tagGroup SexHairy University Ch. 03

Hairy University Ch. 03


As I slowly regained consciousness, pleasant memories of the wide array of bushy beavers I had recently encountered filled my thoughts. Breathing in through my nose, I thought I detected faint traces of the various pussy perfumes I had sampled. Running my tongue along my teeth, I encountered a stray hair that had become lodged between two of my molars. As I tried to reach up and pry it free with my fingers, I was surprised to discover that I could no longer move my arms.

I opened my eyes to assess the situation and found myself strapped naked to a table of some sort. My arms and legs were spread and secured to the table by an intricate knot system. I struggled briefly to free myself to no avail. I was about to call out to someone to demand freedom when a voice to my right said, "Good. You're finally awake."

I turned my head to see Sandra, the young blonde student who had walked in on my interview with Becky the Brown -- or rather my interview with Becky the Brown's meaty gash that had been surrounded by a verdant growth of chestnut curls. Sandra was sitting at a console of some sort, and before I could speak she had flipped a switch and the room erupted into a heady mixture of disco lights and the throbbing drone of house music.

Sandra sauntered over to me, grasped my limp pecker in her hands and nodded. "I do so love to feel a man's tackle metamorphose from flaccid noodle to proper British Steel," she said in a clipped English accent.

As she lazily palpated my penis, three more young ladies danced seductively into the room. While Sandra was still dressed in her school uniform, the three newcomers were dressed quite differently. I found myself taken back to my youthful Junior High days when fluorescent "Madonna bracelets" were all the rage -- only in this instance it was the bobbed wigs and stylish bikinis of three girls that glowed with impossibly bright colors, responding no doubt to the black lights that were strewn across the room. The colors of Blue, Purple, and Green filled my vision as my cock began to throb in time with the bass of the music and Sandra's expert fondling.

Sandra then bent over my crotch, her long blonde hair cascading like a waterfall to cover me. Instead of taking me into her mouth as I had hoped, she instead dragged her hair slowly up my torso until we faced each other upside down in the private sanctuary created by her tresses. "Act natural. This is all being recorded and scrutinized by the entire Council."

"Council?" I asked.

"We'll run out of time if you keep interrupting with questions about what you don't understand. For now just stay quiet, stay focused, and try not to get over-stimulated. You need to learn to control your orgasms..., and to remain conscious after coitus."

Following her instruction, I focused my attention back on the glowing dancers. With seductively swaying hips they circled around me until the "Purple Girl" had positioned herself between my spread and bound legs. She then launched into a series of movements in which she divested herself of the top of her swim suit (revealing fluorescent purple pasties covering her nipples, of course), wrapped her bikini top around the pillar of my rock-hard erection, genuflected as if in worship to the altar of my cock, and bent forward to take holy communion by swallowing my plum-colored helmet and impishly swirling her tongue around my glans. This process was repeated by the two other mysterious beauties that sucked and swirled with the precision of a practiced ritual as Sandra nibbled my ear and spoke.

"You will soon find the politics of The Council are quite entangled. Each council member is the representative, or 'Matron,' of her 'Hearth.' Hearths are divided by the color of their pussy patches, Matrons are chosen by length and breadth and fluffiness of their pubic bush domains. Black and Brown are the most populous Hearths, followed by Grey, Silver and White. The Auburn and Blonde hearths have the fewest members due to the scarcity of such snatches. Novices, such as myself and the dancers, serve all."

Purple Girl had once again returned to my outstretched legs and had proceeded to fling aside her bottoms to reveal a nicely-shaped bush that had been dyed fluorescent purple. She climbed on top of me until she was in position to roll my cock along her bush and the outer lips of her quim then continued her climb until she sat atop my face. She mashed her cunt down on me quite insistently, and smeared herself from my chin to my nose. Something seemed unexpectedly off until I realized that her twat honey had the smell and taste of grape! As I drank greedily from her well-fleeced chalice, Sandra pitched in with more direct clit-lapping. Eventually Purple Girl climbed off to be replaced by Blue Girl's blue-dyed thatch and Green Girl's green-dyed grassy knoll. Each young lady smelled and tasted of blueberries and mint, respectfully.

Throughout, Sandra kept up with my education. "There is currently a rift in the power structure that has been caused by your introduction into our midst. The majority of women want you dead, or made politically impotent, so that things can continue the way they've always been. But a reverse misogyny has taken hold of our teachings recently. To a point it is inevitable for the hirsute woman to hate a male-dominated culture that only finds value in shorn slits. But there are those of us who seek a newer, better way in which we educate our ignorant brethren to the joys of soft, furry vulvas. We seek to use your arrival as the start of a new Golden Age with outreach programs of fucking and sucking that will start small as a humble grassroots campaign but with dedication and enthusiasm can spread from sea to shining sea and heal our nation's wounded soul. You may find this naïve thinking, but the comfort of bushy snatches is desperately needed, especially in these tough economic times. It is our calling. If not now, when?"

A purple-wigged head began bobbing up and down on my pego, a second unknown mouth encased my ball sack, and a mischievous tongue entered my anus. My pelvis gave a lurch.

"To prove yourself Patriarch of our Matriarchal society, you'll need to conquer the bearded clams of each of the Matrons. You've already tagged Gladys the Grey and have made the acquaintance of Becky the Brown, but Belinda the Black has requested that you service her next."

Just before I was about to let loose in Purple Girl's mouth, all three dancers backed away from me. Seats with stirrups had lowered from the ceiling and each took a place in a triangular pattern around me. I felt surrounded by a radiant Triforce of glowing pudenda light awash in fruit flavor as each young lass spread their thin outer lips to reveal the sanctified pink flesh beneath. Sandra whispered rules of proper Council protocol and other shrouded secrets, while I took the opportunity to examine the charms of the dancing girls more closely. Purple Girl had a proper kosher cunt covering of tightly spun curls. Blue Girl possessed a long straight bush that only women of Asian heritage seemed to be gifted with. Green Girl's bush had the fluffy texture I had only ever caught brief glimpses of in old-world Swedish porn.

The three dancers then launched into a ritualized masturbation performance that started off slow and grew in intensity. Light fingerfucking progressed into widening circles culminating into an astonishingly strong clit slap at the end.

"Beware of Belinda the Black. She favors not the cock, but she relishes the lash. It's as if she views it as her own personal duty to punish every man and boy she can get her hands on for the profligration of 'barely legal' bare eager beavers. Simply put, she ruins men. I had a good friend, my own sweet Dominick. Dominick was a maestro of deep dicking, so I nominated him for membership. One session with Black Belinda and he was broken, only able to erect and cum from hours of rigorous pegging. I'm talking sodomy. She turned his prostate palace into a virtual pussy. Anal sex on a man through the use of a vibrator or--."

"Yes, yes. I know what 'pegging' is, thank you." As Sandra spoke though, the beginnings of an idea of how to approach this Belinda started to form in my mind. "The university, it endorses all of this sexual activity?"

"This is a Research One institution dear boy, the University pays for it. There are worlds within worlds, you will soon see. Winning Belinda's vote will be next to impossible, but you must prevail because the decision of your future depends on a unanimous vote from the council."

"Why are you and the girls taking such a risk in telling me all of this?"

"Think of us as..., a sexy version of the 'Rebel Alliance." Sandra pushed a button on the side of the table and the restraints that had bound my arms and legs instantly released. She climbed on top of me, impaled herself on my cock, and shouted, "Now fuck me like you mean it, and you better make me like it."

I groaned in relief at her slippery wetness, and with my arms now free I grabbed a hold of her and literally slammed her hips up and down on my groin. It wasn't very long before I was jettisoning my load and all four ladies reached synchronous climaxes. By this point Sandra and I were laying side-by-side, and my relaxing cock plopped out of her pulsating poon to nestle happily in her sweaty, cum-spattered corn-silk bush. For a brief moment I felt completely spent, but remembering the gravity of the tasks before me I rallied and regained my composure. Surveying the trio of yet unplundered trim, I thundered, "Please ladies, could I have some more? I'm still hungry and would like some more!"

As I arose from the table to approach Blue Girl, a door opened and two women entered. They were both middle-aged with black hair, gracefully sloping breasts, rounded tummies and respectfully large bushes. I could tell all of this at a glance since they wore the same bedeviling style of outfit that Becky the Brown and Gladys the Grey had worn.

"Could my very life truly be in danger from these women?" I thought to myself. I knew they were here to escort me to stand before the Council. They were expecting fear. They were expecting defiance. They were not, however, expecting sincere and uncontrollable ardor -- especially if they had been watching all that had transpired. A quick glance at their hairy pussies revealed the sparkling residue of their slimy secretions. Without wasting a further moment I approached the two aged women and greeted them in their own cultural custom with a kiss on a nipple and a hearty handshake that consisted of running the edge of the index finger along the labial crease while twirling a thumb counter-clockwise around the clitoral hood. I managed to greet both women almost simultaneously with a hand in each cookie jar, so to speak.

"Thank you so much for coming to fetch me." I smiled as my prick engorged. "Such a menial chore for two such high-status beauties." The woman on the left actually seemed to blush, and little wonder. Her snatch was practically salivating into my hand. "Might I have the signal honor of a quick lick of each of you ladies before we're away?"

Without waiting for permission I took to my knees and like a dog licking peanut butter I took a single lingering slurp of each woman's delta of Venus. With just as much alacrity I took to my feet, wrapped a hand around my pego and offered it to each of my escorts. "Would either of you ladies be so kind as to return the favor? I seem to have developed a bit of a drip, and I would be loathe to be so gauche as to splatter my seed unasked upon the marble floors of the great council."

Both of my escorts seemed put off-balance by my request. In the end it was Green Girl who flashed me a wink as she knelt before me and sucked the last vestiges of my ejaculate and Sandra's lust elixir from my grateful crank.

Thoroughly refreshed and armed with knowledge, I linked arms with the two representatives of the Black Hearth and asked them to lead me to the next great adventure.

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