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Half Snaky


The half snaky. Her hands on his right shoulder, his left hand in the small of her back and the right, just below her right shoulder. She jumps, aiming her crotch at his left ear. At the same time he flings her body up and the next second his right hand is lifting up like a policeman stopping traffic to make it's way between her legs, not just between her legs but between the top of her thighs while his left hand is under her left shoulder. Using his legs to give a boost he lifts her above his head, his arms outstretched, before lowering her to the ground, feet first.

Every week they had been working on this move. Finally they had it nailed. Before when he had to concentrate on every part of the move to ensure he didn't drop Makeila, Dave didn't have the head space to notice anything sexual about where his hands were. This didn't stop his mind working overtime after the class was finished though. Makeila too didn't find anything sexual about the move in their circus skills class. She too was concentrating too much on getting the move right.

This time though, as Dave's hand brushed her clitoris as it unerringly found the right position she felt herself growing moist. Hoping he wouldn't notice, she focussed her mind on the move till her feet were back on the ground. For a few seconds Makeila thought she had got away with it. After all, Dave at fifty five was twenty five years her senior, even if incredibly fit for his age.

Dave might not have noticed but in the feint breeze that moved through the building he felt a coolness where there was just a trace of dampness on his fingers. There was only one place it could have come from and without thinking, to check out the theory he brought his hand up towards his nose and smelt Makeila's arousal.

Makeila immediately blushed in a way she hadn't done since she caught her first serious boyfriend spying on her as she showered. He was despatched with short shrift. "I will get you for this and payback will be sweet." She told Dave in a voice that was pitched for his ears alone.

Two weeks later, at her birthday party, a massive event with people drawn from many different strands of her life, - university, family, rock and music as well as circus and a number of other interests a group of about 60 people made their way down to the river to swim.

Everyone changed into their swimming togs, Makeila had chosen a very modest one piece suit. Her plan would not work if all the men were sporting boners. Sarah, one of her closest friends had been primed, though she didn't know the significance of what she was going to say.

"Why don't you two show us some of the circus stuff you have been working on?"

After agreeing, they spent about five minutes planning a routine which culminated in the half snaky. And then proceeded to do some gentle warm up exercises. Many amateur circus enthusiasts have injured themselves by playing for friends without warming up properly.

Modest, Makeila's bathing suit may have been but this would be the first time his hand would be trapped between her naked thighs. Dave prepared to really concentrate in order to avoid embarrassing himself in front of all Makeila's friends and family. Little did he know that that was her plan.

There followed a routine that ranged from bits of rock and roll to standing on shoulders and various balances, including the dirty dancing lift where his hands were on her hips and with her timed jump he lifted her above his head. Throughout the show Makeila was talking to Dave, asking if he was looking forward to feeling the edge of her left breast as his hand took her shoulder, was he thinking about what she would look like without the bathing suit? Would he be able to tell if she were shaved or not when his right hand felt her sex as he lifted her?

"Are you getting hard yet?"

Dave was getting beyond hard. The pain and need for release was almost unbearable. Pre-cum was making itself known on the outside of his speedos.

The audience hadn't noticed anything yet, their attention drawn to the spectacle in front of them. However the end was approaching and despite the distraction of Makeila's comments Dave had managed without any mistakes. If he could just finish. He felt her hands on his right shoulder and his own moved automatically into position. His right hand came up and between her deliciously naked thighs. "Can you feel my hair? Do you wonder if it matches my ginger top?"

Dave straightened his legs and extended his arms. Holding the position for longer than he normally did to acknowledge the applause. As the cheers died down, Makeila heard Sarah's voice, as she had known she would.

"Look at that cock! I bet you don't get many of them to the pound!"

Turning as red as Makeila had two weeks previously, Dave lowered her to the grass bank.

Despite his embarrassment, his mind was working. He brought his fingers up to his nose, breathed in deeply and then catching Makeila's eye, very deliberately put them in his mouth and tasted her juices before Kissing her on the lips.

That night, Sarah made her way to Dave's tent, knowing that she had been used in some private feud between the two and thinking she could find a very enjoyable way of apologizing.

The sounds she heard when she got there however told her that,

1.She was far too late for that.

2.Perhaps there wasn't anything to apologize for after all!

"Time to move on to the full snaky." Was the last thing she heard as she crept away. Still, she might be able to have some fun eventually even if she wasn't apologising...........

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