tagNonHumanHalloween: A Night To Remember

Halloween: A Night To Remember


"All Hallo's Eve," thought Lucinda, "My favorite night of the year!" It was the one night she could mix with mortals and could have, what they called sex! "Mmm, last year had been wonderful," she thought, "but this year will be even better." Standing on top of the tall building in Chicago, she looked down at all of the people scurrying around. Looking like a goddess, long blonde hair flowing down her back, little turned up nose and pouty full lips. Her eyes were blue as ice, her smile stunning, her body was exquisite. Full firm breasts that turned up a little at the nipple, a very slim waist and legs that went on forever.

As a witch, she was not allowed down amongst the common mortals and she was so bored with the warlocks she had met. Halloween, as the mortals called it, was the only time she could see what mortals had to offer her tight tingling body. She had to find someone to help her aching body, to put out the fire that burned in her loins. Going down the elevator, smiling at the little children all dressed up in costumes, to go door to door, to get candy! Silly little customs they had here on earth.

She walked out of the building and down the street, unsure what she was looking for, but she knew she would know it when she found it. She found a big building that said BAR on the door and went in. Dark, dank and smelling of smoke and stale booze, almost turning her stomach. All of them, dressed in costumes so she did not stand out. "That's a good thing," she thought. In the dark corner, she seen, what she knew she had been looking for. A giant man, ebony in color, with the most pleasant smile she had ever seen on a mortal. Huge arms and legs, although he was sitting, she knew he was tall.

"Mmmm," she thought as she made her way through all the people, stopping to look at him. As he looked up at her, her heart almost stopped. He was gorgeous; her knees started shaking and that all to familiar tingle in her crotch started. He got up; eyes still on her and started walking towards her. Standing over her, he looked down at her. Eyes to eyes, they smiled at each other. He could not believe his luck, this woman was beautiful and she wanted him almost as much as he wanted her.

"Hi, my name is Eric," he yelled above the music, extending his hand. Taking his hand she said, "Hi, my name is Lucinda." He led her to his table and as they say down, he said, " I am beginning to think Halloween is my favorite holiday." Smiling, she said, "It's mine too." They partied for a while and a few hours later, he asked her if she wanted to come to his place for a nightcap.

Feeling the heat of his leg against her and his body rubbing against hers, while dancing, had Lucinda with a bad need. As she got up to follow him, he turned around and bent down and kissed her. Slow, sensuous, tongue probing excitement! Reluctantly, releasing her lips he looked deep into her eyes. "Baby, It's been driving me crazy, sitting here and not touching you." Smiling slightly, she said, "Me too, I am so hot, lets go to your place."

After getting out of the cab and getting into the elevator, still holding hands, Eric looked down and smiled, "Lucinda, that costume looks so real, so genuine, that someone might think you were a real witch," He said chuckling. Lucinda laughed with him, "What this ole thing, just something I threw on!" Still chuckling, Eric said, "Well when you threw it on, everything landed in the right spot." Stopping at his door she waited for him to unlock it and turn on a light.

"Oh baby, I want you so bad!" she murmured as he lowered his mouth to hers. Their tongues intertwining as they drank from each other in unbridled passion. Running their hands up and down each other, stopping here and there to caress. Taking his lips away from hers, he started to nibble on her neck as she turned her head for better access. Breathing heavily, he kissed his way down her neck as they started undressing each other. Unleashing her breasts, Eric gasped at the sheer beauty that was before him. As he stood there staring, she guided his head down towards her breasts. She had to be on her way before midnight or she would be dust when the sun came up and she wasn't missing anything. Sucking one nipple into his mouth, Lucinda let out a soft moan. Sucking, nibbling and licking first one breast then the other had her knees shaking. It had been too long for her and she needed, no, demanded release before she had to leave for another year. She leaned in and sucked one of his buds into her mouth, swirling her around the hardness as Eric hissed in pleasure against her nipples.

Pulling away from Eric, Lucinda started kissing her way down his body as Eric walked her over to the bed. Lying down, Lucinda stopped at his belly button to bestow; feather light kisses, and continued kissing her way down to his throbbing cock. Gasping it in her hand, it pulsed as though it had a mind of it's own. Eric moaned as he picked her up and turned her around so he could lick her sweet juices. Licking slow circles on the head of his cock brought another moan from Eric as he drove his tongue into her wet pussy.

Moaning loudly on the head of his rock hard cock almost made him cum right then. Tipping her head back in sheer pleasure as he ate her like she was his last meal. Licking up and down her wet slit, stopping to roll her clit around in his mouth, she was in heaven. Shoving his hard tongue into her soaking wet love spot had Lucinda shaking and murmuring unintelligible words, tossing her head back and forth. Eric reluctantly pulled his moth away from her as he turned her around again.

"Oh baby, you taste so sweet, that I want to eat you forever, but I have to fuck that sweet cunny of yours," he gushed. "Oh baby, you are so big, so hard, I want you to fuck me harder enough to last me a year," she whimpered. Getting down on all fours, he guides his huge cock into her sweet pussy as she loudly gasped. "Oh, god yessssss baby, fuck me hard, give it to me good," she cried almost sobbing. "Oooohhh baby, you are so tight, sooo sweet," he murmured,

Fucking her hard, she hollered, "Faster baby, harder!" He gave her what she wanted as he could feel her pussy muscles tightening even more around his hard cock as she started shaking, he knew her cum was starting. "Aaaahhhhh yessssssss Eric, Yesssssss, Pleaseeeeee Baby," she hollered. Eric could feel his cock swelling and knew he was almost there as he slammed into her like a man possessed. She was slamming back against him as his balls ground into her with each push.

"Ooooohhhhh yeah baby, here it comes honey, I'm gunna shoot it all into your hot wet pussy, Aaaahhhhhh god, yes," he screamed. The only sounds you could hear were the echoes of skin against skin and pure animal lust as they both released their unbridled passion. Breathing heavily, they collapsed onto the bed. Getting their breath under control, they looked at each other, completely satisfied. Smiling contently Eric said, "Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday!" With a giggle, Lucinda said, "Mine Too!" As she got up to get dressed, knowing her time on earth was almost over for the year, she bent over and kissed Eric, gently and sweetly, whispering, "Till next year, Happy Halloween!"

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