tagLesbian SexHaley Pt. 02

Haley Pt. 02


I lay there naked, feeling the sheets against my glistening body, breath recovering after yet another self-delivered orgasm. Next to me, a tuft of blonde hair sticks out from under the comforter, grunting and groaning, tossing in his sleep. I was so frustrated. The past two weeks had not been conducive. I spent work distracted out of my mind, confused at whether I should take Haley up on her offer or not. I mean, I had never gone there with a girl before and didn't know if I should or not. Would it mean something? Would it not? I knew I was overthinking things and I had tried everything to shut my head up.

I'd found myself in bed with my on-again, off-again fuck buddy Leo, trying to fuck the thoughts of Haley out of my head. It hadn't worked. Throughout sex, I kept finding my mind wandering to her breasts, her body under my hands, the sultry way she had invited me to join her next time. I couldn't stop thinking about it and I knew that, while it felt good to be touched by Leo, I wanted Haley, and lying there with my mind running through various scenarios, I knew the fantasies just weren't enough.

Hayley greeted me at work on Monday morning with a big hug, wrapping her arms around me and pressing her breasts into mine. Kissing my cheek, she leaned towards my ear and whispered 'Have you given my offer any more thought?' Smiling chastely, I nodded before walking away, making sure to wiggle my butt in her direction as I left. My heart was thumping in my chest, breathing rapid. The wheels had been set in motion and now it was just a matter of when, not if.

We went out for drinks after work on Thursday, Haley and me and some of the less egregious guys from the office. We had a table out in the beer garden, the six of us celebrating almost making it through another week. Haley sat herself next to me, her skin-tight jeans showing off her incredible legs, her yellow spaghetti-strap top floating temptingly around her torso, showing a glimpse of a tattoo on her ribcage. Once again, it was clear the woman was averse to wearing bras. Oh, to have her confidence!

One hand on her beer, the other resting under the table, Haley turned to me and caught my eye. The conversation wasn't exactly scintillating so I tuned out, lost in my own daydreams. The next thing I know, our thighs are touching and her hand is tracing miniscule circles on mine. The jolt of electricity when she touched me was incredible. Every nerve in my body was on fire, every sensation magnified. Her touch sent shocks through me, direct to my pussy. I forced myself to concentrate on what one of the guys was saying, something about a new show coming to Netflix, but it was challenging. It was like a switch had been flicked, I was utterly turned on and completely at her mercy. My thigh twitched in response to Haley's continued touch, and she looked slightly shocked and removed her hand.

'Crap' I thought. 'Now she thinks I'm not interested. Crap!' I shifted in my seat, the pressure of my jeans rubbing my clit as I moved, intensifying my frustration. I pushed my thigh towards Haley's, letting my hand casually drop from my drink to her thigh. My pulse raced, I was touching her leg, the only barrier between my hand and her soft skin was her jeans, but they couldn't come off at the table. I let my fingers start to extend and contract, sensually, slowly tickling her thigh. Looking up at her face, lipstick smudged from drinking her beer, I saw her bite her lower lip. Inwardly, I smiled. This was happening, and I was actively encouraging it. I was wetter than I'd felt in a long time, and the building anticipation was making me wish that our other colleagues would leave us to be alone.

My hand continued to trace over her thigh while we sat and talked, the evening getting cooler and one by one the guys started leaving. Soon, just Haley, Rick and myself were left. Haley reached under the table, her hand finding mine, giving it a quick squeeze before moving to my upper thigh. We sat there, teasing and stroking, constantly touching each other while Rick remained completely oblivious to his frankly unwelcome continued appearance. At this point, I was riled up beyond belief, I wanted to grab Haley's head and smash my lips against hers, feel her tongue insistent against mine and let our hands wander beyond the small area of skin that was accessible while remaining imperceptible by others at the table.

At long last, Rick left too, leaving us to our own company. I felt nervous. No longer was there a buffer, and I felt like a giggling schoolgirl confronted with her first crush. Haley looked at me through heavy eyes, her pupils dilated and her breathing labored.

'I guess we should get out of here. My apartment is just around the corner?'

She posed it as a question, but we both knew the answer. Standing, I rearranged my shirt and grabbed my bag, and Haley reached over and grabbed my hand. We walked out of the bar, her thumb tracing circles on my palm.

Haley wasn't lying, her apartment was just around the corner from the bar. We'd gotten as far as her front door, standing in the narrow corridor. I shivered. Partly from anticipation, partly from sitting outside for 3 hours in a cropped tank top. Haley felt me shiver beside her and turned, our eyes locking. At that moment, we could have been in the center of a freeway, I was oblivious to anything but her. Her mascaraed eyes closed, her luscious lips parted and we were kissing.

It was so chaste. Her lips were so soft. She wasn't insistent, our lips were touching and I practically came there and then. I dropped my bag and my arms reached up to her neck, pulling her closer. She pushed my body against her front door, still locked behind us, as her thigh fell between mine, supplying some much needed friction to my crotch. My tongue reached out tentatively and her mouth parted, accepting eagerly.

She tasted like beer and mint and something I couldn't identify. Our tongues danced, my hands now gripping her hair as she clasped my ass. We were completely tied up in one another, and were unaware of her neighbor trying to pass us. He coughed, clearly having been stood there for some time. Reluctantly we detangled ourselves, and Haley returned to unlocking her front door. My face blushed at the thought of someone watching us make out on her doorstep, and that blush travelled straight to my center. I didn't think it was possible to get more turned on.

Oh how wrong I was. The front door closed behind us and Haley's lips were back on mine, our bags discarded at the door. Her hands fumbled at my shirt, insistent on removing it. She pulled it up over my head, and I held on to her for stability. Standing there in my black lace bra, I realized there were no thoughts in my head. She had completely enchanted me, and I felt incomplete not touching her. My lips found hers once again and we stumbled towards the bedroom.

She maneuvered behind me, opening the bedroom door with her arms encircling my waist. Her breath was hot on my neck and the shivers it elicited went straight to my cunt. I knew I was the wettest I'd ever been. Haley started kissing my neck, her hands roaming my body. She tongued my earlobe, while simultaneously freeing my breasts from my bra. Her hands caressed my nipples and I leaned back into her, feeling her own nipples hard against my back.

I arched into her, turning my face so we could kiss once again. This was very different to my liaison with Leo, she knew exactly what to do to set me on fire. I spun in her arms, still kissing Haley insistently. Her top was in my way so I grabbed the hem, lifting it slowly, revealing her trim, tattooed torso. Her breasts sprung free as I finally removed her shirt. I stopped kissing her and shifted my attention to her tits. This was just like my fantasy, except better because they were here in front of me. Her nipples were pierced and I couldn't resist reaching out with my tongue. Tentatively exploring, Haley thrust her hands in my hair, holding my head to her breast.

I could feel her nipple warming in my mouth, the cold metal a stark contrast. I tongued the piercing, hearing her breath hitch. One of my hands traveled down her body, lightly swirling my touch as I went. Haley writhed beneath me as I massaged her other breast, pinching and twisting, while I grazed her other nipple with my teeth. I tugged and she moaned. That noise was the greatest aphrodisiac I could find, and my trailing hand finally slipped into her underwear.

Her slit was sopping, but I didn't hit there immediately. My fingers explored her outer lips, coming close but never touching her clit. She grabbed my head, pulling it up from her breast and kissed me. Short, passionate kisses. She couldn't get enough of me and I couldn't get enough of her. As she finally settled on a long, drawn out kiss, my fingers found her cunt, pushing in slowly. She was so warm and inviting and her breasts bounced with every thrust of my hand. They jiggled as I curled my fingers inside her, her tits mesmerizing as I felt her clenching around me, her moans hitting me deep in my core.

I circled her clit with my thumb as I continued to pump my hand, my mouth firmly on her breasts. I tugged on her nipple with my teeth, free hand wrapped in her hair. Haley bucked under my ministrations, moaning and writhing and thrusting until she convulsed around my fingers. As she lay there recovering, she got this mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Haley kissed me passionately then maneuvered herself so I was sat between her legs, her hands massaging my shoulder. She kissed my neck, caressing my breasts and pulling me into her. We stayed entwined like that for a time, my breathing ragged but controlled, relaxed and turned on.

She turned, kissing me head on, pushing me back on the bed. Her kisses trailed between my boobs, detouring to each nipple, licking and biting gently. She kissed down my body, her hands replacing her mouth on my breasts. She tongued my belly button before heading further down. She kissed around my underwear before pulling it off. She lapped at my cunt, her nose squished against my hardened clit. Her tongue fucked me, in and out, and I felt my calm composure dissolving at her attention.

She replaced her tongue with her fingers, fucking me while she sucked on my engorged nub. I couldn't help but moan. Haley lingered, repeating the same circular motion with her tongue with the penetrating action of her fingers, maintaining pace and rhythm. I was getting closer and closer, I grabbed her head and held her in place, moaning as she continued, feeling the pressure building inside. My head tipped back and I let go, groaning with desire as Haley refused to stop pleasuring me.

I pulled her head up, kissing her and I was turned on by the fact I could taste myself on her tongue. We kissed chastely and lay looking into each others eyes, Haley's arms wrapped around my naked body. The sex was so much better than I could have imagined and I was amazed that the woman lying opposite me was looking at me with the same amount of lust that I looked at her. She leaned over, kissed me again and said "I hope you have some clean clothes for the morning because I'm not letting you out of my arms". I smiled to myself, excited by the possibilities ahead of us.

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