Halloween Costumed Roleplaying


If I was on the Jerry Springer show of old and broadcasted that I had regular, sexual intercourse with my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin while in costume and roleplaying, no one would believe me. Yet, sometimes hard for even me to believe, these four, blood related women sexually wanted me as much as I wanted them. When they showed no guilt for allowing me to touch and their semi-naked bodies while they touched and felt my semi-naked body, why should I show guilt for making out with them? When they showed no remorse for fucking me, why should I show remorse for fucking them?

As long as we were all mature adults, and we were, and as long as the sex was consensual, and it was, what's the issue? It's just sex, albeit incestuous sex. As long as they were happy fucking me, I was happy fucking them too. Trust me, if I said it once, I said it a hundred times, life doesn't get any better than this.

* * *

As if sexually excited to see her panties for the first time, I lifted the front of my sister's costume to expose her bright, white bikini panties. A sexy sight to behold and one that I never tired of seeing through her panties, I loved seeing her pussy mound, her dark shadow of brown, trimmed, pubic hair, her camel toe, and her pussy slit. Every time I saw my sister in her panties, I couldn't wait to remove them. I couldn't wait to fuck her. I couldn't wait to hear her and watch her cum.

In the way that my mother, aunt, and cousin did, my sister had such an extraordinary body. I loved slowly sliding my hands along her smooth, shapely thighs and up across her toned, flat stomach before reaching down to tease her pussy slit with my fingertip through her panties. Even now, after we've had sex so very many times, it still mesmerized me to finger my sister's pussy through her panties. Just as I couldn't get enough of my sister's sexy and shapely body, I couldn't get enough of my sister's white, bikini panties.

"I love your pussy, Donna. I love how your pussy looks in your panties," I said impaling her pussy through her panties with my fingertip and rubbing her clit through her panties enough to make her squirm with sexual pleasure. "I love fingering your cunt, my sister's cunt through your panties," I said while knowing that she enjoyed hearing me talk dirty to her as much as she loved talking dirty to me. "As if they were both beckoning me to finger them, it sexually excites me to see your pussy slit and camel toe through your panties."

As if she was a little girl again instead of a 24-year-old woman, she laughed with glee when I talked dirty to her, especially when I complimented her pussy. Obviously, my sister loved her pussy as much as I loved her pussy. Making our sexual time together that much more special, my sister loved talking dirty. She got off on dirty talk.

After talking dirty to my sister, as if getting her in the mood, she gasped when I fingered her pussy through her panties again and looked at me with sexual excitement. Ready to be fucked, my sister wanted me to fuck her. Ready to fuck her, I was ready to fuck my sister. The best thing that ever happened to me was having incestuous sex with my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin.

"Remove my panties, my Prince. I want to show you my pussy," she said. "I want you to see my glistening, wet cunt."

As if removing them for the first time, with every time removing her panties as exciting as the first time that I removed her panties, I removed my sister's panties to reveal her brown, trimmed pussy. This wasn't just any pussy. Oh, no. This was my sister's pussy, my big sister's pussy. Nearly as sacred as my mother's cunt, I was about to fuck my sister's cunt, yet again.

"I love your pussy, Cinderella. You have a beautiful pussy. You have the best pussy in the whole kingdom," I said continuing to roleplay to her sexual fantasy. "I can't wait to stick my princely prick in the pussy of my future princess."

She smiled her happiness with my compliment and with my roleplaying while staying in character.

"Fuck me, Prince. Fuck me in the way that you fucked our mother, our aunt, and our cousin. I want them to hear me cum in the way that I hear them cum," she said. "I want them to be jealous of you fucking me in the way that I'm jealous of you fucking them."

As if my Halloween costume was on fire, I removed my pants and underwear but left on my Prince Charming, military jacket and sash. Part of the allure of me fucking my sister and an important ingredient in her believing that she was Cinderella and I was Prince Charming, I needed to remain in costume and in character too. Sometimes, when the four of us get together, we pretend that our mother is the wicked stepmother, our cousin is the wicked stepsister, and our aunt is the fairy Godmother.

If it wasn't for my agreeing to roleplay their sexual fantasies while in costume, they never would have agreed to have sex with me. Had I not agreed to pretend with them, I never would have been lucky enough to have sex with my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin. All part of the sexual fantasy, wearing Halloween costumes and roleplaying our characters was the only way that they would allow me to continue to have sex with them. I didn't mind wearing a costume and roleplaying while having sex with my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin. I'd happily go with the flow as long as it meant getting laid.

Not wasting time with small talk or with anything to distract us from pretending we weren't who we pretended to be, I mounted my sister in the way that I mounted my mother. Not even wasting time fingering her pussy or licking her pussy, with her plenty wet enough, just as my mother wanted to be fucked, my sister wanted to be fucked too. She wanted sexual intercourse. Strangely enough, in the way that none of them considered blowing me and cumming in their mouths as having incestuous sex with them, seemingly there was something about fucking women that was more sexually intimate than fingering and/or eating their cunts.

Saving that sexual foreplay for later, fingering and/or licking her pussy could be done at any time, downstairs while watching TV, in the bathroom while they took their baths, or in my car while we parked in the mall parking lot. Tonight, was for fucking. Tonight, my sister wanted to be fucked. Tonight, my big sister wanted to get laid. Tonight, Donna wanted me, Prince Charming, her baby brother, to fuck her hard and fast. She wanted me to give her a sexual orgasm with my cock.

* * *

She guided my stiff prick inside her. She was already so very wet, slippery wet, and I had to hump her harder for my cock to slide in deeper and remain inside of her. She returned my hard humps with her hard humps and, off to the races, we were already fucking. I was fucking my sister in the way that I had fucked my mother and would soon be fucking my aunt and cousin again. Yet, tonight was my sister's night. Tonight, was her turn. She had been eagerly waiting for this night of sexual pleasure all week.

"I love you, Cinderella," I said smiling my love for her while remaining in character.

She returned my smile of love for her with her smile of love for me.

"I love you, too, Prince Charming," said.

Since this was what she wanted, I humped my sister harder. Since she wanted me to fuck her, I humped my sister faster. This was my sexy sister and not some make-believe fairytale character. This was my beloved, big sister and not some whore that I picked up at a club or brought home from a bar for sex.

"I love you, Donna," I said falling out of character to express my love for my sister.

She smiled at me as if I was indeed Prince Charming instead of her brother.

"I love you, too, Michael. Now, do your job and fuck me. Fuck your sister. Fuck Cinderella. Give me my sexual orgasm. Make me cum, my Prince. I want to cum. I need to cum. Fuck me, Prince Charming, fuck me," she said humping him as fast and as hard as I was humping her.

Where it ended last week, it began this week. I untied her bodice to expose her bra clad breasts. In the way that I unhooked my mother's front, snapping bra, I unhooked my sister's front, snapping bra. Front, snapping brassieres were necessary to get at my mother's, my sister's, my aunt's, and my cousin's tits without them having to remove their costumes to remove their bras. Even though they didn't have front snapping bras in Cinderella's day, removing their costumes would not only throw them out of character but also interrupt the illusion and ruin the sexual fantasy.

Sometimes making it even more sexually exciting, it was okay for us to fall in and out of character but not okay to be out of costume. Being out of costume would ruin who we portrayed to be. Being out of costume would just be me having nasty, illegal, and forbidden incestuous sex with my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin. We all needed to remain in costume and in character while playing our roles to have consensual, incestuous sex without having the guilt and the remorse of having forbidden sex.

Staying in costume and in character, for the most part, allowed us to play our acting roles. As if we were actors on stage or on the big, silver screen while pretending that we really weren't having sex but just acting while roleplaying, we did things we'd never do when not in costume. In the way that Nicole Kidman had sex with Perry Wright played by Alexander Skarsgard in Big, Little Lies, I had sex with my sister.

'So, what? What's the big deal? The sex we have is consensual and we're all adults,' I thought. 'It's none of anyone's business what my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin does with me behind closed bedroom doors.'

I sucked my sister's tits while humping her. I felt and fondled her big breasts and fingered her nipples while fucking her. I slowed my humping to give my sister long, deep, wet kisses before returning to fucking her. Whereas, I wanted to make love to my sister, she didn't want to make love to me. All she wanted to do was to fuck me. Continuing to hump her harder and fuck her faster, I was determined to give her what she wanted, a sexual orgasm.

"I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Don't stop, my Prince. Fuck me harder with your royal rod. Fuck my faster with your princely prick. Oh, God. Oh, God. I'm cumming, Michael, I'm cumming," said Donna.

* * *

It was Saturday night. With both of us dressed in our Halloween costumes, it was my night to sleep with my aunt dressed as a TWA pilot, her Captain, while she was dressed as a TWA stewardess. Something that she looked forward to all week, my aunt loved having sex, making love, and fucking me. Something that I looked forward to all week, I loved having sex, making love, and fucking my aunt.

"Captain," she said swooning as soon as I walked in her bedroom. "My Captain."

Having already seen one another practically naked but for our Halloween costumes, and already having had my big dick in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy, I smiled at her formalness.

"Patricia," I said being overly familiar in not calling her Aunt Patricia.

Yet, why remain formally and respectfully polite of my aunt when I've already seen her naked ass, her naked tits, and her naked pussy beneath her costume? Tonight, she wasn't my aunt; she was my lover. Tonight, I wasn't her nephew; I was her young stud. Tonight, we weren't blood related relatives; we were lovers.

"Coffee, tea, or me," she said and was something she said every time we were alone together.

I never tired of hearing that line. Yet, not much of a choice, I liked my choices however. As if coffee, tea, or me was our signal, as soon as she said coffee, tea, or me, it was as if I needed to make a choice. Even though it was no contest and even though we both knew what I'd choose, as if I'd ever want coffee or tea over my aunt, it was my time to voice my choice. Yet, coffee, tea, or me, as if saying ready, set, go, was how she started our sexual time together.

I smiled at her again while stepping closer. I always smiled at my aunt. I couldn't help but smile while knowing that I was in her room to make love to her. She was more fun than my mother or my sister. She was so pretty. She was so sexy. She made me feel as if we were lovers instead of aunt and nephew. Even though she was twenty-years older than me, easily looking ten years younger, she looked so young.

"Being that I already had my coffee and don't like tea, I choose you," I said pointing at her while playing her sexy game. "I choose you over coffee and tea, even if I hadn't had my coffee and even if I liked tea," I said with a loving smile.

Not wasting time with any more teasing and/or small talk, I grabbed her around her waist and pulled her to me as if she was my woman and I was her man. As soon as I kissed her, instead of resisting me or struggling to move away because she was my aunt and I was her nephew, and what we were about to do we shouldn't be doing, she returned my kiss. Whenever I held my aunt in my arms, she reminded me of holding my mother. With them the same height, weight, and body type, she felt much the same in my arms.

They could have been identical twin sisters. They looked much alike, walked alike, talked alike, laughed alike, and felt alike when holding them and kissing them. Yet, when I was in bed with my aunt, she was much different than being in bed with my mother. Even though there was only two years difference in their ages, my aunt felt younger. She acted younger. Where my mother was set in her ways, my aunt was always ready to try new things. As if she truly enjoyed her sexual time with me, my aunt laughed more than my mother.

My favorite thing to do, I loved making out with my aunt while feeling her through her clothes. Something that ran in the family, in the way that my mother had an incredible ass, my sister and aunt had incredible asses too. As much I loved feeling my mother's and sister's ass through their costumes, I loved feeling aunt's ass through her costume too. As much as I loved feeling my mother's and sister's breasts through their costumes and bras, I loved feeling my aunt's breasts through her costume and bra too. For a mature woman, she still had such an incredible body. For a mature woman, she was a lot of sexy fun.

In the way that I felt that I was making out with a real TWA stewardess, she made me feel that I was a real TWA pilot. Until she was sitting on top of me while riding my prick, she made me feel that I was her captain and her superior and she was my subordinate. Strangely enough, I felt that I was more doing something inappropriately wrong making out with a co-worker than I felt that I was more doing something inappropriately wrong by making out with my aunt.

As long as we were dressed in our Halloween costumes to inspire our imaginations and encourage our sexual fantasies, we were both able to suspend our realities in the way we do when watching a movie. As long as we continued wearing our Halloween costumes while staying in character, we both believed that we were someone else and with someone else. As if we were an actor and actress on a stage playing a role in an adult video, sexual movie, once we assumed our new identities, it made no difference that we were blood related.

Hard to believe but true, as long as we stayed in costume and in character, I more believed that I was having sex with an airline stewardess than I believed that I was having sex with my aunt. Even though I knew that I was having sex with my aunt, able to live the sexual fantasy, I more believed that I was her captain than her nephew. Working both ways, my aunt more believed that I was her captain than she believed that I was her sister's son.

* * *

Ready to have sex with my MILF of an aunt, as if I was her boyfriend and she was my girlfriend and we were on a date, I unbuttoned her jacket while kissing her. As soon as I had her jacket unbuttoned, I stared at her large breasts before feeling her big tits through her blouse and bra. Whether feeling her ass or her tits, it was so very sexually exciting to feel my aunt through her clothes while kissing her. Different than kissing and/or feeling my mother or sister, I loved kissing my aunt as much as I loved feeling my aunt.

In the way that it was difficult to wrap my head around having incestuous sex with my mother and sister, it was difficult to wrap my head around having incestuous sex with my aunt. Yet, as long as we remained in costume and in character, neither of us seemed to mind. If anything, more than just having sex with a stranger, we were both sexually excited having sex with one another. Oddly enough, even though I've had sex with my mother many times, not sure why, but it felt more incestuous having sex with my mother than it did having sex with my aunt.

Whenever I was sexually intimate with my mother, I felt as if I was doing something that was illegally forbidden, albeit so very sexually exciting. Conversely, whenever I was sexually intimate with my aunt, even though she was my mother's sister and we were having incestuous sex, I more felt as if I was having sex with an older woman. I felt more that we were having a sexual relationship than we were having incestuous sex.

Different from my mother, with kissing an important part of our lovemaking, my aunt loved making out. She loved kissing me as much as I loved kissing her. If I had to rate her kissing skills, she was the best kisser by far, better than my mother, my sister, and better than any woman I ever kissed. More romantic with her kisses, whenever I kissed Aunt Patricia, as if I didn't know where I was and/or who I was with, she blanked my mind. Kissing my aunt was the closest thing that I ever came to imagining the peaceful experience of being in Heaven and making out with an angel.

French kissing her while feeling her through her clothes was so very sexually exciting. I loved touching and feeling her everywhere while knowing deep down that she was my aunt and not my stewardess. Still, roleplaying her demonstrative captain while she was my sexy stewardess was a sexual fantasy that I never tired of doing and one that I never could have imagined. These costumed roleplaying scenarios were all my mother's, sister's, aunt's, and cousin's sexual fantasies. Willing to play along for the sex, I went along while enjoying the incestuous ride.

Now that her jacket was unbuttoned, wanting to enjoy the show, as if unbuttoning her it for the first time, I slowly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her white, C cup, front snapping bra. I was glad that my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin all wore front snapping bras. It was important to leave their Halloween costumes on to remain in character and roleplay while having sex. Not wanting to ruin the sexual fantasy of believing that we were someone else with someone else by being out of costume and out of character, we needed that deception to have forbidden sex with one another. Roleplaying was what we needed to do to continue the sexual fantasy.

As soon as I felt her big tits through her bra while kissing her, she felt my erection through my pants while kissing me. Obviously, my aunt enjoyed feeling my cock through my uniform pants as much as I enjoyed feeling her bra clad breasts beneath her stewardess uniform. I moved her to the bed so that we could get more comfortable. It was one thing to stand while kissing my aunt but something more sexually exciting to be lying beside her while kissing her. Now, with her lying beside me, we continuing making out as if we were horny teenagers.

Always as exciting as the first time seeing my aunt's naked breasts, I unhooked her front snapping bra. In the way that my mother and sister had shapely breasts, my aunt had shapely breasts too. In the way that I loved my mother's and sister's big tits, I loved my aunt's big tits, too. It was so sexually exciting to feel her naked tits while kissing her. In the way that my mother and sister loved having their nipples fingered, my aunt loved having her nipples fingered too. My sexual fantasy come true, I loved feeling my aunt's tits while fingering her nipples and kissing her.

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