Hairy Madonna


I am a very hairy woman. Ever since I was a teenager I fantasized about hairy men and women and I had masturbated many times thinking not only of the extremely hairy body of Tom Selleck but also the bushy underarms of Madonna. The photographs of Madonna with her arms stretched over her head showing jet-black bushy armpits are etched forever in my memory.

Last week when I was walking to my apartment in my sleeveless dress I saw a couple holding hands and walking briskly towards me. I raised my arms exposing my jet-black bushy underarms which I hadn't shaved in the past fifteen years and as a huge mass of hair was clearly visible. The couple had almost reached me and as I saw them staring at my bushy underarms to my amazement I recognized them. They were my childhood fantasy Tom and Madonna. Tom was wearing a bush shirt open at the top exposing his amazingly hairy chest. His hairy forearms were also a sight to behold. I stopped them and asked them for an autograph which they readily agreed. I then told me hat my apartment was round the block and if they came up I could take a photograph of them. To my surprise they agreed.

As we took the elevator to my apartment Tom and Madonna looked very much in love as I looked towards his crotch I could discern a bulge, which was very appetizing. Madonna kept looking at my bushy armpits. She then said – "why don't you shave your armpits; they seem so hairy."

I told her "Ever since I saw your jet black armpit hair I stopped shaving my armpits but now why do you shave your underarms" She said hat her producers had made her shave her underarms though most Italians did not shave their underarms. She however said "Tom likes me to stay hairy so my underarms are unshaven and they are hairy like yours too."

"Do you want to see them," she added. I could hardly nod my reply as I was so excited and I swear they could have seen me sopping wet through my cotton dress.

We entered the apartment and I went to the kitchen to make them some coffee and also to get hold of my camera. When I entered my living room to my utter amazement both Tom and Madonna were completely nude. "Is this how you want to click us" Tom asked? My mouth opened in astonishment and I couldn't believe that Tom was standing before me in his hirsute glory.

Thick black hair covering his manly chest as the hair merged into his massive crotch hair from where proudly stood his massive chest. Standing alongside him was Madonna holding his erect penis a sight to behold? Her crotch covered with thick black hair, which was curly and growing from just below her navel. It was a massive muff. She then called to me and doing so raised her left armpit showing the blackest and longest armpit hair I had seen. I rushed towards them and licked at the wild growth of Madonna's bushy armpits as Tom tugged at my armpit bush.

I could no longer control myself I sank to my knees and took Tom's enormous prick into my mouth. It tasted so good and Tom slowly started pushing his dick way deep into my mouth. I wanted to be stuffed by his huge dick. Madonna in the meanwhile was examining the huge hairy growth in my bushy armpits as she playfully played with the tufty locks of jet-black hair in my bushy armpits. Tom kept pumping his dong deeper into my mouth and soon he groaned and deposited his wad into my mouth.

Tom then moved behind Madonna and put his hands from behind her into her matted armpit jungle. And then slipped his beautiful cock inside her hairy cunt and started fuck her, Madonna cried out loud as he filled her cunt full of hard cock. He pounded her hard as his finger started to probe her hairy asshole.

He then beckoned to me and asked to put my arms behind my head as he kissed my tufty armpit forest. Feeling his manly mustache on my furry armpits was a very new experience. I became wet as my hero continued to pound the hirsute Madonna. He was driving her into a frenzy with his cock filling her cunt and the sight of Tom Selleck fucking Madonna excited me no end I moved towards Madonna and put my furry pubic hair in front of Madonna, she started to lick and suck away at my hairy bush. I bent down and tugged at the sweaty locks in Madonna's bushy underarms and marveled at the sexy jet-black growth, which had filled her armpit hollow twice as much as when it appeared in Penthouse in the early eighties. Tom then removed his cock from her overflowing hairy cunt and pushed the engorged monster into her hairy asshole. She felt massive head start to push against her asshole.

She screamed as his cock began to move deeper inside her ass, as I pulled her head back into my fluffy cunt hair as she licked my swollen clit. Cum in my hairy ass Madonna pleaded as she felt a massive multiple orgasm. Tom was ready to cum and fucked Madonna even more as he thrust deep into her black hairy ass. He could feel the soft pelt of hair against his balls as he filled her ass full of his cum. Madonna felt his cock spurt its hot load deep inside her ass. Seeing the sexual frenzy and Madonna's tongue on my thick black pubic hair through which she licked my clitoris I felt a rush of energy as I reached my orgasm.

Madonna said she needed a shower and we decided to join her. The water was lukewarm as she started to soap her bushy armpits. The soapsuds made her jet-black underarm hair turn into white fluffy hair and against her massive cunt fur, which hadn't been, soaped it looked very sexy. I reached out and played with her wet pussy and we all soaped up quickly exploring our bodies. Tom's cock was limp and exhausted but still very impressive as it strutted out of his magnificent dark pubic hair.

I lovingly caressed his limp member, soaping every inch of it as I soaped his massive matted chest hair. My armpit hair was getting wet not only with the sweat but also with seeing the hirsute bodies of Tom and Madonna in their hairy glory. I wanted Tom to put his limp member into the heavy pelt of hair in my unshaven armpits. He looked surprised "You mean fuck your bushy armpits." I said "please Tom please put your erect cock into my armpit forest" He said "Madonna doesn't like my putting my cock into her hairy armpits"

Tom's cock started to grow hard as he slipped his massive dong into my armpit forest. He moved it slowly up and down as the purple head of his throbbing member disappeared into the soft black hair of my bushy armpits. I felt my legs give way as my pussy ached from the continuous orgasms that hit my like waves as Tom Selleck continued to thrust his cock into my bushy armpits watched by the heavenly hirsute Madonna.

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