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Halfway Hotel


Tanya took the phone call; it was Jan, “Hi, it’s me.” Tanya felt pleased it was Jan; she hadn’t called her for some time and was going to give her call that evening. After the usual chitchat, Jan continued, “and we were just wondering if you and Dave might like to join us for a bit of a get together with Geoff and Siân. Remember, we mentioned it just after our party last year? Well, Siân has been on the blower and wants to know if we’re up for it; so I thought I’d just give you a call to see if you were up for it too.”

“Sounds like it could be blast,” replied Tanya, eventually, after Jan finished saying all she had to say. Since lifting the receiver, Tanya had only said one word, ‘Hello’, and that was five minutes earlier.

That evening, Tanya told me of Jan’s call. She was excited and wanted me to agree to the meeting. It would be our first group thing in months and I must admit, I was pretty keen to get back into it. I cast my mind back to the party at Steve and Jen’s and remembered Siân; my cock was already beginning to swell.

“Have you decided when?” I asked.

“How about next weekend. You finish work early on Friday, we’ll head off and get to the Hotel by six o’clock.”

“Sounds good to me,” I continued, nodding my head in agreement.

Tanya called Jan and made the arrangements.

*** Friday evening arrived and we found ourselves driving up the gravelled driveway of the ‘Ivy House Hotel’. Steve had booked a suite for us and we’d arranged to meet in the hotel restaurant at 8pm. This gave us enough time for settling into our room and take a shower.

Tanya wore a new red dress that settled just above the knee. The thin straps made sure the fabric kept her breasts covered; she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her black stockings were held up by her black suspender belt and her black silk panties barely covered her pussy. The 3” heels made her look extremely tall, I felt my cock stiffen as she glided across the room and planted a long kiss on my lips.

I checked my look in the mirror, making sure my hair wasn’t too wild. I straightened my bow tie, and my tux looked pretty good. We had agreed to dress formally for dinner and we were looking forward to meeting the guys again.

The waiter escorted us to our table. Geoff and Steve stood as we took our seats. Jan looked great; she had cut her hair short and dyed it almost bronze. It suited her look perfectly. Her dress was low cut and short, black, silky material, almost see-through. Her white underwear was just visible. Siân too was in black, her dress had a high collar, sleeves and hung knee-length. Both wore shocking red lipstick and looked a million dollars. Siân’s long brunette hair was held up with mother-of-pearl hair clips and comb; this emphasised her long neckline.

We discussed holidays, family, mutual friends, and anything else but what we all had in mind for the evening. We left the restaurant for the bar and soon we were sipping cocktails. Soon enough, the subject turned to sex. Apart from the pretty young barmaid, we had the bar to ourselves. I sat facing the bar and noticed that the barmaid was listening to our sexy talk. I stood and ordered another round of drinks and bought the barmaid another, She took a cocktail and I asked her if she wanted to join us. She declined saying that it was against the hotel’s rules. ‘Maybe later’ we agreed.

We ordered a couple of bottles of champaign and had them sent to Geoff’s room where we decided to chill out.

Geoff opened the door and led us in. The suite was similar to ours, except he had set up two video cameras and a couple of 35mm stills cameras on tripods. We could see Siân and Geoff were getting excited by the eagerness in their voices, and within seconds of use sitting, we had a glass of champaign in our hands and background music playing.

Siân sat on Steve’s lap and kissed his cheek, Steve turned and kissed her back on her lips. It was the signal for ‘no holds barred’ as Geoff took Tanya’s arm and sat her on one of the two sofas. Jan looked me in the eye, smiled, shrugged her shoulders and took my hand.

Within two minutes we were all naked, fondling each other, getting very hot and excited. Across the room, Geoff was kneeling between Tanya’s legs, his head buried into her pussy, lapping at her clitoris. Sue had slid onto the floor too and was giving Steve some serious head as she sucked hard on his stiff cock. Jan had moved down on me as I lay back on the bed, her lips tasting my cock as she pealed back my foreskin.

I let Jan taste my cock and take my balls into her mouth. Her fingers traced the seam that runs from my sack to my ass. Then, after wetting a finger, she inserted a finger into me; I wasn’t expecting the intrusion and was startled a little by it. She slowly finger fucked my ass as she ate my cock, taking it deep into her throat and sucking hard as she pulled off each time.

Geoff was now probing Tanya’s pussy with his cock, its tip just inserted into her. Tanya, meanwhile, teased her nipples, squeezing them hard and pulling on them, making them hard and erect. Geoff exerted a little more pressure and his cock slipped into Tanya up to his pubic hair. Then, he slowly fucked her pussy, Tanya letting out quiet groans with every thrust.

Siân straddled Steve and lowered herself onto his cock. She held his shaft, making sure it had no difficulty in finding the right hole. It didn’t and soon she was bouncing on his lap, his cock impaling her as Siân’s breasts rippled with every stroke.

Meanwhile, Jan crawled up my body and let my cock nuzzle against her pussy. It slipped in without any restraint and I felt her wet hotness cover me. Her breasts flopped onto my face and I kissed her breasts, gently nibbling on her nipples in turn.

I don’t think we realised it at that stage, but the video cameras were rolling. It wasn’t until later in the evening when we heard one of the cameras beep that they were on.

“Just a minute,” I heard Geoff tell Tanya. He got off the sofa, leaving Tanya with her legs spread wide open, and replaced a tape in the video cameras. He also took the opportunity to take several still photographs. The girls complained to him saying that he wasn’t to show the pictures to anyone. Geoff mumbled something about using them for his own collection only.

Steve stood and took Geoff’s place as he rested his body weight on Tanya, his cock sliding effortlessly into her wet pussy. Tanya didn’t complain, she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of Steve’s cock inside her, his pubic hair brushing against her clitoris.

I decided it was only fair to move also, so I got off the bed and knelt behind Siân, allowing my cock to enter her from behind as she knelt in front of me, her elbows resting on the back of the chair. My cock slid in and out, soaked with the mixture of Jan and Siân’s juices and Steve’s semen. He had cum inside Siân earlier and continued to fuck her without any of us realising. The mixture of juices made my cock glisten and lubricated Siân so well, I could hardly feel any friction. I decided to fuck her ass. I pulled out and held the tip of my cock against her ass. She pushed back on me and my cock entered her after some resistance. Her ass was so tight I could feel my ejaculation building almost immediately. Siân let out a muffled scream as I pounded her ass, letting my cock bury its full 8” into her tight hole.

Geoff was now on the bed with Jan. He was fucking her doggy-style too and from where I was, it looked as though her was in her ass as well.

“I cumming,” I told Siân as I pumped hard and fast into her.

“Stick it in my cunt,” she demanded. I did as I was told and let the contents of my balls shoot into her, splashing her cervix and co-mingle with Steve’s semen. Siân shudder as she felt my cock pulse as it dispersed my fluids.

I could hear Tanya pant heavily as she too came to orgasm as Steve emptied his fluid into her pussy. And Geoff pulled out of Jan, spraying his cream over her ass and back, Jan trying to take some of the liquid and feed it to her lips.

After another drink, we decided to have an early night and that we’d save our desires for the following night. Tanya and I left for our suite, showered, then fucked before falling asleep.

*** The next day was spent sightseeing and shopping. After an evening meal in a local pub, followed by several ‘real ales’, we strolled back to the hotel. In the hotel’s bar, the young female barmaid was on duty again. The girls took a booth in the corner of the room, whilst we (the lads) stood at the bar deciding what we were going to drink next.

We began to tease the barmaid and soon, sexual innuendoes were flying through the air like a swarm of bees around a honey pot. The barmaid wasn’t perturbed either. She had overheard some of our conversation the previous night, and our party in Geoff’s room wasn’t particularly quiet either. Some of the looks we were getting from the staff were a bit strange and putting two and two together, we guessed they knew what we were up to. Again, we asked the barmaid to join us, she refused, but with a smile. We could see that with more coaxing, she might join us, but we decided that, perhaps the ladies might not be too amused. We took our drinks and join the girls at the booth.

“No luck then eh?” Siân teased Geoff, nudging his arm and nodding to the barmaid. We laughed and continued our conversation from were we left off before we entered the bar.

After several more beers, we were all drunk and decided to go to Geoff’s suite again and play at being porn stars with Geoff’s video equipment. Geoff told us of his and Siân’s fantasies of being porn stars and having to have sex with several men or women at the same time, having a camera inches away from the action and having several onlookers watch the filming. We decided to make Geoff and Siân’s fantasy come alive.

Siân was to be the female porn star, Geoff the male. Only the difference here was that Siân was to take Geoff, Steve and me on, and then Geoff was to take on the girls.

We made up a very weak story line about a woman boasting about how she could tell a cock by its taste, so we blindfolded Siân and had her on her knees, tasting our cocks, trying to guess who’s was who’s. This got the lads hard. Then, taking Siân on to the bed, we fucked her hard - a cock in her mouth, one in her pussy and the third in her ass; each of us taking turns in each of the positions.

Jan took still photos and Tanya videoed the action. Meanwhile, Siân had orgasm after orgasm, nearly passing out on several occasions.

We began to reach climax. The three of us stood over Siân and masturbated to climax over her, spilling our hot cream over her face and breasts. Siân massaged the semen into her breasts and her tongue lapped her lips.

“…and… cut!” called Tanya. We laughed at the corny joke and crashed on the bed.

Jan fed us another drink then demanded one of us had to satisfy the girls.

The favour was returned, only this time, Geoff was blindfolded. He hadn’t a clue who was sucking his cock, who’s pussy was smothering his face or who’s pussy his cock penetrated. I took still pictures whilst Steve captured the movement on the video camera. Geoff managed to last about fifteen minutes before spraying his seed over his stomach, the girls kissing and licking his shaft and balls.

“Okay, Dave’s turn,” teased Tanya. I took Geoff’s place on the bed and was blindfolded. Then treated with a similar re-run of Geoff’s session. It was fantastic having a pussy in my mouth and two girls suck on my cock. They took turns sitting on me, allowing my cock to explore their wet pussies.

I groaned as I felt myself reach an orgasm. Someone grasped hold of my cock and managed to capture my semen inside my foreskin. Then, one of the girls placed her mouth over the tip of my cock and slid her mouth over my cock, the hand releasing the fluid into the anonymous mouth.


Steve was treated to a similar exercise. It was Jan who swallowed his semen, clasping his foreskin, making sure none was spilt.

A knock at the door made us all freeze.

“Hello, Mr Gillan?” the hotel manager was at the door.

“Yes?” Geoff answered.

“Mr Gillan, we need to talk, there have been some complaints.”

“Shit,” Geoff let out, “just a minute.”

A key was inserted into the door. The manager had used a master key to gain access. He entered the room, eyes almost falling out of their socks. He gazed intensely at the girls on the bed, Jan still holding Steve softening cock.

“What is going on here?” he demanded.

“Please, come in,” Siân invited as she got off the bed and took the manager’s arm. She escorted him to the bed and sat him down. All along he tried to explain that the people in the suite next door had made a complaint. The girls undid his shirt and tie. He made little effort in fighting off the girl’s attentions. Geoff picked up the video camera and began filming. I started clicking away with the 35mm camera.

The girls pushed the manager back onto the bed and blindfolded him. They then repeated the action that each of us lads had received.

As the manager was about to cum, Siân pulled his cock out of Jan’s pussy (Tanya was sat on his face) and she took his shaft into her mouth, swallowing his semen as he pumped into the back of her throat.


“Please, keep the noise down,” the embarrassed manager asked as he left the suite. We all laughed and decided to watch what we had recorded on tape.

The following morning, we left saying goodbyes to the manager; he placed an envelope in Geoff’s hand. Geoff opened it and read out the invite to a private party at the hotel in several weeks time. Geoff accepted the invite there and then, Steve considered for a moment and then he too accepted. Tanya and I decided to think about it and took the manager’s mobile phone number instead.

“Perhaps the manager might like to stay at our hotel sometime,” Tanya said as we drove off, headed for home.

The following week, we received a set of pictures and a videocassette from Geoff and Siân. Tanya is wondering now what to do with the pictures and tape. Hmmm.


So now you’re up to date with our sexploits. I hope you have enjoyed them. Please send in feedback. We are currently planning a couple of house parties and another visit to Tenerife in the next month or so; so, if anything exciting happens, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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