tagIncest/TabooHailey's Panties Spark a Fantasy

Hailey's Panties Spark a Fantasy


(Warning: Before you start reading this is the first story I have written, I plan on writing more as part of a series.

This story is about incest so please do not read if you are offended by incest.

Nothing from this story or any of the next stories in the series is real; it is all fictional and made up through a small fantasy in my head.

All characters are 18 or older. None of the characters are real, although just a few characteristics are based on people I know.

I hope you all enjoy reading my story.)


My name is Ryan. Today is the last day of work before summer starts and I finally have a break from work.

As you may have guessed I work as a professor. The class I teach is a physics class at a local college.

This year the class I had contained about 40 students, 32 of which where girls.

Of course, being in a classroom full of girls always had me horny and usually I ran home and masturbated right away when the day was over.

Since it's the last week before school ends I haven't had the time to masturbate at all during the week because of a large amount of work I had to grade for my students.

Anyway, the class I'm teaching just ended for the semester and this girl in my class, Sydney, stayed after class to talk about her grades.

She had been doing very well in my class up until a couple weeks ago and was trying to convince me to give her some extra credit to bring her grade back up.

She wasn't the prettiest girl I had ever seen but after a week of no orgasm, even average began to look sexy as hell.

Sydney was bent over my desk as she was attempting to explain why I should give her extra credit and I couldn't help notice her butt wiggling around as she spoke.

Until now, I had never really noticed Sydney but today I couldn't keep my eyes off her. The longer Sydney stayed bent over at my desk the more I felt the throbbing in my dick.

I was fairly certain if she had offered sex with me for a grade change I would have gladly accepted the offer.

I was very relieved when she finally gave up getting the grade and had run off to her next class.

As I drove home only one thing had been on my mind, thinking of Sydney bent over my desk as I came over her butt. That was the image I had been planning on cumming to later today.

I'm 48-years-old, married and have one daughter. Tomorrow is her 19th birthday and she had been asking to have a big party for weeks.

My wife had said no to Hailey but she just ran to me and begged me to let her have the huge party instead.

I began to say no to Hailey to until of course she pulled out her puppy dog sad face which had gotten her so much from me in the past.

Even though my wife, her mom said no. I of course told Hailey yes, and she hugged me and ran off to start telling her friends on Facebook or something.

As my daughter ran off I couldn't help but notice how similar she looked to my wife, Paige. Hailey, my daughter had a smile very similar to Paige, a smile which was able to convince people to do almost anything for her.

Hailey also had the same hair as Paige; brown wavy hair which went a few inches past her shoulders my wife was 5 Ft. 3 and I couldn't help but notice how short Hailey was, only around 5 Ft. tall.

It has been about one month since me and my wife Paige had sex. Along with that i have gone a week without masturbating.

No sex or orgasm had left me very horny throughout the week and I knew I will most likely end up masturbating a couple times after my daughter Hailey's party.

I would be thinking of all her hot friends running around it tight shorts or bikinis. Imagining them playing with my hard dick until i came.

I was home alone today because every Friday Hailey goes out shopping with friends to buy new clothes or just hang out. Paige is still at work for a few hours providing a perfect time to finally masturbate and relieve the aching in my balls from all the built up cum.

Hailey had always been a very shy girl but recently I noticed she had begun wearing sexier clothes around the house.

I had never thought about Hailey sexually until a couple of nights ago when Hailey accidently brushed her butt into me while walking into the kitchen.

She had been wearing a pair of pink stripped pajama pants which had grown a little small for her. The pants showed off every curve on her butt.

She had brushed against me while she walked by me in the kitchen, of course this made me grow hard and ever since then I began noticing Hailey a lot more.

Hailey had always had an amazing butt, so firm round and tight and she recently began wearing shorts which seemed to always be way too small around the house, she was beginning to reminded me of Paige who always had a nice butt also.

As I began to walk upstairs to my room I noticed a pair of Hailey's small panties laying on the floor in her bedroom. Curiosity got the best of me and I walked over to her room.

Immediately my dick began growing hard as I picked them up. Her panties smelled fresh and I could see a small wet spot on them. Lying on her bed I brought the blue lacy boy shorts to my face and pull out my throbbing dick.

Although Hailey only weight 100 pounds, I found it hard to believe that she could acually slip these panties on.

The thought sparked an image of Hailey slowly sliding her panties on and leaving me with a view of her with a clearly visible camel toe.

"These panties must have been on Hailey earlier today"

I thought to myself as I began to masturbate slowly, imagining Hailey standing in front of me.

Hailey was wearing her school uniform, a tight white shirt which she always left unbuttoned at the top, which gave me a great view of her boobs.

Until now I had never really thought about them but now, I was checking out her boobs, they looked to be just smaller the Paige's, my guess was that Hailey was around 32b.

Hailey's nipples here clearly visible thought her shirt. This reminded me of a few months ago when I had noticed her nipples while we sat together watching a movie.

I began to masturbate very slow as my fantasy began with me just sitting there talking to Hailey. I had grown hard in my shorts as I had been checking out her body and I was trying to hide my hard dick from her.

Hailey began walking over to me and sat down next to me, her hand resting on top of my leg. Hailey looks down right at my bulge and began blushing. I had no idea what to tell Hailey until Hailey looked right up at me, our eyes connecting and she said

"oh my god daddy, you...have a hard on don't you?"

It's my turn to blush as I looked at Hailey, trying to come up with a reason but unable to respond when she surprised me by giggling.

Hearing her giggle somehow only turned me on more as I felt my already hard dick attempting to become even harder.

"Daddy did I do that too you? I mean, am I the reason that you... dick... is big and hard? It looks a little painful trapped in those tight pants of yours"

Hailey gives me a sexy smile as I watch her stand up and bend over slightly, Just enough to give me a nice view up her skirt but slightly enough that I'm still unable to see her panties.

My dick is throbbing at this point as I feel myself spray out a little precum, looking at Hailey's sexy butt in her tiny skirt.

"Aww does daddy wish he could see up his daughter's skirt? I caught you trying to look a couple minutes ago, it was kind of cute.

Maybe I'll let you have a little peak and if you're lucky maybe even a little more, would you like that daddy?"

My dick had become harder than ever and a small wet spot was forming on my shorts due to leaking so much precum. I knew we shouldn't be doing this. But before I could put a stop to it I saw Hailey giggling as she began wiggling her tight butt around directly in front of my face.

Hailey had bent over just slightly nearly giving me a view of her panties and I knew I couldn't resist any longer.

"Hailey, you know we shouldn't be doing this. It's not right princess"

Aww, but daddy, look at the stain on your shorts; I know you don't want to stop"

Giving in completely I looked up at Hailey,deciding i needed to make it clear that she didnt tell anybody.

"Will you promise not to tell anybody, not even mom or your friend's princess?"

Hailey never responded to me; she only giggled and bent over slightly again, just enough to show me a pair of blue lacy boy shorts under her skirt. I remembered the pair as part of an outfit we bought her for her birthday last year.

"Those shorts look a little tight on you daddy, why don't you pull your dick out before you poke a hole in those shorts?"

Not needing to be asked twice I quickly pulled out my throbbing dick and held it in my hand. I was so horny I could feel my dick throbbing as the blood pumped through the veins. I couldn't believe how turned on my daughter had gotten me.

"Oh my god is that what a guy's dick looks like daddy? I've never seen a guy's dick before. Although I knew Hailey was a shy girl I was still relieved to know this.

I'm sure you really want to have sex now but I've always wanted to watch you stroke yourself for me.

I always wanted to do this with a friend from school but I was too scared to ask him. Would you do it for me? Please? Ohh thank you daddy! I love you so much.

Why don't you start off masturbating slowly? I don't want you to cum too quickly"

I began to stroke myself slowly; my eyes glued to Hailey's panties as I stared up her skirt. I continued stroking away slowly. All I could think about is how badly I wanted to stroke myself faster but Hailey wanted me to go slow and I didn't want to cum too soon and ruin the fun.

Hailey giggled as she began to dance around for me, spending a few minutes teasing me. All I wanted was for het to let me see her in the panties but her dancing only left me with only one small glimpse of her cute panties wrapped around her butt.

Hailey seemed to notice this before she stopped and smiled a little

"would you like to see me in just my panties daddy, I wouldn't mind stripping out of my skirt so you could see them."

I smile at Hailey, letting her know how bad I would love to see her in her panties. As I speed up stroking a little, Hailey walked closer to me, flipped her hair over her head and kissed my cheek before she slowly began to pull down her skirt, revealing her tight butt in the tiny blue boy shorts she was wearing.

Instantly I felt myself getting very close to an orgasm and I had decided I was ready to cum. Just as I speed up to cum for Hailey I hear her giggle again and without looking back at me she said

"no daddy, don't cum yet ok?"

How could she have known I was going to cum if she wasn't looking back at me? Disregarding the thought I heard her giggling at the fact that I slowed down even though I was ready to cum.

Groaning I slow down to avoid an orgasm but nearly cumming again as Hailey bent over, modeling the small panties on her tight round butt for me. The view was amazing and I began moaning out her name as I slowed down stroking my hard dick.

I couldn't possibly hold my cum in with a view like that unless I slowed down. I was just stroking away and watching as Hailey giggled and bent over more. To make things better she began pushing her butt covered in her blue lacy boy shorts into my face.

Her butt was so close to me I could feel the heat from her body, I had never seen a butt this close to me but if she had taken even the smallest step back my face would have been pressed into her.

Hailey continued she wiggling her butt around and I felt myself nearly scream out her name as I feel myself ready to cum. Just before my orgasm I hear Hailey say

"aww poor daddy, you must be dying to cum by now, spraying that huge load of cum you've built up everywhere.

But if I made you cum like this now I bet you would make a huge mess all over my bed if you did wouldn't you? Maybe we should stop before you make a mess on my bed daddy"

I couldn't believe Hailey was saying this, I needed an orgasm so badly and she was thinking of making me stop just to avoid a mess on her bed.

"Oh god Hailey, please I'm so horny, I really need to cum"

some precum sprays out as Hailey's butt brushes against me. Giggling Hailey turns her head back to face me

" well, I guess you do need an orgasm daddy, it would be unfair of me to leave you after you've worked up that huge load of cum.

I'll tell you what, let me have $100 to go shopping with some friends and you can cum all over my panty covered butt. You won't have to clean my bed if you cum there."

She made a point to let her butt brush against my face as she finished her sentence and I realized I was ready to do just about anything she wanted if it would allow me to spray my cum all over those panties.

Not wanting to wait longer I quickly ran to my room and grabbed $100 handing it to Hailey.

I sat back down I begin to stroke fast again as Hailey encouraged me to stroke my dick harder, faster and tighter. I could feel myself getting close and Hailey began telling me she wanted my cum on her panties, begging me to go faster and cum.

Just as I got to the edge and was ready to empty my aching balls onto Hailey's panty covered ass I heard a strange noise.

The ringing on my cell phone had broken me out of my fantasy. It took a moment to realize where I am.

I grabbed my phone to see who it is, hoping it is unimportant so I can go back to my fantasy; apparently Paige sent me a text

"Ryan, I know you are expecting me home in a few minutes but my boss just gave me extra work I have to do. I'm going to be getting off work late today and I also have to go out of town for a few days for meeting.

I know it's been a while since we had sex and since I'll be gone for a few days I thought I would make it up to you and we could have sex before I left. I'll even give you a blowjob just the way you like it before we start and if you're lucky I may even allow you to do me doggy style again, I know how much you enjoyed it last time.

I'm sure that your home by yourself right now so I hope you haven't masturbated to an orgasm yet; I would like you to wait for me ok? You know how much I enjoy huge loads of your cum baby, I'll be home soon and we can start the fun tomorrow as soon as we have the chance.

Ps, my panties have gotten soaked just thinking about tomorrow and I think I'll have to go and finger myself In the bathroom just so I can get some work done tonight"

As horny as I am I know how Paige gets when she's ready for sex. She usually turns into a cum craving nympho and I am usually left comply drained of all my cum.

I decide to wait for Paige just because it's not much longer to wait and I'm sure to have a huge orgasm with her when it's over, or will I?

The rest of the day went by slowly as I tried to find things to do, anything to keep my mind of sex before I went back and came, which would ruin the fun me and Paige would be having.

After a few hours had passed Hailey came home from shopping with her friends and showed me a new dress she would be wearing for her party.

It was absolutely beautiful and I could feel myself growing hard at the thought of Hailey in the dress, it was very thin and showed off a good amount of cleavage.

Hailey was only adding to the already intense horniness I was feeling so I quickly made an excuse to leave.

Knowing I needed to get my mind off of sex again so I left and went to my computer and just messed around on there for a few hours.

Eventually it had gotten late and I went to bed, dreaming of what tomorrow with Paige would be like. I knew with the aching in my balls, I had a long night ahead of me.

To be continued...


Thank you to everyone who read though the story, weather you enjoyed it or not.

I am currently finishing up the next story in the series but won't be releasing it as soon as it's finished, I would like to hear all of your feedback first, good or bad, no matter what it is I want to hear it.

So if you completely hated it, please don't refrain from telling me! Same goes for those who really enjoyed it.

The more feedback I have the more I can improve the next stories for everyone.

When I feel I have enough feedback from this story I may add a few ideas or finishing touches to my next story based on your comments and feedback before I finally release it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you read my next story!

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