She and her friends had been making Halloween plans for months. They planned to spend the evening at a trendy club downtown and then grab a taxi home after last call. She had been deliberating over costumes for weeks until finally she decided on "Bad Catholic School girl kills herself." Matching sexy with the macabre she dressed that evening in a short pleated skirt, white knee highs, black high-heeled baby doll shoes, tight white button up shirt, black push up bra, pentacle necklace and ghostly paint and fake slit marks on her wrists. She stood before the mirror, adjusting her pig tails and skirt, smiling at her image before leaving for the club.

They walked into the club, a large group of scantily clad girls, giggling and acting as if they didn't notice the stares from the men they passed. Walking to the bar, they all ordered drinks, talking and chatting amongst themselves and making friends with the people around them. She and a few girls went to the dance floor and began to dance. It was then that she felt eyes on her, an intense gaze boring into her as she moved. She froze as it weighed down on her and looked about, searching endlessly for the source of the gaze but finding no one. Trying hard to buck the feeling that she was being watched she went back to dancing with her friends, soon returning to the bar. She bent over slightly to take drink from her glass on the bar and felt a warm menacing body brush behind her, jumping up and turning to see who it was, she was startled to find no one there. Laughing and shaking her head, dismissing it as Halloween jitters.

The night went on and she was drinking, dancing and flirting as if she had no cares in the world. Slowly the group of girls began to disband around the club and she found herself very drunk and ready to go home. Unable to find any of her friends she decided to call a cab for herself. Walking outside and opening her cell phone, she walked slowly up the city street away from the noisy club, trying to get reception. Her intoxication clouded her awareness as she slowly passed a dark narrow ally, glaring at her uncooperative phone. Suddenly she was pulled into the ally, a large body pulling her by her waist to it's chest, covering her mouth as she heard a dark voice with a soft southern accent whisper in her ear,

"I've been waiting for you all evening..."

She tried to scream, but the hot palm against her lips only muted her cries. Struggling fiercely against the hands that gripped her, she felt a stinging pain as she pushed roughly against the cold brick walls. The night air was cold and biting around her body as she trembled with fear. He was still pressed hard against her back as he pulled her head back on his shoulder, and she finally glimpsed the dark outline of the man. He whispered into her ear, nipping at her earlobe slightly as he spoke, his hand working it's way up her skirt,

"You are by far the most beautiful woman I've seen tonight."

"Fuck you," She spat back at the man, wincing as she felt him shove her hard, again, into the brick wall, the cold surface stinging her cheek.

"Smart mouth..."

His cold fingers sent shivers through her body as she yelped, feeling her panties ripped down, his feet kicking hers apart. His fingers slid down her pert ass to her little sex, where they probed her, her pride weakening as he growled, feeling her moistness. She was excited, the fear causing her sex to grow warm and moist in his hand. He unzipped his pants as she could feel him press his hard cock against her ass, her little plaid skirt now hiked up around her hips, she grunted struggling and fighting him to no avail.

He pushed his cock inside of her starved pussy, impaling her, violating her. She tried to scream but his hand again covered her mouth. She closed her eyes as he began to fuck her hard, her cries muffled into moans against his palm. He pulled his cock out of her, then guiding himself into her tight little anus. His hands left her mouth, with a maliciously whispered warning not to make a sound. She felt his hands grip her hips and bounce her against him, his cock filling her tight ass. Fighting to suppress her moans, she felt her knees weaken as she fell back against him, her head on his shoulder, losing herself in it. His hand went around to her pussy, where his fingers harshly rubbed her sensitive throbbing clit. She shuddered and fought to stay quiet. The pleasure was almost too much for her until she felt his hand go to the back of her neck and again roughly force her against the brick wall. She felt his cock leave her and his warm cum spurting over her ass. She could feel him shudder as he came, and she raised her ass slightly, delighting in the feeling of his cum on her skin. He trailed his fingers over her rear and smiled at her degradation. Smiling softly to himself he zipped his pants and leaned dangerously close to his quivering victim and whispered in a soft southern drawl,

"Good girl..."

She blinked in disbelief as she realized that he was now walking away. She watched his form disappear from the alleyway and listened to his footsteps moving down the street.

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