself and his hot body.

"That's none of your business."

"I make it my business." He said, tired of the game. He spoke a word and the chair disappeared. He took a menacing step closer to her.

"I'll scream."

"Oh I don't doubt you will." He smirked. "But regardless, no one will hear you."

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