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Haitian Hooters


This was the first erotic fiction I ever wrote. It was my entry into some contest and it took First Place! Any way, in my attempt to pull every story together in the same spot, I am publishing it here. Unchanged. I could go back and clean up some stuff, but why bother?

So here it is. The first story by DDDDave:


I was 18 years old when I hid out in the Army. Two years later I found myself helping to restore democracy in Haiti. That's when this all started.

Growing up was traumatic and uncomfortable for me. See, while all my girlfriends and all the other girls in school were maturing and growing out, I was maturing and growing up. No out. Just UP. Okay, I wasn't a freak or anything, just taller than almost everyone else and definitely flatter.

All during school I kept waiting. I was jealous of the girls that grew boobs. I was also more than a little turned on watching them in the showers. Or seeing them maneuvering through the halls, all the guys heads turning to follow them as the majestically sailed past, bow first.

And why is it that a girl can be about butt ugly and, if she is short, will be termed "cute". Well, I was no woofer, I wasn't Miss America material but I WAS a lot prettier than Marcia Whyte. She was only 4'10" so SHE was cute. I was a foot taller and couldn't get a guy to notice me if my hair was on fire. Well, it felt that way to me. I had had a few dates but they had not gone well in my mind. Looking back I suppose it was as much my attitude as anything else that prevented any ongoing relationship. But at the time I thought it was all their fault and because I was so tall.

My sex drive was just fine. And I had practiced with enough members of the fruit and vegetable families that I thought my technique was okay. I just never had the chance to show a guy the skills I had developed on bananas and cucumbers and squash and so on. But they really really felt good filling up my cunt while I stroked and kneaded my very sensitive nipples. I discovered that I could have small orgasms just from teasing my nipples. And let me slip a cuke into my snatch and watch out! Most of my girlfriends thought that multi-orgasmic women were a figment of the women's movement. I knew otherwise, but why should I tell them?

To get to the point. My social and sexual life changed big time after I had been in Haiti. I was serving as liaison between the command group in the capitol and some of the groups in the field. Driving down a country lane, more than a little lost, I came around a sudden curve to discover a donkey in the middle of the road. More from instinct than anything else, I swerved off the road and plowed into the roadside ditch.

The greenery rushing at me and the donkey braying was the last thing I remember. When I woke up I was lying on a pallet on the floor of a ramshackle hut. My head hurt and my ribs ached. No, my ribs were killing me. I discovered the difference when I tried to sit up.

"Augh! Oh, god, that hurts!"

"Childe, you stay still. I fix you up soon enough. Don worry 'bout dat."

What looked like the oldest woman in the world was doing something on the other side of the hut. I couldn't see very well, there wasn't much light in the hut, just some flickering flames from a small fire near the front door and some kind of flame on the table in front of my hostess.

Just then she gave a grunt of satisfaction. I heard a pop as the flame in front of her died and she scurried over to me carrying a beaker of liquid and some strips of cloth.

"You got you some smashed up ribs dere when you hit dat steerin wheel. But you miss Josie and a tank you for dat. I don know how I do what I need ta round here with out him. Now drink this and slip out dat shirt so's I can slap dis poultice on you. You be good as new by morning you see."

"Old Mother," I said, "if I got smashed ribs, and how do you know that I do, I should be in the hospital not lying here drinking some herbal tea and having you do who knows what with that .... that..." words failed me.

"Now childe, I know you got rib broke on account I laid hands on you to get you in here. I taken care of lot worse than that. Now DRINK!"

I found myself gripping the beaker with both hands and downing the brew with no further argument. It tasted pretty good, surprisingly.

"Now don't look at me like that. Something don have to taste horrible to work real good. I foun that out years ago." She said in response to my questioning look.

"Who are you, where am I?" I asked as she helped me slip off my fatigue shirt. For some reason, I wasn't objecting to this now. As a matter of fact, I noticed that a real feeling of warmth was spreading thru me from the pit of my stomach, up through my chest, down through my groin and out to my extremities.

"Well, I'm da Juju woman round dese parts. You be in my home which most folks don' see I tell ya. And I'm in your debt on account of you missed hitting my Josie. Now lets see what we got here." And she began poking and prodding at my side.

I didn't feel nearly as much pain as I thought I might. Either I wasn't hurt as bad as I thought or the potion was really numbing me up. I was feeling more than a little light headed by now.

"Well, this will fix you right up. Take off that silly little bra. You don need it anyway and it's jus us girls here. Don't be bashful." she continued as she saw my hesitation. Even doped up I was a little embarrassed to undress in front of a stranger.

"Well, I see you stuffing still. Don worry I not tell no one." It was true I did wear a padded bra but it was just to give some shape to my clothes. I knew even as I repeated the lie to myself that that wasn't the reason.

"I just want boobs so bad i could cry." I didn't even realize I'd said it outloud till I heard it.

"Never you mind. Here hold this while I pin this. There, that'll work. Now you lie down and rest. I'll wake you toward mornin."

The next I knew, I was being shaken awake. I stretched out on the bed and it wasn't till I relaxed that I remembered that it should have hurt. But it didn't. Amazed, I probed my side and realized that I felt no pain at all!

"Glad you awake, childe." The old crone smiled at me. "Now I work on that other problem of yourn and I want you to take this present."

Confused I looked down at the package she'd dropped in my lap.

"What is it", I asked.

"It's your juju doll. I made it for you last night after you went to sleep. Unwrap it. Sure enough. Inside the three layers of old newsprint was a little clay doll. It's clothes were the same shade of green as my fatigues but it didn't look like me at all. In a way it didn't resemble anything more than a home made Barbie doll. It had the same hourglass busty shape. In fact if childhood memory was any judge it was even bigger built than my old Barbie.

"Now child, I know you confused. Don worry. This little trinket gonna bring you a world of good if you let it."

"But what, why... What is it for?" I finally asked.

"Childe. I told you. I owed you for saving my Josie. This here juju gonna do what you want it to. It gonna give you boobs. Real big ones if you want. All you gotta do is hold onto that doll. Tink in you mind how you wanna look and dere you be. It work. You want big, you big. You want middle you got middle. You yearn for small you got small. Alla same to dat doll."

"You mean to tell me that if I say 'Boobies be big', my boobs will grow? How am I gonna explain that to my friends? I don't believe you. This is cruel!" And I started to cry.

"Now childe, I'm not fooling. Stand right up here and try. If it don work, well den I'm sorry but it will work. I been doing dis stuff near eighty years and I haven't made a mistake like that in more than sixty. Now you stand up and try it. An you don have to say anything. Just tink in yo mind how you wanna look."

Tears were still leaking from my eyes but the old woman sounded so sincere, and truth be told I really did hope that it would work even though I knew it couldn't. So I stood up and closed my eyes.

A scene from senior year high school came rushing back to me. Gym class had just let out and I was in the shower with about half a dozen other girls. As usual I had tried to be the first into the shower so I could be the first out and dressed. I had the habit of doing that so that I could stand around the mirror fussing with my hair and kind of watch some of the other girls without their knowing. Linda Ramon was by far my favorite target.

But this day Linda came right into the shower and used the shower head next to mine. God. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I was SO Jealous. Talk about sharing with the poor. Linda had the largest tits in the school. Not just large but perfectly formed. If ever there was a set of Double D's that didn't need a bra her's were the ones. She had perfect nipples right in the center of her boobs. They kind of perched on top and always looked so, well, jaunty. Can you have perky Double D tits? Linda did. And she wasn't all that shy about sharing the view. On more than one occasion her presentation in a sweater or blouse would be so sexy that the principal would send her home to change. But only after making her sit in his outer office long enough for him and every other male teacher to get a good look.

But Linda was never bitchy about it with the other girls. Her attitude seemed to be: "I got 'em, I'll flaunt 'em. But it's not my fault I carry these footballs every where." Anyway, there I was standing in the shower next to the dairy queen of the school trying not to stare at these massive hooters, when their owner turns to me and says," You are so lucky. I wish I could be tall. I tell ya, buying clothes for these is such a bitch some times. You look like a runway model with those long legs. I have to keep buying bigger bras." She cupped the twin wonders and mashed them together while staring up into my eyes. "Their up to an F-cup now. Can you believe it? I have to special order my bras from the catalog now!"

Well, by this time I was paralyzed with a combination of lust and desire and envy and shame. When Linda let go of her boobs they just kind of quivered for a moment before coming to a halt. God were they firm. I could just imagine how her nipples would feel as they came erect in my hands and mouth. I was wet as a lake at the thought. Then, when she turned to reach for the shampoo and soap I still could see the sides of both her tits! I had a mini-orgasm right on the spot. I was so embarrassed I dashed from the shower, changed in record time and spent the rest of the day terrified that every one in school knew that I had cum just from looking at Linda Ramon's tits.

That was the memory that flashed through me as I stood up from the pallet bed. I clenched my eyes shut, pictured those huge breasts and imagined them hanging from my chest. If this was going to work I wanted to start at the top! So to speak. I stood stone still for at least a minute. Nothing felt different. I could just cry!

"Whew, those are some righteous breasts!" I heard the old crone say.

Snapping my eyes open I looked down. Hanging from my chest were Linda's tits. They were all there. The perky nips, the massive cones of flesh, the almost imperceptible shading from my normal skin tone to the pink aureoles to the slightly pinker nipples.

In disbelief I reached up and touched the, MY, new breasts. God. They felt good. No, they felt great! My hands didn't even come close to containing them. The doll fell unnoticed to the bed as I cupped, caressed and savored my newly formed abundance. The cleavage they formed as I pressed them together seemed endless. When I pressed them together real hard the nipples just barely touched. The jolt of electricity this caused made me take a deep shuddering breath.

"Well, childe, now you believe the old Juju woman?" laughed the old crone.

"God. They are real. They feel so good. If Linda could see these..." I moaned. "Wait a minute. I can't, I mean, I don't want to go back to camp lugging these around. I love them but I can't imagine explaining them to anyone and I sure as hell can't hide these! How big do you imagine I am now?" I asked.

"Well, you can go back to your regular self any time by picturing the old you while you hold the doll. As to how big you are, I have an old measuring tape here somewhere if you want to measure?"

"Yes, I want to measure! I never thought I'd look forward to measuring my bust but I really want to know!"

After some rummaging in various drawers and piles of stuff the crone produced an old Sears & Roebuck measuring tape. With a certain amount of fumbling (I could see that getting used to having tits might take some time) I measured under my new abundance (34" as always) and then around the fullest part of my boobs. This came out to be just under my nipples and took almost all of the tape. 48. Forty eight inches! Four FEET!. Over one foot difference between my chest measurement and my bust measurement. For someone who had prayed frequently for a difference of 2 inches the reality of this 14 inch difference was astounding. I spent the next ten minutes assuring myself that they were real. I shook them, I jiggled them. They felt so amazingly good. I was getting so turned on just looking at them and touching them.

Finally the old woman broke into my self, ah, examination. Touching me on the arm she pointed to my wrist watch. "You best be on your way. They be sure to send out a search party and I don't want any folk tromping up my house and garden. Look, this here juju doll do you a POWER of good if'n you let it. Keep it wid you at all times. If you touching it it give you all help you want. Now go on. Get you self back to normal and git!"

Once again I found myself obeying the old woman with out question. Picking the doll up from the bed I pictured myself as I had been before meeting the old crone. It brought tears to my eyes to see the flesh melt away before my eyes. As I picked up my old bra I had a sudden thought.

"Can I control the growth, old Mother?" I asked.

"Course you can. What we been talking about all morning?", she snapped. "You still here?"

"I'm on my way. Thank you again, old mother. You've answered a prayer I didn't even know how to ask for. Please let me know if I can ever do anything for you."

"Get on with you. Got no phone. How I contact you? Fool woman." she grumbled. But I saw a spark of a smile in her eyes as I hurried out the door and down the path.

I was a hundred yards down the path before I realized I didn't know where my Humvee was. Well I was bound to come to a road if I just kept on. But before I resumed my hike I took the time to slip off my shirt, remove my bar and with a joyful laugh tore out all the padding that had made me an A cup. Perhaps I couldn't explain the natural wonders that I'd had minutes before but no one would question an A cup. And over time maybe I could slowly "grow" to a B or, dare I think it, a C cup.

I slipped back into the bra. Without the padding it hung forlornly on my chest. Looking down, I tried to imagine being endowed with breasts that would fill the cups. For some reason it was more difficult that I had thought. Maybe because I was looking at a chest that I knew was flat. But after a moment thought I had the idea that this was no more different than some expansion due to my period. True, that had never before been measurable, but I was convinced that I did expand at those times.

Still looking I imagined that my boobs were slowly inflating and filling the cups of my bra. It worked? It worked! It did work! Steadily I watched as the bra filled with breast flesh. With in seconds, I had filled the bra. I now had a small handful of tit on either side of my breastbone. And the feeling of watching and feeling my breasts expand was highly erotic. "I bet I could have an orgasm if I did this long enough", I said to my self.

Feeling a bit greedy, I increased the amount of flesh just enough to slightly overfill the cups. Not enough to be real noticeable but enough to maybe justify a trip to the PX to get the next size up. "Darn that high calorie diet", I giggled to myself.

A brisk 10 minute hike further on I came to a road and just a few yards further down the road on the other side was my Humvee; nose first in a ditch.

I was just climbing back onto the road after inspecting the vehicle when I heard a motor coming round the same bend that had started all this. Another Humvee skidded round the turn and slammed to a halt next to me. The corporal and the private next to him looked me up and down. "We've had search parties out for you since dawn." said the Corporal. "You okay?"

"Yeah, just lost control of the vehicle when I encountered a native with an animal on the road. The Humvee seems okay except for the radio. Help me haul it out of the ditch and it should be fine."

Five minutes later I was back on the road. I noticed with some surprise that there was no sign of the trail I'd followed back to the road from the old crone's hut. "What a trip!" I thought to myself. "I hope I get to see the old woman again before I leave."

When I got back to the command center I was informed that my unit was being rotated stateside. We were due to ship out in two days. As I was the only one billeted in town I was off duty until it was time to report to dock side for the transport.

I had two nights and most of three days free! What luxury! What an opportunity to explore Haiti and my new found, um, riches?

First stop was my quarters. Despite my eagerness, I forced myself to take a shower and get dressed again for a trip to the PX.

Once there I went on something of a shopping spree. First off was a supply of lingerie. Brassieres in various sizes colors and styles went into the cart first. I even bought one of a small shipment that had to have been a mistake. The label said Maternity Style and it was a 48 EE. I was pretty sure the PX didn't have a big demand for them. I bought some other items as well, garter belts, stockings, teddys, bustiers and so on. I thought sure the clerk was going to say something but she just rang it up and helped me get the stuff to the Humvee. Next stop was the grocery section (well, not even the best equipped PX carries dildos!) for some food and other items not intended for consumption.

Quivering with anticipation, I returned to my billet, rushed everything into my room and locked the door. I didn't expect to leave for the next two and a half days except to eat. And maybe not then either!

Kicking free of my boots, I stripped off in front of the mirror. I had not watched myself undress since I was a young preteen and thought I might someday have a figure worth exposing seductively instead of with the lights off.

Now I again practiced sliding one shoulder free then seductively turning to the other side and slipping my shirt off. They were only just over A cup sized but no woman ever looked with such appreciation at her own breasts as I did that first afternoon. With a flourish the pants were disposed of. Clad only in a utilitarian panties and bra I tucked the juju doll into my panties to leave my hands free and I focused my attention on my boobs. Gripping each nipple through the bra material I twisted and pulled on each erect bud. Each twinge brought a gasp to my throat and a tingle to both my breasts and my pussy. God, it felt good. Really, really good.

"Umm." Was that me? "Umm." Yep, that was me. And I meant it.

Quickly reaching into each cup I brought the little beauties out to see themselves. I cupped each one and lightly jiggled them. As I slipped out of the bra I tried to decide how to proceed. I knew that the results would be most enjoyable if I delayed my release. On the other hand I lusted to see how I looked in the mirror with really big tits!

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