Hairy Men


It was insane, totally wrong, but before she could stop to talk herself out of it, she rolled onto her hands and knees and presented her backside to the wolf. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that Remy's and Rommie's green eyes had widened in identical expressions of surprise and joy.

Remy wasted no time. He situated himself behind her and raised his forepaws onto her back. They altered a little, feeling more like human hands as they gripped her sides. His hot, furry body covered hers. His huge cock plunged in, its way greatly eased by how stretched and lubricated Rommie had left her.

Overwhelmed by sheer sensation, Jaylee was almost a wild animal herself. She bucked to meet each of Remy's rapid thrusts, hardly caring that his clawlike nails were digging into her ribs.

Rommie, erect again, knelt in front of her. She didn't need to be asked or instructed. She opened her mouth and drew him in. He was still human, but the taste of the wolf was on him, and the taste of her juices, and she sucked him hard and took him as far down her throat as she possibly could.

They went on like that, switching positions until they had tried almost every permutation and combination that Jaylee could think of, until all three of them were utterly spent and exhausted.

At last, they lay in a heap together, her with her head pillowed on Remy's furry side, Rommie with his head on her stomach, limbs entwined.

Around them, the forest night was silent, and the full moon rode high in the midnight sky above.


"What do you mean, you're not coming back?"

"I told you, Marion... I met someone."

"He must be someone pretty damn special; you've only been up there a week."

"Oh, he's special, all right. He's wonderful. Everything I ever wanted."

"Yeah?" Marion paused. "Has he got a brother?"

Jaylee laughed. "Actually, he does, but I don't think he's your type."

"Why not?"

"Too hairy," Jaylee said, and hung up.

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