tagRomanceHalloween Delight

Halloween Delight


Ch 1 Moonrise

One of the great things about Mychelle's home that Tomm had not discovered yet was her backyard. Well, it wasn't really her backyard, but close enough that you didn't need an SUV to get there. In fact, all you had to do was walk out the back gate and bingo, you were in another world with its own lake and walking tracks. It even had a spooky section where a dozen or so graves from the 1800's still exist. But so far in their relationship, Tomm hadn't made it past her bedroom. So, when Mychelle suggested a Halloween camp-out he was thinking of someplace off in the hills, not her backyard.

To save time he drove straight to her place from work, having packed his kit the night before. As far as he was concerned, he was pretty much set, and had his LED lantern plus a couple of bottles of wine secured in his pack along with a double size feather crush sleeping bag -- just in case he got lucky. Mychelle met him at the door with a wry smile that had him glancing at his watch to be sure he wasn't late.

"Just give me a minute to change and put on my hiking boots and we can be away," he says as he checks out her tight body-hugging jeans and tank-top. "Are you going like that?"

She doesn't answer, but hustles him into the spare room with a push in the back and then disappears, presumably to change. A little flustered, Tomm strips off his shirt, unzips his pants and while hopping on one foot tries to pull them off over his work boots. But that was never going to work and he falls heavily to the bed with a woof of air.

Still persisting in trying to tug the pant leg over his boot, Tomm doesn't look up when Mychelle comes back into the room. "Just how I like a man," she giggles, "half-naked on a bed with his pants around his ankles."

Opening his mouth for a snappy retort, Tomm flicks a glance at Mychelle and is gobsmacked. The tight jeans and tank top he had admired minutes ago were gone. Their replacement was an eye-watering black, corset, outfit that has her breasts pushed up and exposed with her nipples begging for attention. And as for the bottom half, there was no bottom half. His pant struggle forgotten, Tomm reaches out like an eager schoolboy, waving his hands in uncertainty as to where to grope first.

Delighted at the effect she is having on him, Mychelle straddles his frame and pushes him down flat. "I get the feeling you like my Halloween camping costume," she purrs into his ear.

"Like it, I love it, but..."

"No buts," she purrs as she leans forward and kisses him firmly, "or don't you want some of this trick or treat outfit?"

Tomm falls silent and lets his fingers do the talking, expressing far more than any words ever could. He has no idea what she has planned, but as things stood, he was liking it a whole lot more than any other Halloween event he had attended. Trick or treat indeed!

"Clever boy," she teases after a minute or two of canoodling, "but we must get moving now if we are going to set up to watch the sunset and moonrise. It will be full tonight, you know," Mychelle says while slipping from his embrace.

"Where exactly are we going?"

"Camping, silly, you know that. Now get ya pants off and ya jeans on baby, cause I have another surprise ready for you too! Oh, and don't bother about the tent, I have that covered. You might want to change underpants though; those ones have a wet spot where that big bulge of yours is."

Sitting in the chair opposite Tomm, so he can still get an eyeful of her, Mychelle pulls on a pair of cut-off socks and black sneakers, then stands to pull a long black cape over her shoulders.

"OK, I'm set," she pronounces buckling a studded leather belt around her waist. "What's keeping you?"

"The woman in black," he replies with a wicked smile, "the very fuckable woman in black!"

Five minutes later and with a mind full of buts Tomm has his gear ready sans tent. Mychelle grabs her backpack and after locking the back door leads the way through the garden. Not to the truck as a now puzzled Tomm had expected, but out the back gate and down through a small glen.

"Wow, this is awesome!" he exclaims looking around. "And in your own backyard too. Wicked. So where is it we are going to camp or is that not really part of your plan?"

"Oh it's in the plan alright, but you better have a good bag in there, cause this woman plans to bang her very fuckable man to sleep tonight!"

After about a ten-minute walk they emerge into a small clearing overlooking a beautiful lake with a path meandering alongside. But Tomm isn't interested; all that's on his mind is his woman, what's under her black cape and being fucked to sleep. He steals a long glance at the sky and is a little dismayed to see that the sunset is still a way off.

While he is sky gazing, Mychelle spreads a rug and sets out a meal for them to snack on while watching the kids dash along the path in their Halloween costumes. With the sounds of laughing and squealing kids echoing around them Tomm settles down to enjoy the evening with Mychelle.

"How about some of that wine, handsome, or were you planning on lugging it back tomorrow?"

"Sorry, your outfit has me distracted," he laughs. "Hope you weren't lying last week when you said you liked the Merlot, I've brought two for the trip"

"Ah, so you like the cape and belt," Mychelle teases and stands to twirl for his viewing pleasure.

"Not as much as what's underneath. I really can't wait to go there again."

"After dark," she giggles, "but for now let's enjoy this."

Sitting beside her sipping wine and nibbling on cold chicken cuts they watch the sunset and the kids play. Tomm reflects on the last two months and where he hopes the future will take them. His eyes follow two kids dressed as an ogre and a witch towing a parent along and he says with a smile, "this could be me a few years."

"And who would the mother be," Mychelle asks, arching her eyebrow at him?

"Well if you play your cards right, it could be the sexy lady in the black cape and come-fuck-me corset!" he exclaims, then blushes as the full meaning of his words sink in. "That is, I mean, if you, we, ahh you know what I mean," he finally manages while hoping she does know what he means.

"So, perhaps you meant to say 'this could be us' in a few years? Mychelle accuses in a tight voice before bursting out laughing at the look of despair on Tomm's face. "Got ya" she crows, but softens it by leaning over to kiss him on the lips.

Not sure if he has offended or not he embraces Mychelle and is relieved to find her soft and pliant in his arms. "Oh yeah, you got me," he mumbles into her hair.

Just as he is starting to enjoy her warm embrace a chorus of voices ring out, "Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat" Suppressing a chuckle, Mychelle twists free, reaches into her pack and tosses a handful of shop-wrapped candy to the kids. Tomm sighs and returns to his wine, but also snags Mychelle's hand in his and gives it a kiss.

"Hope I get more than candy for my treat."

"Bank on it baby, bank on it. But you will have to be patient, I love this part of Halloween, watching the kids, doling out candy and relaxing as the sunsets."

About an hour later, as the sun dips below the horizon in a glorious burst or orange and reds, they toast the All Hallows monsters with the last of the wine and Tomm tosses the remnants of candy plus the bag to a hot looking witch-mother herding along a gaggle of warted apprentices.

"Hey buster, get ya eyes off that woman," Mychelle accuses with a poke in his ribs as the kids pass.

"I wasn't, I, err" he gives up and kisses her instead. Some things just cannot be explained to a woman, and Tomm knows his tongue is better off wiggling in her mouth than waggling at her ears.

"Let's finish up here and get moving, shall we? Our destination is about half an hour off in that direction," she points.

Believing an under-cape experience is now imminent, Tomm helps Mychelle tidy up and re-pack their gear and in just over a minute has his hand on her rump urging her along the path to their next adventure.


Ch 2 Trick or Treat

Passing beyond the lake, Mychelle turns on her flashlight and takes a hard-to-spot track that wends its way up through the trees towards an old shack. At the shack, Mychelle pauses to drop their packs on the porch before again heading off into the trees. Intrigued, Tomm follows closely, enjoying the scent of her body and watching the curve of her ass in his flashlight. Preoccupied as he is, he doesn't notice the gravestones until they are right in the middle of them.

"Spooky enough for you," Mychelle asks as she plays the flashlight over the centuries-old stones, then dashes over to one. "Rychelle, My Great, Great, Grandma" she says proudly, flicking the flashlight across the engraving.

"According to the history books, she chased away some evil cattle rustlers with a shotgun who had already shot and killed her husband. Then raised a family of 4 all on her own. Apparently, she was the town hero to all the women. However, family legend says she was a spirited soul who took great, great, granddaddy balls off with a shotgun when she caught him in a whore house with his pants around his knees. And that's what made her the town hero among all the women."

Impressed with the story, Tomm also wonders if Mychelle is making a statement about their future and he touches his own balls in a subconscious gesture of protection. Nevertheless, he lets out a low chuckle while eyeing off the other gravesites almost expecting to see an ancestral ghost leap out and shoot him.

Seeing his hand move to his balls, Mychelle suppresses a smile and steps over to give a reassuring hug and whisper, "lets fuck," in his ear.

Snared in Mychelles embrace, he shivers as a cold chill runs down his spine and rattles his toes. Again he looks for a ghost and then asks the obvious question, "here, among the tombstones? With your shotgun toting ancestor watching? Are you fucking nuts?"

Feigning shock at his words, Mychelle steps back and pouts, "please," in a not so meek voice before bursting out laughing. "Come on, it will be fun," she says with a twirl that spins out the cape and shows him a hint of thigh and ass!

The thought of hot graveyard sex with this enticing woman soon overrides his inhibitions and he closes on her to indicate his acceptance of the plan with a long kiss. She smells divine and her intoxicating taste drives him to rub up against her.

Sensing the path of his mind she attempts to fight off his advances with her tongue; running it over his teeth and jabbing hard at his own tongue in a fight to the death before capitulating and sucking him into her mouth.

Tomm takes the fight to her breasts, feeling their full nakedness under the fabric of the cape and he thanks the inventor of the push-up corset. After groping her soft globes until the nipples are hard and visible, he then moves on to her ass. Her bare ass, again courtesy of the amazing corset. Mychelle backs away just enough so he can snake his hands under her cape and grab her ass cheeks.

Holding her tight and squeezing her butt cheeks, he rests his chin on her neck and inhales her clean fresh scent. This is shaping up to be an amazing night, he thinks. A full moon, a spooky Halloween setting complete with gravestones, and a gorgeous woman who appears to be fuck crazy. Absolutely perfect.

Moving one hand around over her thigh, the heat from her flesh makes him sizzle and the lustful thoughts of his mind take control of his cock, hardening him in seconds. As Mychelle feels the pressure of him against her belly she purrs in his ear and flicks her tongue against the lobe before biting it gently and pulling back with the ear trapped in her teeth.

"I want you 'chelle, I need you now," he groans between shuddering breaths! Finding a clear space as far away from Rachelle's grave as he can manage without being too obvious, Tomm unbuckles her belt. He kisses the top of her left breast as the clasp is released and the cape falls open and grants him full access. His hands run up the stiff sides of her corset to her soft mounds and pert nipples where he thumbs them both. Mychelle growls at him as he licks from one excited point to the other. Again, he inhales her delightful aroma and lays butterfly kisses up her neck.

Mychelle takes his head between her two hands and drops her tongue into his mouth as he drops a hand down to her wet center. She shrugs a couple of times and the black cape slides from her shoulders down her arms and falls at their feet. Her rock-hard nipples stare Tomm in the face and he descends upon her breasts, raining kisses and love bites everywhere as he flies from orb to orb.

Throwing her head back, Mychelle lets Tomm snuggle his face between her bosoms as his fingers part her lips and delve into her core. She steps back and then kneels on the grass at his feet to unbuckle his jeans and free his eager beast. Her touch at his groin sets him on fire and he groans in pleasure as she pushes his jeans and underpants down. His cock springs free and proudly points at the full moon as Mychelle teases the drooling tip with her tongue.

Tomm all but rips his shirt off, letting the cool night breeze brush against his chest as Mychelle's lips brush against his pulsing cock. Her warm hands cup his balls in her palm and squeeze softly as she slurps at the head of his prick. When she touches his anus with the tip of one finger he almost cums on the spot.

The desire to shoot his load into her mouth is so overpowering that he has to shuffle back to save himself. She looks up and seeing his smile of want and lust, lies down on her cape with Tomm standing once again with his pants around his ankles. He takes one last look around at the gravestones and offers a silent prayer up to great, great, granny that she not be upset with a couple of consenting adults just doing what comes naturally in the dark.

Hearing no thunder or ground rumble, he takes that as permission to proceed and casts his gaze down over Mychelle. She is lying there waiting, legs parted and knees slightly bent. With her assets framed by a corset, that has one end pointing to her pussy and the other end pushing up her breasts, he struggles to hold back from ravaging her on the spot and cumming in one quick thrust.

Her nipples stand erect and Tomm has to drag his gaze from them up to her face which is set by a smile that could stop traffic and topped by almond eyes that sparkle in the moonlight. It was a perfect picture of a beautiful woman.

"Stop staring and start acting, fuck-boy" she teases, breaking his reverie.

Giving in to the overwhelming desire for sex, Tomm falls to his knees in front of her moist lips. The heady scent of her sex along with the gravestone setting twists his mind to exciting new realms and he again flicks his gaze from her pussy to her breasts. Her soft pants and pliant body contrast with his rigid cock and dire urge to fuck and as his eyes travel back down her body he thinks tits and cunt. She has transformed him into a beast.

Mychelle takes her eyes off his cock and pulls a condom packet out from under her corset. "It's not on if it's not on!" she giggles as she tears open the packet, then deftly rolls his shaft in latex. "You may have a vision of us trick or treating with our children, but for the moment let's just do the treating."

Surrounded by the dead, and ready to explode on contact, Tomm takes a deep breath as she dresses his cock, after all, it would be an embarrassing waste to fill a condom before getting some cunt on it. Suppressing the growing urges, he holds back on his desire to just fuck and fill her. She was too good for that, and he did not want to rush in and screw up their budding relationship. "Take it slow," he admonishes himself. "Slow."

Instead, he rubs her sex with his thumb, teasing her lips apart and spreading her slippery juice. Using index finger and thumb he pinches her clit and then crushes it against her pelvic bone as she moans in delight. Her eyes sparkle in the moonlight and he switches out his hand for his cock. Pressing the head to her entrance he begins a slow slide in. Every fraction of an inch heightens his lust and the need to be enfolded by her warmth.

Having planned for and then waited all day for this, Mychelle wants it now and pushes her hips at him, trying to urge him in deeper. But Tomm is determined to make the most of this occasion under the stars and continues at his own pace; even falling back when she tries to grab his butt and pull him in.

"Stop playing and just fuck me, you bastard," she pleads. "Fuck me and fill me. I want your hard cock ramming into me. Now!"

Hearing her words reflect his own thoughts and forgetting his one-minute-old admonishment, Tomm grins and plunges forward as hard as he can. His brutal thrust is greeted by a gasp of breath and clutching hands as she pins his hips to hers.

Leaning forward he sucks deep on a nipple as her fingers relax on his butt. At the release of her pressure, he draws back and Mychelle lets him slide a few inches before again clenching his butt and pulling him hard into her. Their hips collide with an audible slap and she releases him again, trusting he will now move to the savage rhythm she desires.

Catching on, Tomm fucks her in and out with strong persistent strokes. Banging into her hard enough to slide her along the ground on her Halloween cape. Both of her nipples are rock hard and she writhes in pleasure at the added sensation of his hot breath on them while he pounds between her legs. With her horniness level peaking at over a hundred percent, Mychelle clenches Tomm's cock in her pussy and rolls over until she is on top of him.

Tomm quickly adjusts and grabs a breast in each hand, pushing up on them as she rides his cock high and then squeezing and pulling as she drops down and smashes her pelvis into his. He can feel his balls bouncing from his but to hers as they clash against each other over and over.

Squeezing, pushing, pulling and chasing each other's thrusting hips they thrash about with wild passion, enjoying themselves under a Halloween sky.

"You horny little bitch," he mock snarls as he pinches a nipple and rises up to meet her next downward drop, knowing he won't last much longer like this.

"Do you like that, Tomm? Do you like my tight cunt wrapped around your coccck," she replies between panting breaths? "Oh fuck," she adds. "Fuck, fuck!"

Before losing complete control, and wanting to prolong the moment into minutes, Tomm twists and then rolls Mychelle back over onto her back where he can better dictate the pace. He continues pounding but after a few minutes Tomm pauses at the top of the out stroke and grabs his shaft.

Breathing hard, he rubs the tip across Mychelle's swollen clit, teasing her body with his cock as he lets the urge to cum too soon subside. Mychelle wriggles under him in frustration then takes his cock in her hands and uses it like a dildo; working it over her clit and through her lips.

While Mychelle masturbates herself with his cock Tomm drools on her breasts like a schoolboy getting his first fuck. But he cannot hold out for long and with a sudden grunt, he drives his cock deep into her pussy, trapping her fingers between their sexes. Mychelle snatches her hand back as he starts to fuck her with renewed vigor and she sniffs at her juice slicked fingers.

"Yes - please," Tomm mumbles between thrusts, "give - me - some too."

Mychelle places her wet finger to his lips and he kisses the tips as he inhales the scent of her body. "More," he groans as he continues to plunge in and out, shaking her tits with each thrust. Mychelle moves back and forth in opposition to him and at each meeting of their bodies, a squishy slap of juices is heard.

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