Halloween Costumed Roleplaying


Pulling them, turning them, and twisting them, my favorite part was sucking her hard, erect nipples. As soon as I sucked her nipples, I moved my hand along her shapely thighs. As if I was stealing third base from second base when I already knew that I'd be heading home and scoring, I moved my hand all the way up between my aunt's legs. As sexually exciting as it was to feel her tits through her bra, it was even more sexually exciting to feel her pussy through her panties.

I loved my aunt's pussy. I love fingering and cupping her pussy through her panties. I loved eating her cunt as much as I loved fucking her cunt but tonight was for making love and not for having oral sex. Tonight, I was going to make love to my aunt as if she was my girlfriend, my lover, or my wife.

Pushing her panties aside with my finger, I impaled my aunt's pussy with my fingertip. I rubbed her clit and finger fucked my aunt while sucking her nipples. Already ready for me to mount her, she was already wet. I stood and removed my pilot's pants and briefs but, needing to stay in costume to continue my roleplay, I left everything else on except for my pilot's hat.

Part of her sexual fantasy was for her to believe that she was having sex with a real, TWA pilot, rather than with her nephew. Even though I pretended that it was, my sexual fantasy was not as much that I was having sex with a pretend TWA stewardess but that I was having incestuous sex with my aunt. Honestly, I didn't care who I needed to dress as, as long as I was having sex with my aunt. I couldn't count how many times I masturbated over my aunt while imagining her naked and having sex with me. Now, here she was nearly naked and having sex with me.

Truthfully, I preferred dressing as a pilot when pretending with my aunt than I did when pretending that I was Prince Charming with my sister. Pretending that I was a doctor with my mother was fun. My mother made for a sexy nurse. Yet, whatever it took to have sex with my mother, my sister, and now my aunt, I gladly did. If all it took for me to fuck my mother, my sister, and my aunt was to roleplay while being in costume, I was down with that.

* * *

Once that I was naked below the waist, I slowly removed my aunt's panties as if unveiling a work of art. She had such a firm and shapely ass. As much as I loved my mother's and sister's asses, I loved my aunt's ass even more. Different from my mother's cunt, my aunt shaved her pussy. She wasn't shaved the first time that I had sex with her but as if taking a lesson from her daughter, her pussy was shaved now. Her shaved pussy made her look more like a young virgin than it made her look like a mature, 42-year-old woman.

As soon as I mounted my aunt, she reached down for me. When she inserted me in her warm, wet pussy, I felt that having sexual intercourse with my mother's kid sister was meant to be. Again, different from the forbidden sensation that I received when having sex with my mother and/or my sister, I felt as if my cock belonged in my aunt's cunt. Odd for me to say and for me to feel that way but, if I could marry my aunt, I would.

I loved my aunt. I totally loved her. As much as I loved having sexual intercourse with my mother and my sister, for some reason, I loved having sexual intercourse with my aunt even more. In the way that I wished I could have sex with my mother, my sister, and my cousin every day, twice a day, I'd love to have sex with my aunt every day, twice a day.

I loved how she felt in my arms. I loved kissing her. I loved hearing her laugh. I loved looking in her big, brown eyes before kissing her. I loved making love to her instead of fucking her in the way that I fucked my mother and my sister. I loved how I felt being inside of her. I loved the faces she made and the sexy, sexual sounds she made when she had a sexual orgasm. I loved how she hugged me and held me as if I was her man and she was my woman.

Not just having sex with me but making me feel loved, wanted, needed, and desired, my aunt was definitely more loving than my mother and sister. She obviously loved me as much as I loved her. In the way that I sometimes imagined running away with my aunt, I never imagined running away with my mother, sister, or my cousin. Yet, the thought of running away with my aunt was as different as having weekly sex with my mother, sister, and cousin. Even though I loved my aunt, having to forsake my mother, sister, and cousin for my aunt, I couldn't leave them behind.

As soon as I started humping Patricia, she returned my humps. Different from my mother or sister, my aunt preferred making love first before fucking. Again, different from my mother, sister, or my cousin, after we made love and started fucking, my aunt enjoyed being on top. I loved her fucking me as much as I loved fucking her.

Not ashamed to admit it, as much as I loved fucking my aunt in the missionary position, I loved my aunt being on top too. I loved watching her big tits bouncing up and down and swaying side-to-side as she fucked me harder and faster and I fucked and humped her harder and faster. Then, once she was done riding me, I'd roll her over and fuck her in the missionary position again.

Even though I loved fucking her hard, fast, and deep, I preferred making love to her. Even though she loved fucking me hard, fast, and deep, she preferred making love to me. In the way that my mother, my sister, and my cousin would rather fuck, my aunt and I would rather make love. Seemingly, we had more of a love affair than we had an incestuous, sexual affair. Preferring to pretend that my aunt was my wife, I preferred pretending that we were married.

Fucking her faster, I fucked her harder. Fucking her harder, I fucked her deeper. I enjoyed being more in a synchronized rhythm with my aunt than I did with my mother, sister, and cousin. As if we were one, everything we did was on the same sexual page. It was as if she was thinking what I was thinking. It was as if we always wanted the same sexual thing at the same time that I wanted. Fucking her faster, I fucked her harder. Fucking her harder, I fucked her deeper. I continued fucking my aunt until she was ready to cum.

"Captain. O my Captain. I'm cumming. I'm cumming, Captain. Your stewardess is cumming, Captain. Your aunt is cumming, Michael. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me faster. Fuck me deeper. Make me cum. Give me a sexual orgasm with your big, hard prick," she said and was all that she said before falling silent and collapsing in her bed in orgasmic afterglow.

* * *

It was Monday night, my turn to have sex with my cousin, Emily. Something that I looked forward to every week, I enjoyed having sex with my cousin as much as I enjoyed having sex with my mother, my sister, and my aunt. Totally different from having sex with my mother, my sister, and my aunt, my cousin Emily was outrageous. A self-professed whore, my cousin Emily was wild.

Making no apologies to no one, she loved being a whore. Making no apologies to no one, she enjoyed having sex with me as much as I enjoyed having sex with her. Emily didn't even need to wear a costume or to roleplay and/or to stay in character to have sex with me but she did, and following her lead, I did too. Better than my mother, my sister, and my aunt, Emily gave me the best fuck in my life.

In the way that my mother and aunt were MILFs and in the way that my sister was a sexy bitch, my cousin Emily was a dirty whore. Now I don't mean that she was a whore in a bad way but in a good way. Out in the open about her sexual promiscuity, not embarrassed or ashamed of who she was and how many men she fucked, her being a whore was what I liked about her and what she liked about herself. Where other women hide the fact that they're sluts, bimbos, and/or whores, that wasn't the case with my cousin Emily. It was freeing to have her whoredom out in the open.

Even though my sister was a whore too, my sister went out of her way to hide that she was a whore by acting embarrassed and morally modest while playing the eternal virgin. What invariably gave my sister away that she was a whore was that she loved talking dirty. Good girls don't talk dirty in the way that my sister loved talking dirty. Even though my mother and aunt were whores too, incestuous whores to boot, unlike my sister and cousin, when in public they behaved and acted like well-mannered ladies. No one would ever guess that they were whores, especially incestuous whores.

Again, different from my mother, my aunt, and my sister, there were no games and/or no pretenses with Emily. She knew she was a whore. She enjoyed being a whore. She was proud of being a whore. Again, different from my mother, my aunt, and my sister, my cousin Emily loved sex, the more the better. She loved fucking cocks as much as she loved sucking cocks.

Emily, God bless her heart, was the type of woman who'd have sex with almost anyone at any time. If her father was still in the picture, no doubt, she'd already be having sex with him. If she had a brother, she'd be having sex with him too. Fortunately for me, with me her cousin, she readily had sex with me.

'Thank you, Jesus,' I thought whenever having sex with my cousin.

Emily missed her calling. She should be working as a high-class call girl. She should be making money pleasuring men while having sex. I could see her working at one of those legal whorehouses in Vegas or in Reno, Nevada. I could see her spending her nights and weekends in an expensive hotel. Being that she had a great body, I could see her working as a stripper.

In the way that she knows what she wants and instinctively knows what her sexual partner wants too, she'd even make a good madam. Actually, I could see my cousin as a ball busting Dominatrix. She loved bossing men around while sexually teasing them before controlling them with sex. The perfect occupation for her, she'd love chaining men to a wall while whipping them. Obvious to me now, hot and cold as it was sweet and sour, as much as she loved men, she hated them too.

Actually, she was the one responsible for starting this weekly fuck fest with my mother, my sister, my aunt and me. Before my cousin Emily fucked me, my mother, my sister, and my aunt would only blow me. In the way that some women would rather suck a man on a first date than to French kiss him, for some convoluted reason, my mother, sister, and aunt believed that sexual intercourse was deemed incestuous sex while giving me a hand job and/or a blowjob wasn't. Making no sense, go figure.

Then, after they heard the good time that Emily had while being fucked by me, they wanted me to fuck them too. It took Emily to show them what they were missing by not allowing me to fuck them. It took my whore of a cousin, Emily, to show her mother, Patricia, her aunt, Christine, and her cousin, Donna, that since they already blew me and allowed me to cum in their mouths, they already had incestuous sex with me. Ergo, why not fuck me too?

Extrapolating that logic with the premise that they should fuck me, since they've already had my cock in their hands and mouths, and already had incestuous sex with me by allowing me to finger and/or lick their pussies, why not fuck me too? Now, with one thing leading to another thing, I have sexual intercourse with my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my cousin once a week, every week. Actually, if it was up to my cousin, I'd be having incestuous sex with her every day, multiple times a day. She gives nymphomania a new meaning. I wondered if I searched nymphomaniac online if I'd see a photo of my cousin.

Today, Monday, was my turn to be with Emily. Wednesday I'd be having sex with my mother, Friday with my sister, Sunday with my aunt, and then next Tuesday, I'd be having sex with Emily again. Even though I love having sex with my cousin, I'm not embarrassed to admit that sometimes she scares me. Too sexually aggressive, as if pressuring me to perform and pressuring me to give her a sexual orgasm, she makes me feel nervous. God forbid if I don't give her what she wants and needs, a sexual orgasm.

With my cousin more of a sexual and incestuous freak, unlike my mother, my sister, and my aunt, even though she didn't really need to be forced to have sex, she enjoyed being forced to have sex. I suspect that she'd enjoy being slapped around. Actually, it didn't take much to force her to have sex with me. She obviously wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck her. Yet, she obviously needed that sexual pressure to feel as if she was being taken sexually advantage of instead of being made to feel like the whore that she was.

Obviously, she wanted to feel what it was like to feel submissive and to submit to a man's will. To be honest, my cousin may be too much for me. In the way that my aunt enjoys making love, I prefer making love than fucking. Only, in the way that my mother and sister love to fuck and to be fucked, my cousin took fucking to an extreme level of sexual debauchery.

* * *

"Romeo," she said reaching for me as soon as I entered her bedroom dressed as Romeo, her lover.

I smiled at my cousin knowing that even though it was sexually exciting to fuck my mother, my sister, and my aunt, I'd be having the best sex with my cousin Emily tonight. Instead of going once or twice, this broad could go all night. She'd probably be her best at a bachelor's party while being stripped naked, slapped around, and gangbanged.

"Juliet," I said staying in character while playing my role as Romeo.

With her dressed as Shakespeare's Juliet, she was immorally and immodestly showing a lot of her big breasts to me, her blood related cousin. As if she was a barroom wench of old, her tits were practically spilling out of her blouse and bra. With her blouse perched on the sides of her shoulders instead of on top of her shoulders, she enjoyed exposing the tops of her big tits and her long, line of sexy cleavage. Even though her breasts were the same size as my mother's, sister's, and aunt's breasts, in the way that she wore her top and filled out her blouse, Emily's tits looked much bigger.

With me wearing my Romeo costume, I felt as foolish playing Romeo with my cousin dressed as Juliet as I did playing Prince Charming with my sister dressed as Cinderella. Yet, the reward of having sex with my cousin was worth the effort and embarrassment as being dressed as Romeo. In order for me to have sex with my cousin, I conceded by wearing this Halloween costume while roleplaying the part of Romeo. Once I was in bed with Emily and fucking her, it wouldn't matter if I was dressed as a clown or as a gorilla, as long as I was having sex with my cousin.

* * *

Instead of having to kiss her, my cousin kissed me. Accustomed to having to make all the sexual moves with my mother, my sister, and my aunt, as if she was the horny man, Emily made all the sexual moves with me. It was refreshing being with a whore. It was sexually exciting being with a woman who enjoyed sex as much as I did. Different than being with a prostitute who more wanted money than she wanted sex, my cousin more wanted sex than anything else.

"Take off your pants and fuck me," she said. "I need a good fuck. I'm so fucking horny listening to you fucking my aunt, my cousin, and my mother," she said fingering her already erect nipples through her blouse and bra. "I've been waiting all week for this."

As if she was my Dominatrix instead of my sexy, whore of a cousin, I immediately obeyed. Afraid to disappoint her, as if I was paying her for her time to have sex with me, she always made me feel pressured to perform. The last thing that I wanted to do was to disappoint my cousin when in bed with her. The last thing that I wanted to do was not to sexually satisfy her.

Forget about my sexual satisfaction, the last thing that I wanted to do was not to give my cousin a sexual orgasm with my cock. It was as important to me as it was obviously important to her for me to give her a sexual orgasm with my cock. Fearing that she'd no longer wanted to have sexual intercourse if I didn't sexual please her and orgasmic pleasure her, I took more sexual care with her than I did with my mother, my sister, and/or my aunt. Obviously, someone as sexually experienced as my cousin was harder to sexually please.

I quickly removed my pants and underwear. I was proud to show my cousin that I already had an erection. Yet, something she always had done before, instead of taking me in her mouth, she took me in her hand and pulled me to her bed by my stiff prick. Once on the bed with me, she lifted her skirt to exposed her shaved pussy.

Like mother like daughter, my aunt Patricia, recently shaved her pussy to match her daughter's pussy. Now my cousin Emily and my aunt Patricia both had shaved pussies. If I had to choose, I preferred my sister's trimmed pussy to my mother's bushy pussy and to my aunt and cousin's shaved cunts. My mother and sister looked more like women with their bushy and trimmed pubic hair than they looked like little girls.

Yet, no matter. Once my prick was inside them, I couldn't tell if their pussies were bushy, trimmed, or shaved. The difference showed up when I was eating them. Instead of getting a mouthful of public hair when eating my mother and having to go through a tuft of pubic hair when licking my sister, my aunt's and cousin's pussies were as soft and as smooth as a suede.

The only time their shaved pussies bothered me was when they started to let it grow back. As if they were growing an itchy beard, I didn't like the feeling of rubbing my face against their prickly skin. If they were going to shave it, then keep it shaved or grow it back. My favorite was when they got a Brazilian wax. So smooth and so soft, I loved eating their pussies then.

Instead of my cousin allowing me to mount her, she mounted me. Usually wanting to be forced to have sex, tonight, she obviously wanted to be in control. Tonight, she obviously wanted to fuck me instead of being fucked. Tonight, she obviously wanted to sit on top of my cock while bouncing her big tits. Yet, whether she wanted me to force her to have sex or if she wanted to control us having sex, it was always something different whenever we had sex. In the way that it sometimes is with my mother, sister, and aunt, having sex with my cousin was never the boring same.

Seemingly, just as my mother and sister felt more comfortable fucking me when they knew what to expect, my aunt felt more comfortable making love to me instead of fucking me or just having sex for the sake of having sex. Emily was different. As if a game she played, she wanted to not only cum but also, she wanted to have a better orgasm each time. As if maintaining score by keeping track of the sensation of her sexual orgasms in her head, she somehow knew how to make each sexual orgasm not only last longer but also how to make them better.

It wouldn't surprise me if my cousin, an avid reader, read every book on sexual orgasms, such as Barbara Keeling's Super Sexual Orgasm and How to Make Love All Night. Just as she read the Woman's Book of Orgasm: A Guide to the Ultimate Sexual Pleasure by Tara Barker, she read Tantric Orgasm for Women by Diana Richardson. Part of her sexual library was Amy Cooper's, The Everything Orgasmic Book, Becoming Cliterate by Laurie B. Mintz, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot: Not Your Mother's Orgasm Book. Yet, with Emily's mother, Patricia, as sexual as she was her daughter, the later book could be my aunt's book too.

My cousin rode me as if she was busting a wild horse. Then, turning the sexual table on her, I rolled her over and forced her arms to the bed by holding her firmly by her wrists. As if forcing her to fuck me, which I never had to do, I fucked her hard and fast. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. I continued fucking her until she was on the verge of having a sexual orgasm.

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