Hello Nude Day Contest Readers. I had a bit of a struggle categorizing this one. It is certainly science fiction in nature, but I'm telling you right now - it isn't very erotic. Given this is Literotica, it seems in order to fire off that warning shot ;) That said, I had a terrific time writing this. For the geeks in the crowd, the coordinates listed are all real. If you want to follow along with the story, just plug them into Google Earth or most mapping programs - a straight cut and paste should bring the locations up. Thanks for reading, and hope your summer is going well.

Somewhere near Cedar City, Utah
37 37 48.25N 112 59 34.62W

"Hello out there. My name is Phil Bensen. I am sixteen years old and I live on the planet earth. Earth is the third planet in orbit around what we call Sol, a planet in the Milky Way. I could tell you a bunch of stuff about our planet, but if you get this maybe you'll come along for a visit and find out for yourself. What I'll tell you is Earth is full of all sorts of animals, and human beings are the most in control -- for good or for bad.

Human beings have two sexes, male and female. I'm a male.

I'd tell you about females, but I don't know too much. The other guys always talk about getting laid, in scientific jargon -- copulation. For me, I don't care about copulation. I'd just like someone to kiss. If I could have a girlfriend who I could kiss every day, it would be amazing. If I could just hold her and kiss her, I wouldn't worry too much about the getting laid part. So far, I've kissed three girls -- and it was amazing with every one of them. I dated Cheri Little for two and a half weeks and it was the best fifteen days of my life. We kissed - a lot. One time we were watching TV on the couch and we both fell asleep. Her head was on my arm, it was as close to heaven as I've ever been."

"Anyway, she broke up with me about a month ago and now every time I think about her it feels like my heart is going to stop. She's dating Jason now. He's one of my best friends, and I know I'm supposed to hate him but I can't. That doesn't change the fact that I fell like I'm going to throw up whenever I picture them together."

"So, I'm sitting here on top of a mountain, looking up at the stars, and wanting to share this with someone. I've put together this radio cannon -- that's what I call it anyway. I'm shooting out this message to whoever might get it and it actually makes me feel a little better. Even if this message reaches you a million years from now, I just want you to know that someone else knows what it is like to be alone."

"This is Phil Bensen, on the outskirts of Cedar City, Utah, signing off."

Phil unplugged from the battery array he'd put together in the back of his dad's truck and looked at his ingenious device one more time. It had taken him over two years of tinkering around, but he'd finally gotten something that broadcast a signal he believed was strong enough escape the atmosphere and continue on - hopefully forever.

Driving back through dark hills outside of Cedar City, Phil began having a few regrets.

"Crap," he said to himself.

He often talked to himself on his drives through the mountains.

"I could be the first human voice some alien hears from Earth, and they're going to think the planet is full of teenagers who whine about being lonely. Good job, Phil!"

The message was soon forgotten -- well, not forgotten, but stored away in the back of his mind.

The device wasn't forgotten, however. Phil continued modifying his signal amplifier which could boost the power of nearly any frequency over a thousand times. He nearly got in trouble from the FCC for broadcasting Oingo Boingo on 88.1 FM with a signal that reached all the way to Green River, Colorado and Death Valley, California.

With a newer version of the amplifier he won the Utah State Science Competition, and took second in the national competition, winning a scholarship to UC Berkeley in the process.

Just after turning 18 - the son of a history professor and an English teacher found himself leaving the sleepy little town in Utah and moving to one of the nation's hotbeds of technology and counter-culture, set to embark on a great adventure -- his goal, to change science as we know it, and discover alien life.

July 14, 2010 -- 1:38 AM
The Hollenbeck Palms Retirement Home
34 2 22.66N 118 13 14.49W

A curious glow drifted through the halls of the Hollenbeck Palms. It drifted in and out of the resident's rooms - touching one of them now and again. Once it left, they were visited by a curious sense of peace and comfort -- knowing they weren't truly alone.

The glow finally settled into the room of Leilani Sigridsdottir. The daughter of an Icelandic/English/Native American father and a Somalian/Fijian/Russian/Japanese mother, Leilani had once been a stunning beauty -- taking the best from each country in her background.

Along with the superior physical traits, she had inadvertently become the most perfect genetic human being ever to be born. What no one knew, except her, was she was the oldest person on the planet -- having been born in the year 1877. Senility had just begun to inch its way in -- but she still had her good days.

Today, in the wee hours of the morning, she wondered if her mind was now taking the final journey down the road to senility -- because her young self was standing before her, naked. The woman in front of her reminded her of what she'd in the mirror when she'd been perhaps nineteen or twenty.

She looked at the high, full, proud breasts -- the round and ripe hips -- the once legendary hair that seemed to scintillate with every hue. The eyes -- the eyes were the same. The greenish blue eyes stood out like jewels against the brown skin.

"I used to look like that," she said, smiling. "I suppose I was quite the beauty. Now I can see it."

Her other self, her younger self, reached out to place a tender hand on her wrinkled cheek.

The old woman saw stars; millions upon millions of stars glowing and talking among each other. Like the others in the home who had been visited by the glowing light that evening, Leilani was enveloped in warm glow of comfort. Leilani knew she was not alone.

As the young, naked beauty walked out of the rear entrance of the Hollenbeck Palms, the old woman named Leilani made a decision. She had spent as much time as she wished to on this planet and now she knew there was something beyond. As the dawn broke, her breathing grew more shallow. As the first ray of the sun streamed onto her face, she liked to imagine that her soul leapt onto the slanted beam and climbed away in search of a new adventure.

July 14th, 2010 -- 12:15 PM
Glendale Galleria- The Food Court
34 8 39.96N 118 15 34.44W

"Melanie, are you there?"

Melanie grabbed the radio handset.

"Yeah Doug, what's up?"

"I think we found the nude beauty. She's in the food court at the Galleria."

All morning, reports had been filtering in about sightings of a gorgeous nude woman walking northward through Los Angeles. She had been elusive and had moved with surprising quickness for someone on foot.

"Alright -- I'm nearby. I'll get right over there." said Melanie. "Crazy Nude Day activists."

In the Galleria all of the food court was stopped. Standing in the center was the most beautiful, naked woman any of them had ever seen.

Her skin glistened -- not from anything supernatural, but from perspiration. She had been moving rapidly, walking or running as she learned the mechanics of this new body.

Something had been stirring in her mind -- a longing of some sort. Upon passing this collection of buildings, an odor had reached out to her and she had followed the smell into the food court. It was the smell that attracted her. Her body seemed to be longing for something associated with the smell.

Just as everyone was observing her -- she was watching them in turn. The males of the species seemed to react to her differently -- they admired her, or something along those lines. Some of the females seemed to admire her too. Others were ambivalent, and others shook their heads in what was apparently disapproval. She mimicked all of their mannerisms.

When the men whooped, she smiled in encouragement. With the women who frowned, she tried shaping her face into the frown -- which seemed to make them frown even more.

The smell took over again. She followed the pungent, sweet aroma toward a counter which had a black and white creature painted on the sign. May, the young Asian-American who stood behind the counter was at a loss and could only do what she'd been trained to do.

"Would you like to try a sample of our Beijing Beef?"

May offered the woman a little paper container. The nude woman looked at it curiously, smelling it and smiling. She didn't seem to know what to do with it.

May took a sample herself and lifted the toothpick to her mouth.

"You do this," she explained, popping the strip of crispy-battered beef into her mouth.

The woman followed suit, and her face broke into an overwhelming grin.

Some might bemoan the fact that this newborn creature's first taste of food on our planet was from the McDonald's of Asian food, Panda Express -- but the naked woman would have argued differently. The strong burst of salt and sweet, of fried fat and sweet sauce was an explosion of sensations that thrilled her immensely.

"Mm!" she exclaimed.

"Oh!" she cried -- suddenly excited to realize she had a voice.

She tried reaching out to grab more from the serving pans, but the glass barrier stopped her. Coming up curiously, she looked very sad at being denied.

"I'm sorry," said May. "You have to... you know, buy it if you want any more."

"She can have mine," said a skater dude who'd been sitting nearby. His accent was so stereotypically So-Cal it almost seemed fake. "Any babe who looks like that can have anything she wants. Seriously, naked-chick, have at it."

By the time Sergeant Melanie Starostka arrived at the food court, there were seventeen guys lined up at the table where the nude woman had been brought to sit. Each of the men carried an order from one of the many restaurants around them. It was as though they were lining up to give their offerings to a goddess. Once Melanie saw the woman in question, she mused that the goddess analogy wasn't too far from the truth.

"Alright boys -- break it up. Break it up," she said brushing the young men back.

The nude woman barely noticed Melanie. Her face was currently smeared with sauces of every variety - as were her hands. Even the top of her breasts were coated with drips and chunks of the many things she'd sampled. With scarcely a glance to Melanie, she grabbed a large smoothie from Surf City Squeeze and started sucking at the straw with abandon.

"Hello," said Melanie. "I'm Sergeant Melanie Starostka from the Glendale Police Department. While we respect your right to express yourself on this semi-official holiday -- I have to inform you that if you don't put some clothes on I'm going to have to cite you for public disturbance, public lewdness, and a couple of other things."

The nude woman glanced dismissively at Melanie, while continuing to suck down the smoothie. She was already half way done with the very large cup of frozen concoction (Mango-Strowberry-Banana, by the way).

"Ma'am, I want to communicate to you that I'm already showing lenience. I'm giving you a chance. Do you have any clothes."


The woman screamed in pain, grabbing her head and moaning.

"Dude," said the skater to the woman. "That's a massive eye-headache. You've got to slow down on the slush-type beverages."

Melanie shook her head at the absurdity of the situation.

"Alright, sweetie," she said to the naked beauty, "why don't you come with me and we'll have a talk down at the station."

Melanie ignored the groans of the assembled boys and men and wrapped a large blanket around the woman who followed obediently.

May from Panda Express handed Melanie the police sergeant a handful of alcohol hand-wipe packets. Melanie nodded in thanks and led the nude woman out.

Stopping outside her squad car, she opened the wipes and washed off the woman's face, hands, and body. The woman calmly allowed it, looking to Melanie with childlike eyes full of disarming innocence. Melanie opened the rear door and helped the woman in.

As they drove to the woman touched everything and looked out the windows with fierce curiosity.

"Do you have a name?"

The woman looked at Melanie with a confused expression. It was as though the words had registered somewhere within her, but she was uncertain of what to do with them.

"My name is Melanie. Melanie. What's your name?"

In fact, the woman did possess the language. All of the English language was in her mind, absorbed from those she had passed -- Spanish and Mandarin were also strong in terms of content. Having the words, and using the words, however, were quite different things.

"Haa..." said the woman, struggling with the sounds. "Haa haaa Haaallleey."

"Halley. That's your name?"

"Halley," said the woman, smiling at the accomplishment.

"Halley, that's a pretty name."

"Halley," she repeated. "Halley."

Those in the station looked up with interest as Melanie led the nude woman in. Though the blanket was still on her shoulders, Halley clearly didn't grasp the true purpose of it -- or the concept of modesty.

"Halley," she said to the desk clerk, giving him a nice flash of her right breast as she passed.

"Well hello, Halley."

"Zip it up, Yamamoto," said Melanie.

"Halley. Halley! Halley. Halley?"

The word rang throughout the station as Melanie took Halley to her office. She closed the door and had Halley sit before she turned to get some forms from her file cabinet.

"Halley. Halley. Halley."

"Yes, your name is Halley. At least we got that...oh shit."

Halley had dropped the blanket and was looking out into the office floor, giving everyone there quite an eyeful as she pressed her ample breasts up against the glass.

"Come on, Halley."

She pulled her away from the glass and lowered the blinds.

"Halley, I'm going to need some more information. Where you're from. Who your family is."

Again, Halley struggled with the words. If she were a computer, it was almost as though Melanie could see the circuits processing the data."

"Family. Halley left family."

"You ran away?"

"... sort of."

"Okay. Do you have anyone to go to? To take care of you?"

"I have someone I wish to hold. Someone I wish to kiss."

"Oh, who's that?"

"Phil Bensen."

"Good we're getting somewhere," said Melanie, relieved. "Where does this Phil Bensen live?"

Halley shrugged.

"Anything? Do you have anything to help me out?"

"I think... I think he would be a know-things-person," said Halley, struggling for words.

"A know-things-person? What kind of things does he know?"

"A... how-things-work type of know-things-person."

"A mechanic?"

"No," said Halley, frustrated. "How big things work. How suns work and universe works and things."

"A scientist?" inquired Melanie.

"Yes! A scientist. A very smart scientist I think that is how... how I know of him."

"Okay then, a scientist or physicist or something named Phil Bensen. Let's check it out."

Melanie pulled up her computer and typed away. Halley watched the officer's fingers with fascination -- absorbing everything about the way her fingers hit the letters and noticing instantly how each tap had a corresponding signal on the screen.

"Gotta love Google, right?" said Melanie.

"Okay," said Halley, innocently.

"Wow, here we go. Phil Bensen, MFA and PhD in astrophysics, UC Berkeley. Associate research scientist, NASA fellow. You're not kidding he's a scientist. Let's see though, resigned from his research fellow position a couple of years ago."

"Where is he?" asked Halley.

"Umm, here's a map. Here's us, in Los Angeles. Here's Berkeley, up by San Francisco."

"No, where exactly is he?"

"Oh, I don't. I mean, we could check the white pages or open public records. But Halley, can we get you some clothes before we go any further?"


"Yes," said Melanie, pointing to her uniform. "These things. Cloth that covers you."

"Why do you wish me to cover with clothes?" asked Halley, perplexed.

"Because it is what's done - in public at least. We expect people to wear clothes when they are outside. When you're at home, do whatever you want, but out here -- it's what we do."

"If Sergeant Melanie Starostka wishes for me to put on clothes in public. I will do so. However, I have no clothes."

"Yes, I see that. Wait here."

Melanie opened her door just wide enough to slip out, hiding Halley from the prying eyes of the department. She made a beeline for the missing property department where her friend Jerry worked.

"Jerry, I need some clothes."

"For Halley, Miss Nude California?"

"You saw her, too?"

"Oh yeah. And this is her lucky day." Jerry went back to a shelf and pulled down what looked to be a real Louis Vitton suitcase.

"This," he explained, "looks like it may have fallen out of an airport Limo from Burbank. However, after several calls to the airport and the mandatory six-month waiting period -- I was just getting ready to put this in the charity auction. I think that gorgeous Halley there is as deserving of charity as anyone, don't you think?"

"Bless you, Jerry."

Melanie returned to her office to find Halley behind her desk, pecking away at the computer keyboard.

"Hey now, you're not allowed."

"Not allowed? Why?"

"It's a police computer."

"Oh," said Halley, making the connection. "Can I use other computers -- ones not used by police?"

"Yes, of course."

"Good," said Halley. "Did you bring me clothing?"

"Did I?" exclaimed Melanie. "Girlfriend, you hit the jackpot."

She pulled the suitcase up to the desk and opened it. The clothes inside were worth a large portion of Melanie's salary. She walked Halley through the ins-and-outs of clothing. Before long, the beauty was standing in black silk panties and a matching lacy bra. The bra fit her very well, surprisingly, but Halley didn't seem too happy with it.

"It itches," she complained," and it squeezes me funny. Why would someone wear this?"

"Well you," said Melanie, "as high as those puppies are riding, you could get away with it, but that's what women wear in general."

"I see," said Halley, though she clearly didn't.

"Now for the next layer," said Melanie. "Here are some amazingly expensive jeans and a great top."

Halley barely fit into the jeans, but once she did they squeezed her in just the way the designer had intended. The blouse was a bit easier to manage. It fit well and showed a bit more cleavage than Melanie would have cared for -- but she figured it wasn't much of an issue to Halley.

"I thank you for the clothing. I wish to depart now."

"To where?" asked Melanie.

"To Berkeley, California to find Phil Bensen."

"Okay," said Melanie. "It will take a while to travel there. It's a bit too far to walk."

"Oh, how will I get there?"

"You'll need money."

"Money?" asked Halley. "What does it look like?"

"Here," said Melanie, pulling out her wallet to show her some bills.

"Oh! Money like this?"

Halley reached into a side zipper inside the suitcase and pulled out an envelope which contained well over ten thousand dollars."

"I...holy shit, yeah."

"Is something the matter?" asked Halley. "Is it wrong I should have this?"

"No," said Melanie as she shook her head in amazement. "I think you were born under a lucky star. Come on Halley, I'll take you to the bus station, there's no way you'll be able to get on a plane without an ID."

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