It was a couple of days until Halloween, Annie heard screams coming from Laurie's bedroom like she was being murdered. Quickley she ran into her room and seen her friend tossing and turning. She turned on the light and ran over to the bed and grabbed Laurie. This woke her up as she started swinging her arms around as if she was fighting her off. When she finally realized where she was she settled down and start crying, complaining that she couldn't do anything, not even sleep.

Annie climbed in bed with her, wrapped her arms around there and laid there rocking back in forth with her trying her best to comfort her obviously horrified friend. As the 2 of them laid there Laurie reminded herself that that is why her and Annie used to be so close and in Annie's mind they still were. But it seemed like Laurie couldn't remember why most of the time. She thought of Annie as a reminder of what happened that Halloween night. As if it were her fault and seeing Annie everyday made it difficult to live with herself, seeing Annie's scars.

But lying there in Bed with Annie comforting her she remembered that they weren't friends, they were more like sisters and no matter what they couldn't live without each other. They truly loved each other. It was a love that neither understood. But it was a love that they both needed, It comforted Annie knowing that Laurie needed her and it comforted Laurie knowing that Annie would always be there for her.

Later on Annie went down and cooked breakfast while her dad, the sheriff of Haddonfield, hurried out the door and on his way to work. Laurie sat down at the table watching Annie finish cooking their breakfast she remembered one of her last memories of that night, Annie talking about the homecoming dance that was coming up. She told Laurie that she needed a boyfriend, Laurie replied "I don't need a boyfriend," Annie responded by acting like she was having sex with Laurie by pushing her up against the wall and humping her as she repeated herself and they both busted out laughing.

She was thinking about that and about Annie holding her and she wasn't sure why, but for some reason it was kind of turning her on. The more she thought about it the more down she got, thinking about how she was still a virgin and almost 20 years old. Laurie had gone from a good school girl that was going to go to college but instead barely graduated from high school all because this fucking guy she don't even know decided he would kill her family and all her friends. Nice life she thought to herself.

As she sat there and ate her mind wondered back to Annie, and how many boyfriends Annie had when she was in high school and that just made her feel even worse especially considering that Michael Myers had killed her most recent boyfriend Paul that night. He had also killed their other friend Linda and her boyfriend as well. She often thought of that night and how unfair it was that it happened to her.

But she was very thankful to have a friend like Annie, even though she didn't show it. A friend who took her in and treated her like family as she struggled through her fucked up life. Laurie was feeling very depressed and very angry as she started to talk to Annie, she told her that she didn't want to see her therapist anymore and she confessed that the only person that she truly wanted to talk to was Annie. She said that she wanted to talk to her but she didn't care what she had to say. Annie gave her a heartbroken look and told her that she would listen to every word of it.

Laurie just yelled at her and went back to her room leaving her friend sitting there almost in tears. A couple of hours past and Laurie returned back down stairs, Annie just assumed that she was leaving. Laurie popped her head into the living room, Annie was sitting on the couch watching one of the Friday the 13th movies. Laurie slowly wondered into the room and sat down by her friend. She told her that she was sorry for lashing out on her and that she knew it wasn't easy for her either.

She grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch and cuddled up next to her friend who hadn't said a word to her since she came back down. Every time something scary would happen Laurie would clinch her best friends arm tighter and tighter. Annie knew that Laurie had never liked horror movies but a smiled came over her face finally when Laurie let out a little yelp and turned her face away from the t.v almost shaking with fear.

Annie thought it was so cute when Laurie got scared, because she always wanted to cover her eyes. As Laurie laid there with her face dug into Annie's chest, Annie began to run her fingers through Laurie's hair. Laurie thought how great it was to have Annie comfort her, she was really in heaven when it was just the two of them she thought.

The T.V was turned up pretty loud when the sound of two people moaning caused both girls to giggle like little kids. Both girls knew all about each others sexual past. Laurie knew all about Annie's boyfriends and Annie knew all about Laurie being a virgin. There was almost nothing that was a secret between these two. Almost nothing.

Neither one of them knew it but, before everything happened they had a thing for each other. Really the 2 of them and their friend Linda, who was killed on that night, all would flirt with each other and even though nothing ever happened they all secretly fantasized about each other.

As the moans got louder and faster both girls could feel themselves getting wet, Annie was getting wet from watching the sex on TV and having Laurie pressed up against her, Laurie was getting wet from hearing the moans and feeling Annie's hand on her head, the two girls could feel the heat coming off of each others bodies.

Laurie turned around to look at the TV and when she did her face brushed up against Annie's hard tender nipple causing her to shutter and let out a little moan. This little moan made Laurie even hotter and wetter. When Laurie turned back to face Annie, they were looking each other in the eyes. Both girls turned on and breathing hard, All Laurie could say was "I Love You." Annie responded by saying the exact same thing as Laurie leaned forward and gave her a quick peck on the lips, after not saying anything she leaned in again this time putting her tongue in her friends mouth.

They sat there and kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Laurie felt Annie's hand pushing the back of her head and running her fingers through her hair again. Finally they broke the kiss. Both girls were getting even wetter as they started kissing again. Annie rolled over on top of Laurie who was sitting next to her, she was sitting on her knees looking downward at the hot blonde as they continued to explore each others mouths. Slowly, Laurie started to thrust her hip upwards, dry fucking her best friend while both girls moaned with pleasure.

Laurie put her hands on Annie's hips and pulled her shirt up, breaking the kiss just long enough to get the shirt over her head before they found each others mouths again. Both girls couldn't help but think about how crazy this was. Just then a loud noise caused them to break the kiss. Both girls jumped and that sent Annie, who was on top of Laurie, crashing to the floor backwards.

Both girls started to laugh after they realized that the noise had come from the movie. Laurie crawled on the floor and was now laying on top of Annie. From her waste down she had Annie's legs wrapped around her. They continued to kiss as Laurie thrust her hips no downward and making sure that she rubbed their pussies against their jeans and against each other. While both girls kissed and giggled Laurie felt Annie reach down and try to pull her shirt off, the baggy t shirt slid right off as they stopped kissing for just a second.

Laurie then started unbuttoning Annie's pants and Annie felt her jeans slide down just to the middle of her thighs. Just far enough for Laurie to get a good look at her black panties. Then slowly and tenderly she began to kiss her lips again, then she worked down to her neck, then she stopped and slowly kissed both of her nipples, she she sucked on each one of them for a couple of seconds before continuing down her stomach.

Annie though it felt amazing having her friends mouth all over her chest and her stomach, feeling her lips gently kissing her belly button almost made her climax immediately. She finally reached the top of Annie's panties and she kissed her pussy through her panties and she could feel her hot fluids on her lips and she knew she needed more. She put her hands on both of Annie's sides and slowly pulled her panties down til they reached her jeans. She then pulled both her jeans and her panties the rest of the way down and tossed them off to the side.

She slowly lowered her head down until she could smell and taste the sweet aroma coming from her sisters pussy. Shen then buried her face as deep as she could into Annie causing Annie to moan and beg her to keep going. Annie knew she wouldn't be able to take much of this as Laurie tongue fucked her on her living room floor. She then pulled Laurie's head up as far as she could against her wet throbbing pussy ready to explode as Laurie licked and played with her clit. Then she shuttered and moaned as her eyes rolled up in the back of her head. It was by far the best orgasm she had ever felt.

As Laurie got up still licking her friends cum off of her face she unbuttoned her pants and in one motion slid them and her panties to the ground. She then sat down on the couch and motioned her friend towards her. Annie came over and got down on her knees as she pushed Laurie back, causing both girls to laugh. Slowly Laurie raised her right leg and placed it on Annie's left shoulder, turning her head Annie kissed her foot and then kissed all the way up her leg until she got to her upper thigh, moaning Laurie sat her left leg on Annie's right shoulder and Annie kissed all the way up her leg until she reached her pussy. Annie then went on to slowly teasing Laurie's pussy, rubbing her nose against it and dipping her tongue in it just a little bit. Then she slowly tickled her clit with her tongue. Before diving into it. Laurie wished that they could stay like that forever but before she knew it she was already wanting to cum.

She held it as long as she could before exploding all over her friend. Annie swallowed most of her creamy juices, Laura knelt down and licked some of her own juices off of Annie's face before Annie could swallowed the rest of it. The two just cuddled up on the coach naked for the rest of the day, watching scary movies and taking turns getting off.

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