tagErotic CouplingsHalloween Airlines

Halloween Airlines


I put some thought into what to wear to the Halloween party given her planned costume. "Stewardess," she had told me. Not "flight attendant." Hmmmmm. I decided I would visit my friend the pilot. Borrow some pilots uniform gear...

The party had been going for a while and I had easily got through a couple of beers when I noticed that she had arrived. I could just see her head and shoulders through the crowd. As I worked my way closer, I saw she was wearing a snug fitting waist-length jacket and a pillbox type hat right out of the '40s. Her hair was done up, I don't know what the correct term would be, in a pillow at the back of her neck. As I got closer I noticed the tapered skirt, quite a bit shorter than would have been standard issue on the airlines in 1948. It hugged her pretty hips and bottom well and she looked terrific in it. I certainly wasn't going to be complaining about the length. Then I noticed the seamed stockings below. Oh wow. They looked great on her, nicely accenting her shapely calves. Nice period pumps to go with the outfit, just high enough to be sexy and stylish. As I walked around in front of her, I noticed that her white blouse was buttoned up to her neck with an airplane pin at her throat. Oh well, no cleavage, but that rear view was fabulous so again, I wasn't going to complain.

I approached her, taking off my glasses and tipping my cap. "Good evening, taking my flight tonight?"

She smiled when she recognized me. "Hey, what are you doing here ... uh, what flight?"

"Well, you are dressed as a flight attendant..."

"And you as a pilot!" She smiled even wider when she realized what my uniform was all about. "Oh my, you bet I'll be on your flight, Captain. What can I get you, coffee, tea ... me?" she teased.

"Well," I continued seriously, "I'm leaning towards the 'me,' but I have a small problem with your uniform. I'm pretty certain that skirt is a little shy of regulation length."

She glanced down. "Too short, eh?" She looked up at me again. "I suppose it may be just a teeny bit short."

"Teeny bit short, hell. It's just plain teeny! And I'm wondering what else about your dress is in violation of code?"

"Oh, I'm sure there's at least one more thing that's against regulations, Captain," she replied softly. She smiled again and started walking through the crowd. She had an empty glass so I followed her and offered to refill for her.

Catching up to her in another room, I delivered her drink.

"Thanks," she said, taking a sip.

"I think we should have a uniform inspection."

"You do, do you?"

"Yes, I do. Follow me?"

"Where to?" she inquired.

"I've got just the spot all staked out," I assured her, leading her out of the room and down a short hallway. I quietly directed her to the bedroom where a ton of coats had been piled on a bed and led her to the huge walk-in closet / dressing room in the back. The key elements were a locking door and a big comfy chair. We slipped in quietly and as I turned to lock the door, her hands were on my shoulders and in my hair. I turned back to get my hands on her shoulders and pull her close to kiss her. Her soft lips melted into mine for long seconds. I held her tight, enjoying the feel of her breasts crushed against my chest.

"You look incredible," I whispered as we separated. "I love these old time fashions, the short jackets and tapered skirts."

"I was thinking about you when I chose this outfit," she replied, smiling up at me, "I figured you'd like it."

The fit of the skirt and jacket emphasized her waist and curvy legs and ass. I again pulled her close, this time pressing the bulge of my erection into her belly. I turned her so that there was a full-length mirror behind her and knelt in front of her, my hands sliding down the back of her skirt, over the hem and down her thighs to her knees. My fingers traced the seams in the stockings gently. Peeking around her hips, I watched in the mirror as my hands slid the hem of her skirt up a bit. It was lined, so slid easily up her thighs. I just felt the tiny bulge of garter ends above where I stopped.

"Oh, my, real stockings?" I asked quietly.

"Mmmmm hmmmm," she breathed slowly. Her hands were in my hair, fingers twisting and tugging gently, absentmindedly.

I continued pushing the skirt hem up a tiny bit at a time, sliding my hands up and down her thighs and calves in between. Shortly I was rewarded with the soft touch of skin above the stocking tops. I bent over to lick at the band of flesh between stocking and skirt hem and let my tongue follow the satin garter strap up a little further. A couple of more gentle pushes and her skirt was bunched up above the swell of her hips and my cheek was gently grazing the bristly softness of her bush.

"No underwear. Hmmmm ... I'm sure that's a flagrant violation of flight attendant dress code," I said gravely, my voice catching as I tried to control my excitement.

"Yes Captain, I'm sure it is," she replied, breathing in sharply as I leaned forward and kissed her mound.

"I want a taste," I whispered, pushing her gently towards the chair and then helping her to sit her pretty bottom right on the edge. I leaned forward and spread her knees wide apart, then kissed gently at the soft flesh of her thighs, trailing my kisses closer and closer to her sex. I let my fingers continue sliding up and down the stocking seams over her calves as I zeroed in on her hot wetness. Her pussy lips were swollen and wet; they appeared to beg me to suck them into my mouth. I did, sucking and tugging at them, thrilling at the taste of her sex. I slipped a finger into her vagina and began stroking in and out slowly as I licked and sucked at her sensitive flesh. My tongue flicked her clit and slipped between the sopping lips. She pushed her hips towards me and tugged at my hair with both hands, forcing my face deep between her legs. I knew she liked me to take it slow and steady, fingers, lips and tongue busy over her sensitive pussy. Shortly her breathing was ragged and her body twitched from pleasure. Then finally she was coming hard, pulling my face tighter into her. I kept my tongue going and soon her pull turned to a push.

"Stop, stop, stop," she said softly, out of breath. Holding my head by the hair she smiled down at me from arms length, her eyes bright with mischief. "Oh what you do to me," she sighed.

"Oh how wonderful you taste," I said. Standing above her, I put my hands on the chair arms and leaned down to kiss her, my face wet with her juices. Our tongues writhed together for long moments.

Standing upright in front of her, I reminded her of the 'flight plans.' "Now, about that flight," I said, unbuckling the uniform pants and slipping them down my legs. My underwear went with them. "This plane leaves shortly."

I glanced down at my erect penis, bobbing between the white shirttails. I sat down on the floor in front of the chair and lay back on the dressing room carpet. She knelt over me and took my shaft in her hand, her fingers gently sliding up and down its length.

"Feels more like a rocket to me," she purred as she leaned far over to kiss me, simultaneously directing the throbbing red head of my cock into her wet pussy and sitting back, firmly planting my length inside her. I reached back to grasp her firm buns and squeezed gently as she rocked up and down, up and down, setting a nice pleasurable rhythm. In moments I was coming hard, arching to lift her off the carpet.

"To the moon," I whispered in her ear as I moaned softly in pleasure.

"I'm coming with you," she added in a strained voice as she bore down on my cock and began her own struggle with silence as the waves of her orgasm flowed through her.

We lay together for some time, her head on my chest, my softening penis slipping out of her sopping pussy.

We eventually agreed we should get back to the party and stood to dress. I hunted for a tissue to wipe my sticky penis before putting it back in my pants.

"C'mere," she gestured for me to stand in front of her as she sat in the chair again, this time with her skirt down and her knees pressed firmly together. I approached her with my pants up but undone, my soft penis dangling in front of her. She took the napkin from under her glass on the side table and began to wipe me clean but then obviously had an idea and reached again for her drink. She raised the glass up under my cock and dipped me in the cool liquid. I shivered slightly as she again returned the glass to the table. Next, she leaned forward and slipped my entire length into her mouth, sucking the liquor and our juices off of the rapidly stiffening shaft.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred as she cradled my balls with one hand, gently squeezing the sack. "At this rate, you'll be ready for another flight in no time."

"Uh, yeah," I stammered as she again slipped me into her mouth. Her tongue and lips were doing wonderful things and I was going to have to sit soon or fall over if she kept it up.

"How about we save some of this for later?" she asked, releasing me and helping to tuck the rigid shaft into my pants. "We'll have to try and get cleared for takeoff again before the evening is through."

She smiled up at me as she stood to kiss me firmly on the mouth.

"I'm going to want more of you later, I can assure you of that..."

She let the words trail off as she walked to the door to leave. Stopping with her hand on the knob, she turned her head around over her shoulder and looked down her back at her legs. "Are those stocking seams straight?" she asked teasingly, as she let herself out...

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