tagNonHumanHalloween at the Standing Stones

Halloween at the Standing Stones


She kept looking at the moon as she crept through the woods. Her house was now far behind her. He told her to meet him in the grove down by the standingstones. No one went there at night, or... in the day. rumor said the stones were haunted. Still, he would be there. She would go. She had been practicing the forbidden spells, calling him to her. It was Halloween. Time for the ceremony making her both a woman and a witch. Time to reach for her power. So far she and her friend had been playing at with the spell book she had found. Now it was more. She knew it would work. She knew she could be a real witch. She had read the spell of summoning to bring her a lover, With the loss of her virgin blood she could summon her familiar. It was yet unclear how her familiar would find her but she felt that it would come.

If they found in the village out, they would burn her but she was careful. There was some irony that he would want to meet her there where her beginning coven went to practice their spells. Certainly the man who had asked her to meet him was no ordinary man. The unusual grace of the traveler enticed the women and irritated the men. She was glad that her summoning spell had chosen him.

She slipped into the grove. the moon illuminated the flat table rock in the center. The stones standing in a circle around this natural altar looked like druids in the dark. no on knew where the stones came from but there were stories that the stones had once been men, sorceled into stone by their very deeds. It did not seem like such a fable on this night with the very seasons changing to autumn and the moon full and red overhead. She noticed that there were candles, yet unlit, around the circle and smiled. Perhaps he was wary of the dark. On the rock was a goblet, set out to wait for her.

Not seeing him there she moved forward to sit on the table rock and wait. he would be there soon she was sure. She would sip the wine he would certainly be back soon. The wine was sweet with a subtle taste of herbs. It was relaxing, almost hypnotic. The moon was getting higher in the night sky when he pulled her into his arms from behind. She was too relaxed to even startle. she could not see him but she knew it was him. His hands removed her cloak and ran over her body. She felt his hot breath on her neck. The roaming hands began to undo her bodice and she could not protest. her skirts were soon pulled up and the restless hands covered areas that had never been touched before.

She melted into the hands that touched and caressed her whole body, lightly gently, almost memorizing her. Somehow her clothing had disappeared. She did not remember him taking it but it was gone. The goblet was held to her lips and again she drank. The heat of the wine, the heat of his breath, the heat from his hands held back the cooling equinox air. Her cloak made a soft blanket on the rock beneath her as he pulled her back so that she was lying on the stone. Strange how hot it seemed. The heat now seemed to come from her very body. Some part of her mind realized that still she had not actually seen him. But, that too was exciting.

She realized suddenly that her hands had been bound above her head with soft leather strands. He moved forward and she saw that he was wearing a robe of some sort. Long and dark and hooded. She could barely see his eyes and then only for seconds as he bent to suckle her breasts. He tugged with his lips and teeth so that the pleasure became almost pain. He moved down then his face between her legs and his rough tongue lapped her most private places. She arched and shivered and tried to reach for him. Damnation her hand were really tied. The hands on her breast were hard and somehow not quite right. She was rattled now but unable to think. The words to the spell to unmake the summoning... the spell to free the man, no,...the being she had summoned would not come to her.

She began to struggle and toss trying to get free. The hot rough hands grabbed her thighs and buttocks and even while stroking held her in place. Additional leather thongs were added to her ankles before he stood and released her. He moved to stand above the and she saw that his eyes were golden and slitted like those of a cat. This then was the nature spirit she had called as a lark, to be her lover, to initiate her into the arts , to teach her. This was much more real than she had intended. The vertical slits of the eyes studied her with intense non human interest. The hand reached out again and touched her cheek. A sharp cat like claw extended and caressed her, ran over her face and her breast, down her stomach and thighs and back up again. To her blurry eyes the hand appeared to have scales.

He moved to disrobe. Her head tossed back and forth in denial. She did not want to see, did not want to know what she had called forth. There was no taking it back now. She was about to get just what she had asked for. First the hood fell back to reveal a face of angles and planes, clearly not human, pointed ears and a catlike shape yet with scales. He slowly opened the robe to reveal that underneath he was naked. The illusion of human form he had assumed was fast dissolving leaving a hard muscular body with both fur and scales and a huge erection. While she gazed in terror at the enormous erection that appeared to be covered with golden scales, he gazed at her. The look on his face showed only curiosity as though it were she who was not human.

The creature stood over her and raised his arms. All of the candles burst into flame lighting the grove and glistened on his body. One claw came down to touch her breast again. To lightly scratch an arcane sign into her flesh. He lowered his mouth to lick the blood from the scratches. his tongue was hot and rough. He held the refilled goblet to the moon then sipped from it and holding his mouth to hers spat the wine into her mouth. Another sip and the wine from his lips was spilled and licked from her breasts, mixed with her blood and again he kissed her, the blood and wine staining her mouth. Another sip and his mouth moved to her cunt which was now hot and needing in spite of her fear and loathing. The wine was hot as he spat it into her and then sipped it back. His rough hand left scratches and bruises on her buttocks and thigh, stomach and breast as he caressed, squeezed and scratched at her body, marking her as his

The creature moved to the foot of the rock and stood looking at the moon for a moment and then looked at her. The cold fire from the moon was in his eyes making the burn and glow. Her body was on fire from the scratches and the wine and the fire from the moon as he moved onto the rock between her spread legs. he lowered his body onto hers , the light in his eyes flaring ever brighter, the fire in her body growing with the fire in his. She could not fight. She could not surrender. She could only accept as he forced his member into her slowly and intently. She could only look into his eyes as she felt him pierce her. She wanted to scream at the invasion and then, there was no pain as he started to move within her, only more heat and longing. She began to writhe beneath him, begging for more, asking him for the violence she knew he was capable of, needing it to free her to respond.

The creatures eyes flared with cold flame and he began to fuck her hard and fast and deliberately letting her sense even more his otherness, his inhumanity. His hands scratched her breast and buttocks. It felt almost as though she was being flogged but the pain only made her need more. She was incoherent twisting and moaning needing to have her legs around him, not caring if he was human animal or spirit, just needing for him to drive her over the edge that she felt waiting for her. The creature on top of her howled his intent as he came into her, battering, her filling her with his burning hot golden seed. She screamed her acceptance knowing that this was what she had asked for and there was no going back. As they climaxed together his claws raked her skin in bloody streaks. His sharp teeth nipped at her neck his erection spurted into her again and again so that his cum leaked out mixing with her blood, wetting the cloak and stone beneath them. She lost consciousness still screaming and cumming.

When she awakened a short while later she was unbound, the candles and goblets gone, her clothing back in place as though nothing had happened. Her skin was unmarked except for a small oddly shaped bruise where the arcane markings had been. The only sign that anything had happened at all was the wetness between the legs and on the cloak. Next to her on the rock sat a large black and gold cat with the moonfire reflected in his slitted eyes. She smiled and stoked the cats head. The spell had worked. On Halloween she became a woman and a witch. Her familiar turned to look at her as he smugly cleaned his claws. She wondered how he would come to her next full moon...as a creature or as a man?

Or perhaps something else.

It was time to return to the village. She could see path clearly lit with moon glow.

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