tagSci-Fi & FantasyHalloween: A New Adventure

Halloween: A New Adventure


Chapter 1: A New experience all the way around

Tiffany walked through the quiet neighborhood. She had grown up in this town and always wished she could get out of it. Now at 18, she figured she was going to spend the rest of her life in this one horse town. She kicked her sandaled foot against the gravel by the sidewalk as she continued walking. Sighing to herself she looked at the dark houses. It was Halloween night; it was supposed to be the greatest night of the year to be young. In Tiffany's opinion, it was just another day. The fact that today was her 18th birthday didn't help her mood at all. Her parents had thrown her a small party for her friends, and then convinced her to take her little sister out trick or treating while they were busy getting high and fucking each other until they passed out. She had waited until her sister was asleep before she slipped quietly out of the house to the sounds of her mother screaming in pleasure from their bedroom.

She sat down on the sidewalk, feeling her mini-skirt slide up her slim hips. One of the few things Tiffany had been proud of during her life was her body. She had started developing at a young age and now, she felt her body was perfect. Her shoulder length brownish blonde hair, was hanging loose around her shoulders. Her pert 36C tits were pulled tight in her sports bra and showed perfectly in the street lamp under her purple tank-top. Her violet eyes glanced around looking for some kind of action, although she knew for a fact that she would never find any round here.

Ever since she graduated in June and started working at her aunt's bookstore part time, Tiffany had been racking her brain trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Her grades could only guarantee her a trip to the community college in the next town over.

Tiffany looked up and down the quiet street. "God, there has got to be something fun to do in this one horse town." She growled into the light breeze. She felt the wind brush up under her skirt and sighed as it hit the heat of her pussy. She had decided when she got up that since she was an adult now, she should start dressing like one. Her father had given her a wicked smile when she walked into the dining room. Her breasts were barely contained in the sports bra and tank top she was wearing and the skirt was short enough, that if you looked close, you could see a bit of her pubic hair. She had smiled and kissed his cheek when she said good morning.

When she felt his hand slip up under her skirt and brush gently over her pussy when her mother wasn't looking, she looked at him in surprise and grinned when he grinned at her and kissed her nose. "Happy birthday baby girl," He said with a smile letting his finger slide between her pussy lips and brushing lightly against her clit before he pulled away.

Tiffany had to smother a gasp as she pulled away from him when her mother came into the room. She kissed her on the cheek then sat down to eat her breakfast, even as her pussy throbbed with need.

Now as she sat on the sidewalk looking around, the cold wind brushing up under her skirt made her pussy throb more than it had this morning when her father touched her. "God, I need something." She whined reaching under her skirt and brushing her hand over her swollen flesh. She gasped as she felt how hot her pussy was. She had heard older girls at school talking about playing with themselves when their boyfriends weren't around. She had never touched herself, but as hot as she was, she wondered what it would be like. She let her finger slide between her pussy lips and gasped louder when she brushed her finger against her clit.

Tiffany knew as good as it felt, she couldn't just sit here. She needed to go home and touch herself in the privacy of her own room. Standing up, she started back the way she came, hurrying to get home even as her pussy throbbed with need. When she was about two blocks from her house, she stopped. Off to the right was a bright light, she knew no one lived down that street and couldn't figure out where the light was coming from. Tiffany was torn, her pussy was on fire, so she wanted to get home to take care of it. At the same time, she was drawn towards the light. She turned her head back and forth, trying to decide when she finally turned towards the light.

At first she was confused. The street didn't look any different than it did any other day of the year. As she continued down the street, she saw the light again. Now she was more curious and continued to follow it until she came to a house she didn't recognize. It was lit up with neon lights, even though the windows were covered by what looked like black poster paper. The porch light was on and a sign read, come inside if you dare. Above the door was another sign. This one said the house of horrors: we will make your worst nightmare and all your dreams come true.

Tiffany slowly walked up the steps, her pussy was throbbing almost uncontrollably and it seemed to get worse as she moved towards the door. She hesitated as she reached the door and was about to turn around and run back home when suddenly it opened. She gasped as she looked in the partially open doorway. It looked like a set of stairs led off the entryway and there was more red lights coming from the right. She couldn't tell if it was another room or what. "H-hello?" She asked stepping into the entryway. "Is anybody here?"

She jumped as the door suddenly closed behind her. She turned and pulled at the knob, starting to freak when it wouldn't open. Suddenly she heard a voice behind her and jumped again. "Welcome to the house of horrors."

Tiffany turned and bit back a scream. The man standing there's skin looked grey and like it was pasted on his bones. She wondered if it was a costume or if this guy always looked like he was half dead. "H-hello," she said through a quivering voice.

The man smiled and Tiffany felt like she was looking into the mouth of a hungry lion. "Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here." He lifted his arm like he was offering her a chance to go further into the house.

Tiffany swallowed hard as she looked at him. "Um... What do I do?"

The man smiled again. "Just head up the stairs, each room holds a new horror. Please enjoy yourself."

She eyed him for a minute but when he didn't move, she hesitantly moved towards the stairs. She looked back at the door once more, the slowly made her way up. Once she was at the top of the stairs, she turned right and entered a long hallway. There were six doors, three on each side of the hall. She could heard cries and screams coming from behind some of the doors and shivered.

As she slowly moved towards the first door, her pussy started pulsing harder. It was like she was being led down the hall by her body. Swallowing hard, she turned the door handle. The room looked like an old-time bedroom with mirrors for walls. There was an old iron bed sitting in the middle of the room. She moved further into the room and jumped when the door suddenly slammed behind her. She didn't bother trying the door knob. Somehow she knew she wouldn't be able to open it. Tiffany looked around the room; she had no idea what was so horrifying about a bedroom. "Hello?" She called into the empty room. She felt a cool draft move over the room and when she looked towards the mirrors, it looked like someone was moving along the room. When she looked around though, there was no one there but her.

Her hands were shaking slightly as she moved towards the bed. She figured that since she was here, she may as well take care of the heat in her pussy. She slid the skirt down over her hips, then sat back on the bed. She jumped a bit when it creaked beneath her but she just ignored it when she laid back on the bed. Tiffany positioned herself so she was laying lengthwise on the bed and spread her legs wide open. She reached down and started brushing her fingers over her clit as she started to moan. "Oh yeah, that feels good." She said as she let her eyes close and her hips lifted against her hand. She let her fingers brush down further, letting a finger slide inside her burning hole and let out a loud moan. "Fuck yes." She cried slowly working her finger in and out her pussy.

Tiffany worked on her pussy for a good five minutes before she realized something was wrong. Her pussy was on fire, and her fingers felt so good inside her, but she couldn't move her legs. It was like they had been glued to the bed. She pulled her hand out of her pussy as she tried to lift her legs from the bed. "What is going on?" She cried when her hands suddenly flew up above her head. It was like her hands were suddenly handcuffed to the headboard. She could move her hands but she could barely move her wrists or arms. She would try to pull away from the headboard and it was like there was rope or something holding them there.

"Please, somebody help me." She whispered as she once again felt the rush of cold air. This time it brushed over her body and made her shiver. "What is going...? On my god..." She cried when she suddenly felt a tongue brush against her pussylips. "How is that happening?" She looked down between her spread legs, but all she could see was the bedspread. She felt the tongue brush against her again, and then what felt like fingers spreading her pussy lips open. "Oh god, what is happening to me?" She cried trying harder to pull herself up off the bed. When she felt the tongue brush against her swollen clit, she cried out. Her body stiffened as she had the first orgasm she had ever had. "Fuck!!!! Oh Fuck!!!!" She cried as her body started to calm down.

Suddenly her hips lifted and her breathing started coming out in pants as she felt the tongue brushing against her clit once more. "Oh, oh my god," she panted as she felt her orgasm rising once more. Tiffany threw her head back and forth on the pillow as her body pressed up towards the invisible mouth. She felt the tongue slide off her clit and moaned, then whined with need when she felt it suddenly slid inside her and start working slowly in and out. "Ugh, oh fuck. What is happening to me?"

Tiffany continued pulling at the invisible bonds even as her hips pressed harder against the invisible mouth pleasuring her body. When she felt like a finger was replacing the mouth inside her, she screamed in pleasure as her body was pushed over the edge once more. "Ugh, oh god, please don't stop." She begged the invisible body as she felt lips wrap around her clit and the finger inside her start moving faster and harder. "Ugh, oh god, I'm going to cum again." She lifted her legs and hips the best she could with the invisible restraints even as her face turned towards the mirror.

Tiffany suddenly found her voice enough to scream as she looked at the mirror. In the mirror, there was a man lying down between her legs. He had his hands between her legs. She looked at the mirror at the end of the bed and could see the man with his one hand moving quickly in and out of her tight hole, even as his mouth continued to suck on her throbbing clit. Tiffany started struggling even more then before when she looked down at the bed but saw just the bedspread once again. She let her frightened eyes dart back to the mirror and saw the dark haired man between her spread legs. She could also see what looked like chains holding her legs to the bed. She glanced up on the mirror to her hands and saw that she was indeed handcuffed to the headboard, although she couldn't see them outside the mirror. "What the hell is going on?" She cried even as her body continued to push against the mouth pleasuring her.

Tiffany tried to control her breathing, but the man's tongue was turning her body on so much that there was no stopping the moans and cries of pleasure. When he pushed her over the edge once more, she felt like she was going to pass out from the pleasure. She felt her body calming down yet again, but the man in the mirror didn't let up. She felt her body starting to turn on once more and forced herself to watch the mirror instead of looking down at the bedspread. She had a feeling that the man in the mirror was a ghost, but she was so lost in pleasure she was afraid to consider the possibility that she was being raped by a ghost.

"Ugh, please don't stop." She begged even as she felt her body go over the edge for what felt like the 10th time.

Suddenly it was like the mouth and fingers were gone and Tiffany jumped. "What...?" Suddenly it was like a heavy body was suddenly lying on top of her. She looked at the mirror and suddenly the dark haired man was lying over her splayed body. Tiffany started to panic once more, she could feel the pressure of the man lying on her, but she couldn't see him except in the mirror. "God, what is happeni...?" Her words were cut off as she watched the man in the mirror move his mouth towards hers and felt a warm, hot mouth brush over hers, then kiss her harder. She tried to pull away but the mouth held hers tightly against his own as he forced his tongue into her mouth. Tiffany whined and whimpered against the invisible kiss even as she felt something hard probing between her legs. She tried to see what it was in the mirror, but she couldn't see over the man's ass.

She had to admit he was handsome, he didn't look like he stood over 5'10" from the length of his body and she could tell he was slender from the weight on her body. When he lifted his hips in the mirror, she saw his balls swinging and a bit of his cock as it suddenly pressed between her legs inside her. "Nooooooooooooooo..." She screamed against his mouth as she felt his cock spread her pussy lips open and slide into her soaked cunt.

Tiffany tried harder to pull away as he continued to kiss her, holding her head with his hands as his cock continued it seeking inside her pussy. She had to admit, it felt good, she felt a bit of stretching, but other than that, all she felt was a bit of fullness. Then suddenly it felt like something ripped inside her and she screamed into the mouth as pain seared through her body.

Tiffany felt tears stream down her cheeks as the mouth suddenly left hers. She felt a hand brushing gently through her hair even as she heard a soft voice by her ear. "I'm sorry little one, it always hurts the first time. It won't hurt anymore though."

She looked in the mirror and saw the head of the man lying on her. "W-who are you?" She stuttered looking into his blue eyes.

The man smiled; as he kept his eyes locked on hers and held his body inside her. "My name is Jeremy."

Tiffany moved her hands in the cuffs wishing she could feel him even though she had a feeling that even if her hands were free, she wouldn't be able to. "Are you a ghost?"

Jeremy sighed as he slowly pulled part way out of her then slid back inside once more. "Yes, I died in 1884."

Tiffany still felt a twinge of pain as he slid inside her but for the most part, the movement felt good. She closed her eyes as she let his slow strokes bring her body to life once more. Jeremy slowly stroked inside her making sure his cock dug deep to give her the most pleasure. "Ugh, yes." She moaned as she felt him bottom out inside her, then pull back before bottoming out once more.

Jeremy chuckled as he let his hands roam over her body. He had spent the last 100 years using the bodies of the women who came to the house of horrors. When he had died from the plague, he had no interest in moving on. He had only been 22, he felt like he still had a lot of life ahead of him. He had haunted his hometown for over 50 years when he saw the light of the house. He had worked it out with the owner of the house, who happened to be a ghost himself to have a permanent job.

Over the past 50 years, Jeremy had been with a lot of different women, but none of them made him feel anything like the virgin he had beneath him. She was lifting her hips against him each time he slid deep into her waiting well. She was crying out, moans of pleasure were escaping her lips as he pushed her closer and closer to orgasm once more.

Tiffany felt Jeremy's hands moving softly over her breasts and her cries came out more prominent. "Oh yes, fuck me. Touch me, do whatever you want to me, just don't stop."

Jeremy chuckled, and then moaned himself as he continued to drive inside her. Jeremy started moving harder and faster in the tight hole, even as he felt what should have been his own orgasm rising up. Jeremy knew from experience that he couldn't cum, but that didn't stop the tingling sensation from coursing through his cock. "Cum for me little one, cum for me again."

Tiffany's breath came out in ragged pants as she felt her orgasm rising once more. "Fuck, oh god Jeremy, you're going to make me cum again. I can't hold it back."

Jeremy nibbled at her neck as he fucked her with powerful strokes. The bed rocked from the movement of her body slamming up against him. "Cum for me little one, cum for me now."

Tiffany screamed as she felt her orgasm wash over her once more, she felt Jeremy stiffen and waited for something to spurt inside her, but nothing came. Instead she just heard him cry out and then collapse against her body. "Oh my god, that was amazing." She said softly as she looked towards the mirror.

Her eyes narrowed as she looked once again. The mirror was empty, the chains that had been holding her were gone, and so was Jeremy. She slowly lowered her arms as she looked around the room. It was empty, just as it had been all night. She felt the light draft once more as she slowly sat up and reached down between her legs. Her pussy was soaked from all the times she had cum and when she pulled her fingers away, she gasped as she saw a bit of blood. She knew she wasn't starting her period so it had to be from Jeremy breaking her hymen.

Tiffany quickly pulled her skirt back on as she gingerly stood up. Her legs were a bit shaky but she was able to walk so she turned the door knob. Somehow she wasn't surprised that it turned easily and she found herself back in the long hallway. A part of her wanted to turn around and head back down the stairs and out of this creepy house, but another part of her wanted to know where the other doors led. Somehow, she let her curiosity get the better of her and she continued to the next door. As she slowly opened it, she wondered what the house of horrors had in store for her this time.

Chapter 2: First a ghost, now a mummy?

Tiffany stepped into the room and looked around. This place kept getting creepier and creepier. The last room looked like a room of mirrors at a carnival. This one reminded her of a crypt at the local cemetery. There were five coffins strewn around the room in a circle. Four of them had the lids down, the fifth one was open and looked empty. She noticed as she moved towards it, that the fifth one was sitting in the middle of the room. It was like an alter in the middle of the room. She moved slowly towards it, she didn't know why, but somehow she was drawn towards the fifth coffin.

When she reached it, she reached inside and felt the silk lining. It was just like any other coffin she had ever seen at the local funeral home. The casing was wood, and the inside was red and white. She leaned over more and lifted the pillow at the top of the coffin when suddenly she felt something push her from behind and she landed in the coffin on her stomach. "What the...?" she cried rolling over onto her back as the lid suddenly closed over her. "God, no please." She screamed pounding at the lid.

Tiffany pounded over and over at the lid but it wouldn't open. She tried to remain calm, but her panic just wouldn't leave her, especially when she felt something moving underneath her. She held herself perfectly still as she felt material brushing over her body and something lifting her skirt. "Please, don't hurt me." She cried into the darkness.

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