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Gypsy Rhapsody


Her attacker, Erik Gráfeldr, former berserker warrior, swept his gaze disdainfully over the young girl's shapely backside. He chuckled at her furious expression, then sank down on the bed beside her bound body. His body odor wafted over her and she wrinkled her nose in disgust.

He slid his hand up her leg, lifting her skirt as he did. "Oh God!" she cried. She frantically pulled at her restraints as she pleaded with the man. "Please, don't do this!" she cried. "I'm a virgin. Have mercy!" As she struggled, her dress was completely pulled up to her waist, and the hiss of his breath came faster. His gaze was fixed on her small, beautifully rounded buttocks that were still hidden by her undergarment. She squirmed and cried helplessly as he dragged the fragile material down her legs and off. Then the man climbed on top of her and spread her legs with his knees. Her bottom was very white in the dim light of the room, but the man's slow caress calmed her as a different sensation took over. "Please! Don't do this!" Glenna whimpered, confused at the pleasant feelings.

"I will not hurt you, lass," he said in a low voice. "I need a woman, and you, my lovely lady, are the only one available at the moment. I'll make you feel good, I promise you."

Glenna couldn't believe the nerve of the man. He wanted her to just accept her fate and allow him access to her body.

With one hand, the huge man pushed aside his kilt and freed his swollen member. She might be young, but she knew what was about to happen to her. It will be rape, she decided. What the man was doing right now, felt pleasant, but she was still an unwilling participant. "Please stop! Leave me alone. If you rape me, kill me after you are done. Because if you don't, I'll kill you myself. That I promise you."

But the man totally ignored her threat, and thrust forward, breaking through the proof of her innocence. When he was fully imbedded, after a few slow strokes, he reared up on his elbows. The cords in his neck stood out starkly and he fought to control his intense lust for female flesh. He hadn't had a woman in a long time, and he needed one, willing or not.

Glenna gasped in pain when the man plunged into her virginal body. She cried out in rage as the man began to move in and out of her body with slow thrusts that were meant to arouse her, and not hurt her like she'd expected. Whether or not there was pleasure from the forced copulation, was beside the point. She was angry enough to kill him, which she would do as soon as the man was done with using her body. She would dress as a boy and follow him. She would wait patiently until he was asleep, then slit his throat like the animal he was.

When Erik was done, he climbed off the young girl and straightened his kilt. She lay quietly as he untied her hands and left her alone on the bed with her skirt around her middle. She didn't realize that he had deposited his seed on her buttocks to prevent pregnancy until he wiped it off with a cloth that he picked up from a wash basin. Depositing the cloth in the basin, he pulled her skirt down and left her alone.

Hours later, she found him getting ready to head north into the highlands of south Scotland, near the English border. She couldn't let that happen. She had to try and kill him before he'd leave. A shiver went through her slim body as his eyes passed over her hiding place. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck lift when he paused his gaze and seemed to know that there was someone, or something hiding there. Her body responded as she smelled the musk of his huge body. He sure was big! Before and after he had raped her, she didn't see much of him. She had never seen such a large man. His thighs were as thick as her waist. His shoulders were almost twice as wide as hers. Even his powerful jaw was imposing.

Beneath the tight bindings that bound her breasts snugly, her nipples tightened as she gazed at the man who had well and truly used her. She had discovered that as she grew and her small, pert breasts became full and round, she was able to run and fight better when they were bound tightly under a shapeless, loose tunic. Dark leggings covered the telltale whiteness of her slim legs and the fur foot coverings hardly made a sound when she stalked her prey. Digging her fingers in the rich soil beside her, she spread the soil over her cheek, forehead, and nose. She applied more dirt in her hair and then tied it back with a leather thong. Only her brilliant eyes marked her as separate from the night.

Glenna waited until the big man ate and settled down to sleep. Soon he slumped forward. She then crept toward the man. A snore reached her ears. He must be exhausted, she thought, and began her final advancement. Her intent was to grab his hair, yank back his head to expose his throat, and drag her sharp dirk across his jugular.

She had his hair in her grasp when her whole body froze in shock. Two eyes gleamed up at her. In that frozen moment of time, the man slammed a huge fist into her soft stomach. Glenna collapsed in the grass and struggled to gulp in air. While the man got up and pulled his sword free from its sheath, she sprang to her feet and launched herself onto his back. She wrapped her strong legs around his waist, dirk raised to plunge into his exposed neck.

A bellow of rage vibrated through Erik and coursed along her legs wrapped tightly around his wide girth. She felt her wrist being clenched tight. Right away her fingers went numb and the dirk fell harmlessly to the forest floor. He grasped her thighs, wrenched them apart and threw her to the ground where she landed and hit her head hard. A haze clouded her mind and she struggled to clear her thinking.

Erik slammed his foot down on the boy's too long hair that was spread around his head, holding his sword to his soft throat. The boy screamed in rage and tried to jerk away.

Glenna jerked and pulled at her hair until she was sure her scalp would be ripped off her head.

Erik held his sword to his attacker's throat. He sure had a lot of energy and rage for someone so small.

"Kill me, you raping monster," the lad cried, jerking up to impale himself on the sword point that was just above the hollow of his throat. He arched again, more violently this time, and consequently caused the sword to cut through a layer of skin. Erik saw blood trickle down the side of the boy's slim throat. He lifted the sword's deadly point away from the lad's throat. With the boy still squirming beneath him, he reached down and lifted him to his feet. "Behave yourself, boy," he said, grasping the boy's slender arm tightly.

Erik noted that the boy was smaller than he'd expected, also younger, and not even old enough to shave. He shook his head, wondering why the lad attacked him. Without telling the kid what he was about to do, he wrapped an arm around the kid's neck and whistled for his horse. The stallion stopped beside them, and he threw the boy face down over the horse's back.

Glenna twisted her head to see him swing up behind her and her head started to spin. At the clenching of his muscular thighs, the horse lunged forward into a controlled canter. Before a few minutes had passed, she sank into blessed unconsciousness.

As he entered a thicker part of the forest, Erik slowed his horse to a slow walk. The boy was still draped across the saddle, his slight form wedged against his thighs. He glanced at the small buttocks outlined where the tunic stretched tightly over the nicely rounded curves. His groin stirred, and he cursed loudly. "What the..." I need a woman, he told himself. While he knew men that preferred boys to women, he wasn't one of them. There was no way that he would ever stoop that low. He wrinkled his nose at the smell of dirt and sweat from his dirty captive. Clearly cleanliness was not a requirement for him. His hair hung in a ragged, braided queue down to the forest floor, catching on branches and bushes as they passed.

At a massive fallen tree that must've fallen years ago, Erik stopped beside it and dropped the kid on a soft bed of leaves. Then he swung off his horse, unraveled a few lengths of rope that he carried in his saddlebag, and tied the boy's legs together. He then bound the captive's arms behind his back and pulled both arms and legs together with a third length of rope. The end he secured to a root imbedded in the ground. Getting up, he surveyed his handiwork and tested the knots. Then he turned and gathered firewood.

Glenna's head was pounding when she next awoke, and her abdomen hurt where she'd been punched. When she didn't hear any movement around her, she opened her eyes a little and waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness and her head to stop spinning.

Erik Gráfeldr used kill at will, but raping he never did. His savagery in battle was legendary. He had gotten sick and tired of all the senseless violence, and staged his own death to escape it. So far he had done well. That is until he came upon a young girl who he had almost hurt badly. He had tied her up and forced himself on her. He was as gentle as possible with her, but he had still taken her against her will. Now it seemed that there had been a witness. Her little brother, it seemed, was out for revenge, but it was Erik who had him captive now. What was even more disturbing was that he got aroused whenever he was near him. That was very unusual, since it never happened to him before. After Erik had tied the lad up, he had to go and satisfy himself behind a tree. It seemed that it hadn't helped. Right now, as he stared down at the helpless captive, he felt that annoying stirring in his groin again. This was not normal. All he wanted to do was use the lad to satisfy his sexual urges. While the warriors he used to plunder with used boys the same way as they would women, he, however, never took part in that kind of sexual activity. He had always looked for a female to satisfy his lusty urges. Erik stared at the lad, who glared back at him as he dropped the firewood.

Glenna froze. The huge man who had raped her yesterday, punched her in the stomach, held a sword to her throat, knocked her on her head so hard it still throbbed in pain, carried her off to only God knows where and, for some inexplicable reason, took her as his captive, was standing near her.

"Good," he said, "you appear to be well." He strode over to where Glenna was tied. She tried to move back, but she knocked her head against a jutting root instead and cursed loudly. Shaking the loose, dirty strands of hair out of her face, she saw the man grinning at her.

"You should behave herself, lad," Erik said, watching the boy's dirty face grow tight with anger. "If you behave, you will not hurt yourself."

"I will kill you yet, you know," she sneered when he turned away from her to light a fire with flint. "You are a sadistic rapist of helpless girls!"

Erik knew who he referred to. "Who was it that I supposedly raped, lad?" he asked rhetorically.

"My older sister," she answered.

The boy shifted position so that he could lean against the tree. Erik turned back to the wood and started striking the flint. A spark flew off, landed on the dry grass underneath the wood and started to smolder. "And who is your sister, may I ask?"

"The girl you raped yesterday." Glenna glanced up at the huge warrior, her rapist, feeling her body responding. She shivered, the unfamiliar sensations frightening her.

"Such rage for a boy of what, twelve summers?" remarked Erik. "I remember pleasuring a girl, but not raping her. From what I saw and felt, she had been enjoying herself, boy," he added.

Glenna now knew her captor thought she was a boy. The few earlier references to "boy" and "lad" clicked into place and her thoughts sharpened. She glanced down at her bound chest, dirt covered skin and loose tunic, and sneered at Erik from beneath her lowered lashes as she watched the man settle in for the night.

Morning came with bright sunshine and birds singing. Erik glowered at the boy sleeping peacefully in what seemed like a most uncomfortable position. He hadn't slept soundly all night. His resentment for his captive grew overnight.

Glenna's eyes slowly opened.

"Here," Erik said, "let me untie you so that you could stretch."

She felt very uncomfortable with her shoulders pulled back. The position jutted her chest forward. She turned on her knees and presented her back to Erik. She felt the cold metal of a blade at her throat. When her captor was assured of her attention, he skillfully untied the ropes around her legs and wrists. Holding the knife in one hand, he quickly looped the rope around her neck and secured it with a knot that would tighten should she try and escape, strangling her.

"There. Now understand me when I tell you this. This knot will tighten if you try and run. It will not loosen, so don't try to struggle or run. Your neck is too small as it is. I would hate to see it mark that skin of yours." Erik frowned. "Go do your...thing, and then we'll move on."

Glenna gaped at him. She stumbled to her feet and swayed for a moment as the blood rushed back into her calves. She grabbed hold of a root and started to move behind the nearest tree. A slight tug and faint tightening of the rope around her neck stopped her.

"Where are you going, boy?"

"Behind the tree."

"Damn you! Must you be shy as well? Be quick." Erik drew open his breeches and pulled out his half stiffened manhood.

Glenna's mouth dropped open. Her eyes flew to his face and saw him mocking her. A splash drew her attention down again and saw an arc of urine landing near her feet. She yelped and dashed behind a tree as far as the rope allowed, the warrior's laughter following her. She stumbled and the rope tightened around her neck. Her fingers slid into the noose and tried to loosen it but the rope would not budge.

Erik was quickly by the lad's side, loosening the rope. "What is your name, boy?"

"My name?" Her voice was raspy and deep due to the bruising of her throat. She averted her eyes for a moment and scuffed at the dirt with his fur covered feet.

"Would you rather I called you 'boy'?"

"No, I mean yes, that would be okay." She looked up with a defiant glare.

Erik's gaze traveled slowly down the boy's frame, from the slender throat to the scrawny, blackened arms and finally to the coltish legs covered in leather leggings. His gaze then returned to stare into a pair of green eyes. The boy gazed back unflinchingly. Erik was disturbed. He turned abruptly away when his randy manhood rose quickly.

"Tell me your name, boy," he demanded, "or I'll throw you across my knee and spank you."

"Glenn," Glenna finally replied, not daring to show any disobedience or else her captor will discover that she was actually a girl.

"A Scottish name," he muttered to himself.

Glenna stood frozen, the sudden heat flushing her skin catching her by surprise. When his eyes raked her she had been sure he would see the truth, for her body trembled, her chest heaved, and her nipples tightened.

"Who are you?" Glenna asked, her voice sounding too feminine. She coughed and tried to deepen the tones.

"Gráfeldr," he growled. "I am Erik Gráfeldr of Northumberland."

A damned berserker, she thought. A hated Viking. "When will you release me?" she asked.

"When we reach Lindisfarne."

"Lindisfarne? That is too far. I cannot go there," she stated stubbornly. "I will be nothing but a burden to you," she insisted. "I mean, you would make much better time without me," she said, fear entering her voice.

"I'm sure I would be much faster without you, but I don't trust you not to come after me once I release you."

Glenna looked at his back as he stood facing away from her. She marveled at the man's immense size. She had never seen someone so huge yet composed of solid strength and firm musculature. It scared her that this man was able to make her feel like a woman. When he had first thrust his male part into her, it had hurt, but quickly it had turned pleasant, and even pleasurable when his thrusts had become deeper and faster.

"A man like you should not need to fear a boy like me," Glenna challenged, walking behind him as he made his way to his horse.

A sudden jerk on Glenn's rope and a choked-off gasp made him whip his head around. He saw him falling forward with his leg caught in a root hidden in the leaf covered ground. He saw the boy's eyes were wide with fear and one hand was flung forward to stop his fall while the other was clawing at his throat where the rope was choking off his air as the noose tightened roughly, quickly.

Stars danced in front of Glenna while a red haze clouded her vision. A sharp pain ripped through her ankle caught in a tangle of roots. Her hands were ripping at the rope around her throat and left deep scratches where her nails dug in. She heard a curse, then her face slammed into the hard ground as she collapsed. The last breath was forced out of her lungs in a whoosh.

Erik leaped to help Glenn and drew his knife in one fluid movement. His small body thrashed as he struggled to draw air into his chest. By the time Erik had the rope free, the boy was almost unconscious. He rolled over on all fours and struggled to breathe.

Erik watched the lad heave. He sheathed his knife and bent over the boy. "Are you alright, Glenn? Here, let me check your ankle." Erik squatted down and gently slid off the soft fur covering the ankle and studied it. It was slender and fine. He stroked the delicate indentations above the heel, checking for breaks. Then he gently rotated the ankle with one hand on Glenn's shapely calf and the other encasing the ankle. He felt the calf muscles twitch under his warm hands and he stared at the finely shaped lower leg, surprised at creaminess of the skin compared to the filthy arms and face. Mesmerized by the soft texture, Erik stroked the high arch of the boy's foot and then each toe. He wiggled each digit separately, starting with the big toe and ending with the smallest one.

When he caressed higher up the shapely calf, Glenna jerked her foot out of the Viking's huge hands when pleasant sensations streaked up her leg to her groin.

Erik sat back, startled, and looked up into Glenn's angry green eyes. "You are fine. Nothing is broken, but it might be sprained."

Glenna grasped Erik's hand with hers to pull herself up since her ankle would not support her weight. The second their palms clasped, a shock ran through each of them. Their eyes locked. Time stopped while they felt a pulse throb between their hands and race throughout their bodies. Erik watched Glenn's face as it reddened and he stood entranced while a loud roar echoed in his head.

Glenna shivered as bolts of electricity raced through her fingertips and down to her belly. Her mouth went dry yet her skin was covered in a layer of sweat. She felt her thighs slip against each other as Erik continued to pull her up to a standing position. Staring into his eyes, she was mesmerized. She lifted her other hand to brace herself against his bare chest and felt another shock arc between them. She felt his nipple respond under her palm and quickly leapt back, dropping his palm in haste.

When Glenn swayed as if he was falling again, Erik quickly stepped away instead of helping him again, not trusting himself lest he ravage the youth and consequences be damned. He felt a terrible sense of shame that he had reacted to a young boy in such a sexual manner. Although he himself knew many good warriors who preferred the companionship of boys to that of women, he preferred soft, submissive, sensualistic-talking women, and the occasional whore when there were no other women available. Erik looked at the skinny, filthy boy in front of him and shuddered. He turned away and walked into the trees, leaving Glenn balancing on one foot in the clearing, alone. He knew that he wasn't going anywhere with his injured ankle. Or so he thought.

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