Halftime Show


There's one tradition at the Super Bowl, besides games that don't match the hype, that always holds true. That's the really dumb, overblown halftime show. So instead of watching P Diddy, Kid Rock and Nelly lose whatever credibility they have left, gawking at Janet Jackson lip synching badly and wondering whether a certain child molesting freak is gonna show up in a "surprise" appearance, we at Sharkboy Productions figured we would give you something that would truly befit a super Sunday. Yes, it's the girls of the Harem doing what they do best and who they do best.

So we at Sharkboy are bringing this to you to both alleviate the boredom from the game and from the awful festivities and to whet the appetite for the in production Harem 14. Let's all sit back and enjoy as we get ready for the third quarter.

Kids seeking a break from the boredom, though, are barred from entry to this show. The usual legal disclaimers apply. If you are under 18, you cannot read this story. Only adults of sound mind and body can read it.

And as usual, I need feedback. I like to know when my stories hit and whether I am giving people what they like. Any feedback or suggestions should please be sent to me. Let me know what you think. Please. These stories are not easy to write. Hell that last minute touchdown sent me scrambling off to rewrite. This is a high pressure industry, folks.

With that out of the way...let the real halftime festivities begin. Enjoy everyone.

The Super Bowl. It is an American tradition with a stature and importance that befits a national holiday. It is the pinnacle of athletic competition for the most intense of sports...football. The competitors go head to head with only the strongest emerging victorious. The game cycles back and forth in a contest where every second matters. It is a contest that can hinge on one missed moment. It is a game of fearless finality where only the victor is remembered and the loser condemned to obscurity. Every second matters as the viewers, millions strong, sit perched on the edge of their seats.

"Ughhhhhh this is so boring..." Rose McGowan groaned in frustration.

"Oh don't be a whiner," Sarah Michelle Gellar said affectionately as she grabbed a vegetable platter off the kitchen counter and began walking back toward the entertainment room. "Besides you had every chance to object back when I first suggested it and didn't say anything. Therefore, you lose all right to complain now."

"That's because I thought we'd be having an orgy or something," Rose pouted. "I can't believe you have all these hot pieces of ass here and we're lying around watching a stupid football game. Where's the fun in that?"

"First of all, it's not just any football game, it's the Super Bowl," Sarah pointed out. "Second of all, who said it wasn't going to turn into something sexier? Just keep your pants on during the game and we'll see what happens later."

"I know it's the damn Super Bowl, but why do we care?" Rose countered. "I mean I don't even follow football and I know a boring game when I see one. Why are we even pretending to have a normal party? How come I have to wait for fun because of your perverse desire to be the Martha Stewart of this place? Who waits for sex to have a party? I'll tell you who, losers. Anyone who waits for sex clearly has deep issues. If I was horny and my boyfriend ever told me to wait until after a fucking football game then he and the television would be out on their asses!"

"Oh is that what you're going to do, throw me out on my ass?" Sarah giggled while she and Rose walked.

"Well no...at least not when I'd rather fuck that ass of yours," Rose grinned before stealing a kiss from her housemate. "You're just lucky you're so goddamn cute that you're worth the wait. I just can't believe you're delaying what potentially could be one of the great fuckfests. Shit Sarah, if it were up to you, we'd never have even had that first orgy out by the pool. Do I always have to be the one who gets things moving around here?"

"It's just that you're so good at it Rose," Sarah said before returning the favor with a peck to Rose's lips. "Just be patient. Remember all that stuff about good things coming to those who wait."

"Patience never gets you anywhere Sarah," Rose grumbled. "It just leaves you with a wet pussy and nothing but your own fingers to get you off. You need to get aggressive Sarah. Go in there and push one of those sluts to the ground and tell her to start licking. That's how you throw a party!"

"Oh excuse me? I think I've proven my aggressive side Ms. McGowan," Sarah shot back. "Frankly, after the things I've done, you could stand to pick up a few tricks from me Rose."

"Yeah right, I'm still queen around here and you're my little serving wench," Rose grinned wickedly before helping herself to a slap of Sarah's jean covered ass. "You've been hanging around Freddie too often. You're starting to get as dull as he is. I'm the one that keeps this place going and always will be. Don't even start thinking you're a hotter fuck than me."

Sarah knew that Rose meant that playfully, but it still stung her. She frowned slightly before shrugging it off. She'd deal with Rose later and Sarah already had a few ways in mind to make her pay for those cracks. She supposed she was slipping into a domestic mode with Freddie, but she wasn't ever going to let that stand in the way of losing all inhibitions when she was in Malibu. But she could worry about all that another time. Right now Sarah had a roomful of guests she needed to attend to.

It had been Sarah's idea to have the party. Freddie had gone off to a Super Bowl party with his friends and had left her alone, not that she had minded when she had the sexy option of hanging with her housemates in Malibu. But as Rose had pointed out, Sarah did love to entertain. It had always been in her nature to organize things and throw parties. Deep down Sarah knew it was because she loved being in charge, but there were other reasons too.

Sarah felt more connected to her friends in Malibu than she ever had to anyone before. Of course the sex was the main allure of the place, but it was more than that. There was a real connection and sometimes Sarah wanted to do the normal things that girlfriends did. Naturally those things usually ended up with everyone naked and feasting on each other's pussies and naturally Sarah never fought that off. She was under no illusion that this day would end up any differently, especially with so many hot bodies around, but at least they could try and enjoy the game first.

Everyone had been allowed to bring a friend, or friends if they liked. There was no limit on guests, so there was quite a bevy of hotties awaiting her and Rose when they returned to the entertainment room. There wasn't even enough room for them on the couches and chairs, but luckily those on the floor seemed comfortable.

Sarah couldn't not have invited Alyson Hannigan to the party and Aly had taken the liberty of bringing along her "American Pie" co-star Tara Reid. Not that Sarah had minded after Love and Christina had confided in her that they had both been with Tara and she more than deserved to be there. Alyson had also passed the word onto her and Sarah's former co-star, Charisma Carpenter, but she was always welcome at the mansion.

Jewel had invited Gwen Stefani over, but she had been here so often lately that it was like she was practically a housemate herself. The busty Alaskan also promised that another guest was on the way. Britney and Christina had invited Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra and filled Sarah's ears with tales of a Pussycat Dolls orgy that had rocked the mansion while she had been in New York. Sarah had been with Pam before, but Carmen was all new to her.

For once Rose hadn't brought anyone with her and Alyssa hadn't invited anyone, with her and Rose's co-star Holly Marie Combs busy being pregnant. Rose had been too busy objecting to the party to bring a date, but Alyssa sure looked like she didn't mind going stag. Sarah noticed with a wry grin that Alyssa wasn't even pretending to watch the game. She was too busy staring at the girls around the room with an expression Sarah knew all too well...it was the look you had when you were undressing people with your eyes.

Jessica Alba's guests were the ones that had caught Sarah's attention the most. She was embarrassed to admit that she really didn't know who they were. Jessica had been quick to introduce her friends Amy, Trish and Stacy, and while they were all pure definitions of the word "hottie" Sarah still didn't recognize them and she could sense she wasn't the only one.

With some quick explanation, Jessica informed everyone that the three girls were wrestlers in the WWE and hinted at the story of how she had become acquainted with all of them. Sarah had never thought Jessica would have been the type to hang out with wrestlers, but they were certainly beautiful and if Jessica said they were cool with everything, then Sarah believed her.

Sarah had never been much of a wrestling fan, but it was certainly hard to keep her eyes off these ladies. Amy was wearing a Carolina Panthers jersey that hugged her generous breasts and hinted at the tantalizing possibility that she was bare underneath. Trish wasn't shy about showing off her own impressive cleavage in a black top that pushed her chest upward in a sure fire drool inducer and Sarah found herself unable to stop staring at Stacy's long legs as they sat folded on the couch, barely restrained by the jeans shorts she was wearing. A quick glimpse around the room told Sarah she wasn't the only one who was hypnotized by those legs. Rose was standing right next to her and Sarah could see the heat of her hungry gaze in Stacy's direction.

It was pretty crowded in there and Sarah knew Michelle was gonna freak out the next morning when she saw the mess, but they were having fun and that was the important thing. Besides, Sarah had also invited a second guest of her own and Reese Witherspoon had been very eager to get out of her house for a day and join her friends in a no husband and no child zone. Reese looked very eager to cut loose, and Sarah knew it wouldn't be long before she was helping her friend out with that.

But right now Sarah didn't want to focus on sex. She knew that could and would come later. If the boys could all go off and have a normal party, then so could they. Sure she was getting horny being in a room with this much beauty, but Sarah knew she could control herself. It was the other's she wasn't so sure about.

People were eating, making small talk, rating the commercials and giggling and having fun. It looked like her party was a success and that always made Sarah happy. But there was too much female sexuality around for things to be kept normal for too long. Sarah shot Rose a look. She could see the wheels turning in her friend's head. Sarah knew Rose could never hold herself back for long and when something did happen, it was going to be because of her. Part of Sarah wanted to restrain her, and the other just wanted to see what would happen if Rose ran wild over everyone. But whatever Rose was thinking, Sarah knew it involved everyone getting naked...and soon.

* * * * *

The prospect of something like that happening was exactly what was keeping Beyonce Knowles in her car. She sat in the driver's seat, her mind torn in two. Part of her was saying to just keep on driving and go back. But the other, louder part was telling her to stop being a baby, get out of the car and let whatever happen happen.

She knew what she had done was crazy. A few hours ago she'd sung the national anthem before the game. Right after that she hadn't even paused to watch moment one before hopping on a private jet and getting here to Malibu. It was so unlike her to just disappear like that and she knew people were probably wondering where she was. But she hadn't been able to help the sirens call she had felt for this place. The fact that she wasn't supposed to do things like this made it that much more of a need to be here.

She didn't normally do things like this. She didn't normally go wild and let her inhibitions overrule her common sense. But then again she didn't normally do what she had done in that hotel room with Jewel. She had been so lonely and so stressed and Jewel's tongue had felt so good. Beyonce supposed she had been an easy target for seduction, but what Jewel had made her feel had truly opened her eyes.

For too long she had been her boyfriend's little trophy. She liked Shawn and being with him was helping her career, but there was a price to pay. No one could know the truth...that Jay-Z was impotent. That left Beyonce as a girlfriend without sexual satisfaction. The only release for her had been from her own fingers or from a toy and it just hadn't been the same. She had been so horny and frustrated for so long and there hadn't been any relief in sight. Going off with another guy was not an option. It was too dangerous in this industry.

But Jewel had changed all that. Her touch had been everything Beyonce had needed and she had lost all her inhibitions. Thinking back to all the naughty things she'd done with the busty blonde and all the nasty words that had spewed out of her mouth just made Beyonce crave it again. She craved that freedom. She craved the way being with Jewel had made her feel like a woman again. And most of all she craved the intense orgasms her friend had given her with her tongue and her fingers and her tits and her everything.

Beyonce knew she wasn't a lesbian. But she also knew she had loved every second of what Jewel had done to her and when she had called her up and invited her over, Beyonce had been unable to say no. But now that she was there, Beyonce was doubting her own decision.

She didn't know everything that went on inside that mansion, but she knew enough to know it wasn't just Jewel in there waiting for her. It was a whole house full of girls. Was she walking into some kind of lesbian orgy? Would it be a bad thing if she did? Could she handle that much or was it too much for her?

Beyonce considered herself a good girl. Not in some Pollyanna, goody goody way, but she loved her family, was religious and felt there were some things she could never do. She didn't mind shaking her ass on stage, but she wasn't going to strip naked and show it in some magazine. She tried not to curse and she never wanted to do anything to embarrass the people she loved.

With that being said, though, she did love having fun. She did crave the sexual pleasure she wasn't getting from Shawn and Beyonce wanted to be with Jewel again. There had been no sex for her since that night in Jewel's hotel room and Beyonce couldn't handle another drought. Before she had been with Jewel it had been a year since she'd had sex and she wasn't going to go through that again.

Maybe she was just leaping to conclusions. Jewel had said it was just a party. There was no reason to believe that it was going to be anything else but that, except for her own overactive imagination. Beyonce told herself not to assume anything. It wasn't like they had everyday orgies in this place, did they? But wasn't that what she wanted? She hadn't flown all this way to watch a game she had been attending just a few hours ago.

The one thing she knew was that she couldn't just sit here in her car. She had come this far. There was no sense in getting scared now. She had to see this through. Beyonce hopped out of her car and walked up to the front door. She rang the bell and when the door opened she smiled. It was the person she was hoping to see.

"Hey!" Jewel excitedly squealed as she hugged Beyonce. "I was beginning to think you weren't going to make it!"

"I almost didn't..." Beyonce admitted. "This is really....I mean, it's so much and I..."

"Relax Beyonce," Jewel advised. "You can just come in and be yourself. We're just watching the game. At least right now we are. Things have a way of getting crazy here pretty quickly."

Beyonce liked the sound of that and a naughty smile cracked her face.

"Oooh looks like that's what you're hoping for," Jewel teased. "C'mon inside. Everyone can't wait to see you. You looked amazing doing the anthem. I'm just so happy you got here!"

Jewel grabbed Beyonce's hand and led her through the foyer, toward the entertainment room. As they walked, Jewel couldn't help herself. She reached down and squeezed Beyonce's rear through the jeans she had changed into, making the singer moan.

"There'll be a lot more of that here," Jewel seductively promised as they reached their destination.

* * * * *

Everyone seemed to be having a good time inside the party as the clock ticked down to the final minutes of the second quarter. Even those that weren't really watching the game were having fun talking to each other and just hanging out. This wasn't some Hollywood party where everyone had to put on their hottest dresses and always be smiling. It was just a late afternoon hanging out with old friends and new where everyone could relax and have a good time.

As hostess Sarah was very happy to see things going so well and that happiness rose even more when she turned around to help herself to some snacks and felt two hands encircling her waist and a warm pair of lips brushing against her neck.

"I don't think I properly thanked you for inviting me yet," Reese purred in Sarah's ear, rubbing herself slowly against her blue jeans clad friend. "What can I do to thank such a sexy hostess?"

"Mmmm doing that is a good start," Sarah smiled with a slight moan as she indulged in the pleasure of Reese's sexy body against her ass. "And if you keep it up it's going to be even better."

"What if I told you I'm not wearing any panties under my sweats?" Reese whispered into Sarah's ear. She had come dressed simply to the party, in pink sweatpants and sandals with her t-shirt and Reese wasn't afraid to start showing off signs of arousal. She didn't really know all the girls here, but she knew they all had something big in common when it came to lust. So Reese was confident that she wouldn't be the only one there with a wet pussy.

"Well, I'd say you're one eager kitty today Reese," Sarah giggled.

"You have no idea, Sarah," Reese replied, grinding herself a little harder into her friend. "I was so glad you called. I really needed to get away...even if it's just for the day."

Having one kid and an inattentive husband was hard enough, but having two while still trying to maintain a career was putting a lot of stress on Reese. She hadn't been to the mansion since finding about her pregnancy and the months away had made her long for it something fierce. Now she was finally here again and she was going to have fun even if she had to drag Sarah into a closet and force her to her knees. It was quite a change from Reese's first trip to Malibu, but she was too horny to think about contrasts now.

"Down girl," Sarah said pulling away reluctantly from a disappointed Reese. "Not right now, but I'll make sure you go home smiling."

"Promise?" Reese asked hopefully.

"Promise," Sarah answered, pressing her lips to Reese's in a tender kiss that her friend eagerly returned. Sarah ended it before it got too deeper though. She knew others would quickly see and things would snowball from there.

Meanwhile around the room many others had paired off, making new friends and catching up with old ones. Alyson and Alyssa were too busy making eyes at each other to notice anything else around them while Love had found herself in a position of support.

"Wow! I couldn't believe they made that touchdown," Love marveled. "I mean just when you think it's over...out of nowhere! What a throw! And what a catch! I didn't think they had it in them!"

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