tagFirst TimeHairelding a New Don Ch. 6

Hairelding a New Don Ch. 6


We went inside the room and kissed. She slowly started unbuttoning her blouse button by button. She slipped off her blouse revealing the most beautiful white lace bra I had ever seen. It was barely holding her perfect tits in place and I could see her nipples growing with anticipation. I leaned forward to touch her but she pushed me back I watched as she stood before me in her lace bra and panties. Her bushy underarms were clearly visible as were the long hair on her mons peeping out from the top and sides of her panties. My cock was throbbing like never before and I wanted to have it stroked. She began to kneel before me, undid my pants and slid them to my ankles. She teased my cock with her hands and finally released it from my boxers. It felt so good to have my cock out in the open and I knew she was excited by her smile and moan. She stared into my eyes as she stroked my cock with one hand and played with my balls with the other. Her soft hand felt so good wrapped around my big hard cock and I just leaned back and soaked it all in.

This was the real thing after all the groping in the car and in her mother’s dark bathroom I had a clear look at her sensuous body. She was a beauty and I soaked in her undoubted charms. After stroking and teasing me for a couple of minutes she was back on her feet. Her hands released her hair as she raised her arms and the jet-black matted hair in her dense armpits spilt out soft and silky. In one motion she released the front clasp of her bra and her firm round tits burst out of their confinement. She bent over and slid her panties over her heels to the floor. Her unshaved bushy pussy was staring at me. She was now completely naked and my cock was ready to explode.

She took my cock and licked it and then swallowed all eleven inches of it. She moved up and down on it while I just sat back and prepared to explode. "Please fuck me Giorgio darling I want your cock in my pussy like Mama took Aldo’s spear," she said. I reached forward and touched her hairy pussy. I parted the hair on her pubic mound as I caressed her clit. My cock was now dangling between my legs hard and ready. I moved my thumb lightly over her clit and she cried out softly. She was hot and wet and so ready for me.

She couldn't keep her eyes off the bulge in my pants. She began to unbuckle my belt, her hands shaking with anticipation. She unzipped my pants and struggled to free my large cock. I pulled my shirt off over my head. Now completely naked, she climbed on the bed she bent her knees and leaned over my cock and with her tongue, she pushed saliva out of her mouth and watched it slowly fall onto my hard throbbing cock. She reached down with one hand and began to stroke my dick. She dropped down onto her knees beside me and took my swollen prick into her mouth. I swept her hair back as she ravenously swirled her tongue over the head of my dick. She gripped my cock with one hand and then bobbed her head over the exposed flesh, enveloping it in her mouth again and again.

"Stop," I whispered. "Lie here on your back and hang your head off the side of the bed." "Open your mouth," I said and when she did, I slowly slid my cock all the way to the back of her throat. She gagged, her body writhing. Her arms were stretched out behind and the tufty locks in her unshaven armpits were matted with sweat and glistening. I pushed into the back of her mouth again, the swollen head of my cock jamming all the way. She choked and gagged, bucking her body and I finally pulled out.

I now was ready to fuck my fiancée. Silvia was panting with exciting and writhing on the bed as she shuddered to a climax and I was all pumped after having literally fucked her mouth. It was my first time with Silvia and I wanted it to be special. She opened her legs and the crisp thicket at the junction of her thighs untangled itself as I pushed in my cock passed her hairy entrance. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh” I groaned as I pushed past and then I pushed the full length of my dick inside her. She cried out, as her whole body seemed to sink into intoxication. She had wanted my cock inside her for so long as I thrust in and out of her. I fucked her hard as I thought of her mother Caterina with the two huge men inside her and the hirsute goddess riding the massive pole of Aldo. I thought of my aunt Gabriela who I had fucked and watched being taken by the massive weapon, which Raoul possessed. Afterwards, I pulled her up and made her sit on top just like Aldo had made her mama do.

She slowly lowered her wet juicy pussy onto his cock, it slides easily inside her and I groaned with pleasure, and she began to move slowly up again, then down hard and fast onto my hard shaft. She began rubbing her clit against me and grinding and bucking against my body, onto my cock, up and down, hard and fast. I reached up and tugged at the tufty hair in her furry armpits. Now that her arms were stretched above her head the luxuriant hair in her lush armpits seemed very long and thick rising from the tip of her breasts almost to her elbow. Her movements become more urgent, and she held tightly to my body as she started shuddering into another orgasm.

My cock began to spasm and I am ready to flood her pussy with my cum. But I want to be on top of her so I get her off my cock and lay her down on the mattress. She spreads her legs and displays her wild thatch of pubic hair and raises her legs high in the air. She was making it clear how she wanted me to fuck her. I get on top of her and she pulled me back again on top of her as I enter her and our lips locked as I kiss her passionately. She begins moaning into my mouth with each buck I give her. Was she going to let me cum inside of her? "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh cum in me Giorgio darling I want you as my husband Fuck me and cum inside me” she screamed just as I felt my heart beating louder and blood rush into my cock.

I was in a state of delirium as sweat poured from her bushy underarms onto my hands. The thick bushy underarms were matted with sweat and a waft of natural aroma filled my nostrils. I loved her hairy body more than anyone else in the world. I have lusted for many women including Aunt Gabriela and her heavenly hirsute body but Silvia was all mine. I would not share her with anyone and she was special to me.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhh” I moaned “I want to fill you with my cum my hairy darling I want to make you feel good” as I thrust hard into her. I knew this was the moment that I would cherish forever. I was to cum in my darling Silvia’s hairy pussy. She was urging me on “Cum darling fill me with your cum can you fell my juices I want to drink your sweet cum from your hard cock ccccccuuuummm”

That was it I did not hold back. Thick wads of semen flew out of my cock in torrents into her. I watched spurt after spurt shower my darling's naked hairy sweaty body. After the first few spurts I took it out of her pussy and showered her body. She began to rub it in to her stomach and breasts and finally I trained my cock and let loose a stream of cum into her bushy armpits.

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