tagNon-EroticHalloween and Batman

Halloween and Batman

byDG Hear©

Just a short non-erotic story for Halloween. If you're looking for sex, it's not here. For the rest of the readers I hope you enjoy it. A big 'Thank You' to Estragon for making it a much better read.


I'm what most people would call a normal, non-descript type guy. I'm 5' 10", weigh 160 lbs. I'm not overly smart, but not dumb either. I've always been on the somewhat quiet side when it came to girls.

In school I was the guy you never remembered in class. You would have to look in your yearbook to remember my face. I didn't play sports or belong to any clubs. Next to my picture in the yearbook there was nothing listed but my name.

I liked sports but my Dad owned a hardware store and I worked for him as far back as I could remember. School, homework and working at the store was the main part of my life. I did workout at the store when it wasn't busy. I had my own gym equipment in the backroom. I kept myself in good physical shape, but I wasn't the best dresser.

I usually wore plaid button-down shirts and jeans. At the store I usually wore a red vest with our logo on it. I have two older sisters that helped at the store once in a while but they were more involved in school. By the time I was a sophomore they had graduated. Both are now married with families.

During my senior year Dad and I talked, and we both thought I should go to Community College for a couple of years and take Business Management courses. I could have a degree in less than two years if I went during the summer; that's what I did.

I really did have a decent life, it's just that I never really dated. Between school and work I didn't really have the time and I guess I was always afraid of being turned down. That's a pretty big hit to a guy's ego.

I met Becky at college. We got paired up on a science project. I doubt I was her first choice but the teacher did the parings. She was pretty and easy to talk to, even for me. We were pretty much a complete mixed match.

She graduated from a different high school than I did. She was a cheerleader, volleyball and softball player as well as the homecoming queen. She was nice and friendly to everyone.

After college she was going to work in a loan office that her uncle owned. She was going for a degree in accounting. I guess you could say we became friends but didn't hang together.

I heard her talking with her friend Sylvia, who said too bad she got stuck with me. She was matched up with a hunk and she wanted to know if Becky was interested in a double date. The hunk, Dave, had a friend Bob that would be more than happy to go with Becky.

"Jamie isn't such a bad person. He's cute in his own way and he's a good partner with a good heart. I think he's just shy. I think you're pre-judging him," said Becky.

"You might be right but he dresses like a farm boy and doesn't seem like he would be much fun. He's way too quiet. You can't trust them when they're that quiet. So, are you on for the double date on Friday?"

"Sure, why not? I get tired of studying all the time."

That was pretty much the way it was through college. I saw Becky around but she just had the personality that drew the popular people. She still always was nice to me, smiling whenever she saw me.

She dated a number of different guys but never stayed with anyone very long. One day I was eating lunch and she sat down at my table. "Hi, it's been a long time since we talked. Remember when we were science partners?" she asked.

"How could I ever forget? The dweeb and the most popular girl," I smiled at her.

"Don't knock yourself down. There's nothing wrong with you. You're just shy. Someday you'll meet the right person and all that will change."

"Have you met the right person?" I asked.

"Not really but not really looking all that much either. Right now I need to get my degree and get my position at my uncle's firm. We have three weeks left before graduation, remember?"

The sad part for me was I had this crush on Becky but would never have the courage to ask her out. We did graduate and my parents put a 'Congratulations Jamie' sign on the outside of the hardware store. Everyone around town and all our customers came in and congratulated me. It was almost embarrassing. A lot of family even stopped by. My sisters were really happy for me.

Most of our customers were men and a lot of them were contractors. Now and then a nice looking woman would come in, usually to get something for her husband. We didn't get an overabundance of young women in the store.

Mom also posted a sign that said "Free Lunch". It was for friends and customers in honor of my graduation from college. We had a lot of people come in. Free meals attract a lot of business. I looked up and saw Becky come in. She walked up to me and gave me a hug. To say I was surprised would be an understatement.

"I saw the sign and thought it might be you. Your parents must be really proud of you."

"How did you see the sign? What brings you to this area?" I asked.

"My Uncle Ralph's business is just across the street. We might be seeing a lot of each other."

I introduced Mom to Becky and she told her to have lunch. Becky did make a sandwich and I sat down with her while she ate.

After she left, Mom asked about her and I told her she went to the same college as I did and she worked for her uncle at the loan office across the street.


We saw each other a couple of times a week and basically waved at each other. I worked every day except we were closed on Sundays and also did my workouts. I wasn't the muscle bound guy that you see in magazines but I had tight muscles and low amount of body fat. We did a lot of lifting in the hardware business.

I heard there was a large Halloween Party being held at one of the nightclubs in town. I had turned twenty-one and never had been to bars. I saw Becky one day and she said she was going to it. She and her friend Sylvia were going in their cheerleading outfits from high school. They were surprised they could still fit into them. She asked me if I was going and I told her I didn't think so; I would be out of place.

"How can anyone be out of place at a Halloween party? Everyone will be wearing costumes. You should try and make it. It's late Friday night and your store will be closed."

"I'll see but I doubt it," I replied.

I drove to a large city about thirty miles from our town after work one night and went to a costume shop. I must have tried on a half dozen outfits. I looked like a dork in most of them. Then I saw a Batman costume. It came with the head mask so no one would know me. It actually had elevated shoes, which made me look taller.

There was padding that went in the chest, arms and thigh areas. It wasn't bulky but made me look a lot bigger. It even came with a Batman walking stick. It cost a hundred dollars to rent for two days but seeing he had three of them he would sell it to me for two hundred fifty dollars.

I purchased it and thought how stupid I was. All this money to impress Becky, and I wasn't planning on letting her know who I was.

I dressed at home except for the head mask. After parking my car, I put on my mask, grabbed my Batman walking stick and went into the huge lounge. Everyone had to show their ID at the door. Only adults were allowed.

There was a twenty dollar admission fee which included the snacks and water but not drinks. I grabbed a bottle of water and a straw. The mouth piece was big enough for me to eat but the straw made drinking much easier.

I walked around watching all the people in their costumes. Quite a few women came up to me and said, "Hi Batman", some even asked me to take them to my Bat cave or for a ride in my Bat mobile.

I was really enjoying myself and danced with a few of the lesser dressed women. Women who wouldn't have giving me a second look if I wasn't in costume. I even saw two other Batman costumes but they were nowhere as fancy as mine.

I spotted Becky and her friend Sylvia. They were at a table with a few other women. I sat on a bar stool not far from them. They were dancing with a number of men and also just the women all together.

After Becky sat down I bought her table of six women a round of drinks. I then asked Becky to dance. She looked sexy in her cheerleading outfit. I figured it was a little tighter than she expected. It showed her every curve.

It was a slow song and we talked. "I'm Becky and you are?"

"Batman tonight, Bruce Wayne by day," I replied.

"Right, Batman's alias. It's nice to meet you, Bruce, I mean Batman; it is night." I liked to hear her laugh.

I felt good holding her. She had no idea it was me since I was three inches taller and the padding made me larger also.

I ended up dancing with her a quite a few times as well as her friends. Even Sylvia treated me different. I guess clothes really do make the person. I had to laugh at my own joke.

It was a couple of hours later when Becky came up to me. She looked worried. "Have you seen my friend Sylvia? She's dressed in a cheerleader's outfit like me. She left for the restroom almost a half hour ago and hasn't returned.

"My friends and I checked the restroom and she isn't there and no one has seen her on the dance floor."

"Maybe she left with a friend," I suggested.

"No, she wouldn't have done that without telling us. It was a pact we all made."

"I'll tell you what. I'll check outside and see if she might be out there."

"Thank you, I appreciate it."

I went out one of the back exits near the restrooms and looked around the parking lot. In a distance I could hear a woman's voice coming from an open van door.

"Please don't do this. Let me go and I promise not to tell anyone." It was Sylvia's voice.

"Just shut the fuck up and you just might like it. I'd hate to have to cut your throat," said a man dressed like a Demon.

"What the hell is going on?" I yelled out.

The man turned and pulled a large knife on me. I looked over and he had ripped open Sylvia's blouse. He made a darting move toward me and I sidestepped and used my walking stick and knocked the knife out of his hand. I then jammed the end of the stick into his stomach.

He doubled over and I hit him a couple of times across the back of the neck. By that time Sylvia had gotten up and ran back to the lounge screaming. I could see her from a distance banging on the locked door. I kicked the assailant twice in the side as he lay there.

I quickly left and got into my car and took off my mask. I could see people coming out of the bar and the bouncers running to the assailant in the parking lot. I was on my way home. I didn't want anyone to know it was me.

On Saturday I was working when Becky came in. "I missed you at the party last night. Why didn't you come?"

"As I mentioned, I just wouldn't fit in. So how did it go? Did you have a nice time? Find a lot of guys to dance with? I would have like to have seen you in your cheerleader outfit." She just kind of stared.

"The party was fun till Sylvia was attacked in the parking lot. Thank God Batman was there and saved her from being raped or even killed."

"Batman?" I asked.

"A man dressed as Batman helped us look for Sylvia when she came up missing. Another man dressed like a Demon of some sort had already ripped open her blouse when Batman arrived and beat the crap out of the guy. When the bouncers and police got there Batman was gone but they caught the assailant. He was arrested on attempted rape charges. Sylvia wishes she knew who Batman was so she could thank him for possibly saving her life."

"Are you ok? No one tried to hurt you, did they?"

"No, but it could have been me as easy as Sylvia. That's why we always go in a group."

"Is that why women always go to the restroom together at restaurants?"

"It could be one good reason," she smiled. "The police wanted to talk to Batman but no one seems to know who he was. There were two other men dressed as Batman but it wasn't them. There was something special about the other Batman."

"What do you mean something special? Wasn't he just a man in a costume?"

"Yes, but I danced with him and he was so gentle. He didn't try and cop feels like a lot of guys do. It was almost like I knew him.

"There's another Halloween Party at the Civic center next week. Sylvia's going with a friend of hers. It's Dave, a guy she met in college."

"Yeah, I remember him. She considered him a hunk. Didn't you go out with his friend? I think his name was Bob," I asked.

"He was an ok guy but he was all hands. I want to have a date with someone who isn't going to try and maul me. Would you go with me? I think I'd feel safe with you."

"Me, you want me to take you to the Halloween Party? I thought Sylvia didn't think much of me."

"It's not Sylvia that's asking you to go. So, do we have a date? You will need a costume."

"Are you going to wear your cheerleader outfit?" I asked.

"No, Sylvia's got ripped up so I'm going as Batgirl."

"Ok, it's a date. I promise to protect you." She laughed, but I was sure she wasn't sure what I meant.


During the week I went and saw my sister Sue. I told her I looked like a hick and wanted her to go shopping with me and find clothes that I might look good in. I found out that Dockers fit me better than just old jeans.

We found pullover shirts that were a little tight, so they enhanced my build. My sister was having a ball helping me out. "I take it you met a girl?" said my sister.

"We met in college but we are just friends. I overheard her friends tell her they thought I was a hick. I just want to look nicer."

"Jamie, you've always been a decent looking guy. It just took the right woman to notice. Let me take you to my hairdresser and get you a real haircut."

When Sue was finished with me I looked like I was on the makeover program. Sue even found me a cologne to wear. It was the day before the party when Becky came in the store and saw me.

"Wow! You look really cool. What happened?"

"You happened. I know I'm just a regular guy and I didn't want to embarrass you in front of your friends. I asked my older sister for a little help. This is the result."

"Jamie, I've liked you as a friend since we were partners in science class. I don't really hang out with anyone. I'm my own person. I know I used to hang around with some of the more popular people but they are the ones who asked me out. If you would have asked me out I would have went also, but you never did."

"So, Batgirl, what time do you want me to pick you up tomorrow? I have a surprise costume I bought for the occasion."

"Eight would be fine if you want to meet at my house. Sylvia and Dave will pick us up there."

"Are you sure about this? Your last chance to back out," I responded.

"You're my date and I sure hope you can dance."

"I can dance, I'm actually pretty good if I say so myself. I had two older sisters to teach me. So, I'll be at your place at eight with my costume on."

I wondered how she might take it, me dressed at Batman. I would be honest with her if she asked me if I was the one who helped Sylvia. At least I know she asked me to the party for myself. That meant a lot to me.

I knocked on her door and her mother answered. "Hello Batman, by any chance are you Jamie under there?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am, I'm sorry. I told Becky I would be in full costume." I took off my mask. "I'm Jamie Rockworth and I work at the hardware store. It's nice to meet you Mrs. Prater."

"It's nice to meet you too Jamie. Becky told me she met you in college. Why did it take so long for me to meet you?"

"We were science partners and it wasn't till recently we found out we worked almost across the street from each other. Becky seems like a wonderful woman."

"She's a great judge of character. I honesty believe she can read peoples' hearts so you must be someone special to her."

I was surprised when Becky walked in dressed like Batgirl. She looked really cool. Mrs. Prater smiled at us and left the room.

"Hi Jamie or should I call you Bruce Wayne or Batman?"

"Whatever you like is fine with me. You knew it was me last week didn't you?"

"Yes, but I needed for you to admit it. You are a wonderful dancer and a very humble person as well."

"So I take it Sylvia knows also?" I asked.

"No, she's my best friend but somewhat of a snob. I want her to eat crow. She owes her life to you and doesn't know it yet."

"Does she know I'm your date for the Halloween party?"

"No, I just told her I was going as Batgirl. She doesn't know who my date is. She can call you Bruce till we tell her. By the way the lifts in your boots threw me off at first but when you held me I just felt it was you. Mom thinks it some kind of premonition."

Dave honked the horn and I put my mask back on. We said goodbye to Becky's mother and got in Dave's car. Thank God he had a full size car with me wearing this outfit.

"Oh my God, you two look adorable together. Batman and Batgirl, I love it," replied Sylvia. She didn't give a thought as to who I was.

Sylvia was dressed as an Indian and Dave as a cowboy. Becky told them I went by Bruce or Batman.

We got to the Civic Hall and Dave dropped us off at the door as he went to park the car; we went inside. It was then when Sylvia stood next to me that she thought about the Batman that came to her rescue the week before.

She looked at me and said, "Are you him?" She didn't need to say more when she had tears in her eyes. She hugged me and said "Thank you for saving me. I'll never forget you. Becky, how did you find him?"

"I thought I knew who it might be and it's not Bruce Wayne. Jamie, take your mask off for a minute, please," asked Becky.

"It's the hick from science class. I think you know him."

"Oh God, I'm so sorry. I was stupid to have called you names. Please forgive me."

"No problem, I was glad I could help. If you have any problem in court, just let me know. I'll back up your story. I'm also glad we could be friends because I really care for Becky."

Becky leaned over and gave me a kiss. Not a peck on the lips but an honest to goodness passionate kiss.

I was love struck.

We began dating and life couldn't be more satisfying. Becky told me she found the man she was looking for. She just didn't know it would be Batman.

Hope you enjoyed this short story

Comments are welcome and appreciated

DG Hear

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