tagLoving WivesHalloween Cross-Dressing Bash Ch. 07

Halloween Cross-Dressing Bash Ch. 07


"So, you like my negligee, huh?"

"Oh, yeah, only I like what's underneath it more," he said reaching his hand up to feel her tit and fingering her nipple before pulling and twisting them through the thin, black sheer material of her negligee. He remembered she said that she liked it when her brother pulled and twisted her nipples. He remembered her saying that her nipples were sensitive to that kind of play. Pulling and twisting her nipples was okay by him, as he had a penchant for tits and nipples.

"Oh, Bob, that feels good when you touch my nipple like that. It sends shivers down my spine and brings back memories when my brother was lying on this table naked while I gave him a bikini wax and he touched me where no brother should touch his sister." She looked down watching his fingers work their magic on her nipples. "Although I am very much enjoying this, now is not the time to get me all hot and bothered. I need to concentrate so that the shaver doesn't slip and we really make you into a woman, instead of a man who enjoys wearing women's clothes," she said with a laugh.

She shaved his shoulders. She shaved his chest. She shaved his stomach. She shaved his legs. When she was done shaving his hairy body, she had enough of his body hair to make another Bob. Then, she took her time shaving his balls and cock spending quality time holding his stiff prick and cupping his balls in her hand while shaving them silky smooth and soft.

"I love the feel of your hand around my cock."

"Do you like it when I do this to your cock, Bob," she said slowly stroking him while staring down at his big prick and teasing him.

"Yes," he said while reaching up his hand to feel her massive breasts again and fingering her nipple through her sexy negligee before teasing it out and more erect with a twist and giving it a playful pull.

"What if I did this to your cock," she said leaning down to take his cock in her mouth for a few seconds while sucking it and twirling her tongue around it before deep throating it. "Did you like that, Bob? Did you like it when I took your cock, all of your cock in my mouth and ran my tongue around it," she said removing his cock from her mouth to talk.

"Oh, God, yes. That was incredible. It's been a while since my cock has been in any woman's mouth other than my wife and it's been a very long time since I've had a blowjob."

"Well, it's been a very long time since I've given a blowjob.

Suddenly, she looked sad.

"What's wrong?"

"I haven't been able to orally pleasure a man, since what my ex-husband, the no good, dirty bastard did to me."

"Tell me what happened. What did the son of a bitch do?"

She looked at him with a face full of hurt. Her eyes welled up and she looked old and tired suddenly. The transformation that came over her was immediate. She gave him a look that was forlorn and dark.

"Come with me," she said.

"Wait, should I put something on?"

"No, I'd prefer if you came as you are. It's better if you are naked."


Suddenly, he was afraid. Suddenly, he imagined she was leading him to be slaughtered. He imagined her taking him to the dungeon where she chained him to a concrete wall and where he saw the skeleton of others who were chained there before him and left to die. He wondered if they were alone in the house. Maybe, she was taking him to be murdered. He had an uneasy feeling, especially as she herded him downstairs.

She walked ahead of him leading the way to a basement that was another living space to the house. With thick wall to wall carpeting, recessed lighting, a pinball machine, a pool table, a gaming table, a full bar, and a complete media room resplendent with a huge plasma television, the place was what every man would love to have. He had no idea such a modest home housed such an elaborate setup as was this. This was his dream getaway. Never had he seen such an elaborate setup. This must have cost her a fortune.

"This was my ex-husband's pride and joy," she said with a bitter smile. "He was always down here playing poker, watching football games, and entertaining his friends while getting drunk. He had a lot of friends and every weekend our house never had less than a dozen men congregated down here enjoying this living space while watching movies and football games on the plasma television." She looked at him with a sullen face. "There was a lot of drinking down here and when men drink, they get horny and wild for sexual activity."

"Wow, this place is huge. It's great. It looks bigger than all of upstairs. I wish I had a space like this with a huge television like that and that bar with the huge mirror over it is phenomenal. I don't even have a poker table, never mind a pool table."

"He took over part of the garage that runs under the house. He built a separate unattached garage for the cars out back. I hate coming down here, though. I never come down here. It gives me the creeps to come down here alone. I feel as if this place is haunted with his evil spirit and with all the evil spirits of all his asshole friends."

"I wish I had this in my house. Only, he must have spent an absolute fortune to turn this basement into such a spectacular men's space. I mean, just one of those overstuffed media chairs must have set him back plenty and he has how many of them, one three, five...eight. It must have felt you were in a real movie theatre while watching a movie."

She led him to a door in the corner of the room and on the same wall where the bar was. She stood in front of it before opening it. Looking as if she was frightened and fearing what was behind the door, she looked as if she was afraid to open it, but she did with hesitation and great trepidation. With a resigned determination and resolute strength, she flung open the door, as if the feat was no small victory.

"This room is why I haven't given anyone a blowjob since I've ridden myself of my evil ex-husband from my house and from my life. I'm glad he and his friends are gone, but what he did to me has scarred me for life."

She turned on the light. It was another good sized room that further tricked the mind that this space was so much bigger than the space upstairs. There was a window that ran nearly the width of the wall. A couple of chairs with a sofa that was set back from the windowed wall had three tables with ashtrays and scatterings of coasters should someone want to put their drink upon the table while watching and looking out the window. An aroma therapy machine was mounted to the wall that gave a measured and timed spray of floral scent. It looked like a secret room, but what was it for?

"What's this room?" He looked out the window. "Wait, this is the big mirror that's over the bar," he said turning to look at her. "Right?" He looked at her and she was crying. "Why are you crying? What's wrong? Did I say something wrong? What did I say? Did I hurt your feelings? If I did, I'm sorry."

She walked him over to the other side of the room to a wall that had dozens of holes in it that were spread throughout the wall at differing heights. It was an interior wall making him wonder what was behind the wall that housed the holes. The smaller holes were always set in the middle and lower than the larger holes. It was an odd spattering of holes, almost giving the appearance of a modern work of art, had you not known they were holes but decorations painted on the wall instead of carved through.

"No, it's not you, she said wiping the tears from her eyes and blowing her nose on a tissue that she kept balled up in the pocket of her bathrobe. My husband devised this. This was his creation. This was the physical view into his sick mind. This was his chamber of sexual perversion," she said moving him along a long corridor that ran the length of the wall and that was perpendicular to the bar on the other side of the wall behind the room that they were just inside before they opened this door next to the bar.

Well, if her sheer outfit didn't get his attention and his libido racing, then this chamber of sexual perversion did. He couldn't imagine the story behind this room. He could only imagine the need for such a wall.

She stopped along a wall that had a series of holes.

"What is it? And why are there all these holes in the wall?"

"He told me he couldn't get off anymore. He told me that he needed something more. He told me that he needed a fantasy and needed me to play a submissive role. As a good wife, I was responsive to his every desire and wanton sexual wish. It was my duty married to the man that I loved.

He told me that he needed to pretend that he was someone else and that I was blowing someone else. After growing up living with my brother, a cross-dresser, I didn't think anything of it. I mean, I just thought that all guys had sexual fetishes and erotic peccadilloes to get their rocks off," she looked at him and gave him a half smile. "I trusted him. Only, he took advantage of my naiveté."

"Gloria, what is this? I still don't get what I'm looking at and why you are so upset? What is this room and why is there a two way mirror?"

"Go through that door," she said pointing to the far end and come back around to where you see the holes. Then, walk forward and put your cock through the smaller one and your arms through the larger holes."

It was designed like an adult fun house with mirrors and cameras to record the action from every angle. He did as she said and Gloria got down on her knees and accepted his cock in her mouth. He reached down with his arms through the bigger holes and fondled her big tits.

"Oh, I see. This is what your husband created? Wow, he was a very ingenious fellow. So, he needed you to think that he was just some stranger sticking his cock through the hole. Well, really, I don't see anything wrong with that. I mean, whatever floats your boat and if he needed to pretend you were blowing someone else to cum, then what's the harm." He laughed. "I wish my wife would play a game like this with me. Maybe, we wouldn't have the problems we have now. Maybe, we'd be having more sex. Maybe, I wouldn't feel the need to cross-dress and wear women's clothes if she gave me what I needed. I don't know. Who knows what goes on in someone's mind when it comes to sex?"

"Come back around now, please. I don't like staying down here for very long. It just gives me the creeps."

"Wow that was great. The holes are the perfect height. I like this place. I really like this place. I could live down here," he said looking back behind him before she turned off the light. "You must have had an awesome time playing that blowjob game with your ex-husband."

"At first it was fun to come down here and to have a sexual adventure with my husband, but then he wanted me to blow him every night. I was resistant, of course. I was tired from working all day as a salesclerk in a dress shop and I needed some down time. Only, he wanted me and expected me to come home from my job and from work to blow him. I told him no and wrestled with the guilt of disobeying my husband. Then, he told me that if I blew him every day for one year that he'd set me up in my own dress shop."

"So, I get it. That's how you got your store and the idea for the name. Wow, that's a great story, Gloria."

"That's only part of the story," she said giving him a wry smile. "Let's go back upstairs. I'm more comfortable upstairs and we can talk there."

She was so solemn in her tone and Bob knew there was something still wrong. He tried to lighten her mood. He figured maybe she just missed her ex-husband and missed playing those glory hole games with him.

Once back upstairs, feeling a bit chilled, Bob put his briefs back on and sat on the couch with her.

"So, tell me, why are you so upset? I don't understand."

"Well, my ex-husband told me that he couldn't get off unless I blew him when he stuck his cock through the wall. He called the wall his Glory Hole, since I was Gloria, nicknamed Glory, since I was a kid, and which later became the name of my store. He used me and that wall of holes, as a way for him to get what he wanted, namely blowjobs from me. Sure he kept his promise by setting me up in business, once I reached my year of giving him a blowjob every day for 365 consecutive days."

"Gloria, I'm sorry, but I still don't understand why you are so upset. I mean, you did agree to give him daily blowjobs for a year and he was your loving husband, after all. It wasn't like you were blowing everyone when you were kneeling down there with your tits though the holes and his hands all over your—" He looked at her and she was crying again. "Oh, you mean, he had you blow someone else?"


"Oh, my God. That vile cad. He had you blow one of his friends?"

"No," she looked at him with pleading eyes that asked him to guess the truth so that she didn't have to utter it.

"He had you blow some his friends?"

"No," she said again while looking at him with pleading eyes. He felt as if he was playing an X-rated game of charades. Only, he felt as if she needed to play this game to let go of her past. He was astonished and excited by her answer to his next question.

"He had you blow all of his friends?"


"Oh, my God, Gloria, I'm so sorry. He was no loving husband. He was a disturbed man who took advantage of his loving wife."

"That's not all," she said putting her head down and looking ashamed to tell him any more. "There was more, so much more."

"More? How much more could there be? Tell me, what is it Gloria?"

She looked at him again with those pleading eyes again. He thought of her incestuous affair with her brother and wondered if her husband had a brother. Maybe, he thought, she had confessed the story about having sex with her brother and somehow instead of understanding that as an unselfish act between brother and sister, her ex-husband had mistaken for good deed as sexual love instead of comforting love, he flipped out and wanted to make her his cum slut.

"Tell me that he didn't have a brother?"

"He did."

"Oh, my God. How many?"

"Four," she said holding up four fingers.

"He had you blow all four of his brothers."

"Yes, and his Dad and his grandfather, too."

"Oh, Gloria, I'm so sorry," he said holding her. "That bastard."

Although he couldn't believe her story, although he had a hatred for her ex-husband, a man he had never met, his cock was throbbing with desire for her. How exciting it would be to have sex with such a woman who had given so many blowjobs to so many men. He couldn't imagine the pillow talk when thinking about her sucking off all her ex-husband's friends, his four brothers, her father-in-law, and the father of her father-in-law.

Wow! This guy was his hero, I mean, you know what I mean. Bob was just a guy; a guy who enjoyed wearing women's clothes, but this having your own glory hole wall and sharing your wife with every Tom, Dick, and Harry was every guy's fantasy. Okay, not every guy, but every sexually deranged guy.

"I feel so used and abused."

"There, there Gloria," he said patting her back while wondering if she wore kneepads. "Put that bastard out of your mind." He couldn't imagine the blowjob she could give him. Never had he known a woman so experienced in sucking cock. "Not all men are as sexually perverted and depraved as he was." Only, he couldn't think of any who were not, not even him judging by the stiffness of his cock and the erotic internal dialogue he was having right now.

That lucky bastard to devise something like this, he should pattern the design and sell it as a modular room to add on to any house or garage. What a great idea? He imagined trying it with his wife and his friends. Honey, can you come down here for a minute. I have something to show you. Oh, and come down naked, please. Okay, guys get the video camera and everyone hide. Someone turn off the lights.

"Yes, I didn't know," she said holding back her tears. "I don't know how many men I sucked off. I have no idea. Surely, it was hundreds. It may have been thousands. Only, now that I think back on it, it was a lot. I thought I was sucking off my husband, but I was sucking off the whole town. I may have given a blowjob to every man I know. While every man I thought was my friend, family member or just a passing acquaintance, they have spent quality time feeling my breasts and fingering, twisting, and pulling my nipples while I sucked their cock and they shot their cum in my mouth."

"I don't understand, though, how could you not know that you were sucking off different guys? I mean, some men have longer, shorter, fatter, and thinner cocks and some are circumcised while others are uncircumcised. And wouldn't you get a bit suspicious when your husband came off multiple times an evening."

"Lots of alcohol and sensory depravation was the reason I was unable to discern one prick from another. Also, if you are living your fantasy, as my husband told me he was, it is not unusual for a man to cum three or four times over a few hours."

"Sensory depravation? What's that?"

"It's when your senses are blocked and you can't see or hear of feel or smell. One cock feels, smells, and tastes like another and he got me plenty drunk first. Giving all those blowjobs explains why my jaw always hurt the next morning."

"He always kept the room sprayed with a floral scent and it was very dark down here, pitch black really. He played loud music in the background so that I couldn't hear anything but the music and he tied my hands behind my back and blindfolded me, so that my eyes wouldn't have a chance to get used to the dark."

"Wow, he thought of everything."

This guy was unbelievable. Who would have thought this was possible? How could he do this to his own wife? How could he share her mouth and her tits with all of his friends, relatives, and practically every man in their little community?

"He did think of everything alright. He even thought to charge his friends for the opportunity to receive a blowjob from me while they fondled my tits and fingered my nipples. And judging by all that stuff downstairs, he must have made an absolute fortune selling my mouth and the use of my tits to his friends."

"So, how did you finally find discover his game of lewd debauchery and forced prostitution?"

"Stupidly, probably when he was drunk after the sex show that I gave everyone, he left a CD in the video recorder. When I turned the television on to watch a movie while he was at work and I was home sick, there I was servicing the neighborhood. I couldn't believe it when I saw myself blindfolded, handcuffed, and on my knees at the wall of holes. I was sick over it." She laughed a sick laugh. "He even fashioned a padded board that I could recline against to remove the pressure from my knees and that allowed me to stay at the wall longer."

"I'm so sorry, Gloria," he said giving her a hug.

"I saw some of the men that I had blown. There they all were laughing it up and drinking. I saw my mailman, my neighbors, husbands of my friends, my gas station man, my plumber, electrician, my teller from the bank, and the grocer where I do all my shopping. One time or another, I literally sucked off every man in my small community. Of course it was only one every night, but every night I was giving my ex-husband a blowjob, only I was sucking off all his friends for money."

"This is an incredible story. No wonder why you threw him out and divorced him."

"Yet, that's okay because payback is a bitch. He left all the tapes here when I locked him out of my house and I copied them. I used the copy to extort money from all those who had me blow them. I charged $1,000 to my mailman, gas station man, banker, grocer, relatives, friends, and whoever I could identify. I made $250,000 and could have made more, if I was able to make out their faces in the videotape, but it was always so dark down there."

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