tagErotic HorrorHallowe'en Dues

Hallowe'en Dues


She had walked up to me at the party and asked me if I was in it to win it. She smiled at my confusion and giggled at my answer of "What?" She leaned in closer, "Are you in it to win it?" Then she leaned over a little more to show a generous portion of pale white cleavage in her top. When my eyes reached her face again, she winked. I was very much in it to win it. She giggled again and walked away into the crowd.

She was dressed in a witch's costume, or at least I assumed it was, from the flopped over pointed hat on her head. The rest of the costume may as well have come from a number of fantasy wardrobes. It had an off the shoulder purple spangled dress, nearly sheer, with wizard's sleeves. A waist cincher of black velvet tied around her middle with two rows of purple ribbon. The straps holding the cincher in place made sure to keep those delectable twins up and bouncy. The skirt of the thing was short. Very short. When she walked away I followed with my eyes glued to the flounce of her skirt, with every step showing the bottom of very bare ass cheeks. Down her legs I saw the garter strings being met high on her thighs to fishnets that led into a pair of lace up black vinyl boots at the knee. These too matched, being tied with the purple ribbon. The boots added about 4 or 5 inches to her height. When I was in it to win it with her, I hoped she kept them on so we could fuck standing up.

Mid way through the crowd of gyrating monsters, mummies, and pop stars she turned back to me and bit her lip when she confirmed I was indeed following her. Under the dance floor lights I caught sight of just how sheer that outfit was. Dark outlines in the top showed me just how hard her nipples were. I groaned realizing just how hard I was simply by following this witch through a crowd. Watching the sway of the hips, the ass cheeks teasing me to spank them as she went.

Outside she had stopped by the side of the door waiting for me. She was smiling at me again. "My place or yours?" Such a normal simple question. She turned toward a cherry red '67 Impala, opened the door and hopped in. She leaned over and opened her passenger door. "Aren't you coming to win it?" She asked me. I got in.

"So mine or your's?" She asked turning the key in the ignition. A little mmmmmm sound came from her as the engine purred to life.

"I'm at the hotel on the corner."

"Good enough." She pulled her car out of the lot and we were on our way.

"So what are you doing in town?"

"I'm supposed to be doing a piece on Hallowe'en crimes in the city."

"You don't sound very into it. You're not even in costume."

"I usually hate Hallowe'en. I don't see the point of dressing up as something and doing the same thing you'd do any weekend night. It makes a lot of people look stupid and gives them an excuse to let more loose than usual, causing a rise in crimes and violence. Something about masks and the changing seasons always means bad things happen." I shut up realizing I was sitting next to an obvious Hallowe'en partier.

"Well, let's hope we can create some different impressions of the holiday for you." She smiled at me and I relaxed. I hadn't fucked it up.

She pulled into my hotel lot, and followed me through my lobby where she waved to the desk man who was gawking at her, and up the elevator into my room.

I let her in and turned to lock the door, and put up the do not disturb sign. As soon as I turned around, she was on me. She pressed against me, and kissed me. Hard. Her tongue found its way into my mouth and taunted mine into playing along with hers. As the kiss ended, she licked my lips and nipped my bottom lip. For reasons I will never understand, I took this minute to try and introduce myself. "I'm..." She kissed me again briefly. "In it to win it." She said and dropped to her knees smiling.

She unfastened and unzipped my jeans in record time. My cock jutted up and out in my boxers. I pulsing at the thought of this witchy lady wanting to devour me between those cushioned lips. She dragged my boxers out and off of me, watching my erection bob into place before her face. She grinned at me and started the best blow job of my life.

She took my shaft in one hand and lifted it so she could lick and suck my balls into her mouth. She moaned slightly as she started licking figure eights at the bottom of my sac. When they were lathed enough she began sucking on them. Gently, one slid in through her lips, and over her teeth. While lapping at my ball inside her mouth, she started to stroke me very lightly. She let my very soaked ball out slowly, and moved to the next one proceeding to groan as she took it in, making me feel the vibrations through my being. Her mouth moved again and then all of my sac was in her mouth with her humming and moving her tongue over and under them. Usually my balls were neglected, this lady knew how to treat them right. With a slight tug from her lips she let them out with a pop sound. Her tongue found its way to the base of the sac, and licked me like a giant ice cream cone all the way to my tip. I had started to ooze precum at some point and she lapped at it. She left the tip of my cock on her tongue and moved it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue beneath my head and the heat of her breath around it but no lips, and, oh, I wanted those lips to wrap around my cock. I tried to fit more of myself in but she pushed me back against the door. When I looked down at her, she winked at me, and shook her head no with my cock hitting the soft sides of her mouth.

Finally, she moved my cock to the very tip of her tongue in her mouth and pursed her lips in a kiss sucking my cock into her mouth in a deliberate fashion. Easing it over those pillowy lips in an achingly gradual manner. She licked around my tip in devious swirls, using my own precum to added to the slickness of the movement. Suddenly she popped me out, wiped her mouth on her sleeve and stood up.

"Get naked and lay on the bed." I stood staring at her for a minute not quite sure what was going on but knowing my cock was yelling at me to get on the bed.

"Did that seem like a request? Did you hear a question mark?" She stood at the end of the bed waiting for me to move away from the door.

I undressed as I went, untying and removing my shoes, walking out of the puddle she made of my pants and underwear, Flinging my shirt onto a chair. I stared at the bed when I got there, hesitant.

"Lay on the bed?"

"Don't you want me to finish what I started?" She asked.

I jumped on the bed and laid down. I was still dripping precum and could feel it flowing down my cock. She moved onto the bed and swung her leg over, straddling my erection against her pussy lips. She ground herself against my shaft. She leaned over, and her nipples were hard as eraser tips moving against my chest. She nipped my earlobe and whispered, "I have an idea, can I tie you up?"

Now I know you'll say this was a stupid idea, and obviously a set up to be robbed or worse, and I swear those ideas did come to me, but then she reared back on her hips a bit, and started to push the head of my cock into her. Just a little in out, in out, rubbing my head into her lips. She was hot, wet, and very, very tight. Let me tell you, if she had asked me to do cartwheels on the roof at that time, I would've agreed to that as well.


She giggled again, and pulled her boots off. She unlaced the ribbons and tied them together. She straddled me again, and tied one wrist, than the other to the other end, making a very loose pair of ribbon cuffs. She stood over me on the bed and moved the ribbon behind the headboard. I was now splayed out, but still comfortable.

She sat again with her pussy lips on my cock and undressed, leaving only the garter skirt and stockings. When she lifted the dress up over her head her breasts bounced out and sat in a perky D cup. I wished I could've played with those before I had agreed to be tied up. Without the hat I noticed her hair was down to her waist, dark and curly. It framed her face as she grinned at me, obviously enjoying my reaction to her. My cock was my give away, it kept throbbing and tensing against her. She giggled and sidled herself down until she was once again facing my cock. She leaned forward and licked me again from base to tip, tip to base until she was satisfied I was wet enough. Her hand had travelled between my legs, and was stroking my balls as if to juggle them lightly.

She used the other to grip my cock in place as she ran her tongue around the edge of my cock head. I squirmed and moaned. Thrusting to try to get at least the head in between those lips. She moved the bottom of the tip rapidly against her tongue, watching me shudder from her careful ministrations. I watched as she lowered her mouth over my cock while holding it in place with her hand. I could once more feel her breath, and sense the heat and moisture of her mouth, but she refused to let me feel it complety, Only when she was at her hand did she finally close her lips around me, her tongue tightly fitting against my shaft. Her head kept going down until I could feel the back of her throat against my head. Moving her head slowly up and down, I could feel her tongue lick my head and precum until it was too full of my shaft, and my head could feel her throat again. The pace was agonizing. I was like having an itch being scratched at a speed where the itch came back while they were scratching.

Suddenly my cock plopped out of her mouth. I looked down to see what had stopped her. She moved herself up a bit.

"Don't worry." She said and bit her lip at me.

She leaned herself over me again, pressing her tits together at the head of my cock. Her sucking had made my cock wet and slick. She pushed her tits over and down my cock. It felt soft, tight, and wet. I watched her move them up and down my shaft, getting quicker. Seeing my head peek out was quite the visual. Her nipples were surrounded by dark rose circles the colour of wine, a sharp contrast to her pale skin. She was playing with the hardened tips as she moved herself up and down. She caught me watching and giggled.

She leaned her head down, and I wondered what she was doing until I felt that soft tongue lick me every upstroke. Up, suck in and lick, down, up, suck and lick.

She dropped her breasts away from my shaft, but that licking never stopped. She increased the tempo, and I was finally feeling the tingling in my balls signalling my release was getting close. She was stroking with one hand meeting her mouth with it, keeping the entire shaft slicked and tight. The other was back to brushing against my balls.

She pulled her mouth back, and ran her tongue along the slit in my cockhead, causing my body to arch. With an inquisitive look she moved her head down and sucked the tip in licking the slit rapidly, causing my body to squirm, shudder, trying to get more of that sensation of intense pleasure. I felt like my precum was coming out in buckets into her mouth. She sucked harder, opening it a little more and probing it with her tongue. I needed to cum, and I was pretty sure I was going to hit the ceiling. I was moaning so loudly, I thought someone was going to knock on the door. I just couldn't stay quiet.

She was now moving up and down my shaft again, with her lips wrapped firmly around me, keeping my cock vacuum sealed into the position to plunder my slit. There must've been a leak somewhere in that seal, though, because I could feel her salivating against me, running down along my shaft, lubricating her hand. It was dripping down my balls to the crack of my ass. She had me soaked. The idea of her not able to control her taste for me made me feel everything more intensely.

Her hand travelled from my sac to between my cheeks, running a fingertip quickly against my hole. I arched more and more, and she deep throated me. I could feel my balls tighten against my body. I was growling now trying to get as much sensation as I could. I was so close, and it felt like Vesuvius was living in my balls. Just another stroke and I'm

She pulled away. Everything stopped.

"What the fuck!?" My cock was twitching in the air, and I swear, if a stiff breeze came in it would've been enough to push me over the edge. She sat up and looked at me for a few minutes. "You cock tease! What the fuck are you doing?"

"I just want to make sure you're committed to this."

"Committed to what?"

"To the biggest orgasm you will ever have."

Who would say no to the best cum of their life?

She went on, "Did you know an orgasm is like dying to your body? The French call it the small death. Are you willing to chance your life for the pleasure?"

I counted to ten to keep my temper. "I'm willing to take that chance."

She wrapped her hand around my cock in a tight fist pumping me fast and hard. I had been pushed far away enough from the finish line that I wasn't about to cum yet, but if she kept that up I was going to "die a little" right there in her hand.

"What about your soul? Are you ready to risk your soul? To give it up for pleasure?"

She was stroking very hard, and when she reached the head, she turned her palm against it. I moaned and my balls were making their way back up against my body. she stopped again just as the release was imminent again. "Are you?"

"Yes, fuck yes OK? Don't leave me with blue balls, please. Fuck, I need to cum."

She giggled, and moved herself up my body until my cock was pushing against her pussy lips again. She moved her hips downward and my cock was introduced to the hottest pussy I had ever had the pleasure to be in. She hooked her legs behind her, keeping my own legs pinned, letting her have the power of the tempo and depth. She moved along my cock, stroking me inside with her squeezing muscles. She was so tight, and wet it felt like I was made to be inside her.

Her tits bounced with her movements, and I had the best view of a fuck I have had in a long time. Her waxed pussy was swallowing every inch of my cock. I could hear how wet she was when she moved down on me. Her hips made figure eights as she went up and down my cock, making the head swirl around those tight, tight muscles, There was no grinding herself against me, where there was very little sensation like most women enjoy, It was all straight up plunging herself on my cock again, and again.

She quickened the pace and moved herself back a bit so she was moving like a rower, sliding against my legs back and forth, making the pressure against the head of my cock even headier.

Finally, she moved her legs, and I was able to thrust into her. I thrust as hard as I could when she moved downward. I'm sure I was bruising her pussy, but she never complained, and seemed to drill down harder, and if it was possible I felt her swell tighter against my shaft.

Then the tingling sensation started in my balls again, and she came down faster and faster, as if reading what I needed. When I erupted into her, my hips pistoned again and again, pushing what felt like all of my being into her. I felt like I was indeed dying, and that it was never going to stop. I was happy to die that way. My back arched one final time into a heady squirt inside her pussy, and I passed out.

When I woke up, it was still dark out and the little witch who had shown me a different side of Hallowe'en was reapplying her lipstick after dressing, except for her boots. The ribbons still bound me to the bed.

I smiled looking at her rump sticking out beneath her skirt. She caught me looking in the mirror and smiled at me again. She capped her lipstick and turned to face me. "Hello, how was your sleep?"

"It was very good. You're unbelievable."

"Thank you, I know." She boosted herself to sit on the dresser and leaned back against the mirror.

She was looking at me again, but her face seemed different than before. She was still gorgeous, just, something was off.

"Are you going to untie me?" I smiled at her.

"No." She smiled back and a very cold sensation formed in my belly as I realized just what kind of situation I was in. "I have to wait for Daddy to come then I can untie you."

"Daddy? Are you fucking crazy?"

"No, Dean, I'm quite sane. After all it's not me who said I'd die for an orgasm."

"How did you know my name? Are you going to kill me?"

"Well, Dean, no, I'm not going to kill you, that's not my job. My job is to be a man's desire and feed on his lust and semen, thanks for the fix by the way."

"What did you mean Daddy is coming? Is this some weird sex game? What do you mean your job?" My head was spinning with questions and trying to assess my options. Fuck, I was tied to a bed, and this chick had called, and someone was coming.

"So many questions. Let me make this as simple as possible. I'm a succubus Dean. We're female demons who walk among you feeding off men in the way I told you. We need to feed at least once a week or else we get weak. Some of us have boyfriends or even husbands. Those ones are rare. Mostly we fuck men until they're drained. It's much easier to feed and absorb the energy if we have an orgasm as well, which apparently, Dean, you didn't seem too concerned with. That's your history though isn't it? Take take take, promise, and then send them packing? Sometimes they don't even say yes, do they Dean? A couple more drinks, maybe spiked if you think they'll put up a fight and every no can be a yes, right Dean? No sense in denying it, I read it in you as soon as you walked into the party tonight."

"So if you're a succubus, you got your fix, now what?" I sneered at her.

She turned and shut off the lamp on the dresser. From the little light that leaked in from between the curtains I could see her eyes were like a cat's, glowing at me in the darkness.

"Oh Dean, you weren't just a fix tonight. You see, a succubus has to pay a price if she wants to stay topside year round. Hallowe'en is known to be the time of year when spirits and demons can travel easier to be back in this reality or dimension, whatever you want to call it. It's the best time to pay the dues required as it is easier collected by our father. If we don't pay our dues, we age a year. I look 23, but I think I'm somewhere in my 200's. In it to win it, right Dean? You did say you'd give your soul, didn't you Dean?" She laughed.

In the corner of the room near the dresser she was seated on, I could see a faint red haze that looked swallowed by smoke. A firmer, thicker shadow was looming in the red haze as the light grew taller and wider, allowing the shadow to raise itself to its full presence. A smell of burning meat and sulphur overwhelmed me. I gagged and struggled against the purple ribbons as the shadow drew nearer the bed.

"Dean, meet Daddy. Daddy, when you're done, can I have my ribbons back?"

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