tagRomanceHalf the Man Ch. 01

Half the Man Ch. 01


It has been a long time since I posted, real life is what it is...

This offering is a multi-chapter marital strife drama written with an erotic flair that utilizes a most unusual plot device...

I wish to thank the following for their excellent help, and most of all for their encouragement to persevere:

Laptopwriter, DeYaken, and Robert.

The input provided by these fine writers was invaluable to me. Words cannot express how much I appreciated their advice and suggestions.

A very special thank you to my wonderful editor Postscriptor, his skills are phenomenal, and I am eternally indebted to his word wizardry, and friendship. His ability to enhance a story is amazing. So once again to my talented editor and friend, thank you.

I am glad to be back, and I hope you the reader enjoy my thought provoking and yes, unique story of lust, betrayal, and love.

Constructive comments are always welcome.

The story is finished, and a chapter should post every day.

Chapter 1

The morning sun peeked between the window slats, and shined onto closed eyes. Mari responded to this gentle intrusion and curled into the arms of the man she married only five months earlier. His strong biceps reminded the fair skinned woman of her late dad and how protected she felt wrapped firmly inside them. She sighed at the faint memory and snuggled tight into her new husband's magnificent chest. His hand found her shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze. He loudly exhaled, his breaths slowed and soon he was back asleep.

The young woman listened to the soft snores and felt mischievous. Her hand traveled down his firm abdomen. She paused six times to trace each muscle with her forefinger. Her violet colored nail circled his navel. She giggled when his breathing changed and he shifted slightly. She waited one minute, then two. Sure that he was still asleep, she entered the forest in search of buried treasure. Mari probed the underbrush, and found her prize nestled at the center. It was a tiny thing, barely an inch tall — the unruly thatch hid it well.

"So nice and small," she whispered. "Perfect."

She looped her thumb and finger around the base, and heard a low drone. "Sounds like my big strong lion is purring," she chuckled as she stared wantonly at his closed eyes.

She skimmed up the short distance and delicately teased the slit with her nail. Mari suddenly moaned with pleasure as it stirred. Her tiny cherry nipples hardened as she grasped the spongy pink head and slowly slid down the helmet. She stopped just beneath the crown, her thumb rested on the first knuckle of her finger. She held her breath, and waited. Imperceptibly the little nub began to pulse in rhythm with her man's heartbeat.

She almost swooned when she felt the first swell, breathlessly she sighed, "Its happening."

Cool skin warmed at the increased blood flow. The seedling filled with the life giving fluid and grew. Her sex moistened in concert as her thumb subtly moved. The tiny stalk once barely an inch tall stood almost three inches as pre-cum oozed from the supple head. Her grip loosened, she added a second finger and squeezed the thickening shaft. Her wetness trickled onto the sheet. Up and down moved her hand. The distance between strokes increased. Mari wrapped a third finger around the substantial trunk. Breathlessly she watched the head turn purple and seemingly triple in size. The spot beneath her legs spread when her entire hand enclosed the majestic cock and caressed its seven-inch length.

"Just a few minutes ago it was so tiny, now it's so big and hard. God I love to watch it rise," she mewled, the spot now a puddle.

Oblivious to her husband's golden eyes, now open, Mari shuddered as the first climax took her. She rubbed his turgid shaft faster, reveling in the glory. Dylan moaned and clenched his buttocks. He pumped his hips with her and suddenly rope after rope of hot sticky semen spurted from his pulsing cock. Mari shook, cried out a second time then collapsed. Her hand still on his softening penis, she snuggled onto the sweaty chest of her loving husband.

"I will never get tired of making you grow, I love it. Your cock was made for my hand," she said passionately, as she rubbed the sultry shaft and played with his juices.

"Your hand feels great on me," Dylan chuckled, "and so do your lips."

"Whether it's my hand or mouth, I just love to feel and watch you swell. I mean when I woke up, you were so teensy tiny, only this big," she said in a little girl voice holding her thumb and forefinger an inch apart.

"That small?"

"No this small," and closed the gap even more.

"You wound me, my dear, with your remarks about my size," he said feigning anger.

"Hahaha, we both know better. It gets me hot making your cock grow big. It turns me on to no end that I have that much effect on you. I can't live without it.

"I...I don't think you will ever understand how this makes me feel Dylan." She sighed and kissed his dimpled cheek.

"No, I probably never will," was the chuckled reply.

"I'm not joking, it's so—breathtaking, so fucking—powerful. It gets me wet just thinking about it."

"I know; this will be the third time we've had to change the sheets this week."

She tousled her hair, and batted her eyes, "Are you complaining?"

"Of course not, I would love to change them every day."

"That can be arranged," she said, coyly licking his fluid off her fingers.

The twenty-four year old wrapped muscular arms around his wife and kissed her deeply. He held her tight, their lips still locked with one another and thought how lucky he was to meet Mariette Anderson at the gym seven months ago.


The physical attraction between them was immediate; they both felt it. Two days was all it took before they landed in bed together. He was hard before the motel room door closed. They fucked until the wee hours. Afterwards he held her sleeping form, and wondered if she was 'the one' before sleep claimed him too.

Dawn's light framed the rented room's window when Dylan felt his new lover stir. He reveled in the moment. Suddenly her breathing quickened.

"It was so big last night, but now it's so little!" she gasped, "I've never seen such a teensy weensy penis before."

Dylan's eyes snapped open and he was about to say something, when Mari went wild. She began to touch and tease his growing member. He moaned with pleasure, and pulled her large breast to his waiting mouth.

Her eyes widened as his cock quickly went from insignificance to a monster. "D...d...did I do that?"

"You certainly did Mari. I can't remember it ever getting that hard," he panted.

Mari squealed, climbed on top of him reverse cowgirl and impaled herself on his thick firm love muscle.

"So much bigger than last night, and I did it, I did it, I made it this big," she grunted as she rode him hard.

He grabbed her ass cheeks and helped her frenzy.

'So hot, tight, and wet—ahh this is Heaven,' he thought as he watched her pussy inhale his cock.

Suddenly she spun around and looked deep into his golden brown eyes, "You are magnificent. Dylan, I...I'm falling in love with you."

He pulled her face to his, "I think I love you too Mariette."

The new couple kissed, and continued their passionate lovemaking.

A few mornings later after an all night fuck session, he awakened to a warm wonderful feeling. He peeked and saw her nestled between his legs. Hands rubbed his abdomen as her mouth clamped onto the tip of his cock. Hot moist lips enclosed the glans as her tongue circled his captive head. Only her tongue moved, she never bobbed once. Dylan got larger and harder than ever.

Dylan turned his head and in a throaty voice said, "OHH, that feels so good. I've never had that done before."

Mari ignored his words as her tongue danced on his swelling cock head. It seemed with each pass he got even bigger. He felt his balls tighten, then suddenly she let go and he popped out of her succulent mouth. He moaned in disbelief. She looked into his anxious eyes, and licked the frenulum just under the crown. Dylan's back arched involuntarily. Warm hands held his penis at the furry base, and with the flat of her tongue she licked the underside of his cock. Up and down her tongue slowly bathed him, just beneath the swollen glans to the oozing slit on top. He threw his head back and closed his eyes. It wasn't long until he began to twitch and jerk, and then he came—hard. One long blast of cum, two short spasms five seconds later, then four massive jets of thick semen spewed high into the air and past his head, Mari never let up with her loving ministrations as spurts of hot creamy fluid hit her tongue and cheek.

When he was spent, he lustily looked at this beautiful young woman, her left cheek wet with cum. She smiled lovingly and licked his shrinking cock clean. When finished she climbed up and kissed his dimpled cheek. Four weeks later to the chagrin of their parents, they eloped.


The alarm clock pushed the blissful memories into the background and Dylan slowly withdrew his lips from hers. Mari protested at the loss of contact and sighed. He chuckled gave her breast a gentle squeeze, shut the alarm off and sat up. Mari giggled, spun onto her belly lifted her butt high and twerked her husband. He patted her curvy ass twice on each cheek, rolled out of bed, walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He stepped in and let the warm water flow down his muscled chest. He put his head under the hot mist and started to wash. After several minutes he closed his eyes and enjoyed the water's heat. He was about to turn the stream off when a cool breeze told him he was no longer alone. His cock stirred when delicate arms wrapped around his chest and squeezed.

Lush full breasts flattened as hard nipples pressed into his back and her pussy moistened with anticipation of what came next. Wet with lust and water, her breaths quickened as small hands sensuously massaged his solid pectorals and slowly moved down to the firm abdomen. She closed her eyes. A drip fell from her garden as his strong muscles tightened. Fluids of lust tickled her inner thighs as she rolled her fingers through his thick brown pubic hair. Flushed she reached down and found his manhood. Her eyes snapped open, and with a loud sigh took her hand away.

"Oh hell, why aren't you small?" she pouted.

Confused he replied, "What did you expect? You come in here rub up against me and it feels good, damn good. Of course I'm going to grow in response to my sexy lady's touch. I wouldn't be a man if I didn't."

"Yeah, but you know I like it when you're tiny," to emphasize her point she squeezed his now flaccid penis then growled, "and this—isn't tiny." Abruptly she let his cock go, and the head bounced off his ball sack.

Dylan miffed at his wife's apparent contempt turned around, "Are you actually upset that I'm not tiny, just soft?"

"No, no, of course not just playing," she replied with the slightest hint of disappointment and then quickly asked, "Are you done in here?"

A bit irritated at her tone he faced the warm steamy cascades again. "Pretty much, I'll be done in a..."

Dylan jumped and gasped when the cold hit him. His loving wife had reached around and unceremoniously turned off the hot water.

"Fuck! Mariette Hunt what are you doing?" he barked as he shivered.

She turned off the bone chilling water, and spun him around.

"Lovely," she smiled as she looked at his shriveled dick. She quickly got on her knees and put him in her mouth. Her nose pressed into his pubic hair and she inhaled his scent. Immediately she felt him grow. She moved her tongue, and then—he was gone.

Frustrated with the sudden emptiness, she got up and glared at her husband, "Hey, why did you leave? You just started to sprout!"

Dylan nodded at the fogged clock face, then as he toweled off he flatly stated, "I would love to stay and finish but I have to get to work. I can't take any more time off."

Mari looked up and saw it was 6:35 A.M., "Shit, I'm sorry hon, I got wound up. Forgive me?"

"Of course my lusty lady," he brightly replied and placed the damp towel on the rack. "After I get dressed, I'll cut up a honey dew melon and cook some oatmeal for breakfast."

"That sounds great my healthy man," she said as she watched him comb his sandy-brown hair.

Mari sauntered over and ran her hands up and down his firm arms. Then giving him a swat on his tight ass, "Hop to it," she barked with a smile.

He turned and gave her small nipple a tweak. She yelped, then in a firm voice he said, "You best remember who is in charge."

"I am, Mr. Hunt!" she challenged, hands on her hips.

Dylan reached around and squeezed her supple butt cheeks. He cupped her ass pulled her to him and kissed the top of her head. He looked down into her blue eyes, and caressed the long chestnut tresses. He replied tenderly, "Damn right you are, Mrs. Hunt." He explored her mouth with his tongue and finished with a luxurious kiss. She smiled as he left the bathroom. The young wife stretched, yawned and turned the shower back on to wash her hair.

A few minutes later, Mari sat at the makeup table, "We should have gotten married the day after we met. It can't get any better than this," she said softly as she switched on the hair dryer. "No, not at all."


Dylan was hard at work on a $100,000 project when his desk phone rang.

"Kimbridge Marketing and Research, Dylan Hunt speaking. How can I assist you today?"

"Ooooh, so polite."

Dylan chuckled, "Hi there sexy lady, you on a break? What can I do for you?"

"Yes I am, and I think you know the answer for that particular question, don't you—hmmm?"

"Yeah, I do," he replied with a laugh.

"How lucky I am, not only does he have a tiny pecker but damn if he isn't smart too," she snorted.

"Ha-ha-ha, you are so funny. But if you don't quit with the puny jokes you can become the 'ex' Mrs. Dylan Hunt, how about them apples?" Dylan asked dryly.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't sweat the small stuff honey," she chortled back.

Dylan groaned. "I assume you didn't call just to insult me."

"Of course not, my Mom is coming over after five for help with her scrapbooking project."

His tone and demeanor immediately changed, "Your mother—wonderful. What do you need me to pick up this time?"

"Don't sound to enthusiastic, I need a distressing tool. It's made by Prima. Oh and quit with my mom okay?"

"Sorry, I was planning to hit the gym. You know—gotta pump that iron."

His voice dripped with scorn, "And regarding your darling mother; she hates me, remember?"

Mari ignored the well-baited hook and teasingly pleaded, "Pretty please my handsome stud! The craft store is on your way home."

"What's it worth to you, hmmm?" he asked with a snicker.

"After mother leaves, I will perform two feats of magic."

"Oh really, and they are?"

"First, I will turn a mole hill into a mountain, and for my second trick I will make it disappear inside a hot tight wet crevasse."

His voice rose an octave, "That does sound magical. You got yourself a deal. I can feel the mountain peaking already."

"Don't you go spoiling my show," she replied with a humored huff.

"I won't," he laughed, "I won't. I'll see you in a few hours. Love you."

"Love you too."


It was after 7:00 P.M. when Mari dialed the number again. "Hello you've reached Dylan Hunt, plea..." She ended the call.

"What's going on?"

She was exasperated, "That's the fifth time it went straight to voicemail. I'm really getting worried Mom. It's not like him to be this late without calling."

"Maybe his cell battery died," Sylvia nonchalantly offered.

"Mom, he has a backup battery, or does he?" Mari got up and checked the counter by the microwave. "Shit no its right here. Okay that may explain why he isn't calling, but it doesn't tell me where he is."

"He probably couldn't find the craft store." She grumbled, "Or more likely he forgot and is at the gym ogling all those leotard clad women, and 'pumping iron'." She finished with contempt in her voice.

Sylvia reached into her purse and pulled out a cigarette and lighter. "I'll be right back," she snorted, as she opened the first floor apartment's patio door and stepped outside.

"Mother, Dylan's been to that craft store before. He wouldn't forget, nor would he just go to the gym to look at. Umm—Mom, where are you going? Mother! What are you doing? I thought you qui..."

The irritated young wife stopped in mid-word as her cell phone rang.

"About damn time you called. Wait a second—I don't recognize this number. Maybe he borrowed a phone." She pressed the connect button, "Dylan is that you?"

"Hello. Is this Mrs. Hunt?" a strange voice asked.

The young woman felt a cold chill when she heard her married name. She hesitated and said, "This is Mrs. Hunt, who is this?"

"Mrs. Hunt, my name is Dr. Jonathan Connor with Mercy Hospital. I need you to come down here as soon as possible. I am very sorry to have to tell you but your husband," she heard paper shuffle and the doctor briefly paused, "let's see, umm, Dylan, yes, Dylan Hunt was in a serious traffic accident today and is currently in critical condition in the ICU."

"Dylan in the hospital? Critical c...c...condition? T...t...t...traffic ac...cident? How, ww...when doctor?" her mind fought to say the words, "H...h...his injuries? How severe?"

"Mrs. Hunt, I will explain everything when you arrive. Come in through the emergency entrance ask for Dr. Isiah Cassidy, he will escort you to me." Dr. Connor took a deep breath, "I know this is a shock ma'am; please be careful driving."

"Th...Th...thank you doctor, I will." The protective case broke when the phone hit the floor followed by the distraught young woman.

Sylvia looked out at the pond and took a long drag. She was still upset that Mariette, her only daughter eloped against her wishes.

"When I met that freak of nature I knew he was trouble, and now he has my daughter, MY daughter. I will never forgive that muscle-bound idiot for taking her away. Then the nerve of him telling me that if I didn't like them getting married it was too fucking bad." She smoothed her grayish-brown hair, took another drag and harshly flicked the ash to the ground.

"She should have listened to me, but no, that piece of dog shit blinded her to reason." She sighed, "It is what it is but I swear, whether its five weeks, five months, or five fucking years this marriage will not last." Sylvia looked back at the apartment and saw no one in the kitchen. She dropped the smoldering butt and crushed it beneath her foot. "I'll make sure it won't."

She walked inside and asked derisively, "Was that Dylan on the phone? Did he get an eyeful? Is he all done getting pumped up?"

"Mariette!" she shouted when she saw her daughter on the floor. "Mariette, honey what happened?"

The distressed woman replied, "Mom I have to go to Mercy Hospital, Dylan was in a traffic accident."

"Oh my, are you okay honey? Did they say what happened, or how he is?"

Sylvia inaudibly gasped when she helped her daughter up. The dazed girl just turned 22, yet she looked 42. Despite her tone, the young woman's face was furrowed with anxiousness, worry, and disbelief.

"He's in critical condition and they want to speak with me in person Mom!" Her voice became emotionless, "That can't be good, right?"

The worried mother picked up her daughter's phone took a breath, and tried hard to sound calm and convincing. "Not necessarily honey umm, most auto accident victims start off in critical condition, and doctor's usually like to talk in person, because of umm, HIPPA."

"Oh," replied Mari, not really understanding or caring what a HIPPA was. She took her phone looked on the table, and ran into the kitchen cursing, "Where the fuck did I put my keys, God damn it where's my fucking purse? Fuck, fuck, fuck." She grabbed several tissues off the counter and blew her nose. The tears streamed from reddened blue eyes and down her puffing cheeks.

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