tagInterracial LoveHaircut, Vietnamese Style

Haircut, Vietnamese Style


I was posted about 25 miles north of Saigon and served in the US Army during the later part of the War. I had to go to Saigon for a promotion board and do some paper work for my insurance. My little detachment had no admin support so the higher headquarters did all that stuff. Being more than a little in need of a haircut and a shave, I was directed straight to the local barbershop set up in one corner of the compound. The first sergeant told me to get the full treatment from the girls and charge it to his account.

I walked into the small room and got immediate attention from two lithe little bodied Vietnamese women. They said their names were Sally and Kim. It was uncommon for ladies who worked in a service business to take names that they thought would be easier for Americans to remember. I immediately asked their real names as I spoke Vietnamese very well. Chung and Chi snickered when I spoke for the first time. I asked what was so funny? They said I talked like a little boy because I spoke without sophistication! I was at once offended but it was obvious they liked me so I played it to the hilt. They asked what I wanted and both started to work on me.

Chung, the taller of the two, was the barber. She directed me to the sink where Chi washed my hair and began a very long massage. Soon, I was in a near dream state, as I had had no female contact for several weeks. My cock was trying desperately to jump out of my fatigue pants. Chi finished my hair and turned the chair around so Chung could cut my hair. She raised the chair, bending me in the middle and thankfully hiding my raging hard-on. They were snickering again and speaking low enough so I could not understand. In a minute, Chi picked up a hand vibrator and began to massage me again. The vibrating action nearly sent me through the roof but she was careful not to touch my genital area. This was torture.

Chung spent several minutes making sure that my hair was cut precisely as I had requested and then turned me to the mirror to approve the job. I was impressed as it was my first haircut in country and with a female barber. I thanked her and was about to get up when the chair was again pushed back. In a split second Chi climbed the chair and sat on my stomach. She began to use that great hand vibrator again. Standing between my legs Chung unbuttoned my jungle fatigues and pulled out my cock. I was a virgin to blowjobs but I knew what was happening in a second. Her warm small mouth enveloped my dick and started to lick the shaft. I think it took me maybe two seconds to blow my load in this beautiful Asian girl's mouth. After she sucked me dry, she reached over to the sink and got a hot towel. It felt so hot on my cock. I must have groaned because they both snickered again saying I sounded like a bear. I had to get a translation, as I had never heard the word for bear.

After a quick cleanup of my cock, Chung took another very hot towel out of the sink and placed it over my face for shaving. Blindfolded I still could fell Chi turned around on my stomach. She began sucking my cock in a deep throat action that would have made Linda Lovelace proud. Before long, I was very hard again. (Oh the benefits of youth). Lathering me up, Chung commenced with my shave, which I had totally forgotten. Chi slipped off me and pulled my fatigue pants down to my ankles. I protested in my boyish Vietnamese but they just giggled. Chi then picked up a knotted rope. I asked what that could be for. Again they giggled and reassured me I would like it.

Chi began to lick my exposed genitals. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft with vigor concentrating on the head and that little tender area just under the hood. She pushed her body up between my legs and also played with my nut sack. Chung was just shaving away all the while I was squirming in ecstasy. I had never been given so much attention or so many different stimulations. I had to be told to "hold still" constantly. By the time Chung finished with my shave, Chi had me close to climax again. In another swift move, Chung jumped up onto the arm of the barber's chair and put her head in my lap. These two tiny women began to tag team lick and suck my raging hard-on.

Chi pushed my legs up to get a better shot for what you all know was coming. Again, I was a virgin to such things. I cannot believe the stimulation that begins when she puts her tiny finger in my ass. I protested again with all my boyish charm but these ladies are determined to give me this pleasure. After stretching my asshole just a little, my beautiful attacker slides the first knot into me. Then another and another and another...

Chung is getting serious about her job now. It was obvious that these two ladies had done this before and knew the actions of the other. That first sergeant had set me up and now I was in for the works. The warmth and speed of Chung sucking and licking began to have the desired effect. I bucked and twisted but they had me pinned to the chair. It took just a couple minutes more for me to feel the unmistakable stirring in my groin. I said in Vietnamese "I'm coming!" They both stopped and giggled out loud. I guess I said it wrong.

As my white jism started to erupt from my cock, Chung put her delicious little mouth back on my cock head. As part of this well-oiled machine, Chi knew to pull the knotted rope out of my ass. Each knot caused me to buck and sent sensations through my body I can still remember thirty years later. I must have spent full two minutes in this super orgasmic state. When I finally lay still, they jumped off and cleaned me up. I got a quick sponge bath from Chi while Chung gave me a facial massage. They finished and were in the process of putting my fatigues back in place when the first sergeant walked in. He had an ear-to-ear grin on his face. He asked the ladies if I was a good boy. They giggled saying I talked like a little boy not a good boy!

More to come!

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