"Goddamned stupid lock," Halley muttered to herself as she jimmied her key in the deadbolt. "I'm sorry," she said over her shoulder as she continued to work. "It does this all the time...."

"Here, let me." Her date reached between her hands and smiled at her. She melted a little at that smile, nervously grinned back, and stepped aside. His name was Alaisdair, a tall gentleman with dark eyes and even darker hair, a smooth face, wearing a black suede coat she loved to touch when she thought he wasn't watching. He was about thirty, like Halley herself.

This was their third date, and she'd invited him back to her place after finishing their drinks at the club. Her girlfriends at work were so jealous that she'd met someone like him, at the department store of all places -- attractive, enticing, professional, gentlemanly, like James Bond but more mysterious. He looked sinister, in his face, but his manner was nothing but courteous and considerate. That contrast somehow made him even more (desirable) intriguing to Halley.

It also made her extremely nervous. Certainly she'd slept with men before, both early and late in their relationship, but this was the only time she was the first to invite her date to spend the night. No nonsense about "would you like to come up for coffee," either. She'd been surprisingly forward with Alaisdair as the taxi brought her home. It was, she admitted to herself, because of the dreams of him that she'd been having. Ever since their first meeting, those wonderful, wonderful dreams, each one more exotic and erotic than the last....

Halley suddenly realized that Alaisdair was already holding the door of her apartment for her. "Ladies first," he insisted with that (luscious) beautiful smile of his, her key held out to her.

"Oh, um, sorry. Thank you," she stammered as she entered past him. "That was very... I mean, I've had trouble with that deadbolt ever since I moved in here."

"I must have a talent for opening things, then." He entered behind her, barely making a sound, and let the door close softly. Halley turned on the light switch.

"It's not much to look at, of course," she said as she put her coat in the closet and offered him a hanger. He took it. She'd spent half the week cleaning it up, reorganizing, even painting certain spots in the kitchen. Her vibrators were safely hidden in a box in the top of the closet, with a pack of condoms replacing their spot in the nightstand. She'd worn her favorite black bra and panties under her outfit tonight. She didn't know what else to do (show him around). "So, um, would you like the grand tour?"

"I'd love that." He pointed to the photos hanging on the wall by the door. "Are these your family?"

"Family and friends. Those are my parents, of course... my girlfriends from work... that's us again, at Amy's bachelorette party... and that one is my brother and his family." A man in his late twenties, posing for a Christmas portrait with his wife and two girls, about six and two years old. "That's Will, of course, and his wife's name is Sarah, and their girls are Michele and Julie."

Alaisdair lingered on that photo. "They look very happy. You said they've been married... eight years now?"

"Yes, they didn't wait long to have children. Will and Sarah both knew they wanted a family as soon as they started dating. They're a great bunch, I visit them whenever I can."

Alaisdair turned to meet her eyes. "And you too, right?"


"You want a family, too."

Halley blushed a little, but this was a topic that he'd brought up on their first date, much to her surprise. "Yes, I do. More so every year I see my nieces growing up together. It's not a biological clock thing, I don't think. It's just... I've always wanted what they have. What they've had."

He took her hand in his (so soft and warm) and lifted it to his lips for a kiss. She loved the way he did that. "Just haven't met the right man, hmm?"

She nodded and squeezed her hand around his, smiling nervously despite herself. Finally she made herself say it. "I think maybe I have."

She couldn't tell if he smiled, but he did lean closer to her as he continued to hold her hand. She let her eyes close as she lifted her chin and met his lips with her own. Those kisses of his... so (sexual) sensual, so (passionate) affectionate, she savored them every time, and tonight her legs nearly gave way as she slipped her arms under his soft suede coat and up his back. She (wanted) wanted him so much, tonight and forever....

She couldn't guess how long they'd been kissing there in front of the photographs before separating and looking into each other's eyes. Alaisdair gave her a half-grin. "What about the grand tour you promised?"

She wasn't nervous anymore. "Let's start with the bedroom."

He took his time with the zipper on the back of her short black dress, leaving kisses along every inch of her skin as it opened to her waist. She slid it from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, kicking it aside with a grin, but Alaisdair took a second to pick it back up and lay it neatly on a chair, then removed his coat to cover it. "You look far too wonderful in it to treat it like that," he explained before returning to her, kissing her neck, her shoulder, her fingertips.

She moved her hands to open her bra, but he stopped them with a kiss. Reaching behind her with one hand, he flicked the clasp open and slid it from her shoulders with the other. "Impressive," she giggled.

He smiled that wonderful, seductive smile. "I must have a talent for opening things."

The rest of his clothes quickly piled up on the floor. Something in her made her loosen his thin black silk tie and leave it on his neck for last, unknoting it as slowly as she could and sliding it along her own neck in a mock striptease before tossing it with the rest. She bit her lip... he looked so good, naked and nearly erect in the candlelight. She'd set out the candles before leaving on their date, but he was the one who took the time to light them and arrange them in a perfect circle around the bed before undressing her.

She embraced him for another long, passionate kiss as he run his fingers inside the waist of her panties and slid them past her waist to the floor. They moved to the bed together, dancing around the candles and laying on the comforter side by side. Just feeling his fingers on her naked body turned her on, she knew she wanted him now. Forget about foreplay, she didn't need it tonight. But experience and friendly advice reminded that her men didn't work quite like women did, and if she cut to the chase now she might never get to any of those things she remembered from her dreams....

Her fingers glided across his (smooth) chest down past his waist, caressing his erection as it pressed against her own body. As she felt him shiver in response, she slowly broke the kiss and smiled. "Let me help you with that," she whispered.

Slowly she slid down the bed and parted her lips, slipping them around the head of his cock, feeling it in her mouth. Most men tried to take control of things at this point, but Alaisdair didn't -- only touched her hair with his fingers, sliding through it, brushing it away from her cheeks.

She could feel him watching, and smiled a little inside. Without looking up, she continued, sliding her tongue under his cock and back towards the head as her lips drew away, then back again as she moved her head forward again, sucking more of him into her mouth. The way he touched her hair and cheeks comforted her, relaxed her, made her feel comfortable with him like this. And so she continued, her wet lips sliding down his cock, sucking harder, her cheeks and tongue holding his cock tightly each time she drew back. She could feel him getting harder, his balls tightening, and she caressed them with her fingers, squeezing gently, as she devoured his cock with ever- increasing hunger.

Eventually, reluctantly, he stopped her. She wasn't expecting it. He met her eyes and drew her face back up to his. "That was... wonderful... but that's not how I want my first time to be."

Halley was taken completely aback. "Your first... you're a... virgin?" Her girlfriends would never believe it. She didn't even believe it. How could someone like this, who looked and acted the way Alaisdair did, have never had sex before? She suddenly wondered if he was really as old as she'd assumed. The question had never actually come up.

He seemed to read her thoughts. "I'm older than I look, don't worry. My... family have always believed that a man shouldn't make love to a woman unless he's sure of who she is -- that she is a woman who believes in having a family, who wants to raise his children and care for them." He brushed her hair back from her cheek again, caressing her neck and shoulder. He smiled, more warmly than ever. "I'm sure of that with you. You're the first woman I've ever been so sure of."

Halley smiled, inwardly and out, feeling as though she'd just passed a very exclusive and selective test. All the women who must have ever wanted Alaisdair, and she was the first, because he knew she wanted to stay with him and have his children and raise them together. And she did, she truly did, but right now she just wanted him to make love to her, to enter her and make this evening complete. They kissed, full of desperate intensity, and Halley rolled onto her back with him in her arms and pressed her hips to his.

She felt him, hard between her legs, and couldn't stop pressing against him. Nor could he stop pressing back. They rolled their hips together, pushing harder against each other's bodies, still kissing and caressing each other. She was very wet, and when he leaned forward his cock found entry into her immediately. She gasped in surprise and pleasure, then her gasp turned into a sigh and a moan as she arched her back to welcome him and invite him deeper inside her body.

His hands slid down her body, across her very sensitive breasts to her thighs, guiding them apart (he has such a talent for opening things) and upward. She cooperated and folded them around his waist, trying to pull him closer, but there was no need. He raised his hips and hers, his hands moving to her bottom and squeezing it as his cock slid easily between her lips. And she wanted him so deep, so much....

Her hands moved above her head and held on as she rocked her hips against his, closing her eyes and sighing as she felt him sliding in and out of her, long slow strokes followed short deep ones, then by a slow grinding of his hips against hers, rolling her clit between their bodies and making them both moan loudly. She didn't even realize she was calling his name, just like in her dreams: "Oh, god, yes... oh Alaisdair...."

"Mmmmmmmmm, yes..." he responded between breaths, never stopping his wonderful motions inside her. "Call me.... Asmodeus, please... that's my... real name... Asmodeus...."

Halley was too far gone to do anything but comply. "Asmodeus... yes, ohhhhh yes..." and she continued, saying his name again and again as he moved faster and faster inside of her, his body stimulating hers until she felt her first orgasm erupt from (his) her body. She gripped the bed tightly and threw her hips into the air, shuddering as it came and went, sighing loudly as she held onto it as long as possible.

Eventually she became aware that he was still hard inside of her, that he hadn't come yet. She half-opened her eyes to look at him, leaning close to her from above. "Mmmmm, were you waiting on me?"

He kissed her. "An incubus only has one climax... and I want our time to last."

Asmodeus Incubus, she thought... an interesting family name, certainly one she'd never heard before. She wondered if it was Middle Eastern, even though he didn't look like it. His cock twitched inside of her, and she shivered and grinned. "Well, I'm sure I have a second one in me still... maybe even a third." She slid her hand down his body to the base of his cock, rubbing it as it rested against her, feeling it move against her clit and finding herself aroused again. She moaned through closed lips, long and low, and finally said, "I want to move, though... let me change positions."

He kissed her again and nodded, sliding his cock slowly out of her, sighing with her as they separated. Not wanting to be apart for long, she rolled onto her side and looked at him over her shoulder, patting the space behind her. "C'mere. Put your arms around me." His erection was still wet, sliding between her thighs and rubbing against her lips again. She bent her waist slowly, bringing him with her, and reached down to guide him back into her.

He entered easily and deeply, and she smiled and sighed as they joined together again. Her legs slid between and around his, as her arms held his hands against her chest. She felt his fingers find her breast, touching and circling the nipple, rolling it between his fingertips as it hardened, and she moaned even louder. "Alaisdair... Asmodeus... don't stop, please... don't stop...."

She bent her waist as far as she could while keeping him pressed against her back and legs. Her eyes closed, all her thoughts focused on feeling his fingers on her breast... his breath on the back of her neck... his legs sqeezing hers... his hard wet cock sliding deeper inside her with every thrust of their hips... moving faster... pushing harder against him... "Yes... Asmodeus... don't stop... come with me... come with me...."

She knew as soon as it began that she'd never felt anything like it. His cock seemed to swell, literally filling her as they both came, and she squeezed him inside of her as he pushed back. She actually felt his come filling her, deep inside her body, and she welcomed it and screamed with pleasure and desire as her body drank him up. Her mind ignored everything else, their orgasm driving it all away, even the breath from her lungs, and she finally collapsed onto the bed, unable to move or even stay awake any longer.

Halley didn't know when she first woke and realized he was no longer beside her. Something inside reassured her that nothing was wrong, that he wasn't like other men, that he hadn't left during the night and that he was really still there with her. At some point she realized she'd forgotten all about the condoms, and then never gave them another thought. She drifted off again, still on top of the blankets of her bed but not at all cold. She felt as though something was keeping her warm from the inside, and she smiled and savored it in her dreams....

That night, she had one more dream of him. It wasn't erotic like the others -- somehow, she thought, those dreams would never again compare to the night they'd shared in the waking world. Asmodeus/Alaisdair was speaking from behind her, embracing her, his hand rubbing her belly reassuringly. "I'm truly sorry that we'll never have another night like that." His voice was in both ears, calm and soothing, but full of masculinity and power. "There is no other way for us to be. But never forget what you told me... that you wanted to have a family, a child, with someone you loved...." His voice continued, and she slept peacefully, long into the next morning.

Consciously, Halley forgot the dream. When she woke, she went about her day as if she'd known he'd be gone, confident that he was somewhere he needed to be. His clothes had disappeared, but mysteriously, his suede coat had remained, folded over the chair beneath her dress. She began to wear it wherever she went. It smelled just like him, she realized, and it kept her warm no matter what the weather was like.

Her girlfriends tried to convince her that he was a jerk, that under those dark eyes and sensual manner he was just another hump-and-run loser, afraid of any kind of commitment. But she insisted that they were wrong, and that he'd left because that's the way it had to be. Was he in the military, they asked, or a businessman who had to go on another trip? She couldn't say. Somehow, she hadn't ever thought to ask.

Months later, when she told them she was pregnant, they began it all again. Halley simply ignored their words, though, assuring herself that they'd change their minds in time. And sure enough, after the baby shower was held and her son was born, with her brother and sister-in-law holding her hand through the delivery, they all cooed over him together.

Alaisdair Asmodeus was an interesting name, no doubt, but everyone else agreed it would grow on them. Halley had insisted the baby share her lover's name. They even looked exactly alike.

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