tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHad to have Indi

Had to have Indi


Indi was... beautiful. Her amber hair was long and straight, her skin alabaster. Despite my bitter divorce and her mother forcing her to live with me, she was still radiant. She had this curvy figure - wide hips with a tiny waist to match it - that made me imagine forcing her on my dick, gripping her waist for balance. She wasn't just beautiful, she was sexy. My daughter had a laugh they made me hard every time I heard it, and a sexy side I only discovered when she turned eighteen. Indi didn't think anyone was home and left the door to the shower open with her music blaring. I watched her as she soaped her tits, stomach and began rubbing her pussy with her loofah, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm. She continued this for a while and before I even knew, I had a hand over my dick, rubbing myself over my pants. I came all over myself when I saw her body shake from her own climax. After that, I was sure that one day I would fuck my daughter. But I knew it had to happen gradually.

I started leaving the door open every time I masturbated, just to see if she would join me or watch on with enthusiasm. I bought lingerie for her and left it in her drawer, covered in thick creamy sperm. But before long she started buying shorter skirts and wearing G-strings underneath them. Only briefly, I'd get a glimpse of her delicious ass cheeks as she walked up the stairs or bent over. But every day when I got home from work, I'd sneak into her room, find a lacy pair of underwear and masturbate into them, spreading my seed all over it, before folding it and putting it away. One night though, I stole her phone and read her 'period tracker', before saving all the data to my phone so I could keep track for her. When she was ovulating, I wouldn't cover up as much, usually just strutting around in my briefs. I would watch porn in the living room, and I watched as she became fascinated with the fucking she saw. Her nipples would tighten against the cotton of her shirt, her pupils dilated.

And as the dutiful father I was, I would check on her at night, masturbating over her body before pulling back the covers and cumming on her covered cunt. Sometimes I would force her to sit on my lap, so she could feel how hard I got when she was around; she never said anything that indicated she was uncomfortable, but she squirmed on my cock and felt my accidental thrusts on her ass.

Today was her nineteenth birthday and my phone alerted me that she was ovulating. I was ready to have her. I was ready to force my cum inside her and watch her carry my child. She was so happy at her party, her amber hair looked tousled and her red lips plump, but I watched her with a dark smile knowing the truth. It was 2am when I creeped into her room and observed her sleeping form. I took the blanket off her and began attacking the little clothing she had on. Slowly I slid her panties off, leaving them pooled around one ankle, then began pushing the singlet above her supple tits. She stirred minutely before rolling her head to the other side. Her breathing stayed even and a soft snore left her mouth before I continued. My mouth enclosed over one nipple, while my fingers tweaked the other, making her erect buds throb under my touch.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned sleepily.

Yeah, she likes it.

Then I took my finger off her nipple and spread her pussy lips apart to pay some necessary attention to her clit. I rubbed slow, but deliberate. My other hand I used to insert my fingers, one at a time into her slick tight cleft. She became wet on my fingers, making it easier to thrust them in and out of her. Her body trembled and her head rolled to the other side.

"Mmmmm... keep going Dan."

A sex dream about her crush. How fitting. Before I could make her cum, I removed my fingers, spread her legs apart and aligned the head of my prick with her slit. Watching her closely for any sign of life, I slowly slid inside her. Little bit at a time until I couldn't take it anymore and forced myself the rest of the way.

She awoke with a start and sucked in a gulp of air.

"Dad... is that you?"

"Yes baby. Now just lay back, I promise you'll enjoy this if you're a good girl."

I started thrusting and she writhed as though trying to escape me. When I overpowered her by forcing my hips down and my hands on her arm, she tried to hit me and push me off of her.

"Now now, Indi." I chastised, my voice firm.

My thrusts started getting faster, before long I was fucking her like I was out of control. My sac slamming her ass. Her walls tightening around me.

Indi started crying so I bent down and kissed her lips, forcing my tongue into her mouth the same way I was with her teenage pussy. "Don't cry baby. Your daddy loves you so much. You know that, don't you?"

She nodded but still cried.

"Then daddy needs to do this. You know that don't you. For daddy to be a man he needs to be the first person you fuck. Isn't that right?"

"Yes dad."

"uh uh, call me 'daddy'."

She sniffled. "Yes daddy."

I fucked her harder than I was before. My cock driving itself to her cervix; her teeth catching her lower lip when I did. God, she was sexy. Sweat formed on my brow and I watched it drip onto her cheek. I panted into her ear, my hands leaving her arms to maul her tits. Her cunt tightened around me as her body came in an unwanted orgasm. My lips moved to her neck, before marking the skin all around. Every bite forced her to clench her tight walls. I couldn't take much more and I began to pound her sporadically.

Her eyes widened. "No daddy. Please don't cum inside me. I'm not on the pill. Please I'll do anything."

Ignoring her feeble pleas, I came inside my daughter. Coating her fertile cervix with my potent sperm. I waited until I had drained every drop of cum from my balls, before I collapsed on her. Soon enough, my daughter would carry her sibling. I'd watch her stomach grow. Her breasts would become milky and sensitive.

"Can't you imagine it baby girl? You'll love being pregnant. You'd grow with life, and you'd get so fucking horny. Your daddy would look after you. And then when you have our baby, I'll inseminate you again. I'm going to keep you pregnant Indi. You're going to stay home and look after our babies, and when I get home, I'll fuck you full of my juice." I rolled my hips, moving my now semi-hard dick as good measure. "I'm going to breed you like a mare."

Tears crept down Indi's cheeks, and I licked them before licking her lips. "Why daddy?"

"Because I love you baby. And I know you love me too."

I was right. Indi pregnant was the best thing I'd ever watched. At first she tried to keep her pregnancy from me. She would wear baggy clothes, and tried to avoid being in the same room as me. But I threw away all her baggy clothes, letting her know she couldn't hide from me. Next I heard her vomit up the food she snuck into the kitchen to get. I stole the pregnancy test from her bin to keep as a souvenir.

When she went to school, I disassembled her bed and put it into storage. Indi would sleep with me every night and to avoid them getting suspicious, her friends were no longer allowed over. She screamed when I told her about the bed, saying that I couldn't control her.

But I proved I could. I grabbed her by the nape and threw her face down on the bed. Without any preparation, and some lube I fucked her little asshole. Her ring of muscle clutched to me with every movement I made. The torment continued despite her screaming for me to stop. I smiled when she screamed that she was sorry, and that she'd do anything if I'd stop.

Pulling her hair so her head was on my chest, I grunted in her ear: "Who's in control?"

"You are, daddy."

That night, when Indi was sound asleep I rubbed her stomach and apologised to the baby. I explained that she just needs to play by daddy rules and things will be much better.

It wasn't long before Indi's belly swelled more, and her cute little bump became a melon. Every night I touched her, her tits, her cunt, so that she would get used to my touch and before long, she welcomed it. Her legs would spread before I even touched her. Her pussy would shine with juice, and when I asked her why she was so wet, she said it was thinking of me.When she climaxed on my fingers, she begged me for release. Telling me she loved me straight afterwards. There was a sparkle in her eye, a smile on her face as she pulled me over to her lips.

Indi gave birth to a little girl. We named her Maddi. Then as soon as the doctor gave the go ahead, I fucked another child into my daughter. Making sure she loved every second.

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