tagGroup SexHairomatherapy Ch. 1

Hairomatherapy Ch. 1


I work in a massage parlor. A tough life but the wages were good and since it was a unisex parlor sometimes I did men and sometimes women too sometimes both together especially when they were husband and wife. The whole therapy session runs for 3 hours including the full massage with herbal oils as well as a steam/sauna routine, which helps to soak in the herbs, which are used for the message.

My hours are long and the only thing, which works in my favor, is sometimes the men/women are so turned on that I get my share of sex and a healthy tip thereafter. As a single mother living a drudgery life the sex and the money are both welcome more so as I love having sex. Big cocks and hairy men turn me on and mind you I am hairy too. My ex-husband had a fetish for hirsute women and for many years I have remained unshaven.

The management is quite happy if I indulge in a bit of sex with the customers as it makes them come back again. The routine starts with my giving them a body massage though the crotch is duly covered but often enough the massage is very sensuous and the male organ mostly stands erect in a matter of seconds when I do the inside thighs. I do not touch the organ itself initially but often enough the look in the eyes of the man or when he tugs my hand towards his cock starts off the sexual activities.

In the case of the women their nipples are erect and you can feel the wetness in their vagina, as the thin muslin cloth, which covers their pussy sometimes, is wet. Last week it was me who started the action. I had changed into my dress which is a cloth which I put over my bra/panty so that the oils don’t spoil my clothes when I entered the small room and a husband and wife were waiting for me. They introduced themselves as Lisa and Samuel. They were both young and looked very fit no the usual customers who normally had aches and pains for which the aromatherapy was useful.

She was wearing this short black skirt with a see thru white top, and a black blazer. She was not wearing a bra, as you could clearly see her hardened nipples through the thin blouse. She was a real stunner, tall and a brunette I asked her to take off her blazer and remove her blouse. She unbuttoned her blouse giving me wonderful glimpses of her breasts. They were large but were very firm and pointed and she had lovely erect nipples. I told her to take off her skirt and she reached down and slipped a hand up under her skirt and started to pull her knickers down. As she bent down and pulled the knickers down her long slender legs her bushy underarms came into view. She had much more underarm hair than me and as she stepped out of her cotton knickers her pubic forest was also revealed. She was one hairy woman!

I looked around at the man a little surprised at seeing this hirsute goddess. I knew I would enjoy massaging this hirsute woman especially her underarms. While I rubbed the various oils one of the routines was to rub it up the arms and then wind it around the breasts/chest. She had so much pubic hair then when I did her inside thighs I would have to tug at the long hair there too.

I tell Samuel he has to undress too and I hand him a small thong to put over his penis and testicles. He smiles at me and I know why. The fabric I have handed over to him can hide nothing. I looked and see that he's got what looks to be a magnificent erection in his jeans. He kicks his boots off with a flirtatious grin. He undoes that oversized belt buckle, unzips his jeans, and reveals a black underwear. The sight of him makes me mutter to myself. His cock is huge and straining under the underwear. I keep my eyes trained on him and he is forced to remove his underwear. Jutting from a huge black bush of pubic hair is his massive cock. He quickly hides his swollen, thick mushroom in the thin covering and then removes his shirt to reveal a thick chest filled with matted black hair. They were an awesome hairy couple.

They lie back on the couch. Samuel’s cock is erect and jutting out and forming a tent. Lisa too is stretched out her heavy breasts and erect nipple was very enticing and her bushy underarms looked very furry as the jet–black underarm hair stretched out from her unshaven armpits. Her pubic hair grew all over her mound and the thin muslin covering her pussy hardly covered her bushy pubic hair as the thick black hair escaped from either side of the cloth.

I poured some sweet smelling oil over their bodies and slowly rubbed it into them. My assistant Don walks in and he starts rubbing the oil into Lisa’s legs while I do the same to Samuel. His erection stands out and as I near his crotch it starts to twitch and I can see it is really huge. I move up past it and rub some hot oil on his chest. The thick matted hair on his chest feels good on my fingers and I give him one of my specials as I dig my thumb and index finger into the sensitive spots. I hear a moan and I am surprised that it is not from Samuel but his hirsute wife Lisa. Obviously Dan has touched some nerve, which makes her emit the moan, and as I turn she is rubbing his crotch. Don as I have known personally packs a heavy weapon and there is nothing better for him but to get his gigantic cock blown.

I watch in disbelief as she fumbles at his crotch, gets hold of his zipper and pulled it down, pushed her hand into his fly, and eased his cock out. Don has a massive tool and I look towards Samuel whose are closed enjoying his massage as I knead his hard biceps. She holds his cock firmly in her hand while he kisses her breast and her untrimmed underarms. She then starts to move her hand on him with a very experienced motion. She runs her fingertips over the tip of his cock and she stroked it and then opened her mouth and pulled his cock towards her. She took his glans inside her mouth, not without considerable difficulty, and started to suck on it while her hand pulled on his shaft. I watched her struggling to keep the whole glans in her mouth; it was clearly too big for her and she pulled back and held about half the huge knob between her lips, her cheeks concave as she sucked on the tip. He started to groan and his face was contorted with ecstasy. I wondered how she gave her husband head as his cock seemed under the tent formed at his crotch far bigger than Don.

The sight of the hirsute Lisa sucking Don before me has me all wet and excited. My hands are rummaging the thick dark chest hair and suddenly I swoop down. I slide my hand down towards the tent over his crotch and stroke his throbbing penis through the thin muslin. He moans deeply and I feel the skirt of my dress under the overcoat ride up over my hips as his huge hands frantically grasps at me. His hands encounter my thick bushy pubes and his eyes open in surprise as if to say “Are you so hairy too”. I quickly grab his cock, his penis was enormous. I struggle to wrap my fingers around it. Looking down I gasp, he must have been at least 12 inches long and my hand couldn't even circle his shaft. It was big and throbbing and the most awesome sight I had even seen.

He now can view his wife sucking Don intensely. Her armpit hair is dripping with sweat and oil and a pungent aroma fills the room. Lisa is sucking hard as her heads bobs up and down on Don’ massive prick. My hands can hardly get over the huge member in front of me as he removes my overall and takes of my top. The sight of my awesome armpits startles him. Its thick jet-black and very hairy. Aromatherapy has turned to “HAIROMATHERAPY”

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