Halloween Damsel in Distress


"How did they catch you?" I asked seriously. I was both intrigued and not sure where she was going with this.

She ran to the closet and I followed. "Is it such a crime to love yourself?" She asked as she pulled out the dildo from the drawer and held it tightly to her chest with both hands. "It's just that there have only been tumbleweeds lately in the town of my love life. I was only imagining a big strong cowboy giving me a little company. Wrapping me in his muscular arms, showing me his tender love."

I rubbed her arms as she held the dildo almost to her neck. I realized she must have been embarrassed and wanted to make light of it. I couldn't help but smile.

"Why just thinkin' about being with a big, muscular cowboy havin' his way with me." She slid the dildo over her chin almost to her mouth. "It was just gettin' me so hot and bothered I don't know what came over me."

She ran back out into the bedroom and I followed. "You must think I'm awful. Just awful!" She said as she dramatically flung her arms out to the sides, letting the dildo fly out of her hand across the room. We both watched the big, rubber penis glide through the air and hit the top of the wall, bouncing awkwardly onto the floor. She arched out her chest, tilted her head back. Her impressive cleavage was on full display, rising and falling rapidly as she breathed heavily.

"We all have needs, ma'am." I said as I glanced down at her cleavage with a sly smile.

She playfully slapped me again. "Mind your manners. I am decent woman, but sometimes I am at the mercy of my own desires. Surely you understand?"

"Ma'am, if there was a penalty for giving the ol' rope a tug, I'd have a pile of debt up to your bosom." I said as I placed my hands on her waist, lightly moving up her rib cage and stopping just before reaching the curves of her cleavage.

She couldn't help but smile at that as she ran and flung herself onto the bed, putting her hand on her forehead. Her dress was bunched up at her waist, exposing her thighs and nearly her underwear if not for her closed legs. "Whatever am I going to do? They're trying to take everything, my home, my horse, even my clothes and knickers."

"I won't let that happen." I said as I ran to the bed and sat in front of her. I placed my hand on her bare thigh, running it gently over her hips and up to her back, pulling her in close. I could feel her breasts pounding on my chest from the excitement.

"My hero." She said softly, gazing into my eyes before closing hers and planting a soft kiss on my lips.

My heart was practically beating out of my chest. Was this all just an act?

She ran back to the window and I followed, neither one of us breaking character. "But I could never ask you to do that for little ol' me. We'd be on the run. We'd be outlaws. We'd never be safe anywhere."

I held her tightly. "As long as you're in my arms, you'll always be safe. I promise." I kissed her gently on the forehead not trying to push this game too far.

"My hero. However will I be able to repay you?" She said with pouty lips and her chest out. Her finger ran along her necklace and followed the line of her cleavage down to her dress. "Surely there must be something that you want..." Her dress lightly fell off her shoulder a little more, revealing even more of her push-up bra. "Anything...it's yours..."

I cut her off and kissed her firmly on the lips. It was deep and passionate. She broke away quickly but only to arch her head back and moan as I kissed her neck and caressed her left breast over the firm fabric of her thick bra.

"Merciful heavens." She gasped as she ran her fingers through my hair. "My hero." She whispered in my ear as my hand slid inside her bra, cupping her full breast in my palm. Her hand trailed down my chest, over my abs and lightly grabbed the thick outline of my hard cock through my jeans.

She broke free, panting beyond her control. My hands gripped her dress as she pulled away, ripping it open down to panties. Her right breast was sticking out of her bra, and her entire midsection was on display. We both glanced at her exposed parts. I walked up slowly, and lightly cupped her bare breast and teased the nipple with my fingers before coming a complete halt.

We looked each other in the eye, coming back to reality. "We should go check on our kids. They're probably wondering where are." She finally said.

I nodded my agreement and looked down at her half-exposed body. "You'll need to change though." I said jokingly.

"I told you they were trying to take my clothes." She said in her playful accent, but with about half the conviction as before.

I followed her into the closet and watched as she turned around and slid the ripped dress down off completely. She took off her push-up bra and was standing there, just in her panties. Her bare upper back was facing me, and her beautiful round cheeks lightly spilled out of her panties. It was incredibly sexy seeing her like this, hiding her front from me. It was confirmation I shouldn't have seen any of it in the first place.

Quickly she put on the bra she was wearing earlier, and slipped on her jeans. She turned around to face me. She looked down at her body and now much more modest cleavage. "How do I look?" She asked almost insecurely as she put on Greg's white shirt that was her original costume idea.

I was about say, beautiful but couldn't bring myself to say such a straightforward compliment after all that happened. "Like a mad scientist in distress." I said in my cowboy accent jokingly.

She laughed and shook her head. "Let's go."

We met up with our kids down the block and walked with them to several houses. We'd occasionally comment on the cute costumes and other silly things we saw as if nothing happened just a short bit ago.

We got back to her house after exploring the whole neighborhood. The kids ran off to play and sort out their excessive amounts of candy they acquired.

I was getting ready to leave and headed to her front door.

"Jack, listen." She paused, clearly not sure what she wanted say. "My husband will be home soon."

I nodded.

"What happened tonight..." She paused. "I had a lot of fun, but..."

"But it was just pretend for Halloween." I offered.

"Right. It was just pretend." She said with a small sigh of relief. "You should probably take off Greg's vest."

"Forgot I still had it on. Would have walked home with it and not even realized." I said.

She nodded silently.

"It's easy to get carried away when you're having fun." I said as I started to unbutton the vest.

Maria stepped closer and lightly brushed my hands away as she started to unbutton it herself. Very slowly, button by button she looked up at me as her hands got closer to my waist. My abs and pecs were back on display and she placed her hand on my warm chest, lightly sliding it off. "You're right. It's easy to get carried away when you're having fun." She said softly.

"Good night, Maria." I gave her hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Good night, Jack." She said as she accepted the warm embrace.

I turned and walked out the door.

"Jack. Wait!"

I slowly turned around to face her.

"Maybe we could get the kids together for a play date sometime. And maybe we'd get the chance to use our imaginations again."

"T'would be my pleasure, ma'am." I tipped my hat and walked off into the sunset.

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A cheater story?

wrong category should be "Loving Wives" two scum of the earth cheaters. I hope the spouses find out and leave them both broke and on the street...

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