Haley's Senior Moment


"Come here." I wheezed in overwrought desire.

Violet slowly climbed onto the bed, her breasts gently swinging as she lowered herself to the soft comforter where I awaited her. Once she was safely on the bed with me, I reached out to guide her to my arms. Violet seemed to collapse into my waiting hug as I circled her soft shoulders and we shared a kiss more passionate than any we had shared that day. I moved my hands down to touch her bare breasts while we kissed. Oh! How soft and full they were in my small palms. I began scooching lower in our hug so I could get my mouth on those awesome mammaries. I guided her higher up our length so I could get under the hang of her breasts. Violet knew instinctively what I was doing and lifted herself to let me slide under her. Finally, they were within an inch of my opened lips.

When I made contact with her left nipple, Violet shuddered and let out a small gasp. I began sucking at her soft nipple and soon it was aroused and nubby under my tongue. I sucked as a baby would, wishing in some subconscious part of my brain to feed me as I must have been fed as a child.

"Oh, Haley." Violet sighed as I sucked at her nipple.

I rolled slightly to taste her right breast as I palmed the left mound of soft flesh I had left behind. Her nipples hardened now with the same desire that we both felt. I suckled her nipple with a primitive desire to be fed by her awesome breasts. Violet was running her hands through my hair as I suckled her. I admit that I was voracious in my sucking and nibbling at her stiffened nipple. I let my teeth graze over her hardened point and she let out a small cry when I sucked hard on that tender flesh.

"Wait, baby." Violet said breathlessly. She rolled off me and I saw that her face was flushed and she was breathing deeply with a far away look in her eyes. We moved together wordlessly and embraced. My small naked body pressed against her softness and her warm arms encircled me as I took comfort against her bare flesh.

"I haven't felt like this for so long." Violet whispered into my face as she kissed my forehead. "I like holding you, honey." She said it as if she was my protector, my guardian...my own grandmother.

I snuggled deeper against her and felt her massive boobs soft against my chest. "I like being with you, too, Violet." I said softly before kissing her cheek.

Then she began moving, sliding slowly down my body, stopping to kiss my breasts and cover my nipples with her warm mouth. She traced a line down my torso with kisses until she reached my vulva. I opened my thighs for her. She maneuvered herself so she had her face before my opened thighs. I felt her soft exhalations on my moist pussy. I saw her head dip lower and then felt her tongue on my labia. We both made small sounds of approval, hers a hum that I felt through her tongue and my own an exhalation of comfort as Violet's tongue covered my pussy with gentle lappings. Violet was a different lover than my other female bed mates. Where they had been younger and more forceful in their oral lovemaking, true even for my inexperienced lovers, Violet was almost maternal in her cunnilingus.

Oh, it felt odd to think of the word "maternal" at a time like this. As Violet gently lapped and explored my damp pussy, my mind flashed an image of my own dear mother and then her mother, my granny Ann. Oh, yes, this was a strange afternoon and when Violet got on my clitoris, I tried to swallow the whoop of ecstasy this physical and psychic onslaught sent through me. I had to open my eyes and look down the length of my body to focus on Violet to get the weird family images out of my head. She was intently licking my clit with her eyes closed. My thighs were splayed out on either side of her metal grey hair. I was getting close and I didn't want it to end yet.

"Violet, Violet." I whispered shakily. "Get up here so I can get at you." My words came out in a rush of emotion. She rolled her panties down and off her body and my senior lover crawled atop me and I saw that her nose, lips and chin were glistening with my pussy juices. I knew exactly what I wanted to experience with Violet.

"Swing around and cover my face, Violet. Smother me." I whispered anxiously.

"Oh, honey, no. I don't want to do that to you." Violet answered with a note of reluctance.

I noticed, however, that she was already moving into the position I wanted. I used my right arm to swing her hips towards my head. She lifted one meaty thigh over me in a straddling movement and gently moved her haunches over my face. Violet's large white ass and dark rosy pussy soon blotted out all other sight as I felt her weight lower onto me. I wrapped my palms around her thighs and pulled her quickly and heavily onto my face.

Violet cooed when her pussy smashed atop my face and I began sloppily licking her surprisingly moist cunt. My nose was buried somewhere near Violet's asshole and the soft globes of her ass completely enveloped my head as I licked and nibbled her folds and sucked down some of her drooling juices. I could hear Violet above me making pleasurable noises and she was moving her twat on my face as I ate pussy as I had never eaten it before.

Fuck, it was hot, too. I didn't know what made me want this older woman to smother me with her pussy and her generous backside but I was fully engaged now. I guess a psychologist might see some deep "return to the womb" motivation in my burrowing into Violet's vagina. All I knew at the moment was I wanted to eat her, taste her, and feel her covering me. With my lover settled atop me and me hungrily slopping her pussy, I soon found myself almost literally smothered. I could hardly breathe and my shallow breaths had sucked in some of Violet's juices and my own saliva into my nasal passages so I felt like I was drowning. I was able to get my tongue up and into Violet's gaping asshole. With that unexpected probe, Violet lifted up a bit so I was able to get a deep breath of clear air.

"Oh, baby, you're a dirty girl." Violet whispered back to me.

I responded by tonguing her puckered anus and drawing her back onto my face. Violet was settling onto me now with more ease as I ate everything she pushed near my mouth. It was near total sensory deprivation as Violet's hind quarters blotted out everything above me. In my private, depraved thoughts, with the older woman pressing her cunt onto my face, I devoured her sex. Deep within her folds, protected by a small hood of delicate membrane, I found Violet's clitoris. When I got on it with my tongue, she let out a cry that was muffled to my ears. The more I nibbled on her magic button, the more she pressed her sopping orifice into my face, and the more my demented fantasy crescendoed until my ears were ringing and I was lost in furious cunnilingus.

Violet pressed back onto me and I felt her head move between my legs. She began to lick my pussy and I could tell I was soaking wet as her breath cooled on my wet cuntlips. We hit each other's clits simultaneously and Violet went rigid above me. I continued running my tongue over that stiff little bullet and Violet gamely licked my sensitive nubbin until we were both holding our breaths awaiting blessed relief. When Violet's teeth scratched against my tender spot, I lost it and screamed orgasmically but my uncontrolled noise was gagged by the senior's pussy and ass that enclosed my face. I hit her clit with a hard tongue and my silver-haired lover quaked and exhaled a plaintive orgasmic wail as she climaxed.

We untangled after a brief respite in our sixty-nine postures. We lay face to face with only inches separating us, smiling at each other with sleepy eyes. Violet's giant boobs were squashed against my chest. We pecked kisses at each other. Violet licked her juices off my nose and giggled softly. I could feel my blonde bangs were plastered to my forehead with her vaginal secretions.

"Haley, you're a mess. Shower before you go, sweetheart." Violet said eventually as I made stirring motions on the bed. I had a Spanish club meeting at five o'clock.

I sat up and dangled my short legs off the bed where we made love and I went to a place in my psyche that was still a little scary to me. "No, I want to stay just as I am...at least for a while."

It was going to be a strange trip back to campus. I was aware of Violet's scent, the aroma of our twin desires on me, her taste still on my tongue. The still air in Violet's small condo was cooling her sex juices on my cheeks, nose and forehead. I looked around the room and ran my eyes across Violet's naked body on the bed below me. I found something profound in the arms of this loving lady and I would be trying to sort out the emotions it unleashed in me for some time.

Dressed, I stood in the bedroom doorway. We had hugged and kissed our parting sentiments but there was something I was strangely reluctant to broach. "Can I come back?"

Violet gave me that sweet smile. "Of course, sweetie."

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Superb, I love age-different stories like this, and particularly those involving older women. Please write more on the same subject.

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So Good

Write more with this old love Triangle; I was too as a female at the age of 22 I had feelings, for older person in their 60s, to this make me feel like I was normally. I would love to know the truth thatmore...

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