tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHalle's Hillbilly Hell Ch. 03

Halle's Hillbilly Hell Ch. 03


The Story So Far...

Bright African American lawyer Halle Mason wins a case for sole custody of a child for a young mother, in the process making an enemy of the father Cain. He kidnaps and drugs Halle at the family farm and then, under their command, Halle seemingly willingly commits a series of frauds, hands in her notice, sells her house and assaults a judge. By the time she is back captive on the farm and the drug wears off she is a wanted felon and forced to serve as a domestic maid to her inherently racist and hostile captors.

During her enforced slavery she is taken to a KKK meeting and humiliated at it too but on the way back the family vehicle is attacked and Halle taken as a prisoner by another Hillbilly family. Unfortunately for Halle maybe she would have been better off with Cain and co....


"I got her! I got the nigger!"

Halle was still shaken and stirred from the crash when she felt her cage being dragged from the back of the truck and roughly hauled up the steep incline they had just careered down. Despite trying desperately to regain her bearings and balance she registered enough of the harsh voice to realise that this was no potential saviour for the young lawyer.

"Shut up and get her in the van Kenny, we need to be out of here quick smart!"

Halle held onto the bars of the cage as it was suddenly hoisted up and slammed onto the hard metal floor of a flatbed truck and once the blanket over the cage was sorted it sped off taking Halle Mason to her next level of Hillbilly Hell......


Her new home was little more than a wooden shack, a former hen house that still stunk to high heaven of the long gone birds. Four wooden walls and a corrugated iron roof that could be like an oven in the midday heat. She was naked always now and slowly getting used to it her life back in the city seeming like a few lifetimes ago.

She shared the shack with another girl, Naomi, a skinny black girl from London, England. Naomi told Halle how she had been snatched when she had wandered off while camping in the hills and these bastards had held her here ever since, getting on for three months by the time Halle arrived.

The men that owned and worked the farm land they were on lived in a large, dilapidated house. There were no women (except Halle and Naomi) and the girls were expected to cook, clean and act as sex slaves to the five men. They were worse than Cain and his brood, and that was really saying something. Men was perhaps stretching the definition of man, they were uneducated, brutish, almost Neanderthal-like creatures and they lacked a humanity found in most men on Gods Earth. They had no compassion, no kindness, no concern for their two slaves and treated them like pieces of meat. Naomi added to Halle's fear with her story of how she used to have a fellow slave prior to Halle's arrival, Christina.

"She was a Spitfire, you know. She hated being trapped here, was always up for trying to escape, always on the look out for an opportunity. And they were bad to her, like they knew she was trouble and wanted to take it out of her. But they never did and one day she got out of here. Her wrist chain had rusted and she managed to break it off and she just got the hell out of here, she wanted to free me but my chain was newer and truth be told I was scared of being caught. They made some terrible threats about what would happen if we fled. So Christina she got the hell out of here."

Naomi's face dropped and her voice filled with sadness as she continued.

"But they got her, I think the bastards did it deliberately, you know gave her a weak chain on purpose, because they really got off on the fact she had made a break for it and were going on and on about hunting her down. They got her within a day. It was awful. They made me watch when they brought her back. They stood her on that plank up by the dump they use and they...they..."

At this point Naomi broke down and couldn't continue but Halle gathered that it had been the end for Christina. They were obviously altogether different breed of bastards to Cain and his family. They had almost insatiable sexual appetites. Most days Halle performed some sort of sexual act for at least one of the family, often more than one. They also took particular pleasure in seeing Halle and Naomi perform together for their gratification of an evening.

That evening was the worst yet. After the two of them had served up the men's tea they retreated to their corners to watch them eat it, hoping that would be their work over for the night but knowing in their hearts the worst was yet to come. Once they had finished Pa swept the plates from the table and demanded his two slaves crawl over to him. He grabbed Halle by her hair and forced her to look up at him.

"It's your turn on you back tonight nigger! Git up there quick smart!"

Looking up at his face it was easy for Halle to believe this man was the devil in human form. He was ugly as sin. His teeth had hugs gaps and were stained yellow with half the chicken he had just been eating sticking in them. The other half was in his greasy stubble and faded, torn shirt. Spittle sprayed from his mouth as he bawled at her and she climbed up onto the old wooden table without further ado.

"Zeke, you get them things I bought in town, I reckon this skinny one could use them on this 'un."

Zeke giggled and skipped away only to reappear seconds later with a large bunch of bananas in his hand. Pa was most amused.

"Bet you fucking monkeys think we don't treat you good enough but hell we is giving you monkey food now1 All you bitches need now is trees to swing in and it's be just like home! Har Har!"

Halle was long past the point of being disgusted by these Neanderthals but even so this was low, even for them.

Pa grabbed the bananas and thrust them in Naomi's hand. The English girl just stood there transfixed by the sight of fresh fruit. Both girls knew what the perverted bastards wanted, their nights usually ended in something like this just the individual items differed, the debauchery remained the same. Halle could see the revulsion and rebellion in her fellow captives eyes and could sense that this might be too much for her. That couldn't be a good thing, she knew that she had to stop any response by Naomi. She reached out and grabbed Naomi's hand, stopping it just seconds before the English girl was about to hurl them in their captors faces. She locked eyes with her and whispered for her to 'be cool'. Naomi's eyes were wide and frantic but Halle's calm words and tone brought her back from the brink and by the time the American released her hold and stepped on a stool and straddled the width of the large dining table she was sure Naomi has regained her composure. She could sympathise, she had been like that a few times, ready to break and Naomi and helped her keep her cool.

She positioned herself face down on the food strewn dirty table and pressed her big boobs against a plate, it was annoying but she knew not to complain to these fuckers. She reached her hands out wide and grabbed either side of the table and then spread her legs and lifted her bum slightly off the table providing both Naomi with a couple of targets for the bananas and the men with a perfect view of Halle's most intimate parts.

"Well? What you waiting for English? Put on a show, I want to see you fuck both her holes with that damned fruit then eat the fucking things out of her holes. An' you'd better enjoy it or you'll be in the hole tonight. Here's some butter you can use that to help things along."

He tossed a nearly finished butter boat at Naomi. She caught it and stared at Halle's gaping ass.

Naomi dipped one of her long, skinny fingers into the melting butter and scraped it along the length of the boat, her finger glistened with the yellow produce and she held it poised between Halle's thighs. For some reason tonight was worse than normal for Naomi, maybe she had finally reached her breaking point. As Naomi's hand hesitated Halle tried to help her, reaching down and pulling her hand towards her holes. She knew from bitter experience that it was not a good idea to piss these inbred hicks off, they were liable to react irrationally and unreasonably.

"C'mon baby, lets not wait too long" she cooed in as soft a voice as she could while guiding the English girls fingers.

Naomi still had a glazed over, far away look on her face but at least she seemed to aware of what she was doing and pressed her fingers against Halle's asshole and began to rub the butter around then inside it.

"Fuck's sake bitch, what you taking all this time for, you know how Pa don't like to be kept waitin' , git them things in her quick smart!" barked an impatient Cliff (the oldest of the sons).

Halle grunted as she felt the hard tip of the banana slide into her tight asshole, then again as Naomi pushed another of the yellow fruit between her pussy lips and shoved it deeper inside her friend. It was hard for Halle not to think back to her days just a few short weeks ago when she was a high flying, fast rising solicitor wearing designer gear and driving a sports car and now look at her, a slave to the whims of these sub human Southern freaks having to endure these humiliations just to ensure survival for another day. At least Naomi seemed to have snapped out of her daze, and was back in the game, as it were. The English girl was starting to push the bananas into Halle then sliding them out, starting to fuck her with it much to the yokels glee.

Naomi tried to be as smooth as possible but there really was no easy way to fuck someone in the ass and pussy with bananas, especially when they weren't particularly aroused. But Halle knew the score and made lots of soft moans and groans as if this was the most erotic experience of her young life. She tried to summon all her, limited, knowledge of porn film dialogue to let the men hear what they wanted to.

"Oooh! Yes! That's it, fuck me Naomi! Fuck me hard!" she accompanied her words with plenty of writhing and fondling of her own and Naomi's breasts.

Eventually the bananas started to burst their skins and Naomi could feel the soft pulp on her hands and Halle could feel it inside her holes. The guys saw it too and Cletus barked out the next instruction .to the girls.

"Hell! You bitches are making a hell of a mess! You! English nigger, why don't you squeeze out what's left into your friends holes and then we wanna watch you eat it all up!"

This was hardly unexpected, just a slight variation on a theme that the girls had performed these past few weeks. Naomi squeezed her end of the bananas hard and felt their skins completely burst and watched as Halle's pussy and ass filled with a pretty unappetising yellow mess.

Halle leaned backwards, opened her legs wide and lifted herself up as much as possible towards her younger English friend. There was still something not quite right about Naomi, she had this far off look in her eyes but she seemed to be doing what she was told now. Naomi leaned forward, her long hair brushing against Halle's slick (with sweat) inner thighs and placed her mouth against the yellow mush in and around Halle's shaven pussy. At the touch of her tongue Halle began to moan and gently writhe, not because she was enjoying it but because she knew it was what their captors wanted to see.

Naomi ate the banana, glad at least for the fruit, they rarely got much more than leftovers and gruel from the family. Even so it was humiliating to eat from Halle like this and she could not get past that she was eating it directly from her hot pussy and dirty asshole. There was no way Halle would cum from this but again she knew that was expected and at least she was good enough to fool these idiots that she was cumming. As Naomi was eating the last of the fruit from her holes she started to buck wildly on the table and her moans got louder and more high pitched as if she were reaching climax but in truth she was just faking it.

The performance seemed to satisfy their captors and as the two women lay there they hoped that they would be sent back to their shack with no further exertions – they were to be greatly disappointed. The patriarch of the family made his thoughts known and all his boys hushed up to listen to him.

"Har har, that was a damn fine show niggers! Dam' fine! But see here it's my bath night for the month an' am gonna need one of you two bitches help so make your mind up who's night it is and git upstairs!"

Remembering the state Naomi appeared to be in Halle volunteered immediately. She knew how her friend felt, sometimes you just had days that you couldn't cope, she had had them and Naomi had helped her out it was only fair to do the same.

"I'll do it! Let me." Her efforts to save Naomi this extra strain came across quite differently to Pa.

"Har, lookee at this boys, never thought a nigger slut would be so desperate to wash you old Pa, did you?

"Reckon she can't get enough of your body Pa!" this brought the boys into riotous fits of laughter.

Naomi nodded her thanks absent-mindedly to Halle and was led outside to the shack. Halle meantime, contemplated the horrible next hour she had just agreed to. Pa's bath, was not a bath in the conventional sense of the word. There was no water really involved, not unless you counted Halle's saliva. It was in effect a tongue bath, Halle had just agreed to lick every inch of Pa's naked body. It was a task she had done before both by herself and alongside Naomi and it was not a pleasant experience at all.

Pa grabbed her by the wrist and led the way upstairs. Even the touch of his harsh, callused hands turned her stomach, how on earth could she do this again? He led her into the ramshackle room that passed for a bathroom. It's walls were peeling and stained, the ceiling had holes in it up to the slates and it stank to high heaven. He shut the door once they were in and grunted to her to wait a minute as the filthy redneck sat on the toilet and proceeded to take a shit right in front of her.

Even for this family of inbred, degenerate scumbags this was hideous and Halle could not help wincing and pulling a horrified face as she stood there and watched him on that cracked seat as he let out a series of disgusting fart followed by a series of small splashes. Uuurgh! She wanted to wretch, especially when she caught the smell. It was stomach-turning and even when her rose and flushed the old toilet bowl it hardly diminished. And even worse he didn't bother to wipe his ass at all. He just stood there and let his dungarees drop to his ankles and hauled off his checked shirt so he was as naked as Halle was, but there any similarity ended. He was a repulsive sight for anyone. He was short, fat and hairy and his body odour was only matched in its awfulness by his breathe. And this beautiful young lawyer turned slave was now going to have to lick every inch of his body!

"Well what you waiting for slave? Git over here and start cleaning me! Can't have forgotten how, you must've done it a couple of weeks ago bitch!"

Under his harsh gaze Halle dropped to her knees before him, she knew what was expected of her and was smart enough not to need reminded of the consequences of rebelling in any way. He grinned his obscene grin, his mouth like a graveyard gaps between his few remaining teeth that you could drive a truck through.

"Good girl, you're learning, now I think you can start by cleaning my cock and balls, they're real dirty!"

No surprise there, thought Halle but that did not delay her shuffling across the bathroom floor to right in front of the old bastard and reaching her tongue out to begin licking at his wizened old dick. It was a constant battle in her head to block out what she was doing and how it tasted and smelled (and the thought of worse areas to come!) but Halle was finding surprising reserves of mental strength and resolve. She placed her big, bee stung lips around the wrinkled tip of his dick and pushed her tongue out and began to lick at it.

It was yet another hot, sticky evening on the farm and both Halle and Pa's bodies were coated in sweat, something that did not make the slave's task any easier. She lapped at his cock and moved on to suckle on his hairy testicles, fighting back a shudder at the feel of his wiry pubic hair amongst her perfect, white teeth. For his part he patted her on the head as encouragement. This was awful, the stench down there was far worse than normal and Halle was glad to finally release his balls from her mouth and begin to lick the insides of the old man's thighs. By then her mouth was running dry but she was in no hurry to take a drink of water. That was because as instructed previously by Pa at bathtime she was allowed to 'wet her whistle' by taking a gulp of water straight from the toilet bowl. Like I said she was not in a hurry to do that. But she knew that eventually she would have to.

As she licked her way down his inner thighs the old bastard chuckled and encouraged her.

"Come on bitch, I don't have all night, get going, I want my feet given a real good clean, they're really starting to stink!"

Halle screwed her eyes shut and hoped Naomi appreciated what she was doing for her. Pa waited until both his thighs had been tongued by Halle before sitting himself on a ramshackle stool and lifting his right foot up to face level with her. As soon as she saw those disgusting, discoloured toes before her closed her eyes, opened her mouth and took them in. From bitter experience she knew that it was fatal to dwell too long on what she was doing at 'bathtime'. The taste was rank, the sensation horrible but Halle licked every single toe, between them then finally Pa's filthy sole before stopping, knowing that she had to have a drink of water no matter what was just in there.

She turned and faced the bowl. The water was fairly clean (as much as anything was clean around this godforsaken hellhole) but the actual bowl was a mess and as carefully as Halle lowered her head in there towards the water she could not avoid the porcelain. Still the water refreshed her somewhat and she ignored the fact Pa had just shit in it and she got back to washing his left foot. After that it was a continuation of the disgusting task, Halle licked his belly button, his man boobs, his armpits and even his face which just left his unwashed ass for her and Halle didn't know id she was going to be capable of licking it. It was just too much. She was actually shaking as he turned around and assumed the position. Tentatively she reached her hands up and prised his ass cheeks apart and was just about to embark on quite possibly the worst thing she had ever done when the door to the bathroom smashed in and one of the boys (Halle couldn't see which burst in.

"Pa! Pa! The nigger's escaped! The nigger's escaped!"

it was Cletus and his arms were flapping all over the place and pa had to calm him down somewhat and even then his message was garbled and twisted and it took a few moments to get to the nub of it. Basically, Naomi had not been chained up properly in the shack and had broken it's window and made a break for freedom. Inwardly Halle cheered her friend on hoping she could escape and bring back help but Pa's next words chilled her to the marrow.

"Git all the boys, tell them to git ready we're gonna have a cunt hunt. And boy when we find her I personally am gonna string that dumb Limey bitch up by her scrawny neck and fuck her while she hangs!"

He was hauling his clothes on as he spoke and the two of them stormed out of the bathroom, Halle seemingly totally forgotten.

Everything seemed to happen at a whirlwind pace from that point. They stormed out of the bathroom leaving Halle kneeling there and she did not move as below her there followed a series of bumps and thumps and bangs and shouts. Then an engine spluttered to life and she got up and sought out the window in the next bedroom an watched as the ramshackle van headed off the property and the house descended into an unnatural silence.

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