tagBDSMHalloween at Blair Bluffs

Halloween at Blair Bluffs


Halloween has always been a festive time for the residents of Blair Bluff Estates. It was one of the few times that the entire addition participated in the events. Kids could go door to door trick or treating, and the adults gathered at someone's house for a large block party. A few years back, the high school and college students started having a party of their own. Usually it involved some form of cloak and dagger type adventures to add to the fun. This year, Brenda, a senior in college, set the theme: Vampires vs. Vampire Hunters. This meant that either you went costumed as a vampire, or you wore your own costume and were a hunter. The residents thought it was a great theme, rules were set, and sides were divided.

Sonya had decided on a costume way back over the summer, so in keeping with the theme, had chosen to be a hunter. She was a junior at the same college as Brenda, but kept her distance. Brenda was a cheerleader, and a sorority member. She demanded attention and usually got it. Brenda was large and athletic, standing five foot eight and weighing around 140 pounds, with dark brown hair and eyes to match. She was an attractive woman with a dominating personality. Sonya was almost her opposite, standing at only five foot, four inches and lucky to weigh 110 pounds. But what made Sonya steer clear of Brenda was her other features. Sonya had light blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, a trait that most of the men on campus craved. She was also well proportioned, drawing glances from most guys, no matter what she wore. Brenda, though well built, was lacking in the sensuality that practically oozed from Sonya.

Up to the Halloween weekend, Brenda had bumped into Sonya a couple times and made a few snide comments, which were ignored. Sonya was not involved in real sports, she worked out infrequently, and had nothing to do with sororities. Unknown to Sonya was her popularity on campus, based entirely on her looks. Brenda despised it and tried to spread rumors that Sonya was gay. This backfired when the lesbian population warmed up to Sonya and many men set about trying to convert her to the straight and narrow, or at least get her back into "bi" status.

Sonya had decided before coming home for Halloween that she was going to drop a jealousy bomb on Brenda by way of her costume. She had found it accidentally on clearance at a novelty store. It was a superhero costume made of vinyl that fit her like a second skin, zipping up the back from tailbone to neck. It was lavender and white, and came complete with a lavender cape and spandex gloves. The costume also had a tacky mask, so she replaced it with a silver headband. Sonya purchased a pair of white knee high heeled boots to complete the outfit. If anyone asked, she would have mental powers as her superhero abilities. Sonya figured that no matter what Brenda would wear as a vampire, the comments concerning costumes were going to have Sonya's name in it to make her mad. She figured it would be worth the trouble of squeezing into the costume.


It was now around 9:30 and the hunt has gone pretty well. Sonya, and a few high school friends had managed to slay a dozen vampires using super-soakers loaded with "holy water." The people removed from the fight went over to Max's house to partake in the "deadman's" party. Max always has his parent's house set up for the major party following the events of the evening.

Sonya and company were making their way over to the Danner estate, which they learned was the hideout for the vampires. The Danner place was huge, with a patio large enough to be a dance floor and a pool in back. The pool even had a pool house that was used as a changing room, or a guest room for summer time visitors. The last victims they "tortured" before sending them into the next world confessed that there were still around a hundred or so vampires partying at the Danner estate. Sonya looked back at her team. She had a cop, a gypsy dancer, and a cyborg warrior as her backup. Tony, the cop suggested that they split up and try to take down some of the vampires that might be distanced from the rest of the group. He referred to it as midnight sniping. Jenna, the dancer wasn't following his idea very well, so Sonya suggested that Jenna and herself would sneak around back and possibly make a distraction. Tony agreed and the two teams split up.

Making their way to the back gate wasn't hard and the girls hadn't encountered any of the bad guys yet. Both girls looked the area over. They could see a few of the vampires out dancing to a loud techno song, but most of the view was obstructed by the pool house.

"Let's go in up to the edge of the pool house, spray the dancers and run out to where Tony and Jim were going to hide." Sonya suggested.

"I really don't want to go in there." Jenna said. "Every girl they have captured was sent to Max's with a hickey on her neck."

"I know, a supposed vampire bite." Sonya wasn't thrilled about that either. "How about you go in and spray them down and I'll guard the gate door?" asked Jenna.

"Yeah, that will do," Sonya agreed after a moment's thought.

Sonya pulled open the gate door and slipped in. She snuck up to the corner of the pool house and peered around the corner. There were around twenty or so vampires out dancing, and a few sitting at one of the patio tables. Sonya stepped back, primed the super-soaker, and then stepped around the corner and began to spray everyone she could. After a few seconds she started to hear various, "What the…?" and "Where is that coming from?" It was soon followed with motion from the dry people along with shouts of, "There she is!" and "Get her!"

Sonya turned and ran for the back gate as about ten vampires took up pursuit. As she closed ground on the door, Sonya yelled for Jenna to open the door. It didn't happen as she reached the door, so Sonya figured on shoving it open. When she tried, the door would not move. She tried again and still it wouldn't move. At that time she heard a feminine muffled cry of protest followed by stifled laughter from more than a couple people. Sonya tried one last time and the door budged an inch. She heard a male voice whisper some profanity and brace the door. Sonya tried again, but was stopped short when a number of hands grabbed her all over and drug her away from the gate door and to the ground. She was pinned to the ground on her stomach with both hands forced behind her back. She tried looking around, but she could only see legs all around her. A few seconds later she felt the metal of handcuffs closing over both wrists. She knew that this could not be a good thing.

The vampires stood Sonya up and half guided and half dragged her over to the back doors of the house. As they came up to the doors, Brenda and a few of her friends stepped out to greet them. Brenda was dressed in leather pants and a silky white blouse. She was wearing black heels and a lot of make-up to make her look like a vampire. She looked at Sonya and just smiled. Brenda turned her attention from Sonya long enough to tell the men holding her to take Sonya to the pool house and tie her up, she would be out in a few minutes to check up on her. With the instructions given out, Brenda dismissed them and went back into the house.

The two men picked Sonya up by her arms and legs and carried the heroine to the pool house. Inside they pulled a wooden straight back chair out from the table and sat her down in it, pulling her arms over the backrest so they would be behind her back and the backrest. Another vampire joined them. It was a female dressed similar to Brenda, which Sonya recognized as one of Brenda's sorority sisters. She held a bag in her hands which she turned upside down, allowing the coils of rope to fall out. Each man grabbed a coil of rope and positioned themselves beside her.

"Be sure she can't escape," the vampire chick said. "And the Mistress wants the girl's legs tied to the back legs of the chairs."

Each guy grabbed the ankle on his side and started looping rope around them. Once the rope was knotted off the legs were forced back to the sides of the chair and tied to the rear legs on each side, causing Sonya to sit up straighter to alleviate some of the stress building in her thighs. Once they were secured to the chair legs the men started about tying her to the chair. Sonya's knees were tied to the front legs by the seat. Her upper torso was secured to the back rest, with rope going above her breasts, and below her breasts. They looped rope around her waist and tied it to the back rest. A rope was tied to the single connection chain link on her cuffs and ran down to the crossbar between the rear legs of the chair. The finishing touch was looping rope around each arm above the elbow and connecting them together with about six inches of separation, and then fastening the ropes to each side of the backrest. Their job complete, the men and the woman stepped back to admire their handiwork.

Up to this time Sonya had remained quiet and was just about to say something when Brenda walked in and dismissed them. She was carrying a small plastic bag with something concealed inside it, which she set on the table behind Sonya. She then wandered up to the drapes and pulled them across the patio doors. They were now alone.

"Well superhero, if you're hoping to be rescued, you're out of luck." Brenda said as she checked the drapes.

"What do you mean by that?" Sonya asked, not sure she liked the sound of it.

"Well, you're other friends have been sent to Max's. And if my memory serves me correctly, they were the last of you hunters. You are the last one." Brenda's smile reminded Sonya of the Cheshire Cat. It was at this point that Sonya began to test her bindings. Brenda sat back and watched the smaller woman struggle against the ropes holding her to the chair. Sonya was working hard at trying to wiggle any part of her upper body free of the backrest. Unfortunately, she wasn't having any luck.

Brenda went around Sonya as she struggled and picked up her plastic bag off the table. She reached in and pulled out a large red ball gag. The diameter of the ball was nearly three inches. She moved up behind Sonya, who had been completely oblivious of what was going on behind her as she struggle against the chair. Brenda walked right up to the back of Sonya and looked down at her.

"You might as well stop struggling, I think those two were boy scouts or sailors. Anyway, they know their knots, that's why I picked them to tie you to the chair."

Sonya ceased struggling and looked up over her shoulder at Brenda, disbelief clearly on her face. "What are you getting at?" she asked.

Brenda only smiled more. She placed her empty hand gently under Sonya's chin. "I knew you wouldn't be a vampire for this, so recruiting the right people for this in advance wouldn't take much. I did a great job of recruiting. There are over a hundred vampires to maybe twenty or so hunters. I had people out looking for you all night. They were either to capture you or lead you to me. One of the requirements for people to be a vampire in my regime was to bring a set of handcuffs with them." She began to slowly stroke Sonya's chin. "I planned this for a while knowing that you wouldn't side with me, so it would be easy to get to you. And when one of the sorority sisters found out about your costume, it was set in stone. I e-mailed everyone that I could figure I could sway and placed a bounty on you. So, in essence, you were set up."

"Oh, you bitch! I'm going to make you wish you were never born." Sonya began to struggle harder, but was cut off when Brenda forced her head back with her empty hand that was under Sonya's chin. Brenda pinned Sonya's head up against her hip and brought the ball around to Sonya's mouth.

"Time for the finishing touch." Brenda sung out as she pushed down on Sonya's chin and forced the large ball into her mouth. Sonya's grunts soon turned into muffled sounds as the ball complexly filled the front of her mouth. Her jaw was forced wide open enough that her lips could not lift off the surface of the ball. Sonya jerked her head from side to side, screaming into the ball, but Brenda held onto the straps as if they were reigns. Finally Brenda pulled back on the straps and forced Sonya's head back over her shoulders in a slightly uncomfortable position. Sonya whined at the pain. "Let me finish this and I will let go of you." Brenda hisses with the strain.

Sonya relented and relaxed as Brenda threaded the strap and pulled it tight. She pulled all of the loose blonde hair out from under the straps before buckling it in place. She straightened up and walked around to look at her damsel in distress. Sonya was still fidgeting with the ball gag. "Don't fight it, you're going to be wearing it for a while."

Sonya looked up at Brenda and glared at her. She strung together a line of curse words but they were all muffled by the ball. Brenda reached down and grasped the chair seat between Sonya's legs and pulled her captive over to the sliding glass doors. Once she had her in the position she wanted, which was only a few feet from the doors, she went over and picked up a five foot tall reading lamp and set it to the side of the door frame. She plugged it in and then turned it on, pointing the cone shaped shade down at Sonya. Brenda went back and got the second reading lamp, identical to the first one, and placed it next to the door frame opposite of the first lamp. She plugged it in and turned it on, adjusting the light so it too shown down on Sonya.

Without saying another word to Sonya, Brenda pulled back the drapes, exposing Sonya to the crowd that gathered outside once the first light was turned on. Upon seeing the trussed up heroine, the crown of vampires all cheered and started whooping it up. Sonya's face flushed red and the embarrassment of her situation and twisted in her ropes, trying like mad to get loose. This only brought louder cheers from the crown and laughter from Brenda. Brenda reached over and locked the sliding glass door, and then walked out of the pool house through the side door, stopping only to lock that door and then letting it shut after she turned off the overhead light.

Outside Brenda yelled for music so they could celebrate their victory over the hunters. The crowd cheered wildly as someone slipped a CD in the player and turned up the volume to the stereo. Sonya, still kept struggling in the chair. She looked out among the crowd and yelled for help, only to have her pleas stifled by the gag. She knew that escape was next to impossible as long as the handcuffs remained on her wrists. The ropes were nice and tight everywhere they were tied. Sonya had expected to make Brenda jealous tonight, but would have never dreamed that Brenda would go this far to one-up her. She was nearly in tears thinking of how grim her predicament was and where it could possibly lead. She forced herself not to cry, that would only give Brenda more satisfaction for the night.

The struggling continued for quite a while. Sonya was not about to admit defeat and just sit there. She tried everything she could think of from jerking her legs free to breaking the chair's backrest. It all proved to be useless. She stopped her struggling for a bit to catch her breath. The gag didn't make strenuous breathing easy. Occasionally Sonya would have to lean her head back in order to swallow the saliva that was building up in her mouth. While taking a breather, she surveyed the crowd of vampires. She figured that nearly all one hundred or so must be out on the patio either dancing or watching the show she was putting on. She saw Brenda and some of her sorority sisters sitting around a patio table, watching her struggle. Sonya looked herself over to see if any of the ropes had loosened. That was when an idea formed in her head.

Glancing over her body, Sonya noticed that the ropes had dug into her chest, forcing her breasts out a little more than normal. The situation wasn't helped by the positioning of her arms, either. From her appearance in her reflection from the glass door, it appeared that her breasts were really visible and slightly protruding. Her legs, having been forced back and tied had stretched the already skin tight outfit across her thighs and groin area, leaving not one wrinkle in the fabric. She looked back up at the crowd of onlookers and noticed that she had most of the men either staring at her or periodically glancing at her as they danced.

Sonya relaxed her body and then slowly pulled on the rope that connected her handcuffs to the crossbar. This forced her shoulders back and her chest up, making her breasts even more prominent. She closed her eyes and continued to pull for a few seconds, then slowly lowering herself back to the original position. Again she tried the same maneuver, only more slowly and with an addition of her hips twisting from side to side. She kept this up for a little while and then relaxed for a few seconds before repeating the whole process again. This time after her breather, she kept her eyes partially open to watch the crowd. Most of the men that were dancing had stopped and were staring at her, the others stared at her as if mesmerized by the bound body encased in lavender and white vinyl. Sonya shifted her gaze over to Brenda. If Brenda was planning on humiliating her by making her a display piece, then she would make the most of it. The look on Brenda's face said enough. She was angered by all the attention Sonya was getting from every man outside the pool house. Again another plan had backfired, giving Sonya the attention that Brenda didn't want her to have.

Sonya repeated her sexy struggle routine for a few minutes more, until Brenda couldn't take any more of it and went to the pool house and unlocked the door. She stormed in the room and pulled the drapes shut, and cursed at the men who made a loud moan of disappointment at the end of the show. Sonya looked up at Brenda with content victory in her eyes, hoping she would give up and let her go. Brenda turned on the overhead light and then shut off the reading lamps. She spun Sonya around and drug her back into the middle of the room. She was madder than Sonya thought. Brenda went over to the bag and pulled out the remaining item from it. It was a black satin scarf. She walked behind Sonya and placed it over her eyes, knotting it very tightly behind her head. Sonya could not see a thing now, and began to feel the first signs of panic starting to surface.

"Ok you little bitch, you want to make all the men horny by your little show, then we'll see how horny they can make you." Brenda turned on her heels and stormed out of the house. Outside she ordered the music stopped and got everyone' attention. "Listen to me my faithful followers. If you enjoyed the presentation that WonderNymph has given you, then will really like the next part. For one dollar a person, I will grant you access to the little superhero for a private session lasting for one minute. You can do anything you want, as long as the restraints are not touched, and the clothing is not disturbed. But you only get one minute at a time, if you want more than one minute, then you go back to the end of the line and pay for your next minute when it is your turn."

Sonya would have fallen out of her seat, had she not been tied to it, after hearing Brenda's speech. She didn't know what to do, so she began struggling again. She overheard Brenda yelling for a watch with a stopwatch and for the music to be put back on. The chair would not give in to her attempts of getting free, and the ropes only seemed to dig in more. She yelled for Brenda not to do this, but the ball kept her quiet enough to not be noticed by anyone outside.

Unexpectedly the door opened and someone came inside. The door shut and Sonya heard a person walk up to her and then walk around her. Not wanting to seem like she had any willing part in this, Sonya kept up the struggle. She felt hands slide down the sides of her shoulders and her arms. Then she felt them move around her body and cup both of her breasts, squeezing slightly. She whined into her gag and tried to struggle out of the stranger's grasp, but had no where to go. The stranger played with her breasts until her nipples got hard, then pinched them a few times. This sent little sparks of pain through her body. Sonya could feel her breasts getting warmer. There was a knock at the door and then Brenda's voice said, "Time's up."

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