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Amber sat at the kitchen table, looking at the gold band on her small finger. It seemed she spent every Sunday in the kitchen while her husband and his firefighter buddy watched games.

Married to her high school sweetheart, it appeared she had the dream life. A nice house, a successful firefighter husband. But sadly, no children. Her home had become a prison and lately she had thought about what the life had to offer.

"Amber, are you alright?" A strong voice asked. Looking up, she saw Brad. His 6'4" frame so strong.

"Yeah, I am fine" Amber faked a smile "Where did Ron go?"

"Oh, he went to the store to get more food."

Living thirty minutes from town, she knew he would be gone for at least an hour. She surprisingly felt relieved that he was out of the house and hadn't asked her to go get the food.

"How's the game going?" Amber asked, trying to change the subject.

"9-6, all freaking field goals. Now back to the real topic, you seem bothered by something?"

"Why do you say that?"

"You are way too beautiful, you don't have your normal glow"

Amber blushed slightly, it had been forever since anyone had called her beautiful, even her husband. Brad had always been sweet to her. The way he always fixed his attention on her was appealing. And the way his eyes would wander to her petite frame every time she entered a room told her he desired her.

"Thank you, you're sweet." Amber replied, a feeling growing inside her.

"Look, I know Ron doesn't treat you the way he should. You have so much to offer, but he holds you back. Almost like a prisoner in your home."

Amber stood and made her way to the sink, trying to fight the new things she was feeling. She was speechless, but her soft smile told Brad that he was right on the money.

As she rinsed a glass, she felt two strong hands on her shoulders, massaging them slightly. She instinctively turned burying her head in Brad's chest sobbing as tears started streaming down her face.

"What? did I say something wrong? Why are you crying?"

"For this." Amber softly said and lunged into Brads arms, kissing him passionately.

"Wait, what about Ron?" Brad pulled from the kiss.

"Forget Ron, take me now" Ambers desires had now overtaken her common sense.

Brad couldn't believe the woman he had wanted since the wedding, now wanted him. Pulling her back into the kiss, he too forgot about his best friend.

Lifting Amber off her feet, their kiss became more passionate. Amber pointed to the floor, the carpeted area by the table. Carrying her over, he laid her on the floor.

Amber looked up at Brad, pulling her skirt up, she pushed her panties off and unbuttoned her blouse, freeing her c cup breasts.

"Take those pants off now." She sat up and helped him undo his pants, yanking them down.

Hungering for him, she put her hands on his firm ass and pulled him to her. His large shaft at her mouth. Taking the head in, she started to suck him wildly. The forbidden act she was performing seemed so right. All she wanted now was him inside her.

Laying back, Amber pulled at Brad to join her. As he laid on top of her, Amber parted her legs, her wet pussy ready for him, desiring him.

Brad looked down at his best friends wife, he was about to do something he may regret, but if he could make her happy again, it was worth it. Her wet vagina welcomed his enormous size.

Amber moaned loudly and happily as Brad entered her deeper, he was much bigger than Ron, and the way he pounded into her felt so right, so natural.

"We have to hurry." Amber said as she wrapped her legs around her new lover. Feeling him in her depths, she knew it wouldn't take long.

Looking into Ambers eyes, the way her breasts bounced at each thrust, Brad knew it wouldn't take long for him to complete his fantasy. His moans became erratic, a signal to Amber that he was about to cum.

"Cum in me Brad, fill me up." Amber moaned as her body began to tremble and exploded with an orgasm she never had with Ron.

Ron felt his balls tighten and with a grunt and long moan, his final thrust fulfilled his beautiful lovers wish. His load shooting deep into her.

Amber clutched Brad close to her as she felt his hot juices fill her. So much that it trickled out of her pussy.

Still with time to spare, the couple kissed passionately until Brad softened and pulled out of her. They redressed quickly and Amber went to work cleaning the spot of passion that was now on the carpet. As Brad left the room, Amber used her housewife knowledge and was able to clean the spot and eliminate the smell of sex before Ron got home.

Amber returned to sitting at the table, sipping her coffee as she listened to the two men back in their football mode. If only Ron knew, the thought made her smile and brought her missing glow back.

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