tagLoving WivesHalliwell Chronicles Ch. 02

Halliwell Chronicles Ch. 02


Thanks for the feedback from Chapter 1, if you have just found this, please read chapter 1 to have the back story as these build upon each other. If you are expecting "perfect realism" this isn't for you. Some things will be exaggerated a wee bit, I do try to keep a strong sense of realism throughout. I'm no professional writer, just having fun. Enjoy!


Series: Halliwell Chronicles of Copulation

Description: Tease with intent to please, Clara knows how to tease Rian perhaps too far

Chapter: 2

Rian Halliwell - February 20th, 2010

Well it's Saturday, and we had a great night last night. I wake up and hear the shower running. Clara is already in the shower. I feel something hard by my thigh and I reach down to grab it and its Clara's six inch realistic dildo, still kind of wet.

I think to myself, didn't notice that last night. It got my curiosity going, did she use it? Just thinking about her playing with it was getting me excited. So I walk into the bathroom attached to our room and tell her "Clara your girl-toy is in the sink" she giggles a little and tells me "Rian babe, will you grab a towel for me"?

I go into our bathroom closet and grab two towels and set them on the counter for us, and then slip into the shower with Clara.

Clara is finishing up and washing the body soap off her body and I reach around her and caress one of her breasts. They are full and very soft the kind of breasts that beg to be held.

After she washes down, I slip under the water and start washing my hair, with my eyes closed Clara reaches down and gently strokes my cock. It drives me crazy when she strokes me in the shower and she knows it. Then I feel her tugging on my balls and I begin to feel my cock gaining girth.

I wash the soap out of my hair with Clara still stroking me, and then I feel her soft lips of her mouth take all of my semi-hard cock. Her mouth is warm and her lips stroke my cock, her tongue tickles my shaft as she moves back and forth on it. Clara's pussy is great but it can't change tightness like her lips can and it doesn't have a tongue!

She pulls most of me out of her mouth and with her tongue plays with the head of my growing cock and with one last suck, kisses my head, then kisses me and jumps out of the shower. I yell "Come on baby" and she giggles and I hear her laughing walking out of the bathroom. I reach down and stroke a little more; dammit, blue balls like crazy and she's good at it. But I hadn't seen anything yet.

I finish up my shower and walk into the bedroom and ask Clara if she wants to go to the movies tonight. She replies "Yes of course a date night sounds great"! I tell her, it's her pick of the movie and we'll go about eight after dinner at her favorite restaurant.

A little later I go into my office to finish up some of last week's work. A little while later Clara walks in wearing a mid-thigh black skater skirt and black tights, my favorite red and flowers body suit with a jacket. She tells me she's heading out to her girls meet up at their favorite little coffee house and will be back before our date. I can't help but check her out, she looks great and I can't wait to get my hands on her again. I tell her OK, I love you and damn you look great! She smiles, leans over my desk allowing me to see she's not wearing any bra. She kisses me and whips around her skirt over my desk and walks out.

About an hour or so later I finish up my work and decide to go do an oil change on the car I've needed to do.

When I finish up I go jump in the shower and start to get ready for our date night. About the time I get out of the shower and walk into the bedroom with nothing but my towel on, Clara comes in the room just about bouncing off the walls excited about date night, strips off her clothes and runs into the bathroom and takes a shower.

I think to myself, I've never really seen her "that" excited about a date night.

I throw on some tan khaki pants with a navy blue button up shirt, some casual dress shoes and finish up getting ready, about the time Clara is coming out of the shower. Clara tells me "Babe I bought some groceries they are out in the truck will you go get them?"

I head out to her truck and grab the bags, head back into the house and start putting them up. About that time Clara yells to me "Pink or white"? And I yell back "white!" with a giggle not even knowing what I'm selecting for her.

As I'm putting some cans in the pantry Clara yells again; "Long or short?" I yell back "short!" thinking I'm selecting her skirt! Man I would love to see her in a short white skirt.

After I put up the groceries I head back to the bedroom to put on some cologne; Clara is in the bathroom with the door closed, I walk up to the door and ask her if she's about ready to leave as it's about time to head out before we are late. Clara reassures me she's about ready to go.

I head to the living room, turning off lights, getting the house ready for us to leave and Clara walks out to the living room. My mouth drops to the floor and I think to myself how blessed I am as a husband to have such a drop dead sexy gorgeous woman as my wife. God blesses us, this I know for sure!

Clara has her hair down and curled slightly, she is wearing a slightly sheer pink blouse and I can see clearly she is wearing no bra. She is wearing a white mini skirt that's just shorter than mid-thigh. Clara's very seductive curvy hips and a sexy ass drive me wild and she's letting me see it all with her outfit. She leans over slightly revealing her ass to me in the tight skirt as she grabs her black leather jacket off the kitchen bar.

Clara turns to me, smiles at me and asks if I'm ready to go as she walks by me heading to the garage door. I was pretty much still trying to get my jaw off the floor. Thoughts of Clara softly sucking the head of my cock rush though my head from this morning, the idea of bending her over and rushing all of my hard cock into her pussy was about all I could think about in the moment.

I gather myself together, try to calm my cock down, gather my jacket and follow her out to the garage.

As I follow behind her to the Tahoe, she pulls off her jacket and hands it to me, and slides up into the passenger seat. I can just about barely contain myself. But I tell myself, calm down keep it together, don't mess your pants Rian! Don't mess your pants you have no underwear on! Clara doesn't know this fact yet.

I swing around the front of the Tahoe and jump into the driver's seat. I hit the button to the garage door and lean over looking backwards to drive out. Apparently Clara noticed I had quite a hard-on and grabs my cock as I'm driving out of the garage. She gently strokes me though my pants and then grips firmly, squeezing my cock. Then just like that, with a beautiful seductive smile says to me "let's go."

I tell Clara, Babe if you do anything else I will take you in this back seat right now. Clara says, "No breaking the rules!" I reply, what rules? Clara informs me that I cannot touch her tonight unless she controls the touching and if I break the rules I would be punished with no climax tonight, she's the boss and I'm the slave. "Dang babe little rough huh?" I defensibly reply, a little shaken up about the prospect of no climax. Clara replies "you have no idea babe."

I pull out on to our street and then the turn onto the main road heading to the restaurant. Clara tells me "Sweetie tonight I have a very wet surprise for you."

Now this peaks my interests, I'm thinking a wet surprise? I ask her what kind of wet surprise?

As we are sitting at a red light, Clara grabs my hand, slides her skirt up a little and slides my hands down her panties. I can't see much because it's dark, but I immediately notice her pussy is very slippery, wet and she has a medium sized butt plug fully stuffed into her pussy with her panties making sure it stays in place. My stomach has butterflies!

As my hand bumps the pussy plug she leans back a little in the seat and starts to moan as she reaches over and wraps her hand around my pulsating rock hard cock.

The light turns green Clara snaps my hand out of her panties and tells me that's all I get to know about. As I drive she is still stroking me, but now she has her hands down her panties rubbing herself. She starts to moan and her silky legs become restless.

But then just as fast as she started; she stopped. Looked up at me, smiles and says to me, "you love watching me play with your toys don't you? That's your wet pussy I'm playing with; don't you want fuck my wet pussy? Maybe my ass could accommodate your cock while I play with myself? Maybe I should just suck you off right now? Yes that's what I will do; I'll suck your cock right now!"

I pull into the parking lot of the restaurant and my legs are kind of quivering, what has gotten into Clara, she has blown my mind already tonight! I don't even know how to respond to her; she can tell she has me fully under her control.

I pull into a dark parking spot off to the side of the restaurant, put the Tahoe in park and Clara lunges over, un-zips my pants and is surprised to see I'm commando tonight and starts to suck the top of my head, I lean my seat back a little to make things easier. My right hand slides down her back feeling her outline and I slide my hand over her round soft bubbly ass.

Then I remember what she stuffed in her pussy, I slide my hand down to her pussy and start to pump the plug back and forth, Clara softy moans and takes all of my hard cock to the back of her throat.

She deep throats me only about twenty seconds, she pops back up, wipes her mouth, looks into the vanity mirror to fix her lipstick and grabs her jacket and says to me "Let's go eat, I'm hungry!". She reaches down to adjust her pussy plug, making sure I notice.

There I lay, and I'm about to just blow my load right there all over the Tahoe. I moan like I've been beat, Clara starts to laugh and says "Lets gooooo!".

So I stuff my hard cock back into my pants, zip up and step out of the Tahoe. I fix my shirt, shut the door and walk around to the passenger door.

I open the door and Clara stares into my eyes, she has beautiful eyes that can melt me. Clara slides around in the seat to exit and spreads her legs letting me see she has on sheer panties and I can clearly see she's still being filled and pacified by her toy. She slightly moans as she gets out. I ask her, you sure you can walk with that stuffed in you? Clara replies "If you only knew how many times I've done this with you without you knowing".

Now she's being down right wrong!!

I close the door and help her put her jacket on. I do not really want any other man seeing her breasts so the jacket is a must! She buttons the bottom button of the jacket and starts to walk towards the restaurant. I think to myself while I follow her, she's a pro, damn she driving me crazy!

We sit down in a quiet corner table of the dimly lit restaurant. She orders wine and I knew we were going to have a long night of fun.

Clara tells me that tonight, it's her mission to tease me as much as possible and there isn't anything I can do about it and that if I break the rules, she would not allow me to cum anywhere near her the whole night. This is intense!

After dinner we leave to the movies. Holding hands walking back out to the Tahoe I give her a hug before I open her door. I wanted her to feel my rock hard cock pressed against her. I figured what the heck; I can play this game too.

I open the door and she jumps up into the seat when her knees in my chest Clara tells me "Don't think you have any control tonight, this is my night and your my slave, you got it sweetie?" I reply "oh really?"

She slides her leg over allowing me to see her panties and I can make out the outline of her toy. She reaches down and rubs slightly on her toy and says to me "Remember I have your pussy and you are not getting it until I say so". Turns into her seat and pulls her door closed.

I run around to the driver's door open and get in. I start up the Tahoe and Clara leans her seat back.

I pull back and start driving to the movies and Clara has her skirt pulled up to her waist, her panties are pulled down to her knees. She starts pulling the butt plug out and puts it back in. She starts fucking herself with the plug while rubbing her clit. After a few minutes of this I look over and she is trying to get her pussy to cum.

I start to unbutton my pants and she reaches over and slips her hand down my pants and grabs a hold of my cock and starts stroking me while hastily rubbing her pussy. She lets out a loud moan and shivers a bit and I see her legs shaking. Then she stops, pulls her hand out of my pants and pulls her panties back up and fixes her skirt. She leans over to my shoulder and whispers "I could probably get off if I had your hard cock deep in my mouth."

This girl is downright trying to kill me; I tell her "Are you trying to kill me by cock explosion? I'm so hard it hurts!" but Clara just laughs and says "it'll all be worth it slave now get us to the movies. "

I pull into the movies parking lot, park the Tahoe, Clara fixes her makeup and we go in the movie theater.

The large movie theater didn't have many people in it. Maybe five or so people and we were sitting to the right and back seats. Clara picked out the spot. Clara takes off her jacket and sits next to me and I sit in the seat next to the wall. Rightly so, Clara wants a private part of the movie theater. We slide the arm of the movie seats up and she puts the other arms up so she can lay down with her head in my lap.

About half way through the movie I feel Clara slowly unbuttoning my pants, then I feel the zipper being worked down so I help her a little to get my cock out.

Right then she pulls up to me and whispers "do something like that again slave and I'll yell rape right now". Somehow I think she was serious.

Clara lays her head back down in my lap, my pants partly pulled down, she likes the fact I've went commando today. I figured it would come in handy.

I feel her hand wrap around my balls and she tugs and plays with them a little while and my cock gets semi hard. She then slips the head of my cock into her mouth and starts to suck slowly just the head but my cock is growing and soon she has my full rock hard cock to deal with.

She grabs the base of my cock and slides all of it into her throat to remind me she had no problem handling all of me. But she stops and sucks only on the head while slowly stroking my shaft. It seems she has learned something new, how to please without making me cum. She was making me smoking hot but keeping me from climax, squeezing my shaft tightly. Damn she can make it feel amazing!

She sits up and slowly spreads my legs apart, she moves and settles in squatting between my legs. I can see right down her skirt as she squats. As she's squatting in front of me she leans back against the chairs in front of us and starts playing with her pussy. She pulls her pussy pacifier out and holds it up showing me her toy. She leans up to me and slowly rubs the tip of the butt plug against my lips letting me smell her pussy scent and whispers "you picked this when you told me "short!" I'm glad you picked short because if you said long I would have had that six inch realistic cock shoved in my pussy all night" Fuck me, why didn't I say long!

She slips back to squatting position and licks the tip of her toy, seductively sliding it back down and unbuttons the top three buttons of her blouse, I notice her other hand is already vigorously rubbing her pussy, she slides her fingers inside and pulls them out and rubs the top of the butt plug to make sure I see how wet she is.

Clara puts her toy just at the opening of her pussy and with her eyes closed slides it into her slowly while rubbing slowly on her clit. She loves the feeling of girth spreading her lips apart, forcing her lips apart and she was taking her time to enjoy it reentering her. Soon the whole toy was stuffed into her and with her now empty hand reaches over and grabs a hold of my very stiff cock and starts to slowly stroke me while vigorously now rubbing her clit.

Clara tugs on my cock as if to control my position. I lean over and ask her what's wrong; she replies "Stand up slave"

I would of swore my cock grew another half inch, it was pulsing so hard it hurt and she had a tight grip on the base of my shaft. As I stand up my cock had nowhere else to go but right into her open mouth.

Now nobody was behind us and we were in the back corner of the theater, but I was still worried someone might look back at me, it's rather dark so I wasn't too worried. Besides my cock was now stuffed into a very wet and warm mouth and Clara is just allowing the normal movement of our bodies to slide my cock back in forth slightly.

I can feel her tight grip getting tighter and I can feel her relentlessly now trying to cum. So there she is, squatting in front of me with very little room to move and my cock stuffed into her mouth, she's not trying to suck on my cock in any special way it's just there and she has a tight grip on my shaft to hold back my climax. I hear her slightly start to moan. Her moaning gets slightly louder and now I can tell she's really laboring to get her pussy to orgasm.

Just a few seconds later I feel her grip get much tighter on my base and then relaxed. She starts to slowly slide all of me into her throat and pulls me back out a few times. She pushes against my base for me to sit down. Of course I comply like a good slave.

When I sit down, she slides back up to me, licks the tip of my cock in front of her, comes up to my ear and tells me "My girl feels so good, it's very wet, and I'm still stuffed full with this toy in my pussy, don't you wish your cock was sliding into me right now?" I moan back "yeeessss"

Clara pulls her panties back up and her skirt back down; she slides over to her seat leans over on my shoulder. She's slightly out of breath and again she whispers in my ear "Thank you for keeping me quiet while I cum, your hard cock did the job well" I whispered back "Can I cum now?" Clara replies "you can cum when I say you can cum slave remember my pussy is occupied right now."

Sitting there my wet semi-hard cock still there Clara takes it into her mouth one more time then tucks it back into my pants, zips me back up and tells me to pull my pants back up and to button them.

After the movie we head back to the car. All I can think about is all that she did in the theater. As I open her door she stops and pulls her panties off and puts them into my pants pocket while grabbing my package one more time. She jumps up into her seat and tells me "Slave I have a job for you" she grabs the back of my head and spreads her legs as she pulls me closer to her lap.

I can see her pussy with the toy still stuffed fully into her. She commands "please your pussy now slave" and forces my head to her crotch.

I begin to suck on her clit and she thrusts a few times against me, wiggles a bit and my hand slips up and tugs a bit on her toy, she commands "no you're not playing, you're cleaning your pussy, that's enough now thanks" and she shoves me back and commands me to drive her home.

I can feel the weight of my girth swinging in my pants as I jog around to the driver's seat. I think to myself, she didn't say anything about me playing with it.

When I get back into my seat, she notices my cock is out and now my hand is wrapped around it, I start the Tahoe and lock the doors slowly stroking myself.

To Clara's surprise she finds me stroking my cock, I figured I would tease back. Clara says "Let me help you out slave" and she takes all of my cock into her throat making my cock slippery wet and I start stroking the whole shaft. Clara sits in her seat watching me play with myself. She loves to watch and I can see her hand rubbing her now bare pussy hidden away only by a thin white skirt. I can see she is pushing her toy in and out in sync with my stroking.

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