tagInterracial Love(H)Air Force Ch. 2

(H)Air Force Ch. 2


All that action had Michelle quivering with excitement. Her arms were raised exposing her bushy underarms. Long strands of silky soft fur grew all over her jet-black bushy armpits. She leaned forward and took my erect member into her hot wet mouth. She tongued my cock head and though I am not as big as Samuel I am a good solid 10 inches big. She turned her head and used her hand to guide my cock to her mouth. I groaned as she sucked me into her mouth and used her fingers to tickly my balls.

Giselle and then started to kiss and suck Samuel. His cock was so big and hard, She could hardly fit it in here mouth. His black hardness was so beautiful and he screamed "I'm going to fuck you now, you horny white bitch, is that what you want?" She moaned and said, "Oh yeah please!" He started to enter her, and his cock was so thick and long, he had to go in very slowly. He slowly started fucking her, and the sight of that big black cock going in and out of her tight white pink pussy was amazing. Michelle was taking more of my cock into her mouth as my hands felt the long hair in her underarms. I had not touched Lisa’s pits yet but it seemed very hot and sweaty and wonderful.

Soon they both had explosive orgasm together, She came so hard around his huge black cock and his cock just exploded inside her tight white hairy cunt. Her pubic hair was a curly forest filled with his cum. Michelle ran her hands up the sides of my legs. She tilted her head and took one of my balls into her mouth. She rolled it around before releasing it from her mouth. Then she flicked her tongue between my balls.
Every new sensation was heaven to me. I could not stop from watching her lick me. She licked up my shaft, tickled under the head, and went back down to the bottom. Then she grasped my cock at the base and pulled it down to her lips. It was incredible watching her mouth close and engulf my dick. Her head started bobbing back and forth. She held her mouth over my throbbing cock drinking in every spurt of my cum.

Henri had returned and he to stripped and revealed his big straining cock. He started fucking Lisa in the ass from behind as I humped Lisa’s hairy armpits. It was my first time in a woman’s bushy underarms. The thick curly hair in her bushy armpits was very ticklish around my cock head but it was so thick and long that my penis suddenly disappeared into her armpit jungle. Henri was pounding her asshole with his massive cock as I drove my penis into her matted sweaty underarm hair.

Michelle sat nude and exhausted. Samuel went towards her and she took the large man-meat that was in front of her and began to suck him. His dick slowly hardened in the girl's mouth and she had more and more trouble as the cock expanded in her lips.

Michelle stood up and slid her pussy over the enormous cock beneath her. She began moving up and down on this ebony pole. He grabbed her boobs and manhandled them. This got her going even more as cunt juice poured out of her.

Lisa cried out in pain as Henri kept on ramming her. She had no choice but to keep taking the biggest dick of her life. The sensation was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was like sticking a baseball bat up her pussy. She couldn't believe that having her hole stretched to this extreme turned her on. He came and filled her cunt with a torrent of white sperm. His cock slid out and his sperm gushed out of the open space between her legs. Her hole stayed open, wanting the void to be refilled.

Samuel pushed hairy Michelle off his huge staff. She tumbled forward to the floor. "Now keep your ass in the air," he snarled. He began working his cock in her tight hairy asshole. She had put a dildo in her butt before but never a dick and certainly nothing as big as what this guy was packing. He got his cock head in her and thrust it home.

"Ahhhhhhh! Noooooooo!" She gasped. "It's too big! Take it out!" she begged. He did what she said and the pain began to subside, much to her relief. But then he stuck it right back in. He began pumping her asshole. He watched, as her asshole couldn't recover from his dipping in and out. It remained wide open when he pulled out completely. He then plunged his entire length in her ass. Giselle watched them, captivated by the movement of seeing her best friend getting anally raped.

Michelle was extremely turned on by this. She slid down and began sucking the huge black dick. She then took it out again and she placed a hand onto Henri’s monster dick and it was so thick that she could only just get her dainty fingers around it. I suggested that it would be best to have Michelle on her hands and knees and she unduly obliged. She guided Henri’s thick cock into her mouth and began to suck the head of it. Slowly at first, and then she took his penis deeper down into her throat. In the mean time, Samuel touched the entrance of Michelle’s hairy pussy.

Michelle with a mouth full of cock said in her dainty voice, for Samuel to be gentle with her as he gripped her firm ass with both hands and then in one sharp motion, he forced his way deep into her warm, wet, tight pussy until his balls were slammed up against her passageway. Michelle let out a huge scream and bucked backwards with her head moving swiftly upwards. She couldn't believe the pain at first and she felt something go inside her. Samuel with his monster cock had plunged deep into her and it felt as though he was splitting her in half with his weapon. Henri seeing that her mouth was wide open, held the back of her head and plunged his penis into her mouth and down her tiny throat until he too was deep in her.

Michelle was in a state of pain, pleasure and excitement. Her nipples were rock hard and her pussy gripped the intruder tightly. Her arms were raised and beads of sweat had appeared in the brush of matted hair in her hairy pits. She could feel herself reaching an orgasm. The two men both slid into and out of Michelle with force, hardly believing their luck at making out to this beautiful girl. Henri forced his cock into her mouth and then seeing that she was choking and gagging, would remove his cock from her throat but then pushing his way back into her. She enjoyed the intensity in her mouth and her lips were gripping onto his moving and pulsating cock, although she was gagging from the size of his penis. She could taste his pre-cum on her tongue and this excited her even more. Samuel loved the feeling of her tight pussy, gripping onto his big cock every time he penetrated her. Every time he moved backwards, ready to assault her pussy again, he felt her pussy lips tighten around his meat like as if to say that she was unwilling to let his big cock disengage her. He drove his manhood in and out of that tight, moist, slit as he felt the fire building up in his balls.

She felt as though Samuel’s big black cock was tearing her apart with his giant cock but she loved the sensation that it was bringing. Suddenly, her body began to tremble and she could feel what seemed like electricity running from her clit along her spine to her head and then back again. She began to shake and then let out a huge gasp as she spasmed into a joyous and sensational orgasm. Henri still working away at her mouth and throat could not hold on any longer. With one more movement, he forced his cock all the way down her throat so that his balls were touching her chin and deposited a huge wave of cum with great velocity. Michelle could feel it trickling down her throat and loved the sensation. Then Samuel could no longer hold on.

They both came in torrents. I had Giselle and hairy Lisa with me kissing and nuzzling my massive erection, as they were hot with excitement seeing Henri and Samuel fuck Michelle who was craving for cock.

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