tagLoving WivesHad A Hard Day Dear?!

Had A Hard Day Dear?!


It was early evening and Lisa was relaxing on her bed, chilling out before the gig later that night. In the background, music played softly and she let her mind just wander, the music becoming no more than a soft noise that was barely audible to her. The towel felt warm and soft against her, she'd not long stepped out of the shower, and lost in a warm, comfortable world of her own she gently stroked the soft contours of her body. Suddenly the front door slammed and jolted her awake, she could hear the heavy thump of Jim coming upstairs. Propping herself up she waited with a welcoming smile (and with the slightest hint of coyness, she bought her foot up so that the towel fell away from her legs, invitingly). She could hear Jim approaching cursing under his breath; the bedroom door swung heavily on the hinges and he stood framed in the doorway looking none to happy.

"Hard day at the office dear?" she enquired in a mock girlie tone but instantly realised that it may not have been the right thing to say. There are times when you can just tell.

"Wankers!" "Complete wankers!"

"Who?" Lisa asked

"Some cun.... some prick in a 4x4 cut me up on the bypass."

"Is that all?"

"Oh that and other things, it's just been one of those days."

Jim glanced at the bed and for the first time seemed to take in his beautiful wife, she looked so stunning, lying there, wrapped in the soft white towel. It never failed to make him feel good, and every day he thanked whatever God was looking down on him for allowing such a perfect woman into his life. Slowly the endurance of the day started to melt away to be replaced by a need, an urgent need; there was one sure-fire way to unwind and Lisa held the key!

"Hello my darling." he whispered with a smile playing on his lips

"NO!" Lisa responded "I've just had a shower, I'm all clean and I've got to be off to the gig soon!" But the smile on her lips was a dead give away; She always loved to see him in his suit; suits just hang on some men, but given his size, Jim 'filled' a suit and he always looked so smart, rugged and, to her mind, damn sexy.

The jacket came off as did the tie and Jim moved to the bed;

"NO!" shrieked Lisa again, but this time there was no getting away from the giggle in her voice

"I need you, and I need you now!" Jim had a fire in his eyes; this wasn't to be slow, gentle love making, Jim wanted to fuck her and NOW! With a quick, deft movement Jim whipped the towel away and looked down on the soft, sensational body; he couldn't hold back, he needed a release from the hell that had been his day.

He bent down and took a nipple in his mouth, his tongue flicking the tip of the nipple before sinking onto her breast, sucking the nipple in, his tongue continuing to toy. Although she put up some resistance, Lisa couldn't help herself - she would just have to get changed quickly for the gig - she loved having her tits played with, sometimes soft was good, but the urgent animal aggression Jim was displaying tonight turned her on and sent pulses of fire through her body. His hand had come up to her free breast and was kneading it with rough yet gentle pressure; his fingers found the erect nipple to squeeze, each slight pinch sending a burst of electricity through Lisa. Her hands were in his hair pushing him first hard onto her breast and then with increasing pressure urging his head down. The sudden change in mood following his arrival had caught alight inside her and she too needed to feel the fire explode, she didn't want gentle foreplay, she wanted to be fucked. Hard.

Jim moved down her body, never mind the soft feather kisses, he wanted to taste her, to feel her nectar on his lips. His breathing was hard and gruff as his head moved between her legs; his hands pushed her legs apart with rough force and his tongue reached out for the first taste. As her juice touched his lips the animal in him burst out and he greedily fell on her soft, wet lips, probing with his tongue, alternatively licking deep inside her now swollen pussy before moving slightly up and lapping like a dog at her small but erect clit. Lisa's hands were heavy on his head as she arched her body, pushing her engorged pussy hard onto his probing tongue; she could feel her clit getting harder and with every lap of his tongue her pussy gushed with sweet nectar. Jim moved away slightly and replaced his tongue with two fingers, swiftly delving deep into her wet, tight hole; again she arched and grabbing his wrist urged him to finger fuck him, moving her hips in time with his movements. Bent over, he watched her face intently as his fingers worked in a frenzy deep inside her; her breath was coming in short sharp bursts and he it wouldn't be long. Before Lisa went to far, Jim stopped and stood up, quickly pulling his clothes off; Lisa didn't want the stimulation to stop and replaced his fingers with her own, bucking and riding her skilful fingers as they sought out her sensitive areas. She was going to cum and cum hard.

Jim fairly ripped his clothes off, tossing them aside; he kneeled before her and with one swift, strong movement flipped Lisa over so she was lying on her stomach. Leaning forward he eagerly licked her smooth, tight crack, his tongue probing, Lisa moved up and backwards wanting yet another stimulation but not knowing if she could cope. Jim's cock stood proud and erect, bursting for it's own release; he couldn't wait any longer and urging Lisa onto all fours he found her wet lips and gratefully plunged deep inside. She could feel his cock filling her, stretching her pussy and making the fire burn hotter; he was in deep now and she could feel his balls slapping against her as he started to pound, none of the slow gentle love making of the previous night, this was a hard fuck, wanting a quick and mighty release. Lisa matched the movements, forcing herself hard down on his dick, his balls slapping harder each time. Jim's breath escaped in short sharp snorts, through gritted teeth; he raised himself on his knees and looked down, wanting to see his dick disappear into the sopping pussy. His shaft was glistening with her juice and he could feel his own seed building up, ready to explode. He bought his hand down sharply on her round arse, letting a ringing smack join the animal noises of the bedroom; Lisa gasped at the stinging sensation and instantly begged for another. Another smack rang out joined by a gasp of painful pleasure; Lisa's breathing was becoming forced, in short gasps as she felt her orgasm build up.

"I'm - going - to - cum." she managed to gasp

"Uuhhuh." was all Jim could manage. By now he was fucking his beloved Lisa like his life depended on it, his balls bouncing off her, his cock squelching as it rammed harder and harder and seemingly deeper and deeper. He needed to cum. He wanted to cum. He was going to cum.

"OH GOD!" he gasped as he felt his orgasm build up

"Yeah, cum for me baby!" muttered Lisa, her body arching as she felt her own orgasm coming.

"FUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Jim half shouted, half breathed as an enormous orgasm ripped through him; grasping her thighs he pulled himself as deep and hard as possible and held it whilst his cock pumped into her. Lisa, could feel his seed filling her and screamed out as her own fire exploded deep inside her, mixing her juice with his she pushed against his body wanting to feel every drop being released. The orgasm pulsated through her body as wave after wave hit her, leaving her spent and exhausted.

Jim flopped heavily on top of her, his cock, still deep inside his precious wife's pussy.

"I really do love you, you know." he whispered, grinning into her ear.

"You've a fucking strange way of showing it," she teased back, basking in the glow of her orgasm.

The gig was one of the better ones – a good audience who had obviously been hitting the bar, the band seemingly playing up a level and maybe it was the sex beforehand, but Lisa felt incredibly energised. When she got in later that night, Jim was still awake, sitting up reading.

"Still awake?" she enquired. Jim looked around him in mock confusion,

"Who? Me?"

"OK, very funny!"

"Yeah, still unwinding from the day"

"I thought you did that earlier!" Lisa had a glint in her eye. Fixing herself a glass of G&T, she sat herself down next to him.

"How did it go?" he enquired without looking up from his book.

"It went really bad, stage caught fire, guitarist attacked a woman, and I sang the wrong songs."

"Oh really, never mind...." He answered without obviously concentrating.

"Yeah, my dress caught in a nail and ripped off, I was completely naked on stage."


"Screw him!" Thought Lisa "I'll make him listen."

Reaching down she undid his trousers and then knelt before him; he gave a quizzical look over the top of his book;

"And what exactly do you think you're doing?" he asked in mock seriousness; "You've just got in and should be unwinding!"

"Never you mind, you just see how long you can find that book more interesting." Replied Lisa.

Grasping his trousers and pants she pulled them down, noting that Jim half raised his arse to ease the removal, and tossed them aside. His dick laid nestled in his neatly trimmed pubic hair, not totally asleep, but still to awake fully. She loved to take him in her mouth when he wasn't erect, the feel of his dick growing in her mouth, filling her until he was fully erect. Leaning forward she bent into his lap and using her tongue, teased his dick into her mouth; it was still soft and pliable and she rolled it around flicking her tongue over the tip. Looking up, she noticed that it hadn't taken long at all for the book to be put aside and Jim was looking down with a warm smile.

"Book not interesting?" she asked innocently

"Never mind the book, just you carry on with what you were doing!"

She returned to his dick which was by now fully erect; using her tongue she traced the length of his shaft, lightly flicking over the thick member, finding the helmet she grasped his dick in her hand before moving her mouth over the swollen helmet. Her hand and head moved in time as she sucked and wanked his dick feeling it swell and pulsate in time with her movements. Jim was beginning to breath heavily and was moving his hips in time with her movements.

"Oh god that's good." he moaned

She took her head away from his dick and lent down so that she could reach his balls; Jim knew what was coming and readily moved forward in his seat. Lisa ran her tongue over his balls, feeling them move under her pressure. Leaning forward she greedily sucked one in and gently sucked. Jim had his eyes screwed tight and tensed at the sensation; Lisa slipped her hand underneath him and ran her finger along the tight crack of his arse.

"Mmmmm!" breathed Jim not knowing quite how many stimulants he could take.

Lisa continued to lick his balls and then moved slowly back to his dick. This time she knelt up and speared herself on his dick, taking it deep into her mouth, overcoming the gag reflex she started to fuck her own mouth with his dick. Sucking hard on him and flicking her tongue over his length, she could feel him begin to tense inside.

"I'm gonna cum soon." he muttered

Lisa doubled her efforts, sucking harder and faster, she wanted to taste him, feel him cum inside her, and satisfy her lover. Her head was moving fast now, slurping noises coming from her mouth as she readied herself for the orgasm. Her pussy was on fire, aching to be relieved, but she knew that wouldn't be far away. Suddenly Jim tensed himself and cried out as wave after wave of hot spunk shot from him and down her throat. She gagged slightly on him, but continued to suck, determined to finish him. After a while Jim slumped back in the chair, utterly spent.

"Oh...My...God." he whispered "That was just awesome!" She smiled; she certainly knew how to give a good blowjob!

Lisa slid up and kissed him deeply, her tongue eagerly seeking out his. He could taste his own cum on her and enjoying the sensation, returned her kiss with a passion born out of fire. Lisa wasn't about to let the evening end here;

"Just you wait here." she said, jumping up and skipping to the stairs. It wasn't long before Jim heard her descending and as she walked in he couldn't help but marvel at the luck that had given him such a wonderful wife. She stood before him completely naked with her hands behind her back, looking for all the world like a naughty child – apart from the look on her face which belied any childlike innocence!

"Now we can't have you unable to make me cum, can we?" asked Lisa softly, looking directly into his eyes.

From behind her back she bought her favourite vibrator and seductively bought it to her lips.

"You just sit back and let me put on a bit of a show for you." she breathed, never taking her eyes of his.

Lying down she flicked the vibrator onto a low buzz and started running it over her body, still watching his eyes, which followed the vibrator's every move. Moving to her perfectly formed breasts she circled them with the vibrator before playing it over her nipples; the sensation of the low buzzing sending excited shudders down her body. Her pussy, already soaked from the excitement of making Jim cum, started tingling and she just knew she would be super-sensitive tonight. Without thinking, her free hand had travelled down her body in slow, languid strokes before descending to her engorged clitoris. Matching the circling movements of the vibrator on her nipple, she slowly and gently circled her clit, increasing the pressure ever so slightly with each turn. Looking at Jim's previously sated member she could see signs of its recovery, aided no doubt by his hand which was already stroking his cock, helping it back to fully erect. With arousal beginning to overtake her, Lisa moved the vibrator down her body until she could slide it up and down between the folds of her swollen, dripping pussy; the heady smell of her nectar filled the room and she almost begged herself to let the vibrator fuck her.

"Do you want me to fuck my pussy?" she asked him softly

"UUUhhuuu!" was all he managed to stammer. She knew how much he loved watching her and it never failed to turn him on (or her for that matter!). With slow deliberate movements, Lisa positioned the vibrator over her pussy and pushed it deep inside.

"Ohhhh yesssssss!" muttered Jim; his hand now wrapped around his cock, moving in slow, precise movements up and down his shaft. Lisa loved watching him wank and fixed her eyes on his cock. She increased the speed of the vibrator and increased the rhythm of fucking herself. Faster and faster she plunged the vibrating rubber cock into her sopping pussy, her hips moving to meet her hand. Taking the vibrator out of her pussy she laid it against her clit and pressed hard, humping her body to ride against it.

"Don't cum baby." She gasped, his cock had to be inside her next time he came. He slowed and started to stroke his cock, trying desperately not to stimulate himself too much. Returning her attention to the vibrator, Lisa once again pushed it deep inside herself and humped it for all she was worth; she was in need of a powerful orgasm and she knew it wasn't far away. With the vibrator on full speed she fucked her pussy with ever increasing vigour, no longer watching Jim, now just lost in the power of the moment, wanting to savour the orgasm as it ripped through her body.

"FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" she screamed, bucking against the rubber cock, juice spurting out covering her hand. Wave after wave of fire exploded within her and she screwed her eyes tight shut.

The orgasm was indeed a powerful one and she layback afterwards seeming to fight for breath. Turning the vibrator off she bought it up to her mouth, smelling her pussy on the rubber phallus; smiling she proceeded to lick it clean, loving the taste of her juice.

"You! Here!" she commanded a wicked, evil look on her face. Jim dropped obediently next to her on the floor, his cock waving like an eager child.

She rolled him onto his back and climbed astride him, her dripping pussy pressing wetly against his stomach; leaning forward she kissed him passionately; his arms enfolded her, holding her tight against his body. She loved the sensation of being held so close and tight by him, feeling safe in his strength. They kissed long and deep, their hands running over each other's body. Jim broke away and sank gratefully to Lisa's neck where he kissed and nibbled at her ears sending her over the top, she simply loved having her neck kissed. Suddenly she pushed herself up so that she was sitting bolt upright on him; moving fractionally lower she positioned herself right over his swollen cock and grasping it in one hand guided it into herself. Taking her hand quickly away she sank gratefully onto his cock all the way until she could feel her clit rubbing hard against the base of it. Placing her hands flat on his chest, Lisa started to ride back and forth, stimulating her clit with hard, powerful movements. Gazing into his eyes, she could see the enjoyment on his face as he started to move in time, his hands cupping her buttocks, pulling her harder onto his cock. With a slight change of movement, Lisa started to move up and down, riding the full length of his shaft, feeling his dick alternatively filling her soaking pussy before withdrawing right to his tip. The movements between both became more urgent, a look of fierce passion as each stared into the others eyes.

"Oh yes, baby, fuck me!" gasped Jim "Take my cock deep in your cunt! Go on ride me hard!" he commanded through gritted teeth. Lisa pushed her hands harder into his chest and increased the rhythm moving faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper than she thought possible.

"Come on you bastard, cum – cum inside me, fill me!" she panted, fierce determination in her eyes. She could feel the orgasm building up, if the last one had been strong, this was going to be explosive!

"FUCK ME HARDER!" Jim almost shouted – his face screwing up as he felt his orgasm building from deep within. Now screaming and panting Lisa bucked on his dick, completely lost in the sensation, her eyes screwed tight as she felt her pussy being torn apart as he thrust to meet her own movements.

"AAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" screamed Lisa as she pushed hard down on him, feeling a huge orgasm rip through her. Speech was impossible as her pussy contracted and pulsed on his dick, flooding his balls with her juice. At the same time Jim went almost rigid, arched his body and dug his nails deep into her back. She felt his dick contract and then pump deep inside her. Again and again it seemed to her that her pussy was being filled with his seed and using her muscles she milked his cock of every last drop.

They didn't speak for many minutes; they couldn't! Lisa just lay on top of Jim, his cock shrinking back, but still lovingly held by her radiating pussy; she could feel him slowly slipping out but she kept herself pressed firmly against his cock, not wanting to loose the moment. After a while she rolled off him and lay on the floor, feeling the warmth of his body next to her. He raised himself on one elbow and looked down at his beautiful wife.

"NOW can I go to bed?" he asked with a grin.

"Not a chance!" she replied.

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