1 - A Child of Light and Darkness is Born

In my life, I haven't been someone that many people enjoyed being around. I suppose it's because I took to the Gothic subculture. Or maybe because I had a thirst for blood that sometimes almost got the better of me. I probably wont be living for too much longer anyways, so I'm going to write down my lives achievements, well, I'll just write down my whole life story. Hopefully it'll help inspire other "half-breeds" to right the wrongs of the elder vampires. But, before we begin, there are a few things we need to clarify. I am a vampire. But not a pure breed. I'm only a "half breed." I can walk in the sun, and the things that hurt normal vampires are like jokes to me. As all vampires, my drive for blood ties in with my sex, and vice versa. My name is Lora Manson. (please, no jokes. I'm not related to Marilyn Manson or Charles Manson.) In fact, I'm much older than either of them. I'm much older than any of you here reading this. But I bet you're wondering how I was turned into a "half-breed," aren't you? Of course you are, everyone wonders. I'll let my story begin on the day of my birth. Everything may not be exact, but of course, I didn't live before I was born, so I only know what I was told. Any now, ladies and gentlemen and vampires or werewolves or whatever you may be, without further delay, your feature presentation.

It began on February second, at about 10 PM. My mother was pregnant with me, obviously, and my father had taken my mother out to a ball. The way my father had so long ago described it, my mother looked like a pumpkin in her already large, orange hoopskirt. Feeling the tiredness of being pregnant and actually surviving the waltz, she decided to go outside and feel the breeze. My father escorted her to the side of the lake and helped her to remove the hoopskirt, leaving her in her undergarments but allowing her to sit on the bench. As my father sat next to her, she rested her head on his shoulder as he looked to the moon and wrapped his arm around her. My mother, who's name I was told was Yvonne, whispered "I love you." into my fathers ear. Smiling as he lifted her head up and turning the kiss her he told her "I love you more." Shaking her head 'no' she smiled and kissed him back.

Within the blink of an eye and without a sound, my father was thrown from the bench and my mother taken hostage. A vampire had thought of them as an easy meal. Little did he know, my father, who's name was Hampton, was a professional vampire hunter and quickly drew his silver knife and started toward the vampire when he was caught off guard by another vampire jumping from behind a tree. Struggling on the ground with this new vampire, my father was unable to stop the other from biting my mother and quickly draining her of blood. Managing to get on top of the vampire he was struggling with, Hampton stabbed him in the heart, and without hesitation, took to his feet toward my mother just in time to see the still standing vampire removing his teeth from her neck. Furiously, Hampton threw his knife at the vampire and right next to my mothers falling head. Being the excellent marksman that he was, he missed mother's head and the knife landed in it's target; the vampires heart.

Hampton caught his beloved before she hit the ground and both were covered in the ashes of the just slain vampire. Suddenly, Yvonne started shaking uncontrollably and Hampton set her to the ground. Contractions began and labor was induced, all thanks to that damned vampire. My father new what was happening. A "half-breed" was being born. His child was a "half-breed." After screaming for help, some people ran over and joined my father to help him birth me. There I was, covered in blood, screaming like a small animal. The others stared in horror as my father held me, watching me scream, begging for blood. And just like that, he cut his wrist in a manner which not to cut the artery open, and dripped blood into my open mouth. After drinking about a pint and a half of his blood, I was finally content.

Dizzy from the sudden blood loss, my father laid on the ground and placed me on his chest. What of my mother, you must be wondering? She's dead.

2 - The Warriors of Light

Over the next 13 years, my father taught me how to fight vampires, how to control my urge for blood, and about exactly what I am. He told me everything that happened that night, and asked me if I would join the ranks of the vampires, or join him in killing them. Naturally, I wanted to kill the bastards that killed my mother and made me what I am. But really, I guess I'd have to thank them. Half breeds are really better than full blooded vamps. Know why? I told you earlier. . . Fine, if you must ask, I can be in the sunlight, my strength is still extremely impressive, my vision, sense of smell, hearing, and touching are still increased to drastic heights, and, best of all, I can tell where a vampire is, if he's nearby.

At the age of 14, I had my first vampire hunt. Due to my awesome ability to walk in the sun, and still be able to pinpoint a vampires location, we didn't have much trouble finding our target. He was in an underground blood bank. Now, keep in mind, it's not like modern day blood banks. They didn't have ice, or freezers, or for that matter, refrigerator. People back then were so un-civilized. Anyways, back to the topic at hand, my first vampire assassination. The walls of the building were made completely of brick, as were the floor and ceiling, making this room rather cold, and the vamps could keep blood stored here for a couple days before having to throw it out, or sell it at a lower price. Being the only blood bank in the UK, these vampires where rich bastards. I mean filthy, dirty, rich ass vampires. I wouldn't be surprised if they were richer than the queen. God knows that they were richer than most royal families, though.

As we maneuvered the halls of this underground all-you-can-drink buffet, I sensed several vampires. Most asleep, but there were a couple awake. Here's where I learned that I can communicate telepathically. I thought to myself, and, unknowingly, my father as well, if we should just eliminate all the vampires down here. He turned and whispered to me that it would be a heavy blow to the vampires of the UK, and, it would also injure the other vampire organizations of England. I looked at him with a confused look on my face and thought to myself, and once more, him as well, "can you hear me?" He turned and looked at me just in time to see that my lips weren't moving and looked astonished. From that day forward, while on a hunt, we communicated telepathically. He decided that we should eliminate all the vampys down here, starting with the ones that were awake. But why were they awake? Perhaps they were useful for nothing more than guarding these banks for the day. We found that they were really guarding a door that lead to a room filled I took the bloodsucker on the left and my father, the one on the right. My father uses a small silver dagger as a weapon, and I was trained to use a bow with silver arrows. I readied my bow, but didn't pull it at full strength, I left some slack, and angled it over a couple shelves. The arrow took flight. Up and over some shelves, barely missing the roof and angling down just in time to hit my target right in his left eye. He burst into ashes. My father's target stared in amazement and was nothing but ashes soon after.

I picked my arrow up off the ground and stared at the blood on it. I felt something inside me telling me to lick it. But I couldn't. . . My father reached down to search through the ashes of the vampire he had slain to search for a key and as he did, I licked the arrow clean of blood. I felt a surge go through me and suddenly, I felt stronger. Everything in my body felt better. I never had warm blood after my father fed me just after being born. Everything I saw turned red, and it kind of hurt to have my eyes open, but I managed. My father opened the door and inside were four coffins. I assumed that these four bastards were the leaders of the vampire mafia here in the UK and decided that we should keep the coffins closed as we killed them. I carry around a silver short sword with me and my father has a silver long sword. We stabbed right through the coffins and hear nothing other than the ashes sliding to the bottom of the coffin.

Welp, that was that. My first job was complete. I was amazing on my first job, my father told me. By now the effects of drinking that little amount of warm blood had worn off. I suggested that we grab some of these packs of blood and take them with us for later. For the past 14 years, my father had been using his own blood to feed me, but for the next couple days, he wouldn't have to drain his own blood. He's such a loving father. As we were leaving, someone came down into the buffet. But not a vampire. It was a human. We captured him and told the guards that he had connections with vampires, and, they locked his sorry ass away. Hahaha. I know it's mean to laugh at the misfortune of others, but, I laugh at my own sometimes to. Sad, huh? Oh well.

3 - First Wound

Four years later, when I was 18, I bled for a reason other than my period for the first time. It hurt like hell. But it's not what you're thinking, or maybe it is. You weirdo. Anyways, I met a boy named Chris during one of my assignments. But now I was working on my own because my father was to old to hunt down the bloodsuckers. That and, on our last assignment he sustained a serious injury. He lost his right arm thanks to a weird ass vampire with a scythe. He was prancing around chanting something about being the Grim Reaper when he lunged at me and my father shoved me out of the way in time and lost his arm. Luckily, I rolled back onto my knees and managed to get an arrow into the back of that bastards head. Did you know, vampires make great fertilizer?

Anyways, on my next assignment, I was to raid one of the biggest underground all-you-can-drink buffets in Germany and eliminate every vampire inside. I had been given permission from the authorities of England to exterminate any human that had contact with the vampires as well. I told them I'd just had the people over to them, but, they insisted that I kill them. For being guards, these guys are pussies. If they knew what I was, they'd probably have nothing to do with me. While being told about my by my next mission by my employer, I was told that there would be another hunter accompanying me. We were introduced and exchanged handshakes. While we were looking over the blueprints of the blood bank, I couldn't stop myself from staring at him. He was about 5'8", slender, muscular, and very handsome with short blond hair that barely when past his eyes, and dressed in all black. My god this boy was perfection.

We were to begin our assignment the next day and had very nice rooms prepared for us to rest in. While I was bathing I found myself thinking about Chris and before I noticed it, my hand had slipped between my legs and was rubbing my clit in slow circles. I let out a small moan and surprised myself with what I was doing. What was I doing?! I had never down this before in my life, but oh my god, how it felt so great. I began rubbing my clit a little bit faster and felt something inside me growing and growing. I took my free hand and slid a finger between my lips and began rubbing the top of the inside of my pussy feeling that sensation rising even more. The feeling became to much and I thrust my hips upward, shoving my finger deeper inside me and arching my back, crying out a moan I'm sure that Chris heard in the room just next door, but I didn't care, I had my first orgasm and god it was wonderful. Only after I had cum did I realize that I was thinking about his cock before I started pleasuring myself, and, while I was fingering myself, I was thinking of his cock inside of me. Soon after, Chris burst through the door as I was getting out of the tub and we both froze.

There I was, my wet naked body in front of this man that I wanted inside of me. I realized that my face had turned cherry read and he turned away, obviously blushing as well and exclaiming how sorry he was and that he thought I was being attacked for he heard a scream in his room. I giggled and walked over to him and spun him around and hugged him close to me, feeling his cock pressed against my naked body. It was over right there, something snapped inside of me. I took a small step backwards and stared at his crotch and asked him if he liked what he saw. Stuttering a little, he told me I was beautiful. Never before had anyone, let alone a boy called me beautiful. I blushed and quickly pushed him out of my room and slammed and locked the door. I ran to the bed and threw my nightgown on and quickly slipped under the blanket. I was so embarrassed I had no clue what to do. Sensing that he was still outside the door, I walked over and told him he should go back to his room, or if he so desired, he could sleep in my room. He started to walk back to his room when I grabbed his collar and pulled him back into my room. I closed and locked the door once more and motioned him to the bed. As we lay there beside each other, I wondered what I should do and I just decided to go to sleep.

When I woke, I found that he had his shirt off and I was laying with my head on his chest and my arms around him. What did we do? Did he rape me? Did I rape him. . .? No. We just slept that way. I was sure. But now it was time to begin our assignment. I washed up and put on my hunting clothes. My thin leather shirt and pants that showed every contour of my body off and threw a jacket around me incase he decided to stare at me. I grabbed my bow and quiver and last, my short sword. When I walked back into the bed area, I noticed he had awoken and left. I walked out of my room in time to see him leaving his room wearing somewhat baggy black pants a shit too big for him and a large overcoat that hung to the floor. He had a long sword on his back, two short swords on his sides and, from what I could see, almost 30 small daggers hidden behind the over coat. He probably had more than that, but I was about to question him. In fact, I didn't even want to look at him, but I couldn't help it. We were given horses to ride to the town where the buffet was hidden in and some water to drink along the way.

We set off and talked along the way. Telling each other of our previous hunts and he laughed at the one with the psychotic vampire whom called himself the Grim Reaper. Unfortunately, we arrived a little bit later than we had hoped, meaning all the vampires would be awake and the buffet would be functional. It was dark. We decided to rent some rooms for the night, but he had left his money at the employers home and I only had enough for one room. We decided to share a room. Again.

I woke to the same thing as the night before and quickly cleaned up and dressed then waited for him to clean up. While he was bathing, I couldn't help but peek in on him. What I saw was amazing. His naked, drenched body was just gorgeous, god how I wanted to touch it, rub it all over. Then I saw his cock. It was hard and pointed straight up at his face. I suppose he knew I was watching, but I didn't care. By now there was a steady stream of lustful warmth between my legs, running all the way down. I looked away for a second to see if the door was locked and when I turned back, he was standing there in front of me. His naked body right in front of me. He smiled and hugged me close. I felt it again. . .his hard cock pressed against me. This time he was naked and I was dressed. I trembled as he began to undress me, but I let him. He took my shirt off and slowly walked me over to the bed and removed my pants and next came my underwear. He kissed me on the lips and then the neck, and next my shoulder, and worked his way down to my breasts, he kissed each nipple and instantly they were hard. I let out a small moan and he smiled but continued to work his way down my chest and my stomach. Stopping just above my pussy, he changed direction and worked his way down my right leg and kissed the inside of my thigh all the way down to my foot and worked his way back up my left leg. I shook with pleasure when he kissed my pussy. Then he kissed it over and over again. He was so gentle and it felt so good, but my god I wanted more. I put one of my hands on his head and pushed my pussy into his face and made sure he didn't pull away. He stuck his tongue between my soaked lips and I moaned once more. He removed his tongue and stuck a finger inside of me and began flicking his tongue across my clit, slowly moving his finger in and out, in and out, in and out. I moaned every time his tongue touched my clit and every time his finger went inside of me, oh god it felt so good, but I wanted more. . .

I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him as I reached down and wrapped his cock in my hand. It was so warm and rock hard. I began to move my hand up and down his cock and he slightly moaned and I smiled and kissed him again. Before he had a chance to object, I put my other hand on his ass and pushed his cock down while I thrust my hips up, forcing his cock inside of me. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain. The only pain I had ever felt. I let out a faint cry and he tried to pull out, but I wouldn't let him.

"Please," I begged him, "please make love to me. . ."

He nodded and slowly began moving his cock in and out of me. I admit it hurt at first, but eventually, it started to feel great. So good I wanted to cum again. I met each of his pushes with my own and they slowly turned to thrusts as we both began to moan and pant vigorously. I don't know how long it took, but I almost exploded right there when he said he was going to cum and I told him I want it inside of me. We were both embarrassed by that and suddenly he shoved his cock deeper than ever inside of me. I felt his cock throbbing as he shot his hot juices inside of me and I squeezed his cock as hard as I could and came right after he did. He collapsed next to me and I rolled on my side as his juices leaked out from between my legs. It felt so good I didn't bother to clean it up. I looked down and saw his cock still half erect and covered in the juices from my pussy. I reached down and slowly ran my rangers along his cock and he shook a little. We fell asleep. We woke up an hour later an decided we needed to wash again and complete our assignment.

After we had completed the rather easy assignment, we returned to our employer and paid us generously she offered us our rooms again for the night before we went on our way. The government officials are so easy to win over. Just tell them you're a vampire hunter and they'll give you whatever you want. Chris and I stayed in the same room again. After making love again, we slept till morning and I asked him if he'd like to work with me. He agreed and we went back to my house via the horses our employer gave us. I named my horse Blitz and he named his Diablo. I introduced him to daddy, and he allowed Chris to stay in my room. We ended up making love every night. But father didn't care, he was happy that I had finally found a boy to love.

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