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H(A)ir Force


I am now an old man. I have lived a full life and have had my share of excitement but I will never forget my days as an airman or should I say Hair Man in the Air Force. I was posted in Devon, England in 1944 during the last few months of World War II. D-Day was being planned and General Eisenhower was to take command of the Allied Forces. I was just past 20 and having a great time. I had flown in to London from Michigan and was taken in as to how we were perceived as saviors. My mate Samuel was with me too and he was a big African American. We had our moments in England but we were soon to directed to do sorties across enemy lines mainly to drop forces.

Samuel and me were in charge to drop 14 troops in Nice in France. Once we crossed over we developed engine trouble and we had to land the plane across enemy lines. Captain Morgan contacted the French Resistance and we were left with Henri the leader and his team comprising Gisele, Michelle and Lisa who were told had escaped from Turin. They were to keep us out of the view of the Germans and try and get us to Luxembourg were we would be picked up by a relief plane which would take at least 3-4 days.

The French Women were very beautiful not to talk of the Italian Lisa. What surprised us was their hairiness. They had more hair on their bodies than most men. Both Samuel and me were not used to the “hairy” European look and seeing the massive bushes in Giselle, Michelle and Lisa’s armpits were difficult to get used to. They were almost always in sleeveless dresses so that they could easily mix with the local population and not look like Resistance members and seeing all that hair hanging from their underarms was most unusual to say the least. Samuel kept telling me “Maan so much hair you could almost knit a sweater with all that hair”.

He kept teasing Lisa the Italian brunette “Lisa you have much more hair in your armpits than me I am sure your pussy is like a jungle”. She would just smile at him. We were treated like heroes and I grew particularly fond of Michele. She was a stunning beauty with golden hair on her head. Her armpits though contained large quantity of darker hair and I was completely turned on by her hirsute armpits.

I think they realized the inactivity was boring us so they took us out to the town square and we mingled with the locals. In fact I was shocked to see so many women displaying hair in their armpits. It was a culture shock to me. In America most women shaved their underarms and here in France I did not see any woman with her armpits shaved.

When we came back Samuel was kissing Lisa. She rubbed his erection through his pants and could tell that it was very thick. After a while of that She decided to unzip his pants and touch his bare cock. It was so large, however, that she had to unbuckle his belt and undo the waist of his pants to get at it. She looked absolutely awestruck by its length and girth. She told him that it was the largest penis she had ever seen and she looked fascinated by it.

Indeed even though I am very large to there is a thing about black cocks. It curved like a banana, and that it had a big blood vessel running up the length of the underside. In the faint light of the streetlight I could see its’ massive, dark purple head pointing upward at her face. For some reason, his huge cock made me feel uncomfortable, and I soon came up with an excuse to get out of the room and go and leave them alone. Just as I was leaving I saw Lisa undress. I saw the Italian with comparatively dark skin, and a firm curvaceous body she has large firm breasts with large dark nipples. Her pubic hair is jet-black and thick, and her armpits were filled with jet-black bushy hair too. She had taken his hard dick into her mouth as I closed the door and went to Michelle’s room.

Michelle is tall, blonde, 5’10”and exceedingly thin. She has pale skin, small breasts but excessively hairy armpits. The hair in her armpits was so bushy that it lovingly curved out of her underarms. It was a much darker shade than the hair on her head.
She was in the Room with Gisele the 5’7 brunette with a 40C-30-37 figure and her body was firm. Like Lisa she had jet-black hair in her bushy armpits, which seemed much longer than Michelle’s maybe because of the colour of her skin contrasted with the dark hair of her bushy armpits.

Gisele said they had to pick up some supplies and wanted to send Lisa for it and started to move towards the other room. I told them that Lisa the hirsute Italian was sucking off Samuel’s massive back dong. I wanted to sexually activate them and I had succeeded and they were quick to go towards the other room.

As we entered the room Samuel had his pants at his knees. They watched intently as the large bulge in his underwear started to get larger. When he lowered his underpants, his cock was sticking straight out, and the tip of his cock nearly touched Lisa’s face when he bent over to take off his underwear. As he stood in the living room nude from the waist down exposing himself his cock continued to swell and grow until it was pointing straight up.

We walked in and Michelle reached out and grabbed a hold of Samuel’s huge cock. She cupped his testicles with one hand and explored his cock with the other. She could only get her hand about two thirds of the way around it. Lisa reached out and touched his cock too. Michelle looked over at Giselle and said, “There’s room for another hand”. This whole thing was just too weird for me. Without thinking, I said, “Giselle, lets see if you can get your big mouth around that.” She had removed her hand, but Lisa was still holding onto his erection. Samuel moved forward and Lisa tilted his huge penis toward Giselle’s face. I could plainly see the heavy pelt of jet-black hair in her luxuriant armpits.

“No way,” Giselle said and moved away, but Lisa and I urged her to try. After some more coaxing, she leaned forward and worked the dark red knob and about another inch into her mouth. She pulled it out, and a long strand of saliva stayed attached to the end of his cock as she pulled away. “Wait a minute,” Lisa said as we all turned toward her, “I’ve never had one of those in my mouth, and I don’t intend to start with that one.” Simultaneously we all began putting pressure on Lisa to go for it. Samuel moved toward her, and she tentatively grasped the big black throbbing tool and then inserted it into her surprisingly large mouth. I would say she got it in an inch or so further than Michelle before she started to gag and quickly pulled it out.

Giselle reached over, grabbed his cock and stroked his immense thick black dong. He started to rub his cock between her breasts and into her bushy armpits. With each stroke, the tip of his cock touched her chin and came out and snaked into her hairy pits. His thrusts became longer and faster. After a short while he stopped, walked over to Lisa, placed his hand on the back of her head, and pressed her mouth over the head of his cock. Within seconds Samuel came and Lisa quickly pulled away from his cock. Huge amounts of cum continued to spurt from his cock, and she had cum in and around her mouth, in her hair, and dripping from her chin.

My erect cock had not yet been touched by I knew my time would come.

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